Wordtune Review & Tutorial - Best AI Rewriter?!

Digital Creator Avi
12 May 202210:38

TLDRThe video script offers a review of WordTune, an AI-powered writing companion and Chrome extension. The reviewer shares their experience using the free version, which limits to 10 rewrites per day, and the premium version, offering unlimited rewrites and additional features for a monthly subscription. They find WordTune's rewriting capabilities underwhelming compared to other AI copywriters in the market but appreciate its copy-editing features and the 'Word to Read' function that summarizes content effectively. The reviewer suggests that while WordTune could be useful for copy editing, there are more cost-effective AI copywriting alternatives available.


  • 🌟 WordTune is an AI-powered writing companion and a Google Chrome extension used for content creation.
  • 🎉 It has received positive reviews and is considered one of the hottest apps of the year by Chrome and Amplitude.
  • 📈 The tool offers both free and premium versions, with the free version limited to 10 rewrites per day.
  • 🚀 The premium version costs $9.99 per month, providing unlimited rewrites and additional features.
  • 🔗 WordTune integrates with various platforms like LinkedIn, Google Docs, Gmail, Twitter, and more.
  • ✍️ It allows users to rewrite sentences by highlighting the content and clicking the 'W' icon for suggestions.
  • 📊 The output provides a variety of rewritten content options, but the free version's limitations can be quickly exhausted.
  • 💬 The reviewer found that WordTune is more of a copy-editing software than a full AI copywriting tool.
  • 🔎 The 'WordTo' feature can summarize text from a URL or pasted content, making it useful for research and digesting information.
  • 💰 The reviewer suggests that there are more affordable AI copywriting alternatives available with more features than WordTune.

Q & A

  • What is WordTune and how does it describe itself?

    -WordTune is an AI-powered writing companion designed to assist with content creation. It is marketed as a tool that can help improve and edit written content.

  • How can users get started with WordTune?

    -Users can get started with WordTune by installing it as a Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. After installation, they need to create an account to begin using the tool.

  • What are the features of WordTune?

    -WordTune offers features such as content rewriting, integration with various platforms like LinkedIn, Google Docs, Gmail, and more. It also provides a premium version with unlimited rewrites and additional features.

  • How is the free version of WordTune limited?

    -The free version of WordTune allows users to have 10 rewrites per day. This limit is reached quickly and can be restrictive for users who need more content editing options.

  • What is the pricing for WordTune's premium version?

    -The premium version of WordTune costs $9.99 per month, or users can opt for an annual subscription at $119 per year, which offers a lower price point.

  • What are the additional features included in the premium plan?

    -The premium plan includes unlimited rewrites, access to additional features like the built-in editor on the WordTune website, and the ability to use the tool across various platforms for content creation.

  • How does WordTune's rewriting feature work?

    -To use the rewriting feature, users highlight the sentence they want to rewrite, click the 'W' icon, and WordTune provides several rewritten content options to choose from.

  • What is WordTune's 'Word To Read' feature?

    -The 'Word To Read' feature allows users to input text or a URL, and WordTune summarizes the content. This can be useful for quickly understanding key points from a blog post or article.

  • What are the reviewer's thoughts on WordTune's effectiveness?

    -The reviewer found WordTune to be a well-designed and easy-to-use tool but was underwhelmed by the content output. They felt that the tool added a few words or sentences without significantly changing the overall content.

  • What alternatives to WordTune does the reviewer suggest?

    -The reviewer suggests alternatives like WordHero or WriteCream, which offer similar features to WordTune but at a lower price point, and even include additional features.

  • What advice does the reviewer give for users considering WordTune?

    -The reviewer advises that WordTune might be suitable for users who don't already have an AI copywriter and only need copy editing features. They recommend opting for the yearly premium plan for cost savings.



📝 Introduction to WordTune and Initial Impressions

The video begins with the host introducing WordTune, an AI-powered writing companion, and expresses gratitude to Mr. Wanted for suggesting the review. The host notes WordTune's acclaim as one of the hottest apps of the year by Chrome and Amplitude. The video then delves into the features of WordTune, highlighting its availability as a Chrome extension with over 2,000 five-star reviews and a million users. The host explains the basic functionality of the tool, which includes content rewriting, and mentions the free version's limit of 10 rewrites per day. The video also touches on the premium version, which offers unlimited rewrites and additional features for a monthly subscription fee.


📝 Exploring WordTune's Features and Limitations

In this paragraph, the host explores WordTune's features in more detail, noting its ability to rewrite sentences and provide recommendations for better word choices. The host also discusses the limitations of the free plan, such as the quick depletion of the daily rewrite limit and the inability to rewrite entire paragraphs at once. The host then upgrades to the premium plan to fully evaluate the tool's capabilities, including its casual tone, expanding, and shortening functions. However, the host expresses some disappointment with the content output, feeling that it doesn't significantly differ from other AI copywriters on the market.


📝 WordTune's 'Word to Read' Feature and Overall Evaluation

The host concludes the video by discussing WordTune's 'Word to Read' feature, which summarizes text from a URL or pasted content. After testing this feature with a Forbes blog post about cryptocurrencies, the host appreciates its effectiveness in condensing information into easily digestible blocks. The host then provides an overall evaluation of WordTune, positioning it more as a copy editing tool rather than a full-fledged AI copywriting software. The host suggests that better value AI copywriters are available at lower prices with more features. The video ends with a recommendation for viewers without an AI copywriter to consider WordTune's premium plan, especially the yearly option for cost savings, and the host provides links to other preferred AI copywriters in the description.



💡AI powered writing companion

An AI powered writing companion refers to a software tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in writing tasks. In the context of the video, this term describes WordTune, which is designed to help users improve their content by offering rewrites, expansions, and tone changes. The tool aims to enhance the writing process by providing alternative phrasing and content suggestions.

💡Chrome extension

A Chrome extension is a software add-on that users can install on the Google Chrome browser to enhance its functionality. In the video, WordTune is mentioned as a Chrome extension that can be added to the browser, allowing users to access its features directly while browsing or working on documents.

💡Content creation

Content creation refers to the process of producing written, visual, or audio content for various platforms such as blogs, social media, and websites. The video emphasizes the utility of WordTune in aiding content creators by providing them with rewritten content options, which can help in improving the quality and effectiveness of their writing.

💡Free version

The free version of a software or application typically offers limited features compared to its premium or paid counterpart. In the context of the video, WordTune's free version allows users to perform up to 10 rewrites per day, giving them a taste of the tool's capabilities before deciding whether to upgrade to the premium version for more features and unlimited use.

💡Premium version

The premium version of a software or service offers enhanced features and capabilities that are not available in the free version. The video discusses the premium version of WordTune, which provides users with unlimited rewrites and access to additional features such as content expansion and tone alteration, for a monthly subscription fee.

💡Content rewrites

Content rewrites involve altering the original content to produce new versions that maintain the same meaning but with different wording or structure. WordTune's primary function, as described in the video, is to offer content rewrites that can help users enhance their writing by providing alternative sentences and phrasings.


Integration in software terms refers to the ability of one application to work seamlessly with another, often by adding its functionality to an existing platform. The video highlights that WordTune integrates with various content creation platforms, such as Google Docs and LinkedIn, allowing users to utilize its features directly within these familiar environments.

💡Content tone

The content tone refers to the style or manner in which content is presented, which can range from formal to casual, serious to humorous, or persuasive to informative. WordTune offers the ability to change the tone of the content, as discussed in the video, which can be particularly useful for adapting the writing to suit different audiences or purposes.

💡Content summarization

Content summarization is the process of condensing longer pieces of content into shorter, more digestible summaries while retaining the key points. WordTune includes a feature called 'WordToRead' that provides summaries of text or URLs, allowing users to quickly grasp the main ideas from longer articles or reports, as demonstrated in the video with a Forbes blog post summary.

💡AI copywriters

AI copywriters are artificial intelligence tools designed to assist in writing tasks, from generating content to editing and improving it. The video compares WordTune with other AI copywriters available in the market, suggesting that while WordTune has its uses, there may be more cost-effective options with similar or additional features.


WordTune is an AI-powered writing companion.

It has been recognized as one of the hottest apps of the year by Chrome and Amplitude.

WordTune is also available as a Chrome extension with over 2,000 five-star reviews and more than 1 million users.

The free version of WordTune offers 10 rewrites per day.

The premium version costs $9.99 per month and provides unlimited rewrites along with additional features.

WordTune integrates with various platforms such as LinkedIn, Google Docs, Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp Web, Slack Web, Outlook Web, and Facebook.

The tool automatically rewrites content when you highlight a sentence and click the 'W' icon.

WordTune provides a variety of rewritten content options for users to choose from.

The free plan's limit is reached quickly, and the tool counts options that are not even used.

The premium plan offers a built-in editor on the WordTune website in addition to the Chrome extension.

WordTune has functions for casual tones, expanding content, and shortening sentences.

The 'Word To Read' feature provides summaries of text from URLs or pasted content.

WordTune is more of a copy-editing software rather than a full AI copywriting software.

There are other AI copywriters in the market that offer similar features at a lower price point.

For users who only need copy-editing, the premium plan of WordTune could be a good option, with the yearly plan offering better value.

The reviewer suggests looking into other AI copywriters like WordHero or WriteCream for more features and lower pricing.