AI or REAL Challenge

Prema Racing
20 Mar 202413:04

TLDRIn this entertaining video, hosts Tina Housman, Maya, Alex Powell, and RAF Kamar engage in a fun challenge to distinguish between AI-generated images and real-life photographs. They analyze a series of pictures, discussing their authenticity based on details such as shadows, imperfections, and the plausibility of the scenes. The group's dynamic and humor make for an engaging watch, as they navigate the tricky task, occasionally tripped up by the high quality of AI or their overconfidence in their judgments.


  • 😃 The video features Tina Housman, Maya, Kimy, Ollie, Alex Powell, and RAF Kamar from F1 Academy, playing a game called 'AI or Real' where they guess whether images are real or AI-generated.
  • 👌 They analyze various images, discussing details like shadows, perfection, and futuristic elements to determine the authenticity of the pictures.
  • 😎 Participants express surprise and amusement at some images, particularly when they defy expectations, such as an unexpectedly cute animal or unusual objects.
  • 👀 The game includes a variety of subjects, from animals and vehicles to foods and fashion, challenging the players' perceptions of what's real or artificial.
  • 😱 Some images trick the participants with their high-quality realism, leading to debates and second-guessing among the group.
  • 🙏 They encounter images that are so well-made that distinguishing between real and AI-generated content becomes a challenging and entertaining task.
  • 📺 The discussion often revolves around specific details in the images, like the size of objects, the presence of people, and the texture of items, to identify AI-generated anomalies.
  • 😮 Shock and humor are common reactions, especially when the images reveal something unexpected or when the AI's creativity surpasses their assumptions.
  • 😍 The team appreciates the complexity of the AI's work, noting how some images are convincingly realistic, blurring the lines between technology and reality.
  • 👍 By the end of the video, the participants reflect on the experience, discussing the accuracy of their guesses and the surprising difficulty of the challenge.

Q & A

  • Who are the hosts of the video discussing AI and real images?

    -The hosts are Tina Housman, Maya, Kimy, Ollie, Alex Powell, and RAF Kamar.

  • What is the main activity the hosts are engaging in during the video?

    -The hosts are playing a game to guess whether various images are AI-generated or real.

  • How does Tina describe the Shadows in the first image they discuss?

    -Tina describes the Shadows as looking quite real, but she knows it's full actual, so she thinks it's fake.

  • What is the hosts' strategy for guessing if an image is AI or real?

    -The hosts use details such as perfection, size, and the presence of people in the image to make their guesses.

  • What is the hosts' reaction to the image of the baby koala?

    -The hosts find the baby koala cute, but they believe it's fake due to its small size compared to real koalas.

  • Which image did the hosts struggle with the most?

    -The hosts struggled with the image of the pink cricket with a spray tan, as they initially thought it was real but later decided it was AI-generated.

  • What is the conclusion the hosts reach about their performance in the game?

    -The hosts conclude that they did a pretty good job, only getting one and a half images wrong out of the total.

  • What mistake did the hosts make with the image of the avocado toast?

    -The hosts mistakenly thought the high-quality image of the avocado toast was AI-generated, but it was actually real.

  • Which image did the hosts find the easiest to identify as AI?

    -The hosts found it easy to identify the image of cheese as AI due to its unnatural appearance.

  • What is the final image the hosts discuss in the video?

    -The final image the hosts discuss is a product image, which they debate whether it's a real product or an AI-generated one.



🎮 Playing AI or Real: Guess the Pictures

In this segment, Tina Housman, Maya, and others from the F1 Academy with Prema, including Alex Powell and RAF Kamar, engage in a game to distinguish between AI-generated and real-life images. They discuss various pictures, offering their insights and guesses on whether each is AI or real. Topics range from the appearance of shadows, futuristic designs, and the intricacies of tire warmups in racing, to the cuteness of a baby koala and the improbability of certain cheeses. The group also humorously debates the realism of an AI-generated image of Katy Perry wearing a lampshade.


🍞 Debating AI in Daily Life

The group continues their game, focusing on images that blend seamlessly into everyday life. They discuss the challenges AI faces in creating realistic human appearances, particularly in the context of food like avocado toast. The conversation takes a turn when they encounter an image of a cricket with a spray tan, leading to a debate on the authenticity of the image. The group also contemplates the realism of a photo featuring the Pope and reflects on the potential for AI to create misleading images of familiar figures.


🏜️ AI's Creative Mischief

In the final part of the game, the group encounters images that showcase AI's creative liberties, such as a Prada shop in the desert and a peculiar car design. They discuss the practicality of these AI-generated scenarios and the humor in their unrealistic nature. The group reflects on their overall performance in the game, noting their success in identifying AI-generated images, except for a few surprises. The video concludes with a thank you to the viewers and an invitation to join them for the next video.



💡F1 Academy

F1 Academy refers to a racing driver development program that focuses on nurturing young talents for Formula 1 racing. In the context of the video, Tina, Maya, and others are participants in this academy, indicating their involvement in competitive racing and their attempts to guess whether images are AI-generated or real.

💡AI-generated images

AI-generated images are visual outputs created by artificial intelligence algorithms, often using machine learning models like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). These images can range from realistic to stylized, and the challenge in the video is to distinguish whether each presented image is a product of AI or a real-life photograph.

💡Real-life photographs

Real-life photographs are images captured using a camera or any other imaging device that records the scene as it appears in the physical world. These photographs are unaltered and represent the actual events or objects they depict.

💡Guessing game

A guessing game is a recreational activity or a competition where participants try to predict or determine an unknown outcome based on given clues or evidence. In the video, the guessing game involves discerning the authenticity of images as either AI-generated or real-life photographs.


In the context of the video, shadows refer to a picture that looks quite real but is identified as AI-generated due to its overly perfect appearance. Shadows are often used in photography to create depth and contrast, but in this case, the term is used to describe an image that is suspected to be computer-generated.

💡Baby koala

A baby koala is a young marsupial native to Australia, known for its endearing appearance and status as a national symbol. In the video, a picture of a baby koala is used as an example in the guessing game, with the participants initially doubting its authenticity but later confirming it as a real-life photograph.

💡Cricket with a spray tan

The term 'cricket with a spray tan' refers to an image in the guessing game that appears unnaturally colored, as if the cricket has been given a cosmetic treatment. This phrase is used to humorously describe an image that looks obviously altered or unrealistic, making it a candidate for being AI-generated.


The Pope is the Bishop of Rome and the spiritual leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. In the video, an image of the Pope is used in the guessing game, with the participants trying to determine if the depicted scene is AI-generated or an actual photograph of a religious figure.

💡Highway workers

Highway workers are individuals employed to maintain and repair roads and highways. In the video, an image of highway workers is used as part of the guessing game, with the participants questioning the practicality and authenticity of the scene due to the unusual setup and equipment.

💡Desert shop

A desert shop refers to a commercial establishment located in a desert area, which is typically characterized by its remoteness and harsh environmental conditions. In the video, the participants are shown an image of a shop in the desert, which they must determine if it's a real location or an AI-generated scene.

💡AI struggles with people

The phrase 'AI struggles with people' refers to the difficulty AI algorithms have in generating realistic human images, often resulting in unnatural or incorrect depictions of human features, such as an excessive number of fingers or unrealistic proportions. This challenge is highlighted in the video as the participants use it as a clue to identify AI-generated images.


Tina Housman and Maya introduce themselves and their team members, setting the stage for the AI vs Real challenge.

The group is participating in the F1 Academy with Prema, indicating a high level of motorsport involvement.

The challenge involves guessing whether pictures are AI-generated or real, showcasing the participants' ability to discern between the two.

The Shadows picture is identified as fake due to its overly perfect appearance, demonstrating the group's analytical skills.

The group discusses the intricacies of tire warmup in racing, revealing their knowledge of F1 specifics.

A picture of a futuristic car is deemed real, highlighting the group's familiarity with existing technology.

The group debates the authenticity of a baby koala picture, showcasing their ability to recognize real wildlife.

A discussion about cheese leads to the identification of an AI-generated image, indicating the group's keen eye for detail.

The group correctly identifies an AI-generated outfit, demonstrating their understanding of fashion and technology.

Katy Perry's lamp dress is recognized as real, showing the group's awareness of celebrity fashion.

The group debates the practicality of wearing lamps, reflecting on the intersection of fashion and technology.

A picture of a hotel is identified as real, showcasing the group's knowledge of architecture and design.

The group struggles with a picture of a cricket with a spray tan, highlighting the challenge of distinguishing AI from reality.

The group's discussion about a picture of ants reveals their understanding of the limitations of AI in generating realistic insects.

The group correctly identifies a picture of avocado toast as real, demonstrating their ability to discern everyday items.

The group debates the authenticity of a picture of the Pope, showcasing their knowledge of religious figures.

The group's final challenge involves identifying a picture of a highway work site, testing their understanding of practical scenarios.

The group concludes the challenge with a mixed success rate, reflecting on their performance and the difficulty of the task.