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Promoting Gender Equality Through AI

Ecriture inclusive

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Introduction to Ecriture Inclusive

Ecriture Inclusive, or Inclusive Writing, is a linguistic approach designed to promote gender equality and inclusivity through language. Its primary purpose is to make written and spoken language more reflective of gender diversity, avoiding biases towards a particular gender. It incorporates techniques such as the use of gender-neutral terms, the inclusion of both feminine and masculine forms, and the employment of specific punctuation marks like the median point (·) to include both genders in a single word. For instance, instead of using 'les étudiants' to refer to students of all genders, 'les étudiant·e·s' is used, ensuring that both male and female students are explicitly acknowledged. This approach is particularly useful in texts where gender inclusivity is essential, such as educational materials, government documents, and corporate communications.

Main Functions of Ecriture Inclusive

  • Gender-Neutral Terms

    Example Example

    Using 'personnel' instead of 'hommes' or 'femmes' to refer to staff.

    Example Scenario

    In corporate communications, to address all employees inclusively without implying a gender bias.

  • Dual Forms

    Example Example

    Referring to 'les citoyen·ne·s' instead of 'les citoyens' to include both male and female citizens.

    Example Scenario

    In legal or governmental documents to ensure that all genders feel represented in civic discussions and rights.

  • Feminization of Titles and Professions

    Example Example

    Using both 'docteur' and 'docteure' or 'professeur' and 'professeure' to acknowledge female professionals explicitly.

    Example Scenario

    In academic and professional contexts, to valorize the presence and contributions of women in fields traditionally dominated by men.

Ideal Users of Ecriture Inclusive Services

  • Educational Institutions

    Schools, universities, and online learning platforms that aim to foster an inclusive environment for all genders, promoting equality and reducing gender bias in educational content.

  • Government and Public Sector

    Government agencies and public service organizations seeking to implement inclusive policies and communications that reflect the diversity of the population they serve.

  • Corporate and Nonprofit Organizations

    Businesses and NGOs committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their internal and external communications, aiming to ensure that all employees and stakeholders feel represented.

  • Publishers and Content Creators

    Authors, journalists, and content creators who wish to adopt a more inclusive language in their writings to reach and respect a broader audience.

How to Use Ecriture Inclusive

  • 1

    Start with a free trial by visiting yeschat.ai, no login or ChatGPT Plus subscription required.

  • 2

    Familiarize yourself with inclusive writing principles, focusing on gender-neutral language and avoiding stereotypes.

  • 3

    Apply inclusive writing techniques in your texts, such as using gender-neutral terms, alternating feminine and masculine forms, or employing the median dot for professions.

  • 4

    Utilize the tool for various documents, including academic papers, business communications, and web content, to ensure inclusivity.

  • 5

    Review and revise your text with the tool's suggestions to enhance readability and inclusiveness, considering your audience's needs.

Ecriture Inclusive Q&A

  • What is Ecriture Inclusive?

    Ecriture Inclusive is a tool designed to transform texts into an inclusive form, promoting gender equality and reducing stereotypes by adapting language use.

  • Can Ecriture Inclusive help with academic writing?

    Yes, it can assist in making academic texts more inclusive by suggesting gender-neutral terms and structures that reflect diversity.

  • Is Ecriture Inclusive suitable for non-native French speakers?

    Absolutely, it provides guidance on inclusive writing practices, making it easier for non-native speakers to adopt inclusive language in French.

  • How does Ecriture Inclusive handle gender-neutral pronouns?

    The tool suggests alternatives and modifications to include gender-neutral pronouns, ensuring texts do not favor one gender over another.

  • Can I use Ecriture Inclusive for business documents?

    Definitely, Ecriture Inclusive is ideal for creating gender-inclusive business communications, policies, and marketing materials.