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Rahat K
16 Dec 202311:25

TLDRThe video introduces a method to create animated story videos using free AI tools. It tells a tale of King Harmonious and his peaceful kingdom, the Village of Serenity, where kindness and understanding prevail. The tutorial guides viewers through generating a story script, creating a voiceover, producing AI-generated images, converting them into animation, and finally editing these elements into a complete video. The process is designed to be accessible and cost-effective, allowing anyone to create engaging content for platforms like YouTube.


  • 🌿 The story is set in a peaceful village called Serenity, characterized by harmony and kindness among its inhabitants.
  • 🤴 King Harmonious rules the village with wisdom and righteousness, promoting understanding and peace.
  • 🎨 The video was created using free AI tools, demonstrating a cost-effective method for content creation.
  • 📝 The script for the video was generated by an AI tool, showcasing the capability of AI in storytelling.
  • 🗣️ Voiceover for the video can be created using AI, with options for language, accent, and gender selection.
  • 🖼️ AI-generated images were used to visualize the story, with tools like Leonardo AI providing a variety of styles and options.
  • 🎥 Images were turned into an animated video using Piccalo Lab, an AI tool that simplifies the animation process.
  • 🎬 Video editing was done using the CapCut app, highlighting its free availability and professional features.
  • 🎵 Background music can be added from various sources, including YouTube Audio Library and Epidemic Sound.
  • 💡 The video serves as a tutorial on how to create animated story videos using AI, offering a step-by-step guide.
  • 📈 The tutorial encourages the use of AI tools for YouTube content creation, suggesting it as a potential path for earning money.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the King in the story?

    -The name of the King in the story is King Harmonious.

  • How is King Harmonious described in the story?

    -King Harmonious is described as wise and righteous, a just and fair ruler who believes in kindness, understanding, and the importance of living in peace with one another.

  • What is the name of the kingdom where King Harmonious rules?

    -The kingdom where King Harmonious rules is known as the Village of Serenity.

  • What is the atmosphere like in the Village of Serenity?

    -The Village of Serenity is characterized by harmony, with kind and considerate villagers who always help one another. The fields are filled with colorful flowers and children play joyfully in The Meadows.

  • How was the story script for the video generated?

    -The story script was generated using an AI tool called Chat GPT, which was asked to write a short kids' story about a peaceful village and a righteous King.

  • What are the four steps involved in creating the video as described in the transcript?

    -The four steps involved in creating the video are: 1) generating a story script, 2) creating a voice over for the story using AI, 3) creating images based on the script using AI, and 4) converting the AI-generated images into an animated video.

  • Which AI tools are suggested for creating a voice over?

    -The AI tools suggested for creating a voice over are Flicky, Dubtup, Marf AI, and 11 Labs.

  • How can one generate images for the video?

    -Images for the video can be generated using Leonardo AI, which provides 150 credits per day for personal use. Users can create 3D animation style images by selecting the appropriate AI model and providing a prompt template.

  • What is the role of Piccalo Lab in the video creation process?

    -Piccalo Lab is used to convert the AI-generated images into an animated video. It is a texture video tool that allows users to create AI videos by uploading images and using commands in a Discord server.

  • How is the final video edited and prepared for upload?

    -The final video is edited using a video editor like the Caap Cut app. Users adjust the placement of videos and voiceovers according to the audio, add effects, and include background music before exporting the video for upload.

  • Where can the finished video be uploaded?

    -The finished video can be uploaded to the internet, especially on platforms like YouTube, where users can start their money-making journey.

  • What additional resources are recommended for background music?

    -For background music, the YouTube audio library or Epidemic Sound are recommended, with the latter offering a 30-day free trial to download unlimited sound effects and background music.



🌿 Introduction to Serenity Village and King Harmonious

The video begins by painting a picture of a peaceful village called Serenity, nestled in a picturesque landscape. This village is home to a wise and righteous King named King Harmonious, who is known for his just and fair rule. The kingdom is characterized by harmony, kindness, and mutual assistance among its villagers. The story sets the stage for a tutorial on creating engaging video content using AI tools, starting with the creation of a story script and the transformation of normal images into high-quality animations.


🎤 Generating Voiceover and Images with AI

The second paragraph delves into the process of creating a voiceover for the story using AI tools like Flick煜, Dubtup Marf Ai, and 11 Labs. It explains how to generate a voiceover in different languages and accents, and how to refine the script for AI narration. The paragraph also introduces Leonardo AI for generating images based on the script, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right prompts and styles to create visually stunning content. The process of upscaling images for animation quality and using reference images for similar results is also discussed.


🎥 Converting Images to Animated Video with Piccalo Lab

This part of the script focuses on the next step of the video creation process: converting AI-generated images into an animated video. The use of Piccalo Lab, an AI tool similar to Moon Valley, is highlighted. The paragraph explains how to create an account, select channels for video creation, and generate videos using commands and prompts. It also covers the technique of adding camera motion to the static images to bring them to life and the importance of testing different prompt variations for the best outcome.

📹 Editing and Finalizing the Story Video

The final paragraph discusses the last stage of the video creation process, which involves combining and editing all elements into a cohesive story video. The use of a video editing app like Cap Cut is recommended for its professional features and availability across devices. The paragraph provides tips on syncing video elements with the voiceover, adjusting placements, and adding effects like ministar to enhance the video's appeal. The video's conclusion emphasizes the potential to earn money from YouTube by leveraging AI tools to create engaging content.




Serenity refers to a state of calmness, peace, and tranquility. In the video, it is embodied by the village where everyone lives harmoniously, reflecting the ideal of a community without conflict or discord. The village of Serenity is a central concept that sets the peaceful tone of the story and is exemplified by the lifestyle of its inhabitants, who are kind and helpful towards one another.

💡King Harmonious

King Harmonious is the wise and righteous ruler of the village of Serenity. His name symbolizes the harmony and balance he brings to his kingdom. As a leader, he champions kindness, understanding, and peace, setting an example for his villagers. His character is integral to the video's message of promoting a harmonious way of living.

💡AI Tools

AI Tools, or Artificial Intelligence Tools, refer to software applications that utilize machine learning and natural language processing to perform tasks. In the context of the video, these tools are used to create content such as scripts, voiceovers, and images for video production. The video highlights the capabilities of AI in generating high-quality content quickly and efficiently, making the process accessible to individuals looking to create videos without extensive resources.

💡Story Script

A story script is a written plan that outlines the narrative, dialogue, and actions that will occur in a video or film. It serves as a blueprint for the production process. In the video, the script is generated using AI, which simplifies the process of creating a structured and engaging story for the intended audience, particularly for children.

💡Voice Over

Voice Over refers to the process of recording voice narration for various types of media, such as videos, films, or commercials. In the video, AI-generated voice over is used to bring the story to life, providing a spoken component that complements the visual elements. The choice of voice can greatly influence the tone and appeal of the final product.

💡3D Animation Style

3D Animation Style refers to the visual presentation of three-dimensional computer-generated images and characters in a dynamic and lifelike manner. In the video, the AI tool Leonardo AI is used to create images in a 3D animation style, which adds depth and a realistic feel to the scenes, making them more engaging and visually appealing for the audience.

💡Picalo Lab

Picalo Lab is an AI-based video creation tool that allows users to generate animated videos from static images. It simplifies the process of animation by providing features like camera motion and image scaling, making it accessible for users to create dynamic and engaging video content without the need for advanced animation skills.

💡Video Editing

Video Editing is the process of assembling and refining the various components of video production, such as footage, voiceovers, music, and effects, into a cohesive final product. In the video, the use of a video editor like the cap cut app is emphasized to fine-tune the placement and timing of the animated scenes, voiceover, and background music to create a polished and engaging story video.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view videos. In the context of the video, YouTube is presented as a platform for content creators to distribute their videos and potentially earn money from their content. The video guide encourages viewers to upload their completed videos to YouTube to start their journey of monetization.


Monetization refers to the process of generating income from a digital asset or service, such as a video or a website. In the video, monetization is discussed in the context of earning money from YouTube by creating and uploading engaging and high-quality content. The guide suggests that by following the steps outlined, viewers can potentially start earning revenue from their video creations.


The creation of a video using free AI tools is demonstrated in a few minutes.

A story about a peaceful village and a righteous King is used to illustrate the process.

Chad jpt is used to generate a unique story script for the video.

AI tools like flicky dubt up marf Ai and 11 labs are suggested for voiceover generation.

Dubtub is used to generate a voice server with an American accent for the story.

Leonardo AI is used to create images based on the script with a daily credit limit.

A template for creating AI images is provided, focusing on subject, scene description, and desired image style.

Piccalo lab (P lab) is introduced for converting AI-generated images into an animated video.

A private chat with the pikab bot in P lab is recommended to keep track of generated videos.

The process of generating a video with camera motion is explained using the SL anim command.

Cutting video parts and adjusting them according to the voiceover is advised for synchronization.

The use of the ministar effect in the video editing process is suggested for added interest.

The Cap Cut app is recommended for combining and editing the video, voiceover, and music.

Epidemic Sound is mentioned as a source for free background music and sound effects.

The final step is exporting the video, ready for upload to platforms like YouTube.

The video's potential for earning money from YouTube is emphasized.

The video concludes with an invitation for questions and a reminder to like and subscribe.