How to Create Animated Videos Using ChatGPT and Steve AI - Tutorial

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28 Apr 202308:51

TLDRThis tutorial demonstrates how to create animated videos using Steve AI and ChatGPT. The process begins with signing up for a free account on Steve AI and selecting the 'Text to Animation' feature. Users are guided to generate content with ChatGPT to import into Steve AI, customize the script, and select themes and animations. The video explains how to edit text, change colors, and add audio to create engaging animated videos for platforms like YouTube. The tutorial also covers how to remove watermarks and suggests upgrading to the premium version for additional features, all without incurring costs.


  • 🚀 Start by signing up on and choosing a username and passcode to access the platform.
  • 📝 Focus on the free version of for this tutorial to create YouTube tutorial videos.
  • 📑 Use the 'Text to Animation' feature in to create animated videos from scripts or copied text.
  • 🤖 Utilize ChatGPT to generate content, such as an introduction for your video, and then import it into
  • 📝 Copy and paste the generated script from ChatGPT into the appropriate scenes in's editing mode.
  • 🎨 Customize your video by choosing themes, backgrounds, characters, and editing text within
  • 🔍 Select a theme that best fits your brand or the type of content you're creating for consistency.
  • 📈 Generate detailed content using ChatGPT, such as '10 steps to start as a YouTuber influencer', to enrich your video.
  • ✂️ Edit and customize the text, colors, themes, and audio within to match your video's narrative.
  • 💡 Use Canva to further edit and customize your video elements, including removing watermarks and adjusting elements.
  • 🎉 Consider upgrading to the premium version of to access more advanced features and elements for video creation.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video tutorial?

    -The main topic of the video tutorial is to demonstrate how to create animated videos using Steve AI and ChatGPT.

  • What is the first step to start creating videos on Steve AI?

    -The first step is to go directly to and sign up for an account using a username and password.

  • What is the purpose of using ChatGPT in this video creation process?

    -ChatGPT is used to generate content that can later be imported into Steve AI for the creation of the animated video.

  • Which version of Steve AI does the tutorial focus on?

    -The tutorial focuses on the free version of Steve AI.

  • What feature of Steve AI does the tutorial use to create videos?

    -The tutorial uses the 'Text to Animation' feature of Steve AI to create videos.

  • How does the video script get transferred from ChatGPT to Steve AI?

    -The script is generated in ChatGPT, then copied and pasted into the respective scenes in Steve AI's editing mode.

  • What is the significance of choosing a theme in Steve AI?

    -Choosing a theme in Steve AI is important as it helps to align the video's visual style with the brand or the type of content being created.

  • Can you customize the characters and background in Steve AI?

    -Yes, you can customize the characters, background, and other elements in Steve AI to fit the content you are creating.

  • How can you avoid the watermark when exporting videos from Steve AI?

    -To avoid the watermark when exporting, you can delete or move the character or element that displays the watermark out of the frame.

  • What does the tutorial suggest doing if you want more customization options?

    -The tutorial suggests using Canva to import elements from Steve AI and customize them further, such as changing fonts and titles.

  • What is the final recommendation for viewers interested in Steve AI's premium features?

    -The final recommendation is to consider upgrading to the premium version of Steve AI to access more elements and features.



🎬 Introduction to Video Creation with Steve AI and Chat DPD

The video begins with a welcome and an introduction to creating videos using Steve AI, an online platform for video creation. The host also mentions using Chat DPD, another tool for content generation. The process starts with signing up on, choosing a username and password, and verifying the account. The tutorial focuses on the free version of the platform and guides viewers on how to create a YouTube video. The host walks through selecting the 'Text to Animation' feature, using a script from the library or pasting their own text. It then transitions to using Chat DPD for generating content, specifically an introduction for an e-commerce and online marketing channel, which is then imported into to create the video's script.


🚀 Customizing and Finalizing the Video in Steve AI

The second paragraph explains the process of customizing the video within the Steve AI workspace. The host discusses creating a script and choosing themes and animations, which may take a few minutes. They also mention the possibility of generating additional content with Chat DPD, such as a 10-step guide for becoming a YouTube influencer. The focus then shifts to editing the text, changing colors, themes, and adding different audio elements if desired. The video demonstrates how to customize the animation and text elements, adjust their size, and create a more detailed and engaging video. The host also addresses how to remove the watermark from the video without using a forced overlay, by rearranging the elements in the workspace. Finally, they mention the option to upgrade to a premium version of Steve AI for more features and conclude by encouraging viewers to like and subscribe for more useful content.



💡Animated Videos

Animated videos refer to a form of digital media where images are manipulated to appear as moving pictures. In the context of the video, the term is used to describe the type of content being created using Steve AI, a platform that facilitates the creation of animated content. The script mentions creating 'some videos' and 'animation video', indicating that the main theme revolves around producing animated content for platforms like YouTube.

💡Steve AI

Steve AI is mentioned as the primary tool for creating animated videos in the tutorial. It is an application that works with artificial intelligence to assist users in creating animated content. The script describes the process of signing up, choosing themes, and customizing animations within the Steve AI platform, highlighting its significance in the video's main theme of video creation.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is referenced as a tool for generating content, which can later be imported into Steve AI. The script suggests using Chat GPT to create a solid introduction for the animated video, emphasizing its role in the content creation process. It is portrayed as a valuable resource for generating text that can be utilized in the video's script.

💡Template Animation

Template animation is a concept where pre-designed templates are used to create animations. The script mentions using 'template animation' as one of the features of Steve AI, indicating that users can select from existing templates to create their animated videos, which simplifies the animation process and aligns with the tutorial's focus on ease of video creation.

💡Text to Animation

Text to animation is a feature within Steve AI that allows users to convert written text into animated sequences. The script describes selecting 'text to animation' and using a script or pasting text, which is then transformed into animated content. This feature is central to the video's theme of demonstrating how to create animated videos from textual content.


YouTube is mentioned as the intended platform for the animated videos created using Steve AI. The script discusses creating tutorials and videos for YouTube, which provides context for the purpose of the animated videos being made. It illustrates the practical application of the video's theme by showing where the final product will be utilized.

💡E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing is one of the topics mentioned in the script as an example of the type of content that can be created using the tools discussed. The script refers to 'e-commerce marketing' and 'social media creation' as areas where the generated introduction could be applied, indicating a specific application of the video's theme within the broader field of digital marketing.


Customization is a key aspect of the video's theme, as it relates to personalizing the animated videos created with Steve AI. The script talks about changing backgrounds, images, characters, and themes to fit the user's brand or company. It emphasizes the ability to tailor the video's appearance to match specific content creation needs.


A watermark is a visible overlay on a video that usually contains a logo or text to indicate the source or ownership of the content. In the script, the watermark is mentioned in relation to the free version of Steve AI, where users are advised to redirect elements to hide the watermark if they do not wish to pay for the premium version, which removes it.


Canva is an online design platform mentioned in the script as a place where users can edit and customize their videos further after creating them in Steve AI. The script suggests that by redirecting elements to the left part of the screen, users can avoid the watermark and then use Canva to make additional adjustments, indicating a step beyond the initial creation process.


Introduction to creating animated videos using Steve AI and ChatGPT.

Step-by-step guide on signing up and getting started with Steve AI.

Utilizing the free version of Steve AI for tutorial purposes.

Exploring the 'Text to Animation' feature within Steve AI.

Integration of ChatGPT to generate content for the animated video.

Creating a solid introduction using ChatGPT for an e-commerce marketing tutorial.

Copying and pasting generated text into Steve AI for video scripting.

Customizing video scenes with specific business growth messages.

Selecting a theme that best fits the brand or company for video creation.

Changing background, images, and characters within the video editor.

Generating additional content using ChatGPT for a more detailed video script.

Customizing video elements such as text, color, and theme in Steve AI.

Adding audio and adjusting animation settings for a more professional look.

Removing the watermark from the video by strategically placing elements.

Exporting the video without the need for premium features or watermark.

Option to upgrade to the premium version of Steve AI for more features.

Encouragement to like and subscribe for more useful video tutorials.