Your Guide to Path of Exile (2024 PoE Beginner Guide)

21 Jan 202425:39

TLDRThis guide offers beginners a structured approach to mastering Path of Exile, focusing on essential tools like Path of Building and loot filters to streamline gameplay. It addresses common issues such as survivability, combat difficulty, and aimlessness with practical advice on skill linking, gear upgrades, and resistance balancing. The guide also emphasizes the importance of following build guides for a tailored experience and provides tips on trading and character progression in the endgame, encouraging players to explore and enjoy the game's depth and variety.


  • 🚀 Start by following a build guide to enhance your Path of Exile experience without spoiling the fun.
  • 🛠️ Download Path of Building for planning your character's passive skill tree and abilities.
  • 🔍 Install a loot filter to streamline item identification and focus on potential upgrades.
  • ⚔️ Customize keybinds and settings to optimize combat feel and resource management.
  • 💊 Utilize flasks effectively for combat sustain and make sure to keep them charged.
  • 🔗 Prioritize linking your main skill with support gems to scale up its power.
  • 💎 Focus on one primary skill and build your character around enhancing that skill.
  • 🛡️ Ensure your character's resistances are capped at 75% to reduce incoming damage.
  • ❤️ Maintain a healthy life pool to absorb damage after capping resistances.
  • 🛑 If you're struggling with survivability, adjust your content difficulty and avoid overextending.
  • 📈 To increase damage output, consider upgrading weapons, sorting your links, and using damage auras.
  • 🌐 Engage in trading with other players to find better gear within your budget.
  • 🎮 For endgame progression, utilize POE's Atlas and choose mechanics you enjoy for a tailored experience.

Q & A

  • What are the three main resources recommended for beginners in Path of Exile?

    -The three main resources recommended for beginners are a build guide, Path of Building, and a loot filter.

  • Why is it suggested to follow a build guide for beginners in Path of Exile?

    -Following a build guide is suggested because it provides a structured path for new players to learn the game without ruining their enjoyment, and it helps in creating a viable character setup.

  • What is the purpose of Path of Building in Path of Exile?

    -Path of Building is used to plan and simulate builds for characters, allowing players to map out their passive skill tree and plan their skill gem links.

  • How does a loot filter improve the early game experience in Path of Exile?

    -A loot filter improves the early game experience by filtering out most of the unwanted items that drop, allowing players to focus on items that might actually be an upgrade for their character.

  • What are the recommended keybind changes for combat in Path of Exile?

    -The recommended keybind changes include replacing the default attack keybind with 'move only' and using the hold attack in place keybind, which is usually set to 'shift'.

  • What is the suggested flask setup for the first few hours of the Path of Exile campaign?

    -The suggested flask setup includes a single life flask and several utility flasks such as a jade flask for extra evasion or a diamond flask for better crits.

  • Why is it important to focus on one main skill in Path of Exile?

    -Focusing on one main skill is important because it allows players to specialize and optimize their character build around that skill, making it more effective in combat.

  • What is the recommended approach to trading for gear in Path of Exile?

    -The recommended approach to trading involves using websites like to filter and search for items based on specific requirements, stats, and price.

  • How can players find inspiration for their own character builds in Path of Exile?

    -Players can find inspiration by visiting websites like, examining builds from other players, and importing those builds into Path of Building to understand and replicate their setups.

  • What is the significance of the Atlas passive tree in the endgame of Path of Exile?

    -The Atlas passive tree is significant in the endgame as it allows players to gain additional passive points by completing maps, which can be spent to enhance their character's abilities further.



🎮 Game Overview and Essential Tools

The video provides an introduction to 'Path of Exile' and emphasizes the importance of using specific tools for beginners. It advises downloading 'Path of Building' for character planning and a 'loot filter' to sort through items efficiently. The video clarifies that it is a beginner's guide, not a build guide, and encourages viewers to choose an archetype and find a suitable build guide to follow. It also stresses the importance of using Path of Building to map out the passive skill tree and customize character abilities.


🛡️ Surviving the Game: Damage and Defense

This section addresses common issues players face, such as dying frequently and dealing with tough enemies. It outlines a defensive hierarchy, prioritizing resistances, life, and a combination of armor and evasion. The video also discusses the importance of leeching life and Mana, and using Pantheon powers for bleed removal. It advises on adjusting content difficulty if players struggle and provides guidance on improving character defenses and survivability.


🏺 Enhancing Your Build: Skills and Gear

The video focuses on improving damage output by ensuring primary skills are linked with efficient support gems and taking appropriate damage nodes on the passive tree. It covers upgrading weapons and armor to increase damage, using currency vendors to obtain skills, and crafting gear with desirable attributes. The importance of using a four-link setup for skills is highlighted, along with the use of damage auras and Path of Building to optimize character builds.


💼 Trading and Upgrading Your Gear

This section delves into trading with other players to upgrade gear. It provides a step-by-step guide on using the trading platform to search for weapons and armor, setting filters, and finding the best deals. The video also demonstrates how to use the tilda key for autocompletion while trading and offers tips on sorting items by stats. It concludes with advice on avoiding corrupted items and emphasizes the importance of movement speed, life, and resistances on gear.


🌟 Endgame Progression and Character Development

The video discusses endgame progression, focusing on upgrading characters through trading and learning from other players' builds. It guides viewers on how to use to find and import builds that are suitable for their playstyle. The importance of the Atlas passive tree in the endgame is highlighted, and viewers are encouraged to specialize in mechanics they enjoy. The video also touches on using the 'Awakened Poe Trade Macro' for easier item pricing and management.


📚 Final Thoughts and Community Engagement

In the concluding section, the video encourages viewers to invest time in 'Path of Exile' due to its depth and complexity. It invites viewers to ask questions in the comments and offers additional help through the streamer's Twitch channel. The video expresses gratitude for watching and wishes viewers good luck in their gaming journey.



💡Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games. In the video, it is the main subject and the context for all the discussed elements, including gameplay mechanics, character building, and strategies for beginners. It represents the central theme of the video, which is to guide new players through the complexities of this game.

💡Build guide

A build guide in the context of Path of Exile refers to a set of instructions or recommendations on how to develop a character's abilities, skills, and gear to be effective in the game. The video emphasizes the importance of following a build guide for beginners to ensure they have a solid foundation and understanding of their character's development.

💡Path of Building

Path of Building is a third-party tool for Path of Exile that allows players to plan out their character's passive skill tree and test different builds without having to level up a character in the game. The video script mentions it as a necessary tool for beginners to map out their character's development and to copy build URLs for ease of planning.

💡Loot filter

A loot filter is a tool used in Path of Exile to automatically filter out items that are not of interest to the player, making it easier to identify valuable drops amidst the clutter of less useful items. The script suggests downloading a loot filter to drastically improve the early game experience by focusing on potentially useful items.


Flasks in Path of Exile are consumable items that provide a temporary boost to the character's attributes such as life, mana, or resistances. The video script discusses flask management, emphasizing the importance of using them frequently and having a flask setup that evolves as the player progresses through the acts.


Resistances in the game refer to a character's ability to mitigate damage from various elemental sources like fire, cold, and lightning. The script stresses the importance of capping resistances at 75% as a top priority for character survivability, which is crucial for both new and endgame players.

💡Skill linking

Skill linking in Path of Exile involves combining a main active skill with support gems to enhance its effectiveness. The video mentions that linking a primary skill with as many support gems as possible is the best way to improve damage output, with a four-link setup being ideal for most campaign playthroughs.

💡Vendor recipes

Vendor recipes are a mechanic in Path of Exile where players can purchase items from vendors at a discounted price by having a certain number of a specific item in their possession. The script refers to this mechanic when discussing how to obtain skills from the jewelry currency vendor in each town.


The Hideout is a personal area in Path of Exile where players can perform various actions such as crafting, stashing items, and interacting with NPCs. The video mentions the Hideout as a place to invite certain NPCs like Lily Roth, who sells all skill gems, and to use crafting benches for adding stats to gear.


The Pantheon system in Path of Exile allows players to gain the power of slain gods to aid them in their journey. The script mentions using the Pantheon to gain bleed removal, which is crucial for survivability against enemies that cause the bleed effect.


Trading in Path of Exile is the act of exchanging items with other players, often through online platforms that facilitate the process. The video script provides a detailed guide on how to trade for weapon and armor upgrades effectively, which is essential for endgame progression and character optimization.


In Path of Exile, maps are items that generate instances with specific layouts and challenges. The script discusses maps as a core part of the endgame, where they increase in difficulty and provide opportunities for gaining passive skill points and rewards through the Atlas passive tree.


Path of Exile is a complex game that requires understanding divided into sections based on the player's current issues.

For beginners, it's crucial to follow a build guide to enhance the gaming experience.

Path of Building is a vital tool for mapping out your character's passive skill tree.

A loot filter is essential for filtering out unnecessary items and focusing on potential upgrades.

Settings adjustments such as changing the default attack keybind can greatly improve combat feel.

Flasks are crucial for survival and should be used frequently throughout the game.

Focusing on one main skill and boosting it with other abilities is key for most builds.

Linking primary skills with support gems is a primary method for increasing damage.

Resistances play a vital role in character defense, with a minimum of 75% being the goal.

Life and resistances are the top priorities for survivability in the game.

Armor and evasion are essential defensive layers against physical damage.

Leeching life and Mana is a significant form of defense that should be included in builds.

Bleed immunity is crucial for avoiding rapid death from damage over time effects.

Upgrading weapons and ensuring they have the right attributes can significantly boost damage.

Path of Building can help identify the most beneficial passive skill tree nodes for your build.

Trading with other players is a primary method for finding and upgrading gear.

Using po.ninjia to analyze builds can provide insights into effective character setups.

The Atlas passive tree offers additional ways to customize and upgrade your character.

The endgame in Path of Exile revolves around upgrading your character through various in-game systems.