HeyGen 101

6 Jun 202459:35

TLDRThe HeyGen 101 webinar introduces the HeyGen platform for generative AI video creation, focusing on features like video avatars, translation, and personalized videos. The session offers a live demo, tips for using the platform, and emphasizes the importance of community feedback for product development. Attendees are welcomed from various global locations, and new users are offered five free credits to explore HeyGen's technology.


  • 😀 The webinar is a weekly event on Thursdays hosted by HeyGen, focusing on various topics and offering an overview of the platform's offerings.
  • 🌐 Participants are from diverse global locations, including France, Italy, the US, India, Germany, Denmark, and the UK.
  • 🎁 New participants receive five free credits to try out HeyGen's technology and assess its fit for their business or content creation needs.
  • 📝 To receive the free credits, users must create an account on HeyGen and provide their email address for credit allocation.
  • 🤖 HeyGen aims to make virtual storytelling accessible to all through its generative AI video creation platform, offering features like video avatars and translation.
  • 🔄 HeyGen is rapidly developing, with new products and updates being introduced, such as URL to Ask and instant highlights for video repurposing.
  • 🗣️ The platform supports video translation into over 70 languages, with lip-sync and voice cloning features, aiding in multilingual content creation.
  • 🎭 Users can create instant or studio avatars for different use cases, such as training, educational videos, HR, sales, and social media content.
  • 🔍 HeyGen is working on improving avatar expressiveness and providing more customization options, including emotional and natural gestures.
  • 📊 The company emphasizes feedback from its community to refine its products, ensuring they meet the needs of a wide range of users.
  • 🔑 HeyGen Labs is a section for experimental features and integrations with other platforms like Canva and Adobe, offering cutting-edge tools for users to explore.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the HeyGen webinar?

    -The purpose of the HeyGen webinar is to provide a platform for discussing various topics related to the company's generative AI video creation platform, offer training, and engage with a global audience.

  • Who is Joy and what is her role at HeyGen?

    -Joy is a Customer Success Manager at HeyGen, part of the customer success team based in Los Angeles, US. She assists in webinars and provides support to customers.

  • What is the incentive for joining the HeyGen webinar?

    -Participants who join the HeyGen webinar will receive five free credits to try out HeyGen technology and see if it fits their business or content creation needs.

  • What is the condition to receive the free credits after the HeyGen webinar?

    -To receive the free credits, participants need to create an account at HeyGen and provide their email address at the end of the webinar for the credits to be added to their account.

  • What does HeyGen offer for businesses and content creators?

    -HeyGen offers a generative AI video creation platform that helps businesses and content creators to create, localize, and personalize videos, including video avatars and video translation into different languages.

  • What is the Instant Avatar feature in HeyGen?

    -The Instant Avatar feature allows users to create an AI digital avatar by uploading a 2-minute recording of themselves, which can then be used to generate videos with text-to-speech capabilities.

  • What is the difference between the Instant Avatar and Studio Avatar in HeyGen?

    -The Instant Avatar is a more casual and quick way to create an avatar with a high-quality result, while the Studio Avatar is a high-professional recording available for Enterprise clients, which requires following specific guidelines for the best outcome.

  • How does the video translation feature in HeyGen work?

    -The video translation feature allows users to translate existing videos into thousands of different languages, with lip sync and voice cloning to match the original video's speech.

  • What is the process for using the video translation feature in HeyGen?

    -Users upload their video, select the target language, and HeyGen generates a proof rate for review. After proofreading and making necessary adjustments, the final video is submitted for translation.

  • What is the proof rate feature in HeyGen's video translation?

    -The proof rate feature is a quality control workflow that allows users to review and edit the translated content before finalizing the video translation, ensuring accuracy and context relevance.

  • How can users customize their avatar and video content in HeyGen?

    -Users can customize their avatar by creating different avatars for different types of content and adjusting the input video to match the desired tone and style. They can also use the AI Studio to create templates and add brand assets like logos and colors.

  • What are some use cases for HeyGen's streaming avatars?

    -Streaming avatars can be used for customer support on websites, sales assistance, educational purposes, and interactive experiences on company websites, providing real-time, personalized interactions.

  • How can users provide feedback and contribute to the development of HeyGen's products?

    -Users can share their feedback, ideas, and feature requests directly with the HeyGen team through webinar interactions, social media, or other communication channels provided by the company.



🌐 Global Webinar Introduction

The script begins with a warm welcome to a global webinar hosted by 'hey Jen', featuring guest Joy from the customer success team at Haen. The session aims to identify the audience's locations, with participants from France, Italy, the US, and more. Joy introduces herself as a customer success manager based in Los Angeles. The webinar offers an overview of Haen's services, including a special offer of five free credits for new participants to explore Haen's technology. The instructions for obtaining these credits are explained, emphasizing the need for an account creation and email provision for credit allocation. The session promises a 'Haen 101' topic, aiming to familiarize participants with Haen's offerings.


🚀 Haen's Generative AI Video Platform

This paragraph delves into Haen's mission to democratize virtual storytelling through its generative AI video creation platform. It highlights the platform's capabilities, such as creating personalized and localized videos, and the use of AI for video translation into multiple languages. Joy presents an overview of Haen's key products, including video avatars for quick content creation and video translation services that offer lip-sync and voice cloning. The paragraph also mentions new features like URL-to-Ask and instant highlights for video repurposing, and it invites participants to ask questions for a more interactive session.


🎭 Exploring Haen's Video Avatars and Multilingual Capabilities

The focus shifts to Haen's video avatars, which allow users to create AI digital trains using their talking videos. The instant and studio avatars are differentiated based on their production quality and intended use cases. The paragraph emphasizes Haen's support for over 40 languages, enabling content creation that reaches a global audience. It also touches on the new software update that combines multilingual capabilities with video avatars, showcasing the platform's evolving features. A live demo is promised to give participants a practical look at the avatar creation process.


🛠 Customizing Avatars and AI Studio Features

This section provides insights into customizing avatars and leveraging AI Studio's features. It explains how users can change their avatar's background, utilize personal branding elements, and create templates with avatar integration. The paragraph also addresses how to add natural gestures to avatars, suggesting the creation of multiple avatars for different content types. It mentions the ability to adjust voice cloning with 11 Labs and the ease of translating scripts with GPT 4's assistance. The importance of community feedback for product development is reiterated.


🌟 Showcase of Haen's Avatar Engine

The script presents a real-world application of Haen's avatar engine through a video shared by Dave, a user who created a digital twin for various professional scenarios. The video demonstrates the capability to appear in different environments and communicate in multiple languages, highlighting the efficiency and quality of Haen's technology. It also teases upcoming features like emotional and expressive voices, encouraging users to provide feedback for continuous product improvement.


🌐 Language Support and Video Translation Workflow

Joy introduces Haen's video translation feature, outlining its use case for existing videos and emphasizing support for over 70 languages and 150 locales. The workflow for video translation is explained, including the option for proofreading to ensure translation accuracy. The paragraph also discusses the new proof rate studio, which offers a more flexible and user-friendly interface for reviewing and editing translations.


📊 Proof Rate Studio and Translation Quality

The paragraph provides a detailed look at the proof rate studio's functionality, allowing users to manually edit and review translated content. It discusses the auto-detection of faces and voices in videos and the customization of script boxes. The importance of feedback for improving the proof rate experience is highlighted. Additionally, the paragraph addresses the quality of AI translations, suggesting an accuracy rate of around 85-90% and recommending proofreading for business-specific terminology.


🎬 Video Translation Tips and Knowledge Base

This section offers tips for video translation, such as using the knowledge base to provide context for AI, which can improve translation quality and reduce proofreading time. It explains how to blacklist or whitelist terms and set the desired tone for translations. The paragraph also touches on the brand library feature and how it can be used to ensure correct pronunciation and translation of brand names.


📹 Live Demo of Video Translation

The script includes a live demonstration of the video translation process, showing how to upload a video, select languages for translation, and generate a proof rate. It also addresses common questions about the translation quality and the ability to add custom subtitles in the target language. The paragraph provides a practical example of how video translation works within Haen's platform.


🤖 Streaming Avatar and Haen Labs Overview

The final paragraph introduces Haen Labs, which houses experimental features and integrations like Canva and Adobe. It discusses the streaming avatar, a customizable AI-driven interactive feature that can be embedded on websites. The paragraph explains the updated workflow for creating streaming avatars through self-service plans and invites users to try the demo. It concludes with an invitation for feedback and an acknowledgment of the community's interest in streaming avatars.


📅 Closing Remarks and Future Webinar Teasers

The script concludes with thanks to the participants and an appreciation for the community's feedback. It mentions upcoming webinars, including a business 101 session for enterprise clients, and hints at potential deep dives into topics like streaming avatar customization. The paragraph also addresses the community's requests for features like animal avatars and reiterates Haen's commitment to improving the platform based on user feedback.




A webinar is an online seminar or workshop that is conducted over the internet. In the context of the video, the term 'webinar' refers to the weekly Thursday event hosted by HeyGen, where they discuss various topics and provide training on their platform. It is a key part of their customer engagement strategy, as it allows them to connect with a global audience and offer insights into their services.

💡Customer Success Team

The customer success team is a group within a company that focuses on ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes while using the company's products or services. In the script, Joy, who is a member of HeyGen's customer success team, introduces herself as a customer success manager, indicating her role in helping customers successfully use HeyGen's technology.

💡Generative AI Video Creation Platform

This term refers to a technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate videos. HeyGen aims to make virtual storytelling accessible to all by providing such a platform, allowing users to create localized and personalized video content. The platform's capabilities are central to the company's mission and are a focal point of the webinar.


Localization is the process of adapting a product or content to suit a particular language, culture, or region. In the script, the concept of localization is integral to HeyGen's offerings, as they enable users to create videos in multiple languages, making content more accessible and relevant to diverse audiences.


Personalization refers to the customization of an experience or content to meet individual preferences or needs. The script mentions personalization in the context of video creation, where HeyGen allows users to create personalized videos that can be tailored to specific target audiences or purposes.

💡Video Avatar

A video avatar is a digital representation of a person that can be used in various media. HeyGen's platform allows users to create AI digital trains or video avatars using their own talking videos. These avatars can then be used to create content in a fast and easy way, showcasing the platform's advanced capabilities.

💡Video Translation

Video translation involves converting the audio and possibly the text of a video into different languages. HeyGen offers video translation services that not only translate the content but also provide lip-sync and voice cloning, allowing videos to be adapted for a global audience.

💡Lip Sync

Lip sync is the process of matching the movements of the lips in a video with the corresponding audio, especially in a dubbed or translated version. The script mentions lip sync as a feature of HeyGen's video translation service, ensuring that the translated video appears natural and synchronized.

💡Personalized Video Campaigns

Personalized video campaigns refer to marketing efforts where video content is tailored to individual customers. The script discusses how HeyGen's platform can be used to send personalized video campaigns, indicating a feature that allows for targeted and individualized marketing strategies.

💡Streaming Avatar

A streaming avatar is an interactive digital character that can be embedded on a website and used for real-time communication. The script mentions streaming avatars as a product offered by HeyGen, which allows for more interactive and engaging user experiences on websites.

💡AI Studio

AI Studio is likely a part of HeyGen's platform that provides users with tools to create and edit AI-generated content. While not explicitly defined in the script, the term suggests a user interface or suite of features within the HeyGen platform that facilitates the creation of videos using artificial intelligence.

💡Proof Reading

Proof reading is the process of reviewing a text to detect and correct errors. In the context of the video, proof reading is associated with HeyGen's video translation service, where users can review and edit the translated content to ensure accuracy and quality before finalizing the video.

💡Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a collection of information or data that is used to provide context or background information. The script mentions the use of a knowledge base with HeyGen's AI to improve the context and accuracy of translations, suggesting a feature that allows users to input specific information to guide the AI in its tasks.

💡Brand Vocabulary

Brand vocabulary refers to the specific terms or language associated with a brand. In the script, brand vocabulary is used in the context of video translation to ensure that brand names and specific terminologies are translated accurately and consistently.

💡HeyGen Labs

HeyGen Labs appears to be a section of the platform where experimental features or new product developments are showcased. The script mentions Labs as a place for MVP products and integrations, indicating that it is an area for innovation and testing of new ideas.


Introduction to HeyGen's weekly webinar series and the guest from the customer success team, Joy.

Global audience engagement with participants from France, Italy, US, India, and the UK.

Offer of five free credits for new participants to experience HeyGen's technology.

Instructions on creating an account at HeyGen to receive the free credits.

Overview of HeyGen's generative AI video creation platform and its mission to make virtual storytelling accessible.

Introduction of HeyGen's key products: Video Avatar, Video Translation, Personalized Video, and Streaming Avatar.

Explanation of the Video Avatar feature, allowing users to create AI digital trains with text-to-speech capabilities.

Details on Video Translation, including language support and lip-sync features.

Discussion on the new products URL to Ask and Instant Highlights for video repurposing.

Demonstration of the Instant Avatar creation process with a 2-minute recording.

Showcasing the ability to customize avatar backgrounds and integrate brand assets.

Tips on creating expressive avatars for different content types and the importance of input quality.

Introduction to the new proof reading feature for improving translation accuracy.

Explanation of how to use the knowledge base to enhance AI translation with context.

Showcase of a real demo video using HeyGen's new Avatar engine for multilingual content.

Discussion on the future development of emotional and expressive voices in avatars.

Invitation for feedback from users to help shape the development of HeyGen's products.

Introduction to HeyGen Labs, featuring MVP products and integrations with platforms like Canva and Adobe.

Overview of the Streaming Avatar feature, allowing integration of interactive avatars into websites.

Announcement of the self-service option for creating Streaming Avatars, not limited to Enterprise clients.

Live demo interaction with a Streaming Avatar to demonstrate its capabilities.

Closing remarks emphasizing the importance of community feedback for HeyGen's continuous improvement.