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TLDRKarion discusses his decision to quit playing Path of Exile's current league, 'Ruthless'. He explains that while he loves the game and its new league mechanics, the 'Ruthless' mode's forced mechanics, overtuned difficulty, and lack of rewarding loot make it less enjoyable. Despite the challenges, he remains hopeful for future leagues and expresses his fondness for the game's crafting and build development aspects.


  • 🎮 Karion discusses his decision to quit playing the current Path of Exile league due to various reasons.
  • 🔄 Path of Exile typically releases new leagues with significant mechanics and balance updates every few months.
  • 🛠 Karion enjoys the challenge of crafting builds and figuring out new mechanics, which he finds most enjoyable in gaming.
  • 😐 Despite his love for Path of Exile, Karion does not play it full-time and his interest wanes after a few weeks.
  • 😞 The current league's release on Ruthless mode has been underwhelming for Karion, differing from his usual experience.
  • 🏹 Ruthless mode in Path of Exile is a challenging game mode with scarce resources and no loot, requiring strategic gameplay.
  • 📉 The new league mechanic in Ruthless mode has proven to be tedious and not rewarding, leading to a negative experience.
  • 💥 The forced aspect of the new league mechanic makes it difficult to avoid overly powerful monsters and results in a poor gameplay experience.
  • 🛑 Karion finds the current league's map progression to be the worst he has experienced, with slow leveling and scarce loot.
  • 🔑 For improvement, Karion suggests making the league mechanic optional and ensuring it provides a worthwhile experience.
  • 🔄 Karion is looking forward to future leagues and remains optimistic about Path of Exile, despite his current dissatisfaction.

Q & A

  • Why is Karion not going to play much of Path of Exile in the current league?

    -Karion finds the current league's mechanic not enjoyable, especially in the Ruthless game mode, where it is forced and overtuned, leading to a lack of fun and rewards.

  • What does Karion enjoy about Path of Exile's new league experience?

    -Karion enjoys the new mechanics and major balance updates that come with each league, as well as the journey of figuring out and crafting a new build.

  • How does Karion describe the Ruthless game mode in Path of Exile?

    -Ruthless is a challenging game mode where players get minimal loot, and characters have restricted access to gear, currency, and ascendancies, requiring strategic gameplay.

  • What is the main issue Karion has with the new league mechanic in Ruthless mode?

    -The new league mechanic is forced and cannot be opted out of, leading to encounters with extremely powerful monsters that are not rewarding and make progression tedious and slow.

  • Why does Karion believe the new league mechanic is a step back for Path of Exile?

    -Karion feels that the mechanic makes the game less fun, more tedious, and less rewarding, especially in Ruthless mode, where the scarcity of maps and loot is significantly worse.

  • How does Karion's experience with the new league mechanic compare to previous leagues?

    -Karion finds this league's mechanic to be the most disappointing compared to previous leagues, which were more enjoyable and less frustrating.

  • What does Karion suggest as necessary changes to improve the new league mechanic?

    -Karion suggests making the mechanic optional and adjusting the rewards and difficulty balance so that it is more enjoyable and rewarding than playing without the mechanic.

  • How does the new league mechanic affect the campaign experience for Karion?

    -The new league mechanic negatively affects the campaign experience by making it more difficult and less enjoyable, especially with the forced aspect and overtuned encounters.

  • What is the 'Lantern of Aramore' and how does it relate to the new league mechanic?

    -The Lantern of Aramore is a feature in the game that allows players to modify the attributes of monsters in a zone, which is part of the new league mechanic that Karion finds problematic.

  • How does Karion feel about the rewards and loot from the new league mechanic in Ruthless mode?

    -Karion is disappointed with the rewards and loot, as they are scarce and not worth the effort and difficulty of engaging with the new league mechanic in Ruthless mode.



🎮 Karion's Reduced Playtime for Path of Exile League

Karion discusses his decision to limit his playtime with the new Path of Exile league. He initially played the league at release but chose to stop due to various reasons, which he plans to detail in a two-part video. Karion emphasizes his love for the game and the excitement of new league mechanics and balance updates. Despite his reduced playtime, he still appreciates the journey of discovering new builds and the crafting process in Path of Exile.


🔥 Challenges with the New Path of Exile League's Mechanics

Karion elaborates on the issues he faced with the new league's mechanics, particularly in the Ruthless game mode. He finds the campaign too easy for experienced players, leading to a lack of challenge and engagement. The abundance of maps and resources makes the game tedious, and the new league's release, which he considers a significant miss, has not met his expectations. Despite these criticisms, Karion remains a dedicated Path of Exile player, looking forward to future improvements and leagues.


🛡️ Ruthless Mode: A Challenging and Meaningful Path of Exile Experience

Karion explains why he enjoys playing in the Ruthless mode of Path of Exile, where resources are scarce, and the game is more challenging. He appreciates the meaningful balance and the need for strategic planning in this mode. Despite the overall game becoming easier and more abundant over time, Ruthless mode offers a unique and satisfying experience that keeps him engaged, even if it's more difficult than the standard game.


💥 Critique of the New League's Mechanics in Ruthless Mode

Karion provides a detailed critique of the new league mechanic in Ruthless mode. He finds the mechanic to be forced and overtuned, leading to a frustrating gameplay experience. The rarity and quality of loot drops are insufficient, and the modifiers applied to monsters are often too challenging, even for experienced players. He shares specific examples of encounters that highlight the mechanic's imbalance and lack of fun in Ruthless mode.


🚫 Forced Engagement and Overtuned Mechanics in the New League

Karion discusses the forced engagement with the new league mechanic and how it negatively impacts the gameplay experience, especially in Ruthless mode. He believes the mechanic should be optional and not force players into difficult battles with little reward. Karion also suspects that there may be bugs affecting the functionality of the mechanic, contributing to the overall negative experience.


🛑 Discontinuation of Play Due to Unenjoyable Mechanics

Karion decides to stop playing the new league in Ruthless mode due to the unenjoyable and tedious nature of the new mechanic. He finds the rewards not worth the effort and the gameplay less fun than previous leagues. Karion expresses his disappointment with the current state of the game and the lack of unique items or experiences that would motivate him to continue playing through the campaign in Ruthless mode.


🗺️ Map Progression Issues and Suggestions for Improvement

Karion addresses the problems with map progression in the new league, particularly in Ruthless mode, where he finds it to be the worst he has experienced. He suggests that the developers need to make changes to the league mechanic to make it optional and more rewarding. Karion believes that the current state of the game makes it more enjoyable to play without the new league mechanic, which is a significant issue that needs to be addressed.

👋 Temporary Goodbye to Path of Exile Until the Next League

In conclusion, Karion announces that he will likely not play Path of Exile until the next league, hoping that the developers will implement changes to improve the current league's issues. He thanks viewers for their patience and interest, and expresses his intention to return to the game if significant improvements are made in the future.



💡Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is known for its complex mechanics, deep character customization, and regular updates introducing new content and challenges. In the video, the speaker discusses his experience with the game, particularly focusing on the new league mechanics and their impact on gameplay.


In the context of Path of Exile, a league is a separate instance of the game world with its own economy, player base, and often unique mechanics or challenges. The speaker mentions that he usually enjoys playing during the initial phase of a new league due to the excitement of exploring new mechanics and building characters.


Ruthless is a high-difficulty game mode in Path of Exile where players have limited loot drops and must strategize more carefully to progress. The speaker explains that he appreciates the Ruthless mode for its challenge and the meaningfulness of every item and decision, contrasting it with the overabundance of items in the normal mode.


Game mechanics refer to the rules and methods that govern how the game is played. The speaker discusses the new league mechanics, which he finds to be overly difficult and not rewarding, especially in the Ruthless mode. He provides examples of how these mechanics, such as increased monster health and damage, affect gameplay negatively.


A build in Path of Exile refers to a specific configuration of character skills, equipment, and playstyle. The speaker mentions crafting a build as one of his favorite aspects of playing the game, highlighting the importance of strategy and customization in Path of Exile.


In Path of Exile, the stash is the inventory space where players store their items. The speaker comments on the vastness of his stash in the normal mode, indicating the abundance of items and the lack of meaningfulness they have due to their sheer quantity.


Maps in Path of Exile are instances that players can run to gain loot, experience, and complete various objectives. The speaker discusses the scarcity of maps in the Ruthless mode and the strategic depth it adds to the game, contrasting it with the overabundance of maps in the normal mode.


Golems are a type of minion or summonable entity in Path of Exile that can be used to assist the player in combat. The speaker talks about using a Stone Golem of Safeguarding in his build, which provides a significant boost to survivability by reducing incoming melee damage.


Crafting in Path of Exile involves using various items to modify or enhance equipment. The speaker describes his experience with crafting in the game, particularly the effort and resources required to create a powerful helmet using alteration orbs, and how the abundance of crafting currency in the normal mode diminishes the significance of each crafting attempt.


Ascendancies are a set of powerful passive skills in Path of Exile that provide unique bonuses and abilities. The speaker mentions that the ascendancies are much weaker in the Ruthless mode, which affects the character's power and the strategic choices available to the player.

💡Transfigured Gem Setups

Transfigured Gem Setups refer to the use of altered gems to customize character abilities in Path of Exile. The speaker talks about reaching a high level in the Ruthless mode using a new transfigured gem setup, indicating the strategic depth and potential for experimentation that the game offers.


Karion discusses why he will not be playing much Path of Exile in the current league.

He played the new league at release but decided to make a video explaining his decision to stop playing.

Karion emphasizes that his critique is not because he dislikes games but to provide full details on his experience.

Path of Exile typically releases new leagues with major mechanics and balance updates every few months.

He loves the journey of discovering new mechanics and crafting builds in Path of Exile.

Karion admits his waning interest after a few weeks of a new league but still enjoys the initial experience.

He doesn't play Path of Exile full-time but streams it extensively when a new league comes out.

This league's release on ruthless is an exception to his usual enjoyment.

Karion has been playing Path of Exile for over 10 years and remains interested despite one bad league.

Ruthless is a challenging game mode in Path of Exile with scarce resources and restrictive gameplay.

The new league mechanic is forcing players to engage with it, which Karion finds problematic.

The mechanic is not enjoyable in ruthless due to the forced aspect and overtuned difficulty.

Karion finds the new league mechanic tedious and not rewarding, especially in ruthless.

He believes the mechanic makes the game less fun and more of a chore to play.

Karion suggests the mechanic should be optional and more rewarding to engage with.

He concludes that the current league is not enjoyable and he will likely wait for the next one.