Finally, Great Candace Owens cuts ties with Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire. "Too much" freedom-of-speech.

Emil Cosman
23 Mar 202413:02

TLDRThe video discusses Candace Owens' departure from The Daily Wire and her public feud with Ben Shapiro, primarily over comments related to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The speaker provides an assessment of both Owens and Shapiro, suggesting Owens' honesty and courage, and Shapiro's intelligence but questioning his objectivity on certain topics like Israel and Russia. The video elaborates on the importance of intellectual honesty, using Owens' and Shapiro's differing views on the Israel-Hamas conflict as a case study. It concludes with reflections on freedom of speech and the influence of financing on conservative media, hinting at a broader discussion on the agendas of media outlets and their impact on public discourse.


  • 😀 Candace Owens has parted ways with Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire, marking a significant change in her career.
  • 🤔 The split seems to have been influenced by disagreements over certain topics, including Owens' comments on sensitive issues.
  • 📰 The presenter highlights how the media has portrayed Candace Owens negatively following the split, emphasizing accusations of her being far-right and anti-Semitic.
  • 🧐 Both Owens and Shapiro are recognized for their intelligence and courage, but the presenter suggests they have different backers and interests.
  • 🌍 A significant point of contention between Owens and The Daily Wire was over comments related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • 🔍 The presenter questions Ben Shapiro's objectivity on specific subjects, such as Israel and Russia, suggesting these are his intellectual blind spots.
  • 💡 Intellectual honesty is highlighted as a critical value, with the presenter offering a personal method to assess it through questions on the Middle East and religion.
  • 🚫 The split between Owens and The Daily Wire is seen as a moment of liberation for Owens, according to her social media posts.
  • 📈 The narrative suggests a broader trend in the United States of media and political figures being allowed to speak freely only within certain limits.
  • 👥 The discussion raises questions about the balance between free speech and promoting a specific agenda within conservative media outlets.

Q & A

  • Why did Candace Owens part ways with Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire?

    -Candace Owens parted ways with Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire due to disagreements over her comments on sensitive topics, notably her critique likened to 'the emperor has no clothes' that Shapiro disagreed with. This departure was linked to her stance on issues related to the Middle East and her perceived deviation from the expected narrative.

  • What are the main reasons for the conflict between Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro?

    -The conflict between Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro primarily stemmed from differences in opinion on two major subjects: the situation in Israel and Russia's actions. Owens's honest and direct approach to these topics, especially her comments on the Israel-Hamas war, conflicted with Shapiro's views and the stance of The Daily Wire.

  • How did the presenter describe Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro's attributes?

    -The presenter described Candace Owens as honest, courageous, intelligent, and well-intentioned, while Ben Shapiro was characterized as very intelligent, fast-thinking, and usually evidence-based in his arguments, except on topics concerning Israel and Russia.

  • What criteria does the presenter use to assess intellectual honesty?

    -The presenter uses two questions to assess intellectual honesty in conversations, focusing on the individual's opinions or assessments on the Israel-Palestine conflict and their beliefs regarding religious stories, specifically the story of Noah's Ark. Responses to these questions supposedly reveal whether a person is intellectually honest.

  • What were the immediate media reactions to Candace Owens's departure from The Daily Wire?

    -The immediate media reaction to Candace Owens's departure from The Daily Wire was to portray her in a negative light, with various articles labeling her as a far-right, anti-Semitic figure. This portrayal was linked to her comments on the Israel-Hamas war and her views on other sensitive topics.

  • What does the presenter imply about the conservative media and the control of narrative?

    -The presenter implies that conservative media in the United States, including shows and channels like The Daily Wire, control the narrative by allowing certain discussions within a limit. They suggest that these platforms promote an agenda by restricting the range of acceptable opinions, particularly on sensitive issues like Israel and vaccines.

  • How does the presenter view the relationship between financing and media content?

    -The presenter suggests that the content and direction of conservative media platforms may be influenced by their financiers. They hint that platforms are allowed to grow and reach popularity as long as the majority of their content aligns with the financier's agenda, allowing a small margin for dissenting opinions to maintain an appearance of authenticity.

  • What analogy does the presenter use to describe the end of a partnership or relationship?

    -The presenter uses an analogy from a personal anecdote about a martial arts trainer who, upon getting a divorce, preferred a 'shitty end' to an 'endless agony'. This analogy is applied to Candace Owens's departure from The Daily Wire, suggesting it's better to have a definitive end than prolonged discord.

  • How does the presenter perceive Dr. Jordan Peterson's relationship with The Daily Wire?

    -The presenter indicates that Dr. Jordan Peterson, whom they respect, is also associated with The Daily Wire but hints that Peterson, like Shapiro, may avoid certain topics to maintain his relationship with the platform. This is seen as part of the broader issue of media personalities not fully addressing sensitive issues to stay aligned with their platforms' agendas.

  • What overarching message does the presenter convey about seeking truth and expressing opinions in media?

    -The presenter conveys that seeking truth and expressing opinions in media are often constrained by agendas and financial ties. They advocate for intellectual honesty and the courage to address sensitive topics, even when doing so might conflict with the interests of media platforms or financial backers.



🤝 Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro Part Ways

The paragraph discusses the separation of Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro, highlighting the reasons behind their split. Candace Owens is described as an honest, courageous, and intelligent individual, while Ben Shapiro is portrayed as very intelligent but with certain connections that may not be beneficial to his conservative brand. The speaker mentions two subjects on which Shapiro appears not to be objective: Israel and Russia. The paragraph also touches on the speaker's method of assessing a person's intellectual honesty through questions about the Middle East and religious beliefs, particularly the story of Noah.


📰 Media Portrayal of Candace Owens

This paragraph focuses on how the media has portrayed Candace Owens following her separation from Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire. It mentions several articles that depict her as a far-right, anti-Semitic, and increasingly bizarre conspiracy theorist. The articles discuss the public feud between Owens and Shapiro, particularly over the Israel-Hamas conflict and Owens' comments on Gaza, which were not in line with the conservative narrative. The paragraph also notes that Owens' exit from the Daily Wire was a result of her comments on vaccines, which were seen as crossing a line.


🚫 Control Over Speech and Agenda in Media

The speaker in this paragraph talks about the control and agenda-setting in the media, especially conservative outlets. It is suggested that some shows and channels are allowed to grow because they mostly align with the agenda, only deviating slightly to appear independent. The speaker criticizes this practice, implying that it is deceptive to the audience. The paragraph also hints at the influence of financial backing on the content and direction of media outlets, suggesting that certain topics, like those on which Shapiro is not objective, are off-limits for commentators like Dr. Jordan Peterson, who is mentioned as being affiliated with the Daily Wire.



💡Candace Owens

Candace Owens is a prominent conservative commentator known for her outspoken views. In the script, she is mentioned as parting ways with The Daily Wire, a conservative media outlet. Her departure is portrayed as a result of differences in opinion, specifically regarding Israel and other subjects. Owens is described as honest, courageous, and intelligent, suggesting her views are rooted in personal conviction rather than external influence.

💡Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is a well-known conservative political commentator and the founder of The Daily Wire. In the script, he is characterized as intelligent and logical, but is criticized for potentially being biased on certain topics, notably Israel and Russia. Shapiro's approach to these subjects is contrasted with his general method of using evidence to support his claims, indicating a perceived inconsistency in his intellectual honesty.

💡The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire is a conservative American media company and news outlet co-founded by Ben Shapiro. It's mentioned in the context of Candace Owens' departure, implying a disagreement on editorial stances or viewpoints. The script suggests that The Daily Wire may have constraints or biases in its coverage, especially on certain sensitive topics.

💡Intellectual Honesty

Intellectual honesty refers to being truthful and consistent in one's reasoning and argumentation. In the script, it's used to evaluate how Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro approach various topics. The narrator uses it to assess their consistency and objectivity, particularly in matters like the Israel-Palestine conflict and views on religion.

💡Israel and Palestine Conflict

The Israel-Palestine conflict is a long-standing and complex geopolitical issue. In the script, it's a pivotal topic causing division between Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro. Owens' stance on this issue, which deviates from the usual conservative line, is suggested to be a major factor in her split from The Daily Wire.


In the context of this script, Russia is mentioned as a subject on which Ben Shapiro is perceived to lack objectivity. This suggests that Shapiro's commentary on Russia might be influenced by certain biases or connections, contrasting with his general approach of using evidence and logic in his arguments.

💡Conservative Media

Conservative media refers to media outlets and platforms that generally espouse conservative viewpoints. In this script, both The Daily Wire and its prominent figures like Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens are representative of conservative media. The discussion highlights the diversity of opinions within conservative media and how disagreements on key issues can lead to significant changes, like Owens' departure.

💡Media Portrayal

Media portrayal is discussed in the context of how Candace Owens and her departure from The Daily Wire are represented in various news articles. The script underscores the power of media in shaping public perception, especially regarding controversial figures and topics, and hints at possible biases in the coverage.

💡Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression is a central theme in the script, particularly regarding Candace Owens' ability to speak freely on controversial topics. Her departure from The Daily Wire is seen as a liberation of sorts, allowing her to express her views without constraints imposed by the media outlet.

💡Public Feud

The public feud refers to the open disagreements and conflicts between Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro, especially over issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict. This feud is illustrative of the broader dynamics within conservative media, where differing viewpoints on sensitive topics can lead to significant public disputes.


Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro part ways due to differences in opinion.

Owens made comments that were not well received, particularly regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Shapiro criticized Owens' stance on the Israel-Hamas war, calling her behavior 'disgraceful'.

The public feud between Owens and Shapiro seems to have started in November 2023.

Owens' departure from Daily Wire has been described as her being 'free'.

Media portrayal of Owens has been largely negative, with labels such as 'far-right' and 'anti-Semitic'.

The speaker suggests that there are certain topics that are off-limits for conservative media figures.

The speaker uses two specific questions to gauge a person's intellectual honesty.

The speaker implies that some conservative media outlets may have an agenda that limits free speech.

The speaker mentions Jordan Peterson and his affiliation with Daily Wire, suggesting a possible influence on his topics of discussion.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of seeking truth and being just.

The speaker reflects on the nature of conservative media and the potential for controlled discourse.

The speaker discusses the potential influence of financial backing on the content and viewpoints expressed by media figures.

The speaker highlights the difference in support between individuals based on their alignment with certain interests.

The speaker notes that Shapiro is logical and informed on most topics, except for Israel and Russia.

The speaker shares a personal anecdote about a martial arts trainer to illustrate a point about endings and freedom.

The speaker suggests that Owens' comments on vaccines may have contributed to her departure from Daily Wire.