The Ultimate Filmmaker's Studio Revealed // 2023 Tour

Full Time Filmmaker
23 Aug 202330:32

TLDRThe video offers an in-depth tour of a filmmaker's studio, meticulously built over a decade. The host shares the evolution of his setups, from a simple home office to a fully-fledged studio, and the recent acquisition of a dedicated building that cost approximately $150,000 to renovate. The studio is equipped with various sections, including a reception area, podcast room with PreSonus pd70 microphones, a conference room, and a co-working space for digital creators. The highlight is the custom-built cyc wall in the warehouse area, designed for versatile shooting needs. The studio also features an LED wall for live events and workshops, controlled by a Mac Mini. The host emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration, offering insights into the creative process and the equipment used, such as Canon C70 cameras and Sony zve E1, while also showcasing the space's functionality and aesthetic appeal.


  • 🎬 The filmmaker's studio has been a decade in the making, involving many ups and downs in building the business.
  • 💰 The studio is considered the biggest asset for the company, with a significant investment of about 150,000 dollars into its setup.
  • 📈 The studio has evolved from humble beginnings in the filmmaker's parents' living room to a professional building with various setups.
  • 🔍 The studio features a variety of spaces for different types of content creation, including podcast rooms, a conference room, and a co-working space.
  • 🛠️ The equipment ranges from professional cameras and microphones to lighting and audio equipment, with a focus on quality and functionality.
  • 🌟 The studio includes creative touches like a custom mural, a Polaroid wall for community photos, and a mascot named Linus along the wall.
  • 📚 The space is designed to foster creativity and community, with areas for collaboration and networking among digital creators.
  • 🛋️ The studio is equipped with comfortable and practical furniture, often from affordable sources like Ikea and Amazon, to support long hours of work.
  • 💡 There's an emphasis on the importance of good lighting, with a variety of lighting solutions used throughout the studio to enhance production value.
  • 📦 Storage and organization are key, with custom-built solutions and modular systems to keep the workspace efficient and clutter-free.
  • 🚪 The studio is accessible and adaptable, with large garage doors allowing for easy transport of equipment and sets.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the company that sponsored the video?

    -The video is sponsored by Storyblocks.

  • What does Storyblocks provide for content creators?

    -Storyblocks provides unlimited downloads of royalty-free professional content for a predictable subscription cost, which includes motion graphics, title animations, overlays, logo reveals, and more.

  • How long did it take to create the 2023 Studio setup?

    -It took about a year and a half to create the 2023 Studio setup.

  • What was the initial setup of the filmmaker like?

    -The initial setup was in the filmmaker's parents' living room with an old Dell or HP computer and a low-quality monitor on a dining table desk.

  • How much investment was made into the building to get it to its current state?

    -About 150,000 dollars were invested into the building to get it to its current state.

  • What is the name of the studio mascot?

    -The studio mascot is named Linus.

  • What type of content is produced at the studio?

    -The studio produces various types of content including podcasts, YouTube videos, courses, and advertisements.

  • What is the purpose of the co-working space at the studio?

    -The co-working space is designed for digital creators to edit, network, meet other creators, potentially get hired for jobs, and collaborate on projects.

  • What is the significance of the Polaroid wall in the studio?

    -The Polaroid wall serves as a fun community aspect where photos are taken of visitors and added to the wall to create a sense of community and memory.

  • What is the main purpose of the conference room?

    -The conference room is used for meetings with the team and can be equipped with a laptop to cast directly to the TV for presentations.

  • What type of lighting was used in the podcast room?

    -The podcast room uses PreSonus pd70 microphones and has a combination of lantern-style lighting, tube lights from Nan light, and accent lights from FTF gear.

  • What is the role of Empire Media in relation to the studio?

    -Empire Media is a sister company that handles ad buying, while the studio focuses on content creation. They partner on certain projects.



🎥 Studio Setup Journey and Sponsorship

The video begins with a warm welcome to the 2023 Studio setup, highlighting the lengthy process of its creation. The presenter expresses excitement to share the studio with the audience. The video is sponsored by Storyblocks, a platform offering unlimited downloads of royalty-free professional content for a fixed subscription fee. Storyblocks is praised for its affordability and versatility, allowing users to enhance their video production value with motion graphics and templates. The presenter also mentions their long-term use of Storyblocks for creating motion graphics templates and sound effects for their YouTube videos. The narrative then shifts to the presenter's personal journey, from starting in their parents' living room to building up a business and finally investing in a studio space. The transformation of the studio from a simple office building to a modern, functional space is emphasized, along with the various challenges and expenses involved.


🛋️ Studio Interior and Equipment Overview

The presenter takes the audience through the studio's interior, showcasing various rooms and their purposes. Starting with the reception area, the tour includes a conference room with a large whiteboard and heavy table, a podcast room equipped with PreSonus pd70 microphones and other recording equipment, and a talking headroom for course content and YouTube videos. The presenter details the furniture, electronics, and lighting used in each space, often noting the brands and prices. The tour also features a custom mural, a Polaroid wall for capturing community moments, and a sister company's introduction. The presenter also discusses the process of creating a comfortable and professional environment on a budget.


💼 Co-Working Space and Office Area

The video script describes a co-working space designed for digital creators, offering a place to edit, network, and potentially find job opportunities. The space has been monetized by renting out the warehouse and providing a collaborative area for creators. The presenter introduces different desk clusters, a break area with an Xbox and a large TV, and a bar for lunch breaks. The office area is then showcased, including a meeting space, a unique bike display, and personal workspaces equipped with various office supplies and technology. The focus is on creating a functional and inspiring environment for creativity and productivity.


🖥️ Desk Setup and Studio Equipment

The presenter details their personal desk setup, including the types of chairs, desks, and office equipment used. There is a focus on ergonomics and personalization, with mentions of specific brands and products such as the Logitech MX Keys mini keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse. The presenter also discusses the various gadgets and accessories that add to the aesthetic and functionality of the workspace, like a custom desk mat, Nike shoes as decor, and a Human Centric monitor stand. The video also includes a discussion about the main monitor used for editing and the iMac used in conjunction with it.


🎬 Studio Gear and Maintenance

The presenter provides an in-depth look at the studio's gear, including the psych wall, a large cyc wall used for filming. The process of installing the cyc wall and the costs involved are discussed, along with the use of various lighting equipment and the importance of sound control with the use of cargo nets and trampoline cubes as makeshift acoustic panels. The presenter also talks about the protective measures taken to preserve the cyc wall, such as using sticky pads to keep it clean and stanchions to prevent unauthorized access. The organization of the studio's props, tools, camera gear, and audio equipment is also covered, emphasizing the efficiency and accessibility of the setup.


📹 Camera Gear and Studio Stage Setup

The presenter discusses the camera gear used in the studio, emphasizing the Canon C70 as the go-to camera and detailing the selection of lenses and their uses. The Sony zve E1 is mentioned as a recent purchase for its suitability for YouTube vlogging. The presenter also talks about the use of Blackmagic cameras for podcasts and live streams, and the setup of a stage within the studio for live events and workshops. The stage is equipped with an LED wall, which, despite its high cost, adds a professional touch to the studio. The control center for the stage and LED wall is shown, highlighting the technology used to manage audio and visual aspects during events.


🚪 Studio Entrance and Final Thoughts

The presenter concludes the tour by showing the studio's entrance and emphasizing the garage's large size, which allows for easy loading and unloading of equipment. The functionality of the space for various types of production work is highlighted. The blinds on the windows are demonstrated as a feature that can turn the studio into a completely blacked-out space, allowing for flexible lighting setups. The presenter encourages viewers to take inspiration from the studio setup and to find what works best for their own creative endeavors. The video ends with a reminder that the studio is a result of years of accumulation, hard work, and learning from failures.




Storyblocks is a subscription-based service that provides unlimited downloads of royalty-free, professional content. It is mentioned in the video as a sponsor and is used by the filmmaker for motion graphics templates, sound effects, and music in their YouTube videos. The service is highlighted for its cost-effectiveness and the ability to enhance production value without the high costs associated with licensing individual pieces of content.


RS3 refers to a new model of a camera gimbal, specifically from DJI, which is used for stabilizing and shooting videos. It is mentioned in the context of a video that was shot nearly a year ago, indicating its use in professional filmmaking setups.

💡Podcast Room

The Podcast Room is a designated space within the studio where podcast recordings take place. It is equipped with specific microphones like the PreSonus pd70s and audio equipment such as the Road Caster Pro 2 for controlling audio levels and recording directly to the interface. The room is an essential part of the studio's functionality, catering to the needs of podcast production.

💡Talking Headroom

The Talking Headroom is an area in the studio designed for creating course content, YouTube videos, and other media where the host or presenter is speaking directly to the camera. It features a sit-stand desk, a teleprompter, and key lighting, making it an all-in-one space for this type of content creation.

💡Co-working Space

The Co-working Space is a part of the studio that is designed for digital creators to come in and edit, network, and collaborate. It serves as a revenue stream for the company by renting out the space and also fosters a community of creators, potentially leading to job opportunities and collaborative projects.

💡Psych Wall

The Psych Wall is a large, curved wall in the warehouse area of the studio used for various shoots due to its unique visual properties. It was constructed with prefabricated pieces and custom work, serving as a versatile backdrop for different types of video content.

💡Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels are sound-absorbing materials used in the warehouse area to reduce reverberation and improve the audio quality for shoots. They are made from a technical material similar to fishing nets and trampoline park cubes, hung in a way to cover a large area and enhance the sound conditions for filming.

💡Gear Cage

The Gear Cage is a storage area for the studio's equipment, including cameras, lenses, and lighting. It is organized with shelves and cases, such as Nanuk cases, which are preferred over Pelican cases by the filmmaker for their compartments and latching system. The cage is essential for keeping equipment secure and organized.

💡LED Wall

The LED Wall is a significant investment in the studio, costing nearly fifteen thousand dollars. It is a large, programmable display that can serve as a dynamic backdrop for shoots, live events, or workshops. It is controlled from a command center with a Mac Mini and is a key feature of the studio's stage area.

💡Overhead Camera Rig

The Overhead Camera Rig is a setup that allows the filmmaker to capture top-down shots. It is mentioned in the context of rigging a space to accommodate different types of camera angles, adding versatility to the content that can be produced within the studio.

💡Live Events

Live Events are a type of content and revenue stream for the studio. The studio is equipped to host workshops and other live gatherings, with a stage area that can accommodate seating for an audience, a control center for managing the event's technical aspects, and a large garage door for easy loading and unloading of equipment.


Introduction to the 2023 studio setup and its development over a year and a half.

Mention of Storyblocks sponsorship, highlighting its benefits for video production.

Overview of the long journey to establishing the studio, including ups and downs in business.

Details on various previous setups before acquiring the current studio building.

Investment insights: $150,000 spent on revamping the new studio space.

Creative additions like the wall mural by artist Miles and the studio mascot, Linus.

Introduction to the reception area and its seldom use, featuring a looping studio showreel.

Description of the co-working space for digital creators within the studio.

Tour of the podcast room setup with equipment details and functionality.

Insights into the talking head room setup for YouTube videos and course content.

Functionalities and benefits of having a stage area for live events and workshops.

Features of the psych wall, its construction, and maintenance within the studio.

Security and storage solutions, including the gear cage for equipment safety.

Integration of technology like the Mac Mini to control the stage and LED wall.

Final reflections on the journey to building the ultimate filmmaker's studio and its impact.