POE 3.25 Spoilers Day 4: Big Hidden Changes. Life, Quality & QOL. Path Of Exile Settlers of Kalguur

8 Jul 202409:58

TLDRIn the fourth day of teasers for Path of Exile's 3.25 patch and the Settlers of Wraeclast expansion, significant hidden changes are hinted at, including potential reworks of melee combat, especially concerning ancestral totems. Quality of life, quality, and base defense changes are teased, with speculations about increased life and evasion on boots, and new high-tier defensive armors. The patch may also introduce multiplicative effects for quality on physical damage weapons and armor, buffing high-end gear and possibly adjusting the rarity of quality modifying currencies.


  • 🔍 Speculation about a rework of melee combat, potentially removing reliance on ancestral totems.
  • 🛡️ Issues with current melee power tied to totems, such as minion survival and the risk of stopping leeching during combat.
  • 💡 Evidence of possible changes from the absence of melee totems in the Harvest quality of life video.
  • 🔨 Official announcement of changes to item quality, with varying percentages based on item level and uniques having a fixed 1%.
  • 🛍️ Changes to the use of quality items like armor scraps, blacksmith wetstones, and cartographer's chisels based on map tier.
  • 👢 Discovery of new mods on 'Wrath's Span' boots indicating possible increases in maximum life and evasion rating.
  • 🛡️ Introduction of new base items like the 'Nightwave Robe' with higher energy shield values than current top-tier items.
  • 🧠 High intelligence and level requirements for the new base items suggest a significant power increase for builds focused on intelligence.
  • 🛑 Possible decrease in defensive aura effectiveness to balance the increase in base defenses on gear.
  • 🗡️ Changes to how item quality multiplies with base stats, leading to a buff for physical damage weapons with percentage increases.
  • 🛡️ Similar buffs expected for armor scraps, making percentage increases to armor more potent.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of discussion in the 'POE 3.25 Spoilers Day 4' video?

    -The main topic of discussion is the potential hidden changes in the upcoming Path of Exile patch 3.25, particularly focusing on quality of life, quality, life changes, and base defenses changes.

  • What speculations are there regarding the future of melee combat in Path of Exile?

    -There is speculation that melee combat may undergo significant reworks, possibly removing its reliance on ancestral totems due to the issues they present with minion survival, combat flow, and leeching.

  • Why are ancestral totems currently problematic in Path of Exile's melee combat?

    -Ancestral totems are problematic because they require players to stop attacking to summon them, which interrupts leeching and puts the player in danger. Additionally, their minions often don't survive in combat.

  • What is the significance of the absence of melee totems in the 'Harvest quality of life life change' video?

    -The absence of melee totems in a cyclone-based build video is unusual, suggesting that they might be removed or changed in the upcoming patch, as they are typically essential for such builds.

  • What changes to item quality are hinted at in the video?

    -The video hints at changes to how blacksmith's whetstones, armor scraps, and cartographer's chisels affect item quality, with the amount needed varying based on the item level and type.

  • What is the potential impact of the changes to the way quality affects physical damage on weapons?

    -The changes will make percentage increases to physical damage multiplicative with quality, resulting in a significant buff to physical damage weapons, especially those with high percentage increases.

  • What new base item is introduced in the video, and what does it suggest about future armor?

    -The video introduces the Nightwave Robe, which suggests that new tiers of defensive armors are being added to the game, potentially offering higher base stats and defenses.

  • How might the changes to item quality affect the use of unique items in builds?

    -With rare items potentially offering better stats, the opportunity cost of using unique items may increase, making it harder to justify using them in the long term unless they are build-defining.

  • What is the speculation regarding the drop rates of quality modifying currencies?

    -There is speculation that the drop rates of quality modifying currencies might decrease due to the increased power and desirability of quality, and the reduced need for them early in the game.

  • What are the implications of the changes for trade league players, especially regarding perfect fossils?

    -For trade league players, the changes mean that perfect fossils will be more valuable, as getting high quality on endgame weapons will be more beneficial than before.

  • What is the potential impact of the changes on armor scraps and their effect on physical damage weapons?

    -The changes will make percentage increases to armor multiplicative with quality, which will strengthen the effect of armor scraps and potentially make certain items like Sod's Wisdom and Brass Dome more valuable.



🔍 Speculations on Melee Rework and Quality of Life Changes

The first paragraph discusses the anticipation of changes in Path of Exile's patch 3.25, particularly focusing on potential reworks to melee combat. The community speculates that ancestral totems, which currently provide significant buffs but also present gameplay challenges, may be altered. The video hints at these changes through subtle imagery of dead totems. Other teasers suggest quality of life improvements and base defense adjustments. Official announcements include variable item quality requirements based on item levels, with unique items being an exception. The paragraph also explores possible increases in maximum life on boots and the introduction of new mods that could affect evasion rating and life stats.


🛡️ New Armor Bases and Implications for Defensive Strategy

The second paragraph delves into the introduction of new tiers of defensive armors, suggesting a shift in the game's balance. The Nightwave Robe, requiring high intelligence and level, is highlighted as an example of these new bases, which may offer superior stats to existing top-tier items. The changes to item quality, where physical damage percentages now multiply with base stats, are expected to buff physical damage weapons significantly. This alteration is likely to affect the value of unique items compared to high-end rare items, potentially increasing the desirability of quality-boosting currencies. The summary also touches on the possible impact on trade league players and the potential rarity of quality-modifying currencies.



💡POE 3.25 Spoilers

POE 3.25 Spoilers refers to the upcoming changes and features in the game Path of Exile's 3.25 patch. These spoilers are part of the game's marketing strategy to generate excitement and discussion among the player community. In the video, the host discusses the potential hidden changes, indicating that there may be significant updates beyond what is explicitly shown in the teasers.

💡Settlers of Kalguur

Settlers of Kalguur is the name of the expansion being teased for Path of Exile. It represents a new content update that the game developers are promoting. The script suggests that there might be significant changes to the game's mechanics and quality of life improvements, which are part of the expansion's features.

💡Quality of Life Changes

Quality of Life Changes, often abbreviated as QOL, refers to improvements made to enhance the player's experience without necessarily altering the core gameplay. In the context of the video, these changes could include adjustments to the game's interface, mechanics, or other elements that make playing Path of Exile more enjoyable or less cumbersome.

💡Ancestral Totems

Ancestral Totems are a game mechanic in Path of Exile where players can summon totems that provide buffs to their combat abilities. The script suggests that there may be a rework of the melee class's reliance on these totems, possibly to address issues with minion survivability and the interruption of leeching caused by summoning them.


Leeching in the context of Path of Exile refers to the process of gaining life or mana from dealing damage to enemies. The script mentions that summoning ancestral totems can interrupt leeching, which can put melee characters at risk, especially in intense combat situations.

💡Item Quality

Item Quality in Path of Exile affects the effectiveness of items, with higher quality providing better stats. The video discusses changes to how quality is applied to items, suggesting that the requirements for maximizing quality on gear will vary based on the item level, which could impact the game's economy and player strategy.

💡Wrath's Span

Wrath's Span is a unique item in Path of Exile, mentioned in the script as having unusual mods that suggest changes to the game's itemization system. The boots shown in the video have stats that currently cannot be rolled, indicating a potential shift in how item mods and stats are generated.

💡Nightwave Robe

The Nightwave Robe is a new base item teased in the video, which has a high energy shield range and a high intelligence requirement. Its introduction suggests that there will be new tiers of defensive armors added to the game, providing players with more options for character builds.

💡Crystallized Omniscience

Crystallized Omniscience is a unique jewel in Path of Exile that provides bonuses based on the player's intelligence. The script mentions that using this jewel with the new Nightwave Robe will not be easy due to the high level and intelligence requirements, indicating a potential increase in the power level of certain builds.

💡Physical Damage Weapons

The script discusses changes to how physical damage on weapons is calculated, with percentage increases to physical damage becoming multiplicative with item quality. This change will buff weapons with high percentage increases to physical damage, making them more powerful and potentially altering the meta for weapon choices.

💡Armor Scraps

Armor Scraps are a currency in Path of Exile used to increase the armor on items. The video suggests that the impact of armor scraps on item stats will be increased, making them more valuable and potentially changing the balance between rare and unique items in terms of defensive capabilities.

💡Star Forge

Star Forge is a unique item in Path of Exile known for its high physical damage potential. The script mentions it as an example of an item that could benefit significantly from the changes to how physical damage is calculated, highlighting the potential impact of these updates on high-end gear.


POE 3.25 brings significant hidden changes to the game.

Speculations about reworks of melee combat, potentially removing reliance on ancestral totems.

Issues with current melee power tied to ancestral totems and their impact on combat mechanics.

Quality of life changes, quality changes, and base defenses changes teased for the upcoming patch.

Subtle dead totems in videos hint at possible major reworks.

Official announcement of changes to item quality affecting blacksmith wetstones and armor scraps.

Unique items will have a universal 1% quality increase with quality items.

Catalysts' role in quality changes remains undisclosed.

New mods on items suggest an increase in maximum life and new categories of mods.

Introduction of new base items with higher energy shield and intelligence requirements.

Possible new tiers of defensive armors being added to the game.

Changes to how item quality multiplies with base stats on weapons and armor.

Impact of quality changes on the value and use of unique items in builds.

Potential buffs to physical damage weapons with percentage increases due to quality changes.

Possible decrease in drop rates of quality modifying currencies to balance their increased power.

Totems for melee builds may become combat minions instead of mandatory combat buffs.