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Fabric Journey Builder

Hello! Inspired by OpenAI's dev day, I'm here to help you create unforgettable fan experiences. What's your vision?

How can I make my football fan experience more interactive?

What's the best way to use the Creator for a basketball event?

Can you suggest some engaging Fabs for a soccer match?

I'm new to Creator, how do I start building a journey?

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Introduction to Fabric Journey Builder

Fabric Journey Builder is a specialized platform designed to create optimal mixed reality fan experiences using Fabric's platform, tailored to specific use-case requirements. Its design purpose revolves around enhancing fan engagement through interactive content, gamification elements, and social features, ensuring engaging and memorable experiences. For example, in a sports event scenario, Fabric Journey Builder can suggest a journey that includes trivia about the team, polling on game outcomes, and a 3D game played from seats, all aimed at increasing fan interaction and enjoyment.

Main Functions of Fabric Journey Builder

  • Personalized Fan Journeys

    Example Example

    Personal Concierge with Waytelling

    Example Scenario

    For visitors to a city hosting a major sports event, Fabric offers a journey where a digital concierge guides them through the city, providing directions, recommendations, and exclusive offers based on their location and preferences.

  • Engagement Through Gamification

    Example Example

    Digital Passport with Real Rewards

    Example Scenario

    Attendees of a cultural festival in Abu Dhabi can explore various locations, interacting with mixed reality content at each, collecting digital stamps, and earning real rewards, enhancing their event experience through exploration.

  • Interactive Content and Social Features

    Example Example

    Trivia and Polling in Your Seat

    Example Scenario

    During a baseball game, fans can participate in live trivia questions about the team and polling on game moments from their seats, integrating fan participation with the live game experience.

Ideal Users of Fabric Journey Builder Services

  • Event Organizers and Sports Teams

    These users can leverage the platform to create engaging fan experiences during live events, games, and concerts, enhancing fan satisfaction and engagement through interactive and personalized content.

  • Tourism Boards and Cultural Festivals

    For entities aiming to boost tourism and cultural engagement, Fabric Journey Builder offers tools to create immersive exploratory experiences for visitors, encouraging deeper interaction with the location's heritage and attractions.

  • Brands and Sponsors

    Brands looking to engage with a specific audience can use Fabric to deliver sponsored content, gifts, and interactive advertising, directly engaging consumers in a memorable way and building brand loyalty.

How to Use Fabric Journey Builder

  • Start with YesChat.ai

    Begin by visiting yeschat.ai to access a free trial of Fabric Journey Builder, no login or ChatGPT Plus subscription required.

  • Explore Fabric's Features

    Familiarize yourself with Fabric's platform capabilities, including Fabs, digital passports, and geospatial mixed reality experiences.

  • Define Your Journey

    Identify the specific fan experience you wish to create. Consider aspects such as audience engagement, event type, and desired interactions.

  • Customize Your Fabs

    Select and customize the interactive content (Fabs) to match your event's theme and goals. Utilize trivia, polling, 3D games, and other engaging elements.

  • Deploy and Monitor

    Launch your customized fan journey on the Fabric platform and use real-time analytics to monitor engagement and adjust strategies as needed.

Q&A About Fabric Journey Builder

  • What is Fabric Journey Builder?

    Fabric Journey Builder is a specialized tool designed to create engaging and immersive mixed reality fan experiences using the Fabric platform, leveraging interactive content and gamification.

  • How does Fabric Journey Builder enhance fan engagement?

    It enhances engagement by allowing creators to deploy interactive content like trivia, polling, and 3D games, personalized to fan preferences and event specifics, fostering a dynamic and interactive experience.

  • Can Fabric Journey Builder be used for any event type?

    Yes, it's versatile enough for various events, from sports games and concerts to conferences, offering tailored experiences like virtual booths, live polling, and digital passports.

  • What are Fabs in Fabric Journey Builder?

    Fabs are interactive content units within the Fabric platform, including digital games, trivia questions, and polling, that can be customized for unique fan experiences.

  • How do I track engagement with Fabric Journey Builder?

    Fabric offers real-time analytics and metrics dashboard to monitor fan interactions, engagement levels, and the effectiveness of different Fabs, enabling strategic adjustments.