He finished the campaign in 55 minutes!? - Project Speedrun ft. Havoc & Bazuka - PoE #852

9 Jul 202478:08

TLDRJoin Havoc, a renowned speedrunner, and content creators Imperian and Bazooka Tank as they embark on a thrilling speedrunning project in Path of Exile. The team transforms their league funds into crafting resources, meticulously preparing for a record-breaking run. Havoc's months of practice culminate in an impressive 55-minute Act 10 speedrun using twinked gear. The video offers an in-depth look at the strategy, gear, and execution behind this lightning-fast campaign, showcasing the skill and teamwork that went into achieving such an extraordinary feat.


  • 😀 The video features a speedrunning project in the game Path of Exile, where the player aims to complete Act 10 in under an hour using a twinked character.
  • 🎮 The project was a collaboration between Imperian Gaming, Havoc, and Bazooka Tank, pooling resources and strategies to achieve the speedrun.
  • 🏃 The player utilized a 'twink run' approach, starting with high-level gear to speed up the leveling process and bypass certain areas.
  • 🛍️ Over 21 mirrors were spent on crafting and preparing for the run, including gear and item management.
  • 🔄 The player had to manage inventory efficiently, often swapping gear and items during downtime to maintain speed and efficiency.
  • 🎯 Key strategies included the '4C rule' of killing enemies every 4 seconds to maintain movement speed buffs and phasing on kill.
  • 💡 The run incorporated various mechanics and tricks, such as skill and gem swapping, death skipping, and exploiting game mechanics for time savings.
  • 📉 The video transcript mentions the challenges of RNG (Random Number Generation) in layout design and enemy spawns, which can affect run times.
  • 🏆 The final result was a successful speedrun completing Act 10 in 55 minutes, showcasing the culmination of months of practice and preparation.
  • 📹 The video also serves as a commentary on the process and strategies used during the speedrun, providing insights into the game and the speedrunning community.
  • 🔗 The video description contains links to related content, such as the crafting process and additional runs, for viewers interested in more details.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video described in the script?

    -The main topic of the video is a speedrunning project in the game Path of Exile, where the player aims to complete Act 10 with a twinked character in under 60 minutes.

  • Who are the main individuals involved in this speedrunning project?

    -The main individuals involved are Havoc, a prolific speedrunner and content creator, and Bazooka Tank, who is also involved in the project for commentary and support.

  • How long did the initial contact and planning phase last before the actual speedrun took place?

    -The initial contact was made in February, and the planning phase lasted for about a month before the actual speedrunning attempt.

  • What was the total number of mirrors spent on the entire speedrunning project?

    -A total of 21 mirrors were spent on the project, including on items that did not end up being used in the run.

  • Why was the character unable to use a quiver during the speedrun?

    -The character did not use a quiver to save time on inventory management during non-downtime periods, as any inventory management would result in a time loss due to the character's high speed.

  • What is the '4C rule' mentioned in the script and why is it important during the run?

    -The '4C rule' refers to the need to kill monsters every 4 seconds to trigger the Abyssal sockets, which grant movement speed for 4 seconds after killing and critting. This is crucial for maintaining high speed throughout the run.

  • What strategy was used to bypass the experience gain from killing monsters in the later part of the run?

    -The character overleveled in the earlier areas to the point where killing monsters in later areas did not yield significant experience. The focus then shifted to maintaining movement speed through the '4C rule' and other gear effects.

  • What was the significance of the forbidden jewel used in the speedrun?

    -The forbidden jewel was used to perform a death skip, which allowed the character to reset their position quickly by killing themselves and resurrecting in town, saving time that would be lost running back.

  • How did the character ensure they had enough movement speed during the run?

    -The character used a combination of gear with movement speed bonuses, such as Foxshade boots, and various active and passive skills that increase movement speed, like the Abyssal sockets and the use of blink arrows.

  • What was the final time achieved by the speedrunner in the video?

    -The final time achieved was 55 minutes and 55 seconds, completing Act 10 with a twinked character, which is under the 60-minute goal.



😀 Introduction to the Speedrunning Project

The narrator introduces a speedrunning project with Havoc, a renowned speedrunner and content creator. They recount the project's inception back in February, the initial contact, and the subsequent three-month wait for Havoc's proposal of a unique speedrunning challenge involving crafting and running through Act 10 in Path of Exile. The narrator expresses excitement about the project, which was a perfect fit for their post-League plans, and mentions the recruitment of Bazooka Tank for additional support. The video's agenda includes watching and commenting on the speedrun, explaining the setup, and showcasing the entire run.


🏃‍♂️ The Art of Speedrunning with Twink Run Strategy

The paragraph delves into the specifics of a 'twink run,' a speedrunning approach using high-level gear to progress rapidly through the game. The run begins on the Coast, skipping early areas due to the character's advanced state. The focus is on efficient inventory management and maintaining momentum by killing enemies every 4 seconds to trigger movement speed buffs from Abyssal sockets. The narrator explains the absence of a quiver in the inventory to save time on gear swapping and discusses the importance of the character's speed in the early stages of the run.


🛠️ Crafting and Strategy for Optimal Speed

This section discusses the intricate planning and crafting that went into the speedrun. The goal is to reach level 28 as quickly as possible to equip Foxshade boots, which provide significant movement speed. The character's progression through various zones is detailed, including the use of experience boosters and the strategic leveling to reach specific milestones. The paragraph also touches on the importance of downtime management and the decision-making process behind equipping certain gear at specific times to optimize speed.


🎮 Advanced Speedrunning Techniques and Execution

The narrator describes advanced speedrunning techniques used in the run, such as stance switching for on-hit effects, utilizing bandit encounters for movement speed, and strategic skill point allocation for maximum efficiency. The paragraph highlights the precision and speed required to execute these techniques, the importance of layout RNG in the success of the run, and the collaboration between the narrator and Bazooka Tank in refining the run strategy.


🚀 Pushing the Limits of Speedrunning

The paragraph details the continuation of the speedrun, with the character reaching higher levels and equipping more powerful gear to maintain momentum. It discusses the use of specific items and skills, such as the phase run and withering step linked with automation support, to achieve maximum speed. The narrator also explains the strategic use of death skips and the importance of layout reading in executing the run efficiently.


🛑 Navigating Downtime and Strategic Planning

This section covers the downtimes during the run, where the character must perform multiple actions within a limited time frame. The narrator explains the strategic planning behind the character's gear swaps and skill allocations to optimize speed during these periods. The paragraph also highlights the challenges of layout RNG and its impact on the run's outcome, as well as the importance of reading and reacting to in-game layouts quickly.


🏁 Approaching the Finish Line with Precision

The narrator discusses the final stages of the speedrun, where the character is equipped with the final set of gear and abilities for the Act 5 Kitala fight. The paragraph details the specific items and skills used, the importance of leveling and skill point allocation for the final push, and the execution of the run with precision to achieve the best possible time.


🎉 Reflecting on the Speedrunning Achievement

In this reflective section, the narrator and Havoc discuss the completion of the speedrun, the challenges faced, and the satisfaction of achieving a sub-hour run. They talk about the unpredictability of layout RNG, the strategic choices made during the run, and the overall experience of participating in the speedrunning project. The paragraph concludes with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such an endeavor.


🤔 Post-Run Analysis and Future Aspirations

The paragraph focuses on the post-run analysis, where the participants discuss the potential for improving the run and the possibility of attempting it again in future leagues. They talk about the cost of resources used in the run, the challenges of acquiring them, and the potential impact of new league mechanics on speedrunning strategies. The conversation also touches on personal preferences, such as favorite pizza toppings, and the physical demands of the intense mouse usage during practice.


📈 In-Depth Discussion on Speedrunning Strategies

This section provides an in-depth look at the strategies used in the speedrun, including the organization of the inventory for quick gear swaps, the importance of layout reading, and the impact of previous league mechanics on the current run. The participants discuss the potential benefits of past league items, the challenges of organizing a speedrun inventory, and the evolution of their strategies over time.


🌐 Community and Future of Speedrunning in Path of Exile

The final paragraph discusses the community aspect of speedrunning in Path of Exile, the platforms where speedruns are shared, and the potential for future speedrunning endeavors. The conversation includes the possibility of using different movement skills in future runs, the importance of keeping the speedrunning category fresh with new league mechanics, and the participants' hopes for continued involvement in the speedrunning community.


🎉 Closing Thoughts and Upcoming Plans

The closing paragraph wraps up the discussion with final thoughts on the speedrunning project, sharing favorite moments and expressing gratitude for the collaboration. The participants also hint at upcoming plans, including live streaming sessions and the anticipation of new Path of Exile leagues. The paragraph ends on a high note, with thanks to the viewers and an invitation to follow the participants for more content.




A speedrun refers to the act of completing a video game or a specific part of it in the fastest time possible. It is a competitive activity where players aim to optimize their strategies and techniques to achieve the best completion time. In the context of the video, a speedrunning project is undertaken by Havoc, a prolific speedrunner, to complete Act 10 of the game 'Path of Exile' (PoE) in under an hour using a character with high movement speed.


Havoc is a well-known speedrunner and content creator within the gaming community. He is mentioned in the script as the initiator of the speedrunning project that the video is based on. Havoc has been practicing and perfecting his speedrun for months, aiming to achieve an ultra-fast solo run in 'Path of Exile'.


In the context of 'Path of Exile', crafting refers to the process of creating or modifying in-game items to improve a character's abilities or attributes. The script mentions that Havoc has been focusing on the crafting aspect of the game to prepare for the speedrun, investing resources to obtain optimal gear for the character.


Bazooka is another content creator and player in 'Path of Exile' who is recruited to join the speedrunning project. He is eager to participate in the creation of fun content and provides support and insights during the speedrun attempt.


Necropolis is a type of league in 'Path of Exile' where players can engage in unique gameplay mechanics centered around a graveyard theme. The script mentions that the speaker was done with the Necropolis league and was looking for a new project, which led to the involvement in the speedrun.

💡All Flames

All Flames is a term used in 'Path of Exile' to describe a set of items that provide experience bonuses when used in certain zones. The script mentions that the character in the speedrun uses All Flames to level up quickly, which is a critical strategy for completing the run in a short time.

💡4C Rule

The 4C Rule, as mentioned in the script, refers to a strategy where the player must kill enemies every 4 seconds to trigger specific abilities or effects, such as gaining movement speed. This rule is crucial for maintaining the character's high speed throughout the run.


Phasing in 'Path of Exile' refers to a mechanic where certain items or abilities allow the player to move quickly through areas by 'phasing' over enemies and obstacles. The script discusses the use of phasing on kill from the 'Onslaught' skill to maintain momentum and speed during the run.


Downtime in the context of speedrunning refers to periods during a run where the player is not making progress towards the completion of the game or level. The script mentions minimizing downtime by efficient inventory management and strategic planning of gear swaps and skill usage.

💡Leveling Gear

Leveling gear in 'Path of Exile' is equipment used to boost a character's level to gain experience points more rapidly. The script describes a 'twink run' where the character starts with high-level gear to level up quickly and bypass early content, allowing for a faster completion of Act 10.


Kitava is the final boss in 'Path of Exile' and defeating him is usually the end goal of a speedrun. The script discusses strategies for the final act, including the use of specific gear and skills to defeat Kitava quickly and efficiently.


The campaign was completed in a record-breaking 55 minutes by Havoc, a renowned speedrunner.

The project began in February and involved meticulous planning and practice over several months.

21 mirrors were spent on crafting and optimizing the character's gear for the speedrun.

A detailed crafting video documenting the process is available on the channel.

The speedrun utilized a 'twink run' approach with high-level gear to maximize efficiency.

Havoc executed a strategy of killing enemies every 4 seconds to maintain movement speed buffs.

The character's inventory was meticulously managed to avoid time loss during the run.

A unique approach to leveling involved using all flames to rapidly increase the character's level.

The use of a level one bow with an abyssal socket for movement speed was a key strategy.

The speedrun featured several innovative skips, including a triple skip on the Brutus encounter.

A death skip strategy was used to save time by skipping certain parts of the game.

The importance of layout RNG in speedrunning was highlighted, affecting the success of the run.

The use of a forbidden jewel for an instant death skip was a novel technique.

The final act of the campaign was completed with a focus on maximizing damage and movement speed.

The completion of the campaign marked a significant achievement in the speedrunning community.

The collaboration between Imperian, Havoc, and Bazooka Tank resulted in a world record.

The project's success was attributed to extensive testing, crafting, and layout practice.