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20 Jun 202307:41

TLDRIn this tutorial, the host guides viewers through the process of creating animated cartoon videos using AI and ChatGPT tools, all for free. The process is broken down into six steps: First, generate a story using ChatGPT, then request image prompts related to the story. Next, convert the story text to speech using an online tool. After that, gain early access to to generate images from the prompts. The images are then transformed into 3D videos using Layer Pick's service. Finally, edit the 3D videos with voiceover using a video editor of choice and add subtitles using Vidya AI. The result is a professional animated video ready for sharing on various platforms.


  • 🌐 Open Google Chrome and visit the Chat GPT website to generate a story based on your prompt.
  • 📖 After receiving the story, ask Chat GPT for image-related prompts that correspond to the story.
  • 🎤 Use an online text-to-speech tool to convert the story into a voiceover and download the audio file.
  • 🎨 Gain early access to, join their Discord server, and fill out a form to sign up on their website.
  • 🖼️ Paste the prompts from Chat GPT into Leonardo to generate images for your story.
  • 📐 Ensure all images are generated in a 16:9 ratio to fit standard video dimensions.
  • 📂 Download and save all generated images to your computer.
  • 🎥 Create an account on Layer Pick and upload an image from Leonardo to be transformed into a 3D video.
  • 🔄耐心等待图像转换为3D视频的过程,然后保存到你的电脑上。
  • 🎬 Use a video editing software to compile the 3D videos and add the voiceover, ensuring synchronization and a seamless viewing experience.
  • 👉 Visit Vidya AI, create an account, and upload the final video to add subtitles for enhanced professionalism.
  • ✅ Once subtitles are added, save the final video to your computer and upload it to your desired platform.

Q & A

  • What is the first step in creating an animated cartoon video using AI tools?

    -The first step is to open the Google Chrome browser and visit the Chat GPT website to generate a story by typing your desired prompt.

  • How does one generate an image related to the story?

    -After receiving the generated story, you ask Chat GPT again, this time for prompts specifically designed for generating an image related to the story.

  • What is the purpose of using an online text-to-speech tool?

    -An online text-to-speech tool is used to convert the text of the story into a voiceover. You copy the story from Chat GPT and paste it into the selected text-to-speech website to generate and download the voice file.

  • How does one gain Early Access to

    -To gain Early Access to, you need to join the Leonardo Discord server and fill out the provided form. After completing these steps, sign up on the website.

  • What is the image ratio that should be used in Leonardo to generate images for the cartoon video?

    -The selected image ratio to use in Leonardo for generating images is 16 to 9.

  • What is LayerPick and how is it used in the process?

    -LayerPick is a platform where you can create an account and upload images generated from Leonardo. The platform then transforms these images into 3D videos.

  • What are some video editing software options mentioned for editing the 3D videos?

    -Some of the video editing software options mentioned are Camtasia, Filmora, CapCut, and Kinemaster.

  • How does one synchronize the voiceover with the video in the editing process?

    -During the editing process, you set up the voiceover to match the video, ensuring that everything is perfectly aligned and provides a cohesive and seamless experience.

  • What is the final step in creating the animated cartoon video?

    -The final step is to add subtitles to the video using a service like Vidya Ai to enhance its professionalism. After adding subtitles, the video is complete and can be saved and uploaded as desired.

  • Why is it important to subscribe to Tutor Bro's YouTube channel?

    -Subscribing to Tutor Bro's YouTube channel ensures that you stay updated with the latest tutorials, tips, and tricks on creating animated cartoon videos and other tech-related content.

  • What is the primary benefit of using AI tools for creating animated cartoon videos as described in the script?

    -The primary benefit is that it allows for the creation of animated cartoon videos in a streamlined and cost-effective manner, with the process being outlined as free to use.

  • How does the process described in the script enhance creativity?

    -The process enhances creativity by providing a step-by-step guide that leverages AI for story generation, image creation, and video editing, allowing users to focus on their creative vision rather than the technical complexities.



🎨 Creating Animated Cartoons with AI Tools

This paragraph outlines the process of creating animated cartoon videos using AI tools, all for free. The video tutorial is divided into six steps: opening Google Chrome, visiting Chad GPT for story generation, requesting image prompts, using a text-to-speech tool to create voiceover, gaining early access to for image generation, and finally, transforming images into 3D videos using Layer Pick. The paragraph emphasizes the creative aspect and the ease of creating animations with these tools.


🎬 Editing and Subtitling the Animated Video

The second paragraph focuses on the final stages of producing the animated video. It involves using a video editing software to compile the generated 3D videos and add voiceover. The video is then edited to ensure synchronization and a seamless viewing experience. After editing, the video is saved and subtitles are added using Vidya AI. The process includes creating an account on Vidya AI, uploading the final video, and following instructions to add subtitles. Once completed, the video is saved and ready for uploading to various platforms. The paragraph concludes with an invitation to subscribe to Tutor Bro for more informative and engaging content.



💡AI tools

AI tools refer to software applications that use artificial intelligence to automate tasks or enhance productivity. In the context of the video, AI tools are used to create animated cartoon videos, which is the main theme of the tutorial. An example from the script is the use of ChatGPT to generate a story and image prompts, showcasing how AI can facilitate the creative process.

💡Animated cartoon video

An animated cartoon video is a form of digital media where animated sequences are used to tell a story or convey a message. These videos often feature characters, backgrounds, and narratives that are created using computer animation techniques. The video's theme revolves around creating such videos using AI, making it a central concept.


ChatGPT is an AI language model designed to generate human-like text based on user prompts. In the video, it is used to generate both the story and image prompts for the animated cartoon, highlighting its role in content creation for the video's theme.


Text-to-speech (TTS) is a technology that converts written text into spoken words. The video script mentions using a free online TTS tool to generate a voiceover for the animated cartoon, which is a crucial step in bringing the story to life.

💡 is an AI platform mentioned in the script for generating images based on prompts. It is used in the video to create visuals that correspond to the story generated by ChatGPT, which are then used in the animated cartoon video.

💡3D video

A 3D video is a type of video that gives the perception of depth, making objects appear three-dimensional. In the script, LayerPick is used to transform 2D images into 3D videos, adding a layer of complexity and visual interest to the animated cartoon.

💡Video editing software

Video editing software is used to manipulate and combine video footage, add effects, and synchronize audio. The video script lists several tools like Camtasia, Filmora, CapCut, and Kinemaster, which are used to edit the 3D videos and voiceover into a cohesive final product.


A voiceover is a production technique where a voice is recorded and added to a video, typically to narrate or provide additional information. In the context of the video, the voiceover is generated using a text-to-speech tool and is synchronized with the animated visuals to tell the story.


Subtitles are text displayed on a video to provide an alternative to the audio, typically used for translation or to aid the hearing-impaired. The video script mentions adding subtitles to the final video using Vidya AI, enhancing its professionalism and accessibility.

💡Discord server

A Discord server is a chat platform where communities can communicate in real-time. In the script, joining the Leonardo Discord server is a step in gaining early access to the website, which is part of the process for creating the animated cartoon video.

💡Video footage

Video footage refers to the raw video material that is recorded and later used in the editing process. In the context of the video, the footage includes the 3D videos generated from images, which are then edited to create the final animated cartoon.


Synchronization is the process of aligning two or more elements in time, ensuring they occur together. In the video script, synchronization is used to describe the process of matching the voiceover with the animated visuals to create a seamless viewing experience.


Explore the world of creating animated cartoon videos using AI tools for free

Complete the process in six steps with a guide from the YouTube channel Tutor Bro

Open Google Chrome and visit the Chat GPT website to generate a story

Request a story prompt and then ask for image-related prompts from Chat GPT

Use online free text-to-speech tools to convert the story into voice

Gain early access to by joining their Discord server and filling out a form

Generate images from prompts using Leonardo and download them in 16:9 ratio

Create an account on Layer Pick and upload images to transform them into 3D videos

Use video editing software to edit the generated 3D videos and add voiceover

Ensure the voiceover synchronizes with the video for a seamless experience

Add subtitles to the video using Vidya AI to enhance professionalism

Save the final video with subtitles and upload it to your desired platform

Stay updated with more engaging content by subscribing to Tutor Bro

Discover innovative methods and practical applications for AI video generation

Unleash creativity with AI and Chat GPT without any cost

Transform a written story into an animated cartoon video with AI assistance

Choose from various video editing tools like Camtasia, Filmora, CapCut, or Kinemaster

Edit the video to perfection and align everything as desired

Complete the creative journey by adding subtitles to the final video

Ensure a cohesive and professional final product by following the provided steps