HeyGen New AI Studio

22 Feb 202449:30

TLDRIn this HeyGen New AI Studio webinar, co-hosted by Nikki and Wayne, the team introduces new updates to the AI Studio feature, demonstrating its capabilities for creating AI avatars and videos. They discuss the user-friendly interface, the flexibility of script and scene arrangement, and the advanced editing features. The webinar also includes a Q&A session, feedback collection, and an offer of five free credits for participants to explore HeyGen's features.


  • 😀 The webinar is hosted by Nikki and Wayne from HeyGen, a leading AI generation platform specializing in creating AI avatars and videos for businesses.
  • 📅 The webinar takes place every Thursday at 2 pm Eastern Time, with variations depending on the viewer's timezone.
  • 🔍 Each week covers a different topic, with this week focusing on updates to the AI Studio, a feature for creating videos with avatars using scripts.
  • 🌟 The AI Studio is an original feature of HeyGen, allowing users to create videos as easily as making PowerPoint presentations.
  • 🛠️ Wayne demonstrates the new version of AI Studio, highlighting improvements in script editing, voice settings, and scene arrangement.
  • 🎬 The new AI Studio version offers a standalone panel for script editing, manual pause insertion, and a more flexible timeline for arranging video elements.
  • 💡 Feedback from users is highly valued and used to improve HeyGen's products and features, with a special call for feedback on the AI Studio.
  • 🌐 The webinar mentions the availability of the new AI Studio for all users, regardless of subscription level, once it's ready for Early Access.
  • 💬 There's an emphasis on the importance of captions for accessibility and social media algorithms, with plans to expand caption features in the new AI Studio.
  • 🌍 The platform supports video translation, allowing users to create content in multiple languages with a click, including onscreen text translation.
  • 🔗 Links to Discord and type forms for user engagement, feedback, and access to beta features are provided during the webinar.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the webinar discussed in the script?

    -The main topic of the webinar is the introduction and demonstration of updates to the AI Studio, a feature of the HeyGen platform that allows users to create AI avatars and videos.

  • Who are the hosts of the webinar and what are their roles at HeyGen?

    -The hosts of the webinar are Nikki, a social media manager at HeyGen, and Wayne, the co-founder and chief product officer at HeyGen.

  • What is the purpose of the weekly webinars hosted by HeyGen?

    -The purpose of the weekly webinars is to update users on new features, provide in-depth demonstrations, and answer questions, ultimately helping users to better understand and utilize HeyGen's platform.

  • What feature of HeyGen allows users to create videos with AI avatars?

    -The AI Studio feature of HeyGen allows users to create videos with AI avatars by typing scripts for the avatars to speak.

  • How does HeyGen plan to use feedback from webinar participants to improve its product?

    -HeyGen takes notes of all comments and feedback from participants during the webinars and uses this information to build better products and features that align with user needs and preferences.

  • What is the process for users to get access to the new version of AI Studio mentioned in the script?

    -Users can sign up for early access to the new version of AI Studio through a type form that will be sent out by HeyGen. Once it's ready, they will be granted access to try out the new features.

  • What is the significance of the updates to the AI Studio's script editing and timeline features?

    -The updates to the AI Studio's script editing and timeline features provide a more flexible and user-friendly experience, allowing users to arrange scripts and scenes more intuitively and with greater control over timing and layering of video elements.

  • How does HeyGen support the translation of video scripts and on-screen text to other languages?

    -HeyGen supports the translation of video scripts and on-screen text to other languages through its AI Studio, allowing users to create content in multiple languages with a single click, including the translation of scripts and labels.

  • What is the current process for adding captions to videos created with AI Studio?

    -The current process involves adding captions after the video creation. Users can turn on captions, edit them for timing or content, and publish them so that viewers can see the captions when the video is shared.

  • What is the 'Avatar webm' feature in AI Studio and how can it be used?

    -The 'Avatar webm' feature allows users to export a video of an AI avatar speaking with a script in a webm format, which supports an alpha channel for transparent backgrounds. This feature is useful for overlaying the avatar onto any background within a video.

  • How can users provide feedback or ask questions about HeyGen's features during the webinar?

    -Users can provide feedback or ask questions by writing in the chat during the webinar. The hosts monitor the chat and address questions and feedback throughout the session.



😀 Introduction to Weekly Webinar and AI Studio Updates

The video script begins with a lively introduction to a weekly webinar hosted by Nikki and Wayne, key members of the haen team. They greet the audience, share their locations, and express excitement about the day's topic. The webinar serves as a platform to introduce new features and updates to haen, an AI generation platform specializing in creating AI avatars and videos. Nikki, a social media manager, and Wayne, the co-founder and chief product officer, provide a brief overview of the webinar's agenda, which includes a demonstration of the AI Studio feature, a Q&A session, and an offer of five free credits to participants. They also encourage audience interaction by asking viewers to share their locations and to provide feedback on haen's features.


🔍 Exploring AI Studio's Evolution and User Feedback

This paragraph delves into the history and development of AI Studio, one of haen's original features, which allows users to create videos with AI avatars by typing scripts. The hosts emphasize the importance of user feedback in shaping product development and encourage viewers to share their experiences and suggestions in the chat. They discuss updates to the AI Studio, including the addition of closed captions and the introduction of new features like streaming avatars and personalized video capabilities. The paragraph concludes with a call to action for users to share how they currently use haen and what features they would like to see improved or added.


🎬 Demonstrating the New AI Studio Version and Its Features

The hosts provide a walkthrough of the new version of AI Studio, which is in internal beta. Wayne shares that this updated version has been used to create recent product announcement videos, highlighting its practicality. The new version offers a standalone script editing panel, improved voice settings, and the ability to use CPT writer for script rewriting. It also introduces manual pause insertion and a more flexible, drag-and-drop interface for arranging scripts. The paragraph demonstrates the user experience of creating a video with the new AI Studio, emphasizing the ease of use and the enhanced creative control it offers.


📝 Discussing Timeline Enhancements and Video Editing Flexibility

This section focuses on the significant updates to the timeline feature in the new AI Studio version. The hosts explain that the script and audio are no longer confined within scenes, allowing for more flexible arrangement and editing. They discuss the ability to insert scenes and assets mid-sentence and the new pro mode that expands the timeline to show all video elements and their order. The paragraph highlights the user's ability to control the timing and animation of elements in relation to the script, making video creation more intuitive and powerful.


📱 Addressing User Queries and Providing Platform Updates

The hosts address various user questions and comments, discussing the availability of the new AI Studio version, the potential for using multiple avatars in a single video, and the platform's scalability with APIs. They mention that the new version will be accessible to all users regardless of their subscription plan and that it will continue to be improved based on user feedback. The paragraph also touches on the possibility of adding more diverse avatars, accents, and languages to the platform, emphasizing the team's commitment to expanding haen's capabilities.


🌐 Discussing Internationalization and Accessibility Features

The paragraph discusses the platform's efforts to support internationalization, including video translation and the addition of captions in various languages. The hosts explain how users can translate their scripts and on-screen text into different languages, enhancing the accessibility of the videos they create. They also mention the importance of captions for SEO, social media algorithms, and user engagement, especially on platforms where sound may be off by default.


🎭 Responding to Feedback on Avatars and Exploring New Features

The hosts respond to user feedback regarding the removal of certain avatars and the desire for more diverse avatar options. They explain the licensing agreements behind the avatars and the ongoing process of updating and adding new avatars to reflect advancements in technology. The paragraph also explores potential new features, such as the ability to create videos with two avatars conversing, and the team's interest in understanding user needs and preferences for such features.


📊 Wrapping Up the Webinar and Encouraging User Engagement

In the final paragraph, the hosts wrap up the webinar by summarizing the key points discussed and encouraging users to take advantage of the free credits offered. They highlight the availability of tutorials for those new to the platform and invite users to join their Discord community for further interaction and support. The hosts also tease the next week's webinar, which will be moderated by another team member and promises to be interactive and creator-focused.



💡AI Studio

AI Studio refers to the core feature of the HeyGen platform, which allows users to create videos with AI avatars. It's the starting point of the company's offerings, enabling businesses to generate content easily. In the script, it is mentioned as the original part of HeyGen where users can script their avatars to make videos akin to creating PowerPoint presentations. The new updates to AI Studio aim to enhance user experience by offering more flexibility and control over video creation.


A webinar is an online seminar or lecture that is used for educational purposes. In the context of the script, HeyGen hosts weekly webinars every Thursday at 2 pm Eastern Time to update users on new features, provide in-depth demonstrations, and answer questions. These webinars serve as a platform for interaction, learning, and feedback collection from the user community.


In the script, an avatar refers to the digital characters generated by AI that can be customized and used in video creation on the HeyGen platform. Users can type scripts for these avatars, which they then use to produce videos. The term is used to describe the AI-driven characters that form the visual aspect of the videos created on the platform.


Updates in the script refer to the new features or improvements made to the HeyGen platform. These updates are regularly discussed during the webinars to keep users informed about the latest enhancements. For instance, the new AI Studio version (stud V3) is an update that brings more flexibility and advanced editing capabilities to video creation.


Q&A stands for Questions and Answers, a segment typically found at the end of webinars where the hosts address the audience's queries. In the script, it is mentioned that a Q&A session is part of the weekly webinar format, allowing users to engage with the HeyGen team and get their questions answered directly.


Credits on the HeyGen platform are a form of virtual currency used to access and utilize the features of the service. The script mentions that the company gives out five free credits at the end of their webinars, allowing users to test out the platform's features without immediate cost.


Templates in the context of the script are pre-designed structures or layouts available in the AI Studio for creating videos. These templates are designed to simplify the video-making process, offering users a variety of styles and formats to choose from and customize according to their needs.


Feedback is a crucial part of the webinars, as it helps HeyGen improve its product offerings. The script emphasizes the importance of user comments and suggestions, which the team reviews and uses to refine and develop better features and functionalities on the platform.


Captions refer to the text versions of the spoken content in videos, which are essential for accessibility and comprehension. The script discusses the current state of captions on HeyGen, mentioning that they are available outside the video creation process and can be edited for timing and content. Future updates aim to provide more dynamic and styled captions.

💡Personalized Videos

Personalized videos are a feature mentioned in the script where users can create videos at scale tailored to individual recipients. This capability is one of the advanced use cases of the AI Studio, showcasing the platform's ability to generate customized content for different audiences.

💡Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is a tier of service offered by HeyGen, designed for larger teams and extensive use cases. The script mentions that features like API access are available for Enterprise Plan subscribers, indicating a higher level of integration and scalability for businesses with more complex needs.


Introduction to HeyGen New AI Studio webinar with hosts Nikki and Wayne.

Weekly webinars every Thursday at 2 pm Eastern to explore new features and updates on HeyGen.

HeyGen is an AI generation platform specializing in creating AI avatars and videos for businesses.

Updates on the AI Studio, the original feature of HeyGen for creating videos with avatars and scripts.

New features in AI Studio include a more intuitive script editing panel and voice settings.

The ability to manually insert pauses in the script for greater control over video pacing.

Changes to the timeline feature allowing for more flexible video editing and scene arrangement.

The new AI Studio version is currently in internal beta and will be available for early access soon.

Audience engagement through sharing use cases and feedback on HeyGen's features.

HeyGen's use of AI to create product update videos, showcasing the platform's capabilities.

Plans to improve caption features, including dynamic word-by-word captions and styling.

Support for video translation, allowing users to create content in multiple languages easily.

No limit on the number of layers for video editing as long as the user's computer can handle it.

HeyGen's commitment to adding more diverse avatars and improving existing ones with new technology.

Discussion on the availability of transparent background videos and how to access this feature.

Invitation to join the Discord channel for ongoing support and community engagement.

Offering of five free credits to participants and instructions on how to claim them.

Closing remarks encouraging users to share their feedback and look forward to future updates.

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