HeyGen for Enterprise

4 Apr 202457:30

TLDRIn this engaging webinar, Nick and Nikki from HeyGen introduce the HeyGen platform to enterprises, highlighting its AI video creation capabilities. They discuss the platform's ability to create personalized videos, digital twins of individuals, and translate videos into over 100 languages with various accents. The presenters emphasize the platform's utility for marketing, sales, and internal communications, showcasing its potential to enhance customer engagement and streamline content creation. They also touch on the importance of feedback from enterprise customers to improve the technology and offer a hands-on approach to help businesses integrate HeyGen effectively. The webinar concludes with a Q&A session and an offer of five free credits for participants to explore HeyGen's features.


  • 🎓 The HeyGen platform is designed for AI video creation, particularly for educational training, marketing, and informational videos.
  • 🌐 HeyGen offers the ability to create digital twins of individuals, which can be used for personalized content in various languages.
  • 💬 The platform has expanded its language capabilities to over 100 languages with different accents, enhancing its video translation feature.
  • 📊 Users can leverage HeyGen for internal communications, such as sending personalized videos to employees or clients, improving engagement.
  • 📈 The webinar highlighted the importance of personalization in sales and marketing, showcasing how HeyGen can be used to create tailored videos for various departments.
  • 🔧 HeyGen is continually improving its technology based on feedback from Enterprise customers, focusing on enhancing the user experience and functionality.
  • 📝 A new proofreading feature allows users to edit and collaborate on video transcripts to ensure accuracy in translated content.
  • 📱 The HeyGen app integrates with platforms like Adobe Express and Canva, allowing users to create templates and edit videos directly within these platforms.
  • 📹 The system supports various avatar types, including instant, photo, and studio avatars, each with specific use cases and creation processes.
  • 🚀 HeyGen is working on updates to improve the technology for handling complex movements and interactions in videos, with new features expected to launch soon.
  • 💡 The company encourages users to submit feedback and engage with the community for future improvements and to address any specific needs or questions.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the HeyGen webinar?

    -The HeyGen webinar focuses on showcasing the features and benefits of HeyGen, an AI video tool, specifically for enterprise use. It covers topics like video creation, educational training videos, video translation, and personalization for various business needs.

  • How often are the HeyGen webinars held?

    -The HeyGen webinars are held every Thursday at 2 pm Eastern Time.

  • What is the significance of the personalized video feature in HeyGen?

    -The personalized video feature in HeyGen allows users to create individualized videos for customers or clients by inserting personalized information such as names and cities, enhancing customer engagement and relationship building.

  • How does the video translation feature work in HeyGen?

    -The video translation feature in HeyGen allows users to upload a video and translate it into multiple languages with perfect lip synchronization. It also offers a proofreading option for accuracy and customization of the translated script.

  • What is the role of Nick in the context of HeyGen?

    -Nick is in charge of partnership growth at HeyGen. He works with enterprise customers to understand their needs and how HeyGen can assist them, helping to find the best workflow and use cases for different departments within an organization.

  • How can users provide feedback or ask questions about HeyGen?

    -Users can provide feedback or ask questions through the webinar's interactive chat, by messaging the hosts directly, or through social media platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn where the HeyGen team is active.

  • What are some of the new updates announced in the HeyGen webinar?

    -Some of the new updates announced include the expansion of supported languages in video translation to over 100 languages with different accents, and the ability for enterprise customers to collaborate on proofreading translated scripts.

  • How can businesses use HeyGen for internal communication?

    -Businesses can use HeyGen to create internal training videos, send personalized messages to employees, and share company updates or new product information in a more engaging video format.

  • What is the process for creating an Avatar in HeyGen?

    -To create an Avatar in HeyGen, users need to upload a video of themselves speaking for about two to five minutes. The system then uses this footage to train and create a digital twin of the user, which can be used for various video content creation.

  • How does HeyGen support enterprise customers in setting up and using the platform?

    -HeyGen provides enterprise customers with dedicated support, helping them to set up the account for multiple departments, create multiple avatars, and find the perfect workflow for their specific needs. They also offer training materials and one-on-one assistance.

  • What kind of industries or departments can benefit from using HeyGen?

    -Various industries and departments can benefit from HeyGen, including marketing, sales, education, training, and customer service. It can be used for creating content in multiple languages, enhancing internal communication, and improving customer engagement.



😀 Introduction and Greetings

Nick and Nikki, the hosts, greet the audience and express excitement for the webinar. They introduce themselves, their locations (San Francisco and Miami), and invite the audience to interact by sharing their locations and experiences with the platform 'haen'. They mention that the webinar occurs every Thursday at 2 pm Eastern Time and that it includes a demo, Q&A, and free credits for participants. The topic for the day is 'Hey Jen for Enterprises', focusing on features and benefits for businesses.


📈 Overview of haen and its Capabilities

The hosts explain that haen is an AI video tool specialized in video creation for various purposes, including marketing, educational training, and internal communications. They discuss the ability to create digital twins of individuals, use avatars for branding, and translate videos into multiple languages with lip synchronization. They also touch on the importance of feedback from enterprise customers to improve the technology and offer a personalized approach to setting up and using the platform.


🚀 Personalized Video Feature and Use Cases

Nikki and Nick delve into the personalized video feature, which allows for the creation of individualized videos with placeholders for names, cities, and other data. They discuss how this feature can be used for sales outreach, customer engagement, and internal communications. They provide an example of a personalized video and emphasize its potential for strengthening relationships and promoting new products.


🌟 New Features and User Experience

The hosts highlight new features in the 5.0 version of haen's Studio, focusing on user experience improvements and the ability to customize avatars and videos. They mention the option to use different views of the avatar, such as circle view or full-body view, and the integration with platforms like Adobe Express and Canva for further editing capabilities.


🌐 Language Capabilities and Scripting

The discussion shifts to the language capabilities of haen, including the ability to change the script language and use different voices, even those trained through partnerships with services like 11 Labs. They demonstrate how to translate scripts into various languages and accents, emphasizing the recent expansion to over 100 languages and accents.


🤝 Enterprise Solutions and Collaboration

Nick and Nikki talk about the proofreading feature for enterprise clients, allowing for collaboration and editing of transcripts in different languages. They mention the importance of accurate branding and the ability to download and collaborate on video scripts. They also discuss the process for providing feedback on translations and the commitment to improving the technology based on user feedback.


📚 Accessing Tutorials and Getting Help

The hosts guide users on where to find tutorials for haen and encourage engagement with the community for support. They mention the availability of the tutorial page, the upcoming webinar focusing on video translation, and the various social channels where users can follow updates and provide feedback. They also provide information on how to get in touch with the sales team for enterprise inquiries.


🎁 Conclusion and Upcoming Events

The webinar concludes with a reminder of the free credits offered to participants and an invitation to join the next webinar for more in-depth information on video translation. The hosts encourage the audience to follow haen on social media and to reach out with any questions or feedback. They express gratitude to the participants and look forward to future interactions.




A webinar is an online seminar or workshop that allows people to learn or get information about a specific topic. In the script, Nick and Nikki are hosting a webinar to showcase features of the HeyGen platform, which is a key part of their business engagement strategy.


HeyGen is an AI video tool designed for creating digital avatars and translating videos into multiple languages. It is used for marketing, sales, and internal communications. The webinar is focused on HeyGen's features and how it can benefit enterprises.

💡Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a person, created using AI and often used in video content. In the script, HeyGen's ability to create digital twins is highlighted as a way to personalize content and training materials.

💡Video Translation

Video translation refers to the process of converting a video from one language to another, including lip synchronization. The script emphasizes HeyGen's new update that allows translation into over 100 languages and various accents, which is crucial for global enterprises.


In the context of the script, an avatar is a digital representation of a person that can be used in videos. HeyGen offers different types of avatars, such as instant avatars and studio avatars, which are used to create personalized and engaging video content.

💡Personalized Video

Personalized videos are tailored to specific individuals, often including personal details like names. In the script, personalized videos are discussed as a feature that can enhance customer engagement and sales outreach.

💡Enterprise Customer

An enterprise customer refers to a business client that uses HeyGen for larger-scale operations, often requiring customized solutions and integrations. The script mentions that HeyGen offers special support and services for enterprise customers.

💡Lip Synchronization

Lip synchronization is the process of matching the movements of the lips in a video with the corresponding audio. It's an important feature for video translation, as mentioned in the script, to make the translated videos appear natural and seamless.

💡Proof Reading

Proof reading in the context of the script refers to the ability for users to review and edit the translated text in videos to ensure accuracy. This feature is particularly important for enterprise customers who need high-quality translations.

💡Social Media Managers

Social media managers are professionals who handle a company's presence on social media platforms. Nikki, one of the hosts, is a social media manager who primarily runs the TikTok account for HeyGen, indicating the importance of social media in their marketing strategy.

💡API Integration

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which allows different software applications to communicate with each other. The script mentions that HeyGen's API is available for enterprise customers, enabling them to integrate HeyGen's video creation and translation features into their own systems for streamlined workflows.


HeyGen for Enterprise is a platform that offers AI video creation tools specifically designed for businesses.

The webinar is hosted by Nick and Nikki, who discuss the features and benefits of HeyGen for Enterprise.

HeyGen allows users to create digital twins of themselves or avatars for various purposes, including marketing and educational training videos.

The platform offers video translation services, enabling users to translate existing videos into multiple languages with lip synchronization.

HeyGen is continually updating its technology to improve user experience and expand its capabilities.

Enterprise customers can expect personalized support and training to optimize their use of HeyGen for their specific business needs.

The platform can be integrated with other tools like Adobe Express and Canva for more advanced video editing.

HeyGen offers a self-service plan for individual users and an Enterprise plan for businesses looking to scale their video creation.

The webinar provides a demo on how to create personalized videos using HeyGen, which can be used for sales, marketing, and customer engagement.

HeyGen's API is available for Enterprise customers, allowing for seamless integration with existing business workflows.

The platform supports over 100 languages and various accents, making it suitable for global businesses.

Enterprise customers have access to a proofreading feature to ensure the accuracy of translated scripts.

HeyGen is suitable for creating content not only in marketing but also for sales teams and internal communications.

The platform can generate videos of up to 60 minutes for Enterprise customers, with the possibility of longer videos upon request.

Users can customize their videos with their own logos, colors, images, and music, making the content uniquely theirs.

HeyGen provides in-depth tutorials and resources to help users make the most of its features.

The webinar concludes with an offer of five free credits for attendees to test out HeyGen's features.