Create SUPER FUNNY AI Videos for Free | Viggle AI Tutorial

Lexie AI
27 Apr 202408:08

TLDRDiscover the power of AI with Viggle, a free tool that animates photos into videos using preset templates or custom commands. Learn to replace people in videos with yourself, create hilarious mixes, and even remove backgrounds with CapCut. Be amazed by the possibilities and be cautious of the implications of AI in video manipulation.


  • 😲 AI can animate a single jpeg image into various video templates for free using Viggle AI.
  • 🎭 Start with Viggle by joining the beta and having a Discord account to access animation channels.
  • 📝 Copy motion prompts from other users, the Viggle motion prompts channel, or the Viggle prompt page on their website.
  • 🖼️ Use a full-body photo for the best animation results; otherwise, Viggle will guess the rest of the body.
  • 🔄 After submitting the photo and motion prompt, wait for the video to process and check for its completion.
  • 🎬 Viggle can animate the whole body and even guess what a person looks like from the back.
  • 😂 The mix command allows for more creative but complex animations by combining a photo with a video.
  • 🎥 For the mix command, provide a photo and a video no longer than 30 seconds, preferably with a green or white background.
  • 💡 Use CapCut to trim videos, remove green screens, and edit out unwanted audio or video parts.
  • 🎨 Video inpainting with tools like Runway ML can remove unwanted elements from a video, though it's not free.
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Be cautious about the authenticity of online videos as AI technology makes video manipulation easier and more accessible.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the AI tool Viggle AI mentioned in the video?

    -Viggle AI is an AI tool that allows users to animate a photo or insert themselves into various video templates, creating entertaining and personalized content.

  • How does one get started with Viggle AI?

    -To get started with Viggle AI, one needs to head to the Viggle website, click on join the beta, and have a Discord account since it is required to use Viggle.

  • What are the steps to animate a photo using Viggle AI's preset templates?

    -First, find the motion prompt for the desired video template. Then, in the Viggle Discord, type '/animate', drag and drop the photo, paste the motion prompt, select the background, and fine-tune the animation. Once done, the video can be downloaded.

  • Can you explain the 'mix command' feature in Viggle AI?

    -The 'mix command' in Viggle AI allows users to animate their photo into a custom video of their choice, provided it is no more than 30 seconds long and follows Viggle's content rules.

  • What video editing software is recommended for trimming videos to 30 seconds for the 'mix command'?

    -CapCut is the recommended free video editor for trimming videos down to the required 30 seconds for the 'mix command' in Viggle AI.

  • How can one remove a green screen background from a video?

    -CapCut's 'smart tools' feature allows users to remove the green screen background quickly by selecting the 'remove background' option and using the chroma key method.

  • What is video inpainting and how is it used in the context of the video?

    -Video inpainting is a technique used to remove unwanted objects or people from a video. In the context of the video, it is used to remove a dancing person from a clip using Runway ML's inpainting tool.

  • Why is it important to be cautious about the content we see online?

    -As AI technology advances, it becomes easier to create convincing fake videos. Being cautious helps us discern what is real and what might be manipulated or fabricated.

  • What are some limitations or rules mentioned for using Viggle AI?

    -Viggle AI has rules against using public figures or copyrighted material without permission. They also have a 'fine-tune' feature that can be turned on for better results.

  • How does the video suggest we should use AI technology responsibly?

    -The video suggests that while AI technology like Viggle AI can be fun and creative, it's also crucial to remember its power and use it responsibly, especially considering the potential for misuse to create fake content.

  • What is the final call to action for viewers in the video?

    -The final call to action is for viewers to like and subscribe to the channel for more content featuring the latest AI technology.



😲 Unveiling AI's Power to Animate Photos into Videos

This paragraph introduces an AI tool called Vigle, which enables users to animate still photos into various video templates for free. The process involves joining Vigle's beta program through Discord, copying motion prompts from available sources, and using the 'animate' command to transform photos into dance clips or iconic movie scenes. The AI attempts to guess the full body from a headshot or a full-body photo for a more accurate animation. Users can customize the background, fine-tune the animation, and download the completed video. The paragraph also humorously showcases the AI's attempt to animate a photo into a scene from the movie 'The Dark Knight'.


🎬 Advanced AI Video Manipulation with Vigle and CapCut

The second paragraph delves into more advanced video manipulation techniques using Vigle's 'mix' command and CapCut for video editing. It explains how to animate a photo into a user-provided video clip, with a focus on using green screen technology and the 'fine-tune' feature for better results. The paragraph also covers the process of removing unwanted elements from a video using CapCut's background removal tool and suggests using Runway ML for video inpainting to create seamless edits. The speaker warns about the potential misuse of such technology for creating fake videos and emphasizes the importance of skepticism when encountering online content. The paragraph concludes with a playful example of inserting characters from 'Dumb and Dumber' into a scene from 'A Few Good Men' and a call to action for viewers to subscribe for more AI tech content.




AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the video, AI is showcased as a powerful tool that can animate photos and create realistic videos, exemplifying its growing capabilities and applications in creative content production.

💡Viggle AI

Viggle AI is the specific AI tool mentioned in the video that allows users to animate photos and integrate them into various video templates. It represents the ease of use and accessibility of advanced AI technologies for creating entertaining content, as demonstrated by animating a photo into the Lil Yachty video template.


To animate in the context of the video means to bring a static image to life with motion, using AI technology. The script describes how Viggle AI can animate a photo into preset templates, transforming a still image into a dynamic video clip, such as animating a photo into dance clips or iconic movie scenes.

💡Vigle Mix Command

The Vigle Mix Command is a feature within the AI tool that enables users to integrate their photos into existing videos, creating a composite where the photo appears to be part of the original scene. It's highlighted as a more advanced and customizable way to create humorous or impressive AI-generated videos.


Discord is a communication platform required to access and use Viggle AI, as mentioned in the script. It serves as a community hub where users can interact, share prompts, and participate in beta testing of the AI tool, emphasizing the collaborative aspect of using such technologies.

💡Motion Prompt

A motion prompt in the video script refers to a specific instruction or code used with Viggle AI to animate a photo in a particular style or scene. These prompts are essential for users to customize their AI-generated videos, as shown when copying the prompt for the Lil Yachty video.

💡Green Screen

Green Screen is a technique used in video production where a green background is keyed out and replaced with another video or image layer. In the script, it's mentioned as a requirement for the Vigle Mix Command and later used in CapCut to remove the background, allowing for creative video editing.


CapCut is a video editing software mentioned in the script for trimming videos and removing green screen backgrounds. It's used in conjunction with Viggle AI to refine the AI-generated videos, demonstrating the combination of AI and manual editing for content creation.

💡Fine Tune

Fine Tune in the context of the video is an option within Viggle AI that allows for adjustments to the animation to make it more accurate. It's used to improve the quality of the AI-generated videos, ensuring that the animated photo fits seamlessly into the chosen scene.

💡Video Inpainting

Video Inpainting is a technique used to remove or fill in unwanted objects or people within a video frame. The script mentions using Runway ML for this purpose, which allows users to paint over areas to be removed, creating a seamless edit in the video content.

💡Fake Videos

Fake Videos refer to the concern raised in the script about the increasing ease with which AI can create convincing but false video content. It highlights the ethical implications and the need for viewers to be cautious about the authenticity of online videos, as AI technology makes it simpler to manipulate visual content.


AI can animate a single jpeg image into any video using Viggle AI.

Viggle is a free AI tool that allows users to animate photos into preset templates.

Users can animate themselves into videos like Lil Yachty's viral stage entrance.

Viggle Mix command enables more personalized and potentially hilarious video animations.

To use Viggle, users need a Discord account and to join the Viggle Discord server.

Motion prompts for animating photos can be found in various channels or on Viggle's website.

Photos can be animated into dance clips and iconic movie scenes with Viggle.

For the best animation results, use a full-body photo.

Viggle's animation process includes a step for fine-tuning the animation.

Finished videos can be located and downloaded from the Discord server or search bar.

Viggle's mix command allows for animating a photo into a user-provided video.

The video for mix command should be no longer than 30 seconds.

CapCut can be used to trim videos and remove green screen backgrounds.

Runway ML offers a video inpainting tool to remove unwanted elements from videos.

Viggle works best with videos featuring a single unobstructed person.

AI video faking is becoming more accessible and will improve over time.

Users should be cautious about the authenticity of online videos due to AI advancements.