I Built My Dream Studio In My Basement - 2023 Studio Tour

Senpai Gaming
28 Dec 202317:37

TLDRIn this video, the creator shares his journey of building his dream studio in the basement, detailing the challenges and learnings from the process. Initially, the studio aimed for a professional look and accommodate five employees, but it ended up looking sterile with unused space. After a significant overhaul, including throwing a sledgehammer through a wall, the studio now features a large, enjoyable room with a 75-inch TV, gaming and streaming desk, and a minimalist work desk. The creator also discusses the launch of new merchandise and offers a membership discount. The space has been optimized with functional desks, high-quality audio equipment from Mackie, and a focus on multi-purpose areas. The video concludes with a look at the recording studio, unboxing area, and a potential fitness channel shift, highlighting the studio's evolution and future plans for Phase 2 in 2024.


  • 🎥 The creator initially made mistakes when building his studio, leading to a significant amount of time spent on fixing issues.
  • 🛍️ A new merchandise line was launched, including t-shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, and beanies, with a membership discount offer.
  • 🏠 The original studio's goals were to look professional and accommodate five employees, but it ended up being too sterile and having unused space.
  • 🔨 A sledgehammer was used to make a dramatic change to the space, indicating the extent of the transformation needed.
  • 💡 The studio has been reworked in a two-phase system, with phase one completed and phase two starting in 2024.
  • 🖥️ The creator's office has been transformed into a favorite space with a large TV, comfortable couch, and two large desks made of Butcher Block.
  • 🎧 High-quality audio equipment from Mackie, including the dlz Creator and hr824 mark 2 monitors, has been installed for an optimal audio experience.
  • 🖇️ The studio now features a more efficient and functional layout with multi-purpose desks, including one for editing with an advanced Corsair platform 6 desk.
  • 📺 An underutilized space has been converted into a well-oiled unboxing area with improved aesthetics and functionality.
  • 🔩 Technical upgrades include 10 GB Ethernet connections to a central NAS for high-speed editing and collaboration.
  • 🚧 The studio is a work in progress with ongoing and future improvements planned, aiming to make it the envy of YouTube studios.

Q & A

  • What was the initial goal of the studio when it was first built?

    -The initial goal of the studio was to look like a real professional studio and to accommodate around five employees.

  • What was the issue with the studio's appearance after the first build?

    -The studio ended up looking bland and sterile with too many white walls, overshooting the mark from a gamer-style basement.

  • What changes were made to the studio in phase one?

    -In phase one, the studio was reworked to be more functional, with spaces reassigned and unused areas removed. The office was combined into one large room, and the space was made more enjoyable for the individual working there.

  • What new merchandise did the creator launch?

    -The creator launched a new line of merchandise including t-shirts and hoodies with the 'Notice Me Senpai' design, a Senpai windbreaker, and beanies labeled as 'idiot' and 'genius'.

  • What is the purpose of the secret light switch in the recording studio?

    -The secret light switch serves as an indicator of whether Ryan is working in the recording studio or not, to avoid unexpected encounters when one person thinks they are alone in the space.

  • What is the significance of the Butcher Block desks in the studio?

    -The Butcher Block desks are a design obsession of the creator and are used for both the gaming/streaming desk and the work desk. They add warmth and aesthetic appeal to the space.

  • What is the purpose of the 10 GB Ethernet connection in the studio?

    -The 10 GB Ethernet connection is used to connect each desk to a central NAS, allowing for high-speed data transfer and collaboration on projects and editing from anywhere in the studio.

  • What is the current status of the studio at the end of the script?

    -At the end of the script, the studio is in the transition from phase one to phase two. It has become more functional and is being prepared to be more lively and enjoyable in the coming year.

  • What is the creator's plan for the unboxing area in the studio?

    -The unboxing area has been transformed into a versatile space that can be used for various types of filming, including unboxings, and has been improved with the addition of a third Butcher Block desk and extra sound treatment.

  • What is the future plan for the studio in phase two?

    -In phase two, the creator plans to give the space more life, fix its sterile appearance, and make it a fun and engaging place to work and shoot videos by the end of 2024.

  • What is the creator's view on the current audio setup for the editor?

    -The creator believes that the editor now has what might be the world's greatest audio setup for an editor, with the addition of Mackie 6-inch monitors and the Mackie Big Knob for controlling the monitors.



🏗️ Studio Renovations and Merchandise Launch

The speaker discusses the challenges and lessons learned from initially building their studio, including the need for a sledgehammer to make significant changes. They announce the launch of new merchandise on a revamped website, with a variety of clothing items and accessories featuring different designs. A membership to the channel provides a discount on these items. The speaker also reflects on their initial goals for the studio's appearance and functionality, the mistakes made in overestimating the space needed, and the eventual satisfaction with the redesigned space, now their favorite place to be.


🖥️ Desk Tour and Studio Upgrades

The speaker provides a detailed walkthrough of their gaming desk and work desk setup, highlighting the equipment used and the process of configuring the desks to suit their needs. They mention plans for a desk tour video and a new tech channel, which has already gained significant subscribers. The studio has been upgraded with new lighting, a large editing desk, and high-quality audio equipment, all contributing to a more efficient and enjoyable workspace. The speaker also discusses the decision to reduce the number of desks in the studio and improve their functionality, as well as the technical infrastructure supporting the studio's connectivity and data storage.


🎮 Gaming Breaks and Studio Functionality

The speaker talks about the multi-functionality of the studio, which includes a gaming area for breaks and a kitchenette. They mention the acoustic light fixture project in progress and the various desks' roles in the studio, from editing to shooting product videos. The speaker also discusses the decision to reduce the number of desks and the effort to maximize their utility. They touch on the topic of collaboration and the technical setup that facilitates it, including a central NAS and high-speed Ethernet connections. The recording studio is also highlighted, with a focus on its sound quality and the changes made to improve it.


📦 Unboxing Area and Studio Transformation

The speaker describes the transformation of the studio's unboxing area, which has become more versatile and efficient. They discuss the addition of a butcher block table and sound treatment to improve the quality of filming. The speaker also talks about the changes made to the space that was initially intended to be an editing room but has since become a home gym. They reflect on the overall progress of the studio, from the initial phase of addressing functionality to the upcoming phase two, which focuses on adding life and character to the space. The speaker expresses their vision for the studio to become an object of envy and invites viewers to join the journey through subscription and engagement.




A studio, in the context of this video, refers to a specialized room or space designed for various creative and technical activities, such as video production, music recording, and editing. The main theme of the video revolves around the personal journey and transformation of the creator's dream studio in his basement, emphasizing its evolution from a less functional space to a professional and enjoyable environment.


RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue, which are the primary colors used in digital imaging and video production to create a wide range of colors. In the video, the creator mentions his initial basement setup being 'RGB gamer' with big LEDs on the walls, indicating a preference for colorful and dynamic lighting, which later shifted towards a more professional and less flashy aesthetic.


A sledgehammer is a large, heavy hammer used for breaking or driving objects. In the script, the sledgehammer symbolizes a drastic change or a fresh start. The creator humorously mentions throwing a sledgehammer through the wall, indicating the extent of the renovations and the desire to overhaul the original studio setup.


Merchandise, or 'merch' for short, refers to official items that are branded with a particular design or logo, often related to a brand, event, or personality. The video's creator announces the launch of a new merchandise line featuring designs like t-shirts, hoodies, and beanies, which is a significant business development and a way to engage with the audience beyond the content.

💡Butcher Block

A butcher block is a type of table or desk surface made from thick, durable wood, traditionally used in kitchens for food preparation. In the video, the creator expresses an 'obsession' with butcher block desks, highlighting their use in the studio for both aesthetic appeal and functionality, such as providing a sturdy and warm surface for various activities.

💡Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling is a method used in computers to dissipate heat, where a liquid coolant is circulated through a system of pipes and radiators to maintain a lower temperature. The creator mentions a 'gigantic liquid cooled gaming PC', emphasizing the high-performance and potentially high-heat generating nature of the computer setup in the studio.


Mackie is a well-known audio equipment manufacturer that produces products like mixers, speakers, and audio interfaces. The video features Mackie's dlz Creator and HR824 Mark 2 studio monitors, indicating a preference for high-quality audio equipment that enhances the professional functionality of the studio.

💡Phase Two

Phase two refers to the second stage or part of a project or process. The creator discusses 'phase two' as the next step in the evolution of the studio, which involves further improvements and refinements to make the space more functional, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing.

💡Acoustic Light Fixture

An acoustic light fixture is a type of lighting that also serves to improve the acoustics of a room, often used in studios to control sound reflections and create a better listening environment. The creator is building a 'giant acoustic light fixture' as part of the studio's renovation, demonstrating a commitment to both the visual appeal and the technical acoustics of the space.

💡NAS (Network Attached Storage)

NAS is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network that provides data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. The creator mentions a central NAS, an 80 terabyte hard drive, indicating the use of a high-capacity storage solution for efficient video editing and data management within the studio.


Unboxing refers to the process of opening and reviewing a product, often for the first time, which is a popular type of content in the tech and review communities. The creator discusses transforming a part of the studio into a dedicated unboxing area, showcasing the versatility of the space and the variety of content produced there.


The creator of the studio made significant mistakes during the initial build, leading to extensive time spent on fixing issues.

A sledgehammer was used to make a dramatic change in the studio, indicating a major overhaul was necessary.

The launch of new merchandise with a focus on the 'Notice Me Senpai' design on various apparel items.

A membership to the channel provides a $5 discount on any purchase, offering a unique incentive for subscribers.

The studio's initial goal was to appear professional, moving away from a gamer aesthetic with RGB LEDs.

The studio ended up with unused space due to overestimating the number of employees, leading to a costly lesson learned.

The room transformation from two smaller rooms into one large room significantly improved functionality and enjoyment.

A 75-inch TV provides an ideal viewing experience and was used to marathon 'Vinland Saga'.

The gaming and streaming desk features a liquid-cooled PC and high-end audio equipment, controlled by a Mackie DLZ Creator.

The studio monitors by Mackie provide an exceptional audio experience for gaming, a unique feature for a studio setup.

The work desk is minimalistic and on wheels, allowing for flexibility and personal preference in desk setup.

The studio has two Amaran color lights for versatile lighting, regardless of the camera's direction.

A large, acoustic light fixture is in development for the studio, promising significant updates for the 2024 office tour.

The main space of the studio has been reconfigured for better utilization, with a focus on editing and shooting b-roll.

A secret light switch was installed to indicate when the recording studio is in use, preventing unexpected interruptions.

The studio now features a well-oiled unboxing area with butcher block surfaces and enhanced sound treatment for improved acoustics.

The unused editing room has been transformed into a home gym, showcasing the studio's adaptability to different needs.

Phase two of the studio's development focuses on adding life and character to the space, aiming to make it more enjoyable for work and filming.

The creator plans to reveal a new tech channel with a focus on personal desk setups and equipment, currently a well-kept secret.