POE 3.25 Spoilers Day 5: Boss Life Bar QOL, Settlers of Kalguur Minor Atlas Info. Path Of Exile

9 Jul 202405:16

TLDRIn the fifth day of Path of Exile's 3.25 patch teasers, the focus is on the upcoming Settlers of Kalguur expansion and quality of life improvements. Notable changes include an overhauled boss life bar system with damage type icons and the discontinuation of Atlas passive tree support for the current league mechanic. Additionally, a player-run event challenges the community to acquire four void stones in a unique setting, with certain skills banned to level the playing field.


  • 📅 The 3.24 supporter packs will be discontinued and replaced by the 3.25 versions at the end of next week.
  • 🔄 Path of Exile 3.25 introduces quality of life improvements to the boss life bar, including a large, clear display during fights.
  • 🌟 The new life bar design may include icons representing elemental damage types, indicating the boss's susceptibility or resistance to specific damage types.
  • 🚫 The Atlas passive tree in patch 3.25 will not support the current league mechanic, unlike the previous 3.24 experiment.
  • 🔗 The 3.24 support was spread across the Atlas, causing inconvenience with mandatory nodes and travel.
  • 🛑 Nodes that made the league mechanic significantly stronger in 3.24 were seen as problematic, as they felt mandatory to take.
  • 🎉 A player-run event is scheduled before the weekend, featuring a race to obtain four void stones in a private league setting.
  • 🏆 The event is designed for top Path of Exile players to compete and showcase their skills, with a focus on reaching four void stones efficiently.
  • 🚫 Certain skills are banned in the event, including Detonate Dead, Chain Reaction, and related abilities.
  • 👀 The event will be valuable for both participants and viewers, offering inspiration for effective builds and strategies.
  • 📝 The transcript also mentions that the event will be particularly exciting for those who believe they can complete it within 12 or 13 hours.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of discussion for the fifth day of the Path of Exile 3.25 patch teaser?

    -The main topic of discussion is the changes to life bars and the icons that indicate damage types, as well as the announcement about the removal of support for the current league mechanic on the Atlas passive tree in patch 3.25.

  • When will the existing 3.24 supporter packs be taken off sale?

    -The existing 3.24 supporter packs will be taken off sale at the end of the following week after the teaser.

  • What is the new feature showcased in the fight against the Maven in the teaser?

    -A new, larger life bar that occupies the top of the screen during the fight, which is expected to swap between the Maven and its nucal during the encounter.

  • What do the icons under the right-hand side of the life bar in the video suggest?

    -The icons suggest they represent fire, cold, lightning, chaos, and physical damage types, possibly indicating when the boss is susceptible or resistant to these damage types.

  • Why is the support for the current league mechanic on the Atlas passive tree not being repeated in patch 3.25?

    -The support was considered to be done poorly in patch 3.24, with certain nodes feeling mandatory and causing a point tax on the Atlas, as well as being spread out in inconvenient locations.

  • What is the player event being flagged before the weekend?

    -A race to obtain four void stones in a private league based on the hardcore solo self-found rule set but without the necropolis mechanics.

  • What are the restrictions for the player event taking place before the weekend?

    -Skills such as Detonate Dead, Chain Reaction, Cremation of Exhuming, and Volatile Dead of Sething are banned for the event.

  • Why is the race to four void stones event significant for Path of Exile players?

    -It allows top players to compete and showcase their skills, and provides inspiration and effective build ideas for less skilled players to achieve similar results in their own gameplay.

  • What is the expected outcome for players who participate in the race to four void stones event?

    -The expected outcome is either for players to succeed in obtaining the void stones within the event timeframe or to provide entertaining content for viewers.

  • How does the removal of the league mechanic support from the Atlas passive tree in patch 3.25 affect players?

    -It simplifies the Atlas by removing mandatory nodes and allows players to focus on their preferred strategies without feeling forced to take certain nodes for optimal performance.

  • What was the player's opinion on the 3.24 experiment with Atlas passive tree support for the league mechanics?

    -The player did not mind certain aspects that gave agency over drops or transformed the league mechanic, but found the mandatory nodes problematic as they felt like a point tax and reduced the strength of the league mechanic if not taken.



📅 Upcoming Changes and Events in Path of Exile

This paragraph discusses the imminent changes in the game Path of Exile, including the end of sale for the 3.24 supporter packs and the introduction of new ones in patch 3.25. It also highlights the significant UI changes to life bars during fights, as showcased in a battle against the Maven, which now takes up the entire top of the screen. Additionally, the paragraph speculates on the introduction of damage type icons that may appear under the life bar to indicate the boss's susceptibility or resistance to different damage types. Lastly, it mentions an informal announcement on the Path of XL subreddit about the discontinuation of the current league mechanic support on the atlas passive tree in the upcoming patch.


🚫 Banned Skills and Upcoming Player Event

The second paragraph focuses on a player-run event that is set to take place, which is a race to acquire four void stones. This event will occur in a private league with specific rulesets, excluding the necropolis mechanics, thus no lantern of AR to increase danger, but also no necropolis crafting. The event is designed for top players to compete and display their skills, and it will be of interest to viewers for inspiration on effective builds. The paragraph also notes certain skills that are banned for the event, such as detonate dead, chain reaction, and related abilities.



💡POE 3.25

POE 3.25 refers to the 3.25 patch or expansion of the game 'Path of Exile'. This version is significant as it introduces new features and changes to the game. In the video, it is the main focus as the host discusses the upcoming changes and features that will be part of this update.

💡Settlers of Kalguur

Settlers of Kalguur is the name of the expansion being discussed in the video. It is part of the content that will be introduced in the POE 3.25 update. The host mentions this as one of the topics for the day, indicating that it will bring new elements to the game.

💡Boss Life Bar

The Boss Life Bar is a game interface element that displays the health of a boss character in 'Path of Exile'. In the script, it is mentioned that there will be changes to this feature in the 3.25 update, making it clearer and more functional, as demonstrated in a fight against the Maven.

💡Quality of Life (QOL)

Quality of Life, often abbreviated as QOL, refers to improvements made to enhance the user experience. In the context of the video, QOL improvements are being made to the Boss Life Bar, aiming to make it less cluttered and more informative during gameplay.


The Maven is a character or entity in 'Path of Exile' that players can engage in combat. The script mentions a fight against the Maven to showcase the new Boss Life Bar changes, indicating that the Maven is a boss that players will encounter in the game.

💡Supporter Packs

Supporter Packs in 'Path of Exile' are special packages that players can purchase, often providing in-game benefits or cosmetic items. The script notes that the existing 3.24 supporter packs will be replaced with new ones for the 3.25 update, signaling a change in available content for players.

💡Atlas Passive Tree

The Atlas Passive Tree is a feature in 'Path of Exile' that allows players to customize their character's abilities. The script mentions that the 3.25 patch will not include support for the current league mechanic on the Atlas Passive Tree, indicating a change in game strategy and planning.

💡Imperial Wraiths

Imperial Wraiths were a feature in the previous league of 'Path of Exile', and they are mentioned in the context of being a mandatory node to take in the Atlas Passive Tree. This highlights how certain game mechanics can become essential to player strategies.

💡Void Stones

Void Stones are items within the game that are part of the league mechanic. The script discusses an upcoming player event that involves a race to obtain four Void Stones, showing their importance in the game's progression and competitive aspects.

💡Hardcore Solo Self Found

Hardcore Solo Self Found is a rule set in 'Path of Exile' where players play in a high-risk, high-reward mode without trading or finding items with others. The script mentions an event based on this rule set, emphasizing the challenge and skill required for such gameplay.

💡Banned Skills

In the context of the video, certain skills are banned for a competitive event to ensure fair play and prevent overpowered strategies. Skills like 'Detonate Dead' and 'Chain Reaction' are mentioned as being banned, indicating the event organizers' intention to maintain a level playing field.


Discussion of teaser season for patch 3.25 and the upcoming Settlers of Kalguur expansion in Path of Exile.

Announcement that existing 3.24 supporter packs will be taken off sale and replaced with new ones.

Introduction of changes to life bars in the game, showcasing a fight against the Maven with a new large life bar.

Potential new icons under the life bar indicating elemental damage types and their susceptibility or resistance.

Informal announcement on the Path of Exile subreddit about the removal of support for the current league mechanic on the atlas passive tree in patch 3.25.

Critique of the 3.24 experiment with mandatory nodes and the impact on player strategy.

Discussion on whether the problematic nodes from 3.24 will remain in the atlas in patch 3.25.

Highlight of player agency in the game mechanics, such as the Condensed Souls node.

Introduction of a player-run event, a race to four Void Stones, in a private league setting.

Details of the event's rule set, including the absence of necropolis mechanics.

The significance of the event for high-level players to compete and for others to gain inspiration for builds.

Mention of skills that are banned in the event, such as Detonate Dead and Chain Reaction.

Encouragement for viewers to watch the event for exciting gameplay and potential strategies.

The potential for the event to showcase builds that can achieve four Void Stones early in the league.

The adaptability of strategies from a hardcore solo self-found rule set to a trade league.

A humorous closing remark about the event providing either success or entertaining failure clips.