Fortnite's MOST USELESS Features..

11 May 202408:49

TLDRThe video script discusses various features in Fortnite that are considered useless by the community. These include the Midas bundle's weapon wrap, the ability to tame frogs, the option to tip the bus driver, modded shotguns with scopes, the train on the map, Zeus's lightning bolts, emoticons, the upgrade benches, wasps, reboot vans in solos, the deboot van, the dragon's breath shotgun, the mounted turret, the recycler, crafting, the prop aier, jump boots, the weather system, lightsaber pickaxes, helipads, the snowball launcher, and the poison dart. The script highlights how these features often fail to meet player expectations or add unnecessary complexity to the game without providing significant benefits.


  • 🌟 The Midas bundle in Fortnite has a weapon wrap that turns everything gold, but some players find certain features useless despite the quality of Epic Games' updates.
  • 🐸 Taming frogs was a feature that didn't make sense to players, as they were meant to be eliminated, not part of the team.
  • 🚌 The ability to thank the bus driver was initially popular, but the introduction of tipping with a large amount of gold for a sound effect made it less appealing.
  • 🔍 Modified shotguns now have scopes, which is seen as unnecessary since players usually fire from the hip.
  • 🚂 The train feature was initially exciting, but the loot was disappointing, and the best items were hard to access, making the train largely useless.
  • ⚡ Zeus's lightning bolts were overpowered at first but then disappeared, and when they returned, they were significantly weaker.
  • 💸 Emoticons are rarely used by players and are often included as part of cosmetic sets, indicating their low utility.
  • 👽 The victory crown was more of a beacon than useful, highlighting how some items can fail to meet expectations.
  • 🛋️ Upgrade benches and solid gold were items that players found to have little to no use in gameplay.
  • 🐝 Wasps added in Chapter 4 were not as powerful as anticipated and did not significantly impact gameplay.
  • 🚗 Reboot vans in solos and the deboot van from the Jungle season were seen as unnecessary and unhelpful additions to the game.

Q & A

  • What is the Midas bundle in Fortnite known for?

    -The Midas bundle in Fortnite is known for its weapon wrap and skin that turns everything gold.

  • Why would the ability to tame frogs in Fortnite be considered useless?

    -Taming frogs is considered useless because players are meant to eliminate them for meat, making it unclear why they would want them on their team.

  • What was the community's reaction to the ability to tip the bus driver in Fortnite?

    -Initially, the ability to thank the bus driver was adored by the community, but after the addition of the tipping feature, it became less popular due to the high cost for a simple sound effect.

  • Why were modded shotguns with scopes considered not very useful in Fortnite?

    -Modded shotguns with scopes were considered not very useful because shotguns are typically fired from the hip, making scopes an unnecessary addition.

  • What was the issue with the train feature in Fortnite?

    -The train feature in Fortnite was considered useless because the loot inside was of low quality, the best items were locked behind a time-consuming hackable chest, and players couldn't stop the train.

  • How did the Zeus's lightning bolts feature change over time in Fortnite?

    -Zeus's lightning bolts were initially overpowered, allowing players to annihilate opponents with ease. However, they were eventually nerfed to the point where they barely eliminated players and were considered a guaranteed trip back to the lobby.

  • Why are emoticons in Fortnite considered almost never sold on their own?

    -Emoticons are considered almost never sold on their own because players rarely use them, and Epic Games is aware of this, often bundling them with other items in the Battle Pass.

  • What was the issue with the upgrade benches in Fortnite?

    -The upgrade benches in Fortnite were considered useless because they took up an inventory slot and were only useful in the unlikely event that a player would find a use for them later in the game.

  • Why were wasps added to Fortnite in Chapter 4 considered not very effective?

    -Wasps added to Fortnite in Chapter 4 were considered not very effective because they didn't deal much damage and their ability to be thrown at enemies didn't provide a significant advantage.

  • What was the problem with the dragon's breath shotgun in Fortnite?

    -The dragon's breath shotgun was only effective at close range, making it less useful in most combat situations. Additionally, using it could result in lighting the player's own fort on fire.

  • Why did the prop hider feature in Fortnite not live up to expectations?

    -The prop hider feature in Fortnite did not live up to expectations because it was limited to a list of obvious objects, making it difficult to use effectively in a fast-paced match.



😀 Fortnite's Useless Features and Missed Opportunities

The video script discusses various features in Fortnite that have been deemed useless or underwhelming by the community. It starts with the Midas bundle and its skin that turns everything gold, then moves on to critique updates that have not met expectations, such as the ability to tame frogs which are not useful in combat. The script also mentions community-adored but non-essential features like thanking the bus driver, which was later updated with a tipping mechanism that requires a large amount of gold for a mere sound effect. It highlights how certain outfits come with built-in emotes that are rarely used, and the lack of practicality in some weapon modifications, such as scopes on shotguns. The script also covers the disappointments with the introduction of a train that had poor loot and was not as interactive as players had hoped. It touches on overpowered items like Zeus's lightning bolts that were eventually nerfed, the unpopularity of emoticons and how they are often included as part of bundles, and the issues with the cloak gauntlets that were initially exciting but later became less useful. The video concludes with the removal of various features that were not well-received, such as the weather system and the recycler, and the community's desire for certain items like lightsaber pickaxes that have yet to be delivered by Epic Games.


😒 Disappointing and Removed Fortnite Features

This paragraph delves into features that were not only considered useless but were eventually removed from Fortnite. It talks about the recycler, a weapon that was not well-received even in its Mythic version, and how it was a disappointment for fans of the Primal season. The paragraph also discusses the crafting feature that was intended to be a game-changer but ended up being a tedious process of upgrading basic weapons. The prop hider, which was supposed to offer a new way to disguise, turned out to be impractical in fast-paced matches. The much-hyped jump boots, or what players dubbed 'glorified hop rocks,' did not live up to expectations. The weather system, which initially brought exciting events like tornadoes, ended up being a letdown, especially with the underwhelming lightning strikes, and was ultimately removed from the game. The paragraph highlights the continuous addition of helipads despite the absence of helicopters in the game for years. It also mentions the snowball launcher being made exotic but not more powerful, and the poison dart being a weak addition to the game's arsenal. Lastly, it addresses the frustration of the fake driveable cars that were indistinguishable from real ones until it was too late, which the community found to be the most pointless addition.



💡Midas Bundle

The Midas Bundle refers to a specific set of items within Fortnite, a popular online video game, which includes a skin that can turn everything gold. It is mentioned in the context of discussing seemingly useless updates by Epic Games, the game's developer. The Midas Bundle is an example of a cosmetic item that doesn't affect gameplay but is part of the game's extensive customization options.

💡Tame frogs

The ability to 'tame frogs' is highlighted as one of the features in Fortnite that the video considers to be useless. In the game, frogs are typically creatures that players must eliminate to gather resources. The concept of taming them, therefore, contradicts their intended purpose and is presented as an unnecessary and non-functional feature.

💡Thanking the bus driver

This feature was added to Fortnite following a petition from the community. Initially, it was a simple gesture that players could perform, but it was later updated to allow players to 'tip' the bus driver with 4,000 gold. The video argues that this update is excessive and ultimately useless, as it doesn't contribute to the gameplay experience and is an absurd amount to pay for a sound effect.

💡Modded shotguns with Scopes

The introduction of scopes to modified shotguns (modded shotguns) in Fortnite is mentioned as a feature that doesn't make sense. Traditionally, shotguns in the game did not have sights, and players were accustomed to firing from the hip. The addition of scopes to these weapons is seen as unnecessary and not particularly useful, as it doesn't significantly enhance the gameplay.

💡Train on the map

The train feature added to Fortnite's map is described as a letdown. While the idea of a train was initially exciting, the execution was found to be lacking. The train carried loot that was considered 'garbage,' and the best items were locked behind a chest that took a long time to open. Additionally, the train could not be stopped, making it difficult to access its contents and rendering it more of a hindrance than a useful addition.

💡Zeus's lightning bolts

Zeus's lightning bolts were a powerful item in Fortnite during the early part of season 2. They were so potent that they could eliminate players through their builds when combined with other mythic items. However, they were eventually removed from the game, which is an example of a feature that started strong but did not endure, reflecting the video's theme of initially promising but ultimately useless features.


Emoticons in Fortnite are mentioned as items that are rarely used by players, despite being included in many cosmetic sets. They are often bundled with other items in the 'Battle Pass,' but their usage in actual gameplay is minimal. The video suggests that emoticons are more of a gimmick than a practical feature, contributing to the discussion of useless elements in the game.

💡Victory Crown

The Victory Crown is an item that, when used, is supposed to make players temporarily invisible. However, the video argues that it acts more like a beacon, drawing attention rather than providing stealth. This item is presented as an example of a feature that fails to meet player expectations and is thus considered useless.

💡Reboot Vans

Reboot Vans are a feature in Fortnite that allows players who have been eliminated to be revived at these locations. However, the video questions their inclusion in solo modes, where they serve no practical purpose and only remind players of their lack of teammates. This is an example of a feature that may have been useful in team modes but is irrelevant and 'useless' in solo play.

💡Dragon's breath shotgun

The Dragon's breath shotgun is a weapon that combines a regular shotgun with fire bullets. It was anticipated to be a powerful addition to the game, but it turned out to be effective only at close range. The video uses this as an example of a feature that sounds great in theory but fails to live up to its potential in practice.


The crafting feature was a major update in Fortnite that allowed players to upgrade makeshift weapons into better ones by collecting resources like animal bones. However, the video criticizes this feature for turning the game into a 'farming simulator' and not providing a satisfying reward for the time and effort invested. It represents a feature that had potential but was not well-executed.


Helipads are mentioned as a recurring but useless feature on Fortnite's map. Despite the fact that helicopters have not been part of the game for two years, helipads continue to be added in each new chapter. They serve no purpose and are an example of a feature that persists despite being irrelevant to current gameplay.


Midas bundle includes a weapon wrap that turns everything gold.

Epic Games is known for quality updates, but some features are considered useless.

The ability to tame frogs in Fortnite is seen as useless since they are meant to be eliminated.

Thanking the bus driver was initially popular but became less so after the addition of tipping.

The built-in emote with outfits like Nitro Jerry is disabled most of the time and only usable with a Victory Royale.

Modded shotguns now have scopes, which are not very useful and require players to visit a bunker to remove.

The train feature in Fortnite was initially exciting but turned out to be less useful than expected.

Zeus's lightning bolts were overpowered at first but later became less effective.

Emoticons are rarely used by players and are often bundled with other items.

The Victory Crown was more of a beacon than a useful item.

Upgrade benches and solid gold are considered useless by players.

Wasps added in Chapter 4 were not particularly useful and did not have a significant impact on gameplay.

Ring doorbells are mostly used for XP quests and are often seen as pointless.

Reboot vans in solos are considered unnecessary and a reminder of the lack of teammates.

The Dragon's Breath shotgun was anticipated but only effective at close range and could backfire.

The mounted turret was a trap item that froze players in place, making them easy targets.

The recycler was a disappointing item that took up inventory space and was not effective.

Crafting was a massive update that failed to meet player expectations, turning into a farming simulator.

The prop aier was a feature that players thought would be useful but ended up being impractical in fast-paced matches.

Jump boots were anticipated but did not live up to the hype and were dubbed glorified hop rocks.

The weather system was unique but was eventually removed from the game.

Helipads were added to the map despite the absence of chaos and are considered useless.

The Big Chill, an exotic snowball launcher, was a disappointment as it had zero damage.

The poison dart was a weak item that took a long time to activate and barely affected enemies.

Fake vehicles with booted wheels were confusing and considered one of the most pointless additions.