EPIC RECORDING STUDIO SETUP 2022 | Warm Audio Studios (studio tour)

Andrew Masters
28 Feb 202231:02

TLDRThe video provides an in-depth tour of the new Warm Audio Studios headquarters and recording studio setup in Texas. The host expresses his admiration for Warm Audio's products, which are prominently featured throughout the studio. The studio boasts a modern yet vintage aesthetic with wood paneling and a 70s-inspired design. It includes state-of-the-art equipment such as SSL 948 console, ATC speakers, and Lynx Aurora converters. Unique features like a custom B-room for isolation, digital audio labs headphone boxes for individual mixes, and active bass traps enhance the recording experience. The studio's construction, done from the ground up, ensures excellent acoustics with a concrete slab on rubber, fully decoupled from the building. The tour highlights the attention to detail in design, such as the large glass window for an epic view, and the extensive use of high-quality materials and gear, making it an ideal space for recording and creating content.


  • 🎼 The studio was designed from the ground up, with a focus on creating an amazing space for recording and content creation.
  • 📍 Located in Texas, the studio is part of Warm Audio's new headquarters, featuring a state-of-the-art recording setup.
  • 🔍 The studio includes an A room and a B room, with high-quality acoustic panels from Artnovian and custom Whisper Wall panels.
  • 🎧 Digital Audio Labs headphone boxes are used, allowing for individual headphone mixes over Ethernet connections.
  • 📹 The studio is equipped with cameras for lines of sight, enabling communication and collaboration between artists and engineers.
  • 🎛 The SSL 948 console is a centerpiece of the studio, offering 48 channels and seamless workflow between rooms.
  • 🛠️ The studio uses Lynx Aurora converters and has a comprehensive patch bay with Gotham cabling from Switzerland.
  • 🏔 The live room has an industrial look with wood and metal, and features a vast space that can accommodate full bands.
  • 🎹 A vintage 1958 B3 organ with Leslie and a 1913 piano were mentioned, with plans to replace the latter with a Yamaha ESclavier from their new series.
  • 🎸 Partnerships with Gibson, Nash guitars, and Matchless amps are evident, showcasing a variety of high-quality instruments and equipment.
  • 🌟 The studio is meticulously designed for minimal noise interference, with fully decoupled structures and thoughtful architectural details.

Q & A

  • What was the main motivation behind building the new Warm Audio headquarters and studio?

    -The main motivation was the founder's personal desire to have a studio. They wanted to create a space where they could shoot their own marketing content and offer a high-quality studio to local artists who might not otherwise be able to afford it. They also wanted a space where they could experiment and have fun since their primary business is selling gear.

  • What are some of the unique features of the new recording studio setup?

    -The studio features a custom-built environment from the ground up, with a focus on high-quality gear. It includes an SSL 948 console, Lynx Aurora converters, a Grace monitor controller, and a variety of high-end microphones and instruments. The studio also has a unique decoupled concrete slab construction for acoustic isolation, a large live room with a 14-foot piece of glass for an extended view, and active bass traps for room sound adjustment.

  • How does the studio's design cater to both modern and vintage aesthetics?

    -The studio incorporates a mix of modern and vintage aesthetics. It uses wood paneling and a 1970s-inspired design, while also including modern elements like the color scheme and industrial-looking equipment. The studio also houses vintage instruments like a 1958 B3 with Leslie and a 1913 piano, alongside modern gear.

  • What is special about the construction of the studio's rooms?

    -The rooms in the studio are constructed on separate concrete slabs, which are decoupled from the foundational slab. This design choice isolates the rooms from each other and from external noise, providing excellent acoustic separation.

  • How does the studio use technology to improve the acoustics of the rooms?

    -The studio uses active bass traps, which are devices that can change how the room sounds when turned on or off. They are powered on and connected to software that allows for adjustments based on their placement in the room.

  • What kind of partnership does Warm Audio have with Gibson and other brands?

    -Warm Audio has a partnership with Gibson where they have provided Warm gear for Gibson's studio. They also have collaborations with Nash guitars and Matchless, which are showcased in the studio. These partnerships allow for the inclusion of a variety of high-quality instruments and gear in the studio.

  • What are the capabilities of the studio's isolation booths?

    -The studio has multiple isolation booths, including a second 'B room' that can be used as an extra room or iso booth. These booths are connected and can be used in conjunction with the main studio, allowing for versatile recording options.

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  • How does the studio accommodate different types of recording sessions?

    -The studio is designed to be flexible for various recording sessions. It can accommodate a full rock band, horns, strings, and a DJ. The large live room is equipped with multiple microphones and has a ledge for placing room microphones, as preferred by drummers during sessions.

  • What is the significance of the SSL 948 console in the studio?

    -The SSL 948 console is a high-end mixing console with 48 channels in and out. It is a centerpiece of the studio, providing a seamless workflow and compatibility between different rooms in the studio, allowing projects to be moved between spaces without disrupting the workflow.

  • How does the studio's location in Texas influence its design?

    -The studio's design reflects the saying 'everything's bigger in Texas' with its large room dimensions. The live room, in particular, is quite spacious, and the studio also features a large piece of glass for an extended view, reflecting the grandiosity associated with Texas.

  • What is the role of the studio manager in organizing the studio's resources?

    -The studio manager, Dante, is responsible for organizing the studio's resources, including hardware and cables. He manages the inventory of microphones and ensures that the studio is well-equipped for various recording sessions.



🎥 Introduction to Warm Audio's New Texas Headquarters

The video begins with the host expressing gratitude for the invitation to Warm Audio's new headquarters in Texas. The host, a fan of Warm Audio's products, shares his excitement about the company's new state-of-the-art recording studio, which he first discovered through a drone footage video on YouTube. The host mentions his eagerness to try out new equipment and highlights the support of Sweetwater, a sponsor of the video, where viewers can find and purchase the showcased gear through affiliate links.


🏢 Tour of the New Studio and Its Custom Design Features

The host is given a tour of the new studio, which includes a lounge, kitchen, and aesthetically pleasing wood paneling. The studio's B room is showcased, along with its custom Artnovian diffusion and absorption panels. The host admires the Whisperwall custom panels and the modern industrial design elements. The discussion touches on the technology used in the studio, including Digital Audio Labs' POE-powered headphone boxes, and the SSL 948 console with 48 channels. The host also comments on the studio's connectivity and the use of Lynx Aurora converters.


📀 The Record Player and the Studio's Acoustic Considerations

The host admires a VPI record player and discusses his love for vinyl, which serves as a relaxation method for him. The video then delves into the studio's construction, highlighting the concrete slab on rubber isolators for acoustic decoupling. The host explores the studio's wiring, patch bay, and the use of Gotham cabling from Switzerland. He also discusses the ATC speakers and the unique setup of separate amps for each driver, emphasizing the studio's commitment to quality sound.


🎹 Unique Features of the Live Room and Instrument Collection

The host describes the live room as the 'crown jewel' of the studio, with an old warehouse industrial look mixed with a love for wood and the 70s style. He discusses the unique aspects of the room, such as the metal staircase, cabinets, and the collection of instruments, including a vintage 1958 B3 organ with a Leslie speaker and a piano with a story. The host also mentions the upcoming addition of a Yamaha ESclavier series player piano.


🎸 Partnerships and Gear in the Studio

The host talks about the studio's partnerships, including collaborations with Gibson, Nash guitars, and Matchless amps. He also discusses the studio's choice of Latch Lake stands for their sturdiness and the various drum sets and symbols available. The host appreciates the studio's attention to detail, such as the glass doors for sound isolation and the strategic placement of lights and cameras for video recording purposes.


🔨 Construction Details and Studio Manager's Role

The host examines the construction details of the studio, such as the steel columns that support the office floor above and ensure acoustic separation. He also discusses the studio manager's role in organizing equipment and the use of high-quality Gotham cables throughout the studio. The host concludes by expressing his excitement to make content in the studio and encourages viewers to check out Warm Audio's YouTube channel and gear.


🤘 Final Thoughts and Closing Remarks

The host wraps up the tour with enthusiasm, reflecting on the enjoyable and satisfying experience of exploring the new studio. He humorously ends with a light-hearted comment about his appearance, asking if he looks 'fat', before the video cuts.



💡Recording Studio

A recording studio is a specialized facility for the sound recording and production of music, podcasts, or other audio projects. In the video, the recording studio is the central theme, showcasing a new state-of-the-art facility built by Warm Audio in Texas, which is designed to offer a high-quality recording experience to both professionals and those who may not have access to such a space otherwise.

💡Warm Audio

Warm Audio is a company known for producing high-quality audio equipment and gear. In the video, the studio is filled with Warm Audio products, indicating the host's preference and endorsement of the brand. The studio serves as a testament to the quality of Warm Audio's products, as it uses them extensively in its operations.

💡SSL 948 Console

The SSL 948 Console is a professional mixing console manufactured by Solid State Logic, known for its high-end audio production capabilities. The console is a significant piece of equipment in the studio, highlighting the studio's commitment to providing top-tier recording experiences. It is mentioned that the console has 48 channels in and out, indicating its versatility and capacity for complex recording sessions.

💡Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatment involves the use of various materials and techniques to control sound reflections and improve the overall sound quality within a room. The video script mentions the use of Artnovian diffusion and absorption panels, as well as Whisper Wall custom panels, to achieve optimal sound conditions in the studio.

💡ATC Speakers

ATC Speakers are a brand known for their high-fidelity audio output, often used in professional recording studios. The video references the use of ATC speakers, specifically the ATC SCM50s, which are praised for their fully analog, no DSP design, indicating the studio's focus on achieving the best possible sound quality.

💡Lynx Aurora Converters

Lynx Aurora Converters are high-resolution audio interfaces that convert analog signals to digital for recording and playback. The studio uses these converters to ensure the highest quality of audio during recording sessions, showcasing the studio's dedication to professional-grade sound production.

💡Grace Audio Monitor Controller

A monitor controller is a device that manages headphone and speaker outputs in a studio. The Grace Audio Monitor Controller mentioned in the video is used to control the listening experience, allowing individual headphone mixes and providing a high-quality monitoring solution for the recording studio.


Dante is a networking protocol used for the transmission of high-channel-count digital audio over Ethernet networks. The studio manager, Dante, is responsible for organizing the studio's operations, including the use of Dante technology for efficient audio distribution throughout the facility.

💡Sterling Modular

Sterling Modular refers to a type of customizable studio furniture and equipment setup. The video describes how Sterling Modular customized the studio's layout to fit the room and workflow, including the SSL console, to create an ergonomic and efficient recording environment.

💡Active Bass Traps

Active Bass Traps are a type of acoustic treatment that uses electronic signal processing to reduce low-frequency sounds in a room. The video mentions a brand called PSI, which has developed a commercial version of this technology. These traps are used in the studio to fine-tune the acoustics by being plugged in and powered on, providing a more controlled sound environment.

💡Decoupled Slab

A decoupled slab is a construction technique where a concrete floor slab is isolated from the rest of the building structure to prevent sound and vibration transfer. The video highlights the use of a decoupled slab in the studio to ensure that external noises, such as those from an office above, do not interfere with the recording sessions.


Warm Audio Studios' new headquarters and recording studio in Texas is a state-of-the-art facility designed from the ground up.

The studio features an SSL 948 console with 48 channels, providing seamless workflow between rooms.

Custom Sterling Modular consoles were designed for the space, tailored to the room's acoustics.

Lynx Aurora converters and Grace monitor controllers are used for high-quality audio processing.

The studio includes a unique collection of vintage instruments, such as a 1958 B3 with Leslie and a 1913 piano.

A special mention of the Yamaha ESCLavier series piano, which has a player piano function built into its construction.

The studio's construction includes a concrete slab poured on two inches of rubber, providing isolation from external noise.

Active bass traps from the brand PSI are used, representing a new technology in room acoustics.

The studio is equipped with a VPI record player, catering to the owner's love for vinyl and providing a unique listening experience.

ATC speakers are utilized, known for their fully analog, no DSP design, and separate amps for each driver.

The studio's design includes a large live room with a 14-foot piece of glass for an extended view and natural light.

Gibson and Nash guitars are housed in the studio, showcasing a partnership between Warm Audio and these renowned guitar manufacturers.

Latch Lake stands are used for their durability and ability to support heavy tube microphones.

The studio is designed for video applications, with multiple camera angles and a large space that can double as various sets.

A unique square-shaped spiral staircase was chosen for its aesthetic appeal and to fit the studio's industrial look.

The studio's machine room is primarily for the headphone system and camera communication system, ensuring a clean and efficient workflow.

Warm Audio's own cables are used throughout the studio, highlighting their commitment to quality and consistency in their products.

The studio manager, Dante, is organizing the space, which includes a variety of high-end microphones and custom-made cables.

The studio's design allows for a variety of recording scenarios, from full rock bands to orchestras, thanks to its size and flexibility.