Invideo AI Tutorial | Best AI Video Generator of 2024

Dan Kieft
17 May 202411:47

TLDRIn this tutorial, viewers are introduced to Invideo AI, a powerful video generation tool that can create videos from a single prompt. The video showcases the process of cloning one's voice, generating scripts, and editing videos with ease. It highlights the potential for monetization through ad revenue and affiliate marketing. The 2.0 version's new features, such as voice cloning in different languages, are demonstrated. The tutorial guides users through creating a video on space travel, editing it, and even translating the voiceover into Spanish to reach a global audience. The video concludes by emphasizing the ease of creating high-quality content with Invideo AI, even on mobile devices, and the benefits of the Premium plan for watermark-free exports.


  • 😲 Invideo AI allows users to create videos with a single prompt, including voice cloning, script generation, and video editing.
  • 📈 Videos created with Invideo AI have the potential to generate significant ad revenue and can be combined with affiliate marketing strategies.
  • 🔧 The latest 2.0 version of Invideo AI enables voice cloning and language conversion, expanding the reach to global audiences.
  • 🎙️ Users can clone their voice by submitting a 30-second recording and following specific instructions for high-quality audio.
  • 🔄 Invideo 2.0's beta features can be activated through the settings, allowing for advanced video creation capabilities.
  • 🎬 The platform can generate a video based on a prompt, such as creating a 2-minute YouTube video on space travel.
  • 🎵 Background music and language preferences can be specified in the video creation process for a tailored video experience.
  • 🌌 The script, media, and voiceover can be edited within Invideo AI, offering flexibility to refine the final video output.
  • 🗣️ Voiceovers can be translated into different languages, like Spanish, to reach a broader audience.
  • 😂 Invideo AI can also generate humorous content, such as jokes, to make videos more engaging.
  • 👀 Subtitles can be added to videos directly within the platform, making content accessible for a wider range of viewers.
  • 📱 Invideo AI is accessible on mobile devices through an app, allowing video creation on-the-go.

Q & A

  • What is Invideo AI and what does it do?

    -Invideo AI is a video generation tool that allows users to create entire videos with just one prompt. It clones your voice, generates a script, and edits the entire video for you.

  • How can Invideo AI help in generating revenue?

    -Invideo AI can help generate tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue and can be combined with affiliate marketing for additional income.

  • What new feature has been introduced in Invideo AI 2.0?

    -Invideo AI 2.0 introduces the ability to clone your voice and change it to a different language, allowing for broader audience reach.

  • How does the voice cloning process work in Invideo AI?

    -To clone your voice, you need to submit a recording of at least 30 seconds, mention a specific sentence, include pauses between sentences, and use high-quality recording equipment. The system then processes your file to clone your voice.

  • What is the process of turning on beta features in Invideo AI?

    -To turn on beta features in Invideo AI, you go to the settings, find the beta features section, and toggle it on. This enables you to switch between different versions of the software.

  • How can you generate a video using a prompt in Invideo AI?

    -To generate a video, you need to find a good niche, craft a prompt mentioning the type of video, its length, topic, additional instructions, background music, language, and voice over. Then, you hit 'generate' to create the video.

  • Can Invideo AI generate a script for a video?

    -Yes, Invideo AI is capable of writing a script for the video based on the prompt provided by the user.

  • How can you edit the video created by Invideo AI?

    -You can edit the video by clicking on the 'edit' section where you can change the script, replace media clips with new keywords, and include your own media.

  • What is the process to change the language of the voice over in a video?

    -To change the language of the voice over, you give a command to change the script and voice over language to the desired language, specifying the voice to be used in that language, and then hit 'generate'.

  • How can subtitles be added to a video created with Invideo AI?

    -Subtitles can be added by giving a command to add subtitles and then hitting 'generate'. The system will add the subtitles based on the script.

  • What are the benefits of using the Premium plan of Invideo AI?

    -The Premium plan of Invideo AI allows you to create high-quality videos without a watermark, with no branding, and offers an export resolution of 1080p.



🚀 Introduction to Invi Video AI

The script introduces Invi Video AI, a tool that automates video creation from a single prompt. It can clone a user's voice, generate scripts, and edit videos. The video's potential for ad revenue and affiliate marketing is highlighted. The script also mentions the release of Nvidia AI's 2.0 version, which enables voice cloning and language translation. The video will demonstrate how to use Invi Video AI, including enabling beta features, cloning a voice, generating a video prompt, and converting English voiceover to other languages. A link is provided for viewers to try Invi Video AI.


🎙️ Cloning Your Voice with Invi Video AI

This paragraph details the process of cloning one's voice using Invi Video AI. It starts with accessing the 'Voices' section and adding a 30-second voice recording following specific instructions. After submission, the system clones the voice, which can then be named and used for video creation. The script also guides viewers on enabling Invi Video 2.0 through the settings to access advanced features. The focus then shifts to creating video content by turning ideas into prompts, selecting a niche, and crafting a script with specific instructions for video length, topic, background music, language, and voiceover.


🌌 Creating and Editing Videos with Invi Video AI

The script explains how to generate a video using a crafted prompt in the 'Future Space' niche. It describes the process of creating a YouTube video about space travel, including setting the video length, topic, background music, language, and voiceover. The video generation process is outlined, including customizing the audience, look and feel, and platform. The video's output is showcased, highlighting the AI's ability to write scripts, find footage, and edit. Further editing options are discussed, such as changing the script, replacing media clips, and customizing the intro with a joke. The paragraph concludes with demonstrating how to add subtitles to the video and the benefits of using Invi Video AI for creating high-quality content on various platforms, including a mobile app.



💡AI Video Generator

An AI Video Generator refers to a software or platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to create videos. In the context of the video, Invideo AI is the AI Video Generator being discussed, which can create videos based on a single prompt, including cloning voices, generating scripts, and editing the entire video. It is highlighted as a powerful tool for content creation that can potentially generate significant ad revenue.

💡Voice Cloning

Voice Cloning is the process of replicating a person's voice using AI technology. The script explains that Invideo AI allows users to clone their voice, which can then be used to create videos. This feature is significant as it enables personalized content creation without the need for the original voice actor's continuous involvement.

💡Script Generation

Script Generation is the automatic creation of a script for a video or other media. The video script mentions that Invideo AI can generate a script, which is essential for structuring the content and narrative of a video. This feature streamlines the video production process by reducing the time spent on scriptwriting.

💡Ad Revenue

Ad Revenue refers to the income generated from advertisements displayed on content, such as videos. The script suggests that videos created with Invideo AI have the potential to make tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue, indicating the commercial potential of the content produced with this AI tool.

💡Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where an individual or company earns a commission by promoting another company's products or services. The video mentions combining video creation with affiliate marketing, suggesting a strategy to monetize content by promoting related products within the videos.

💡Invideo 2.0

Invideo 2.0 refers to the updated version of the Invideo AI platform. The script discusses the release of this new version, which includes advanced features such as changing the cloned voice to a different language. This upgrade is significant as it expands the platform's capabilities and broadens its user base.

💡Language Conversion

Language Conversion in the context of the video refers to the ability to change the language of the cloned voice over to reach a wider audience. The script demonstrates this feature by showing how an English voice can be converted into Spanish, thus allowing content creators to produce videos for non-English speaking audiences.

💡Video Prompt

A Video Prompt is a set of instructions or a concept given to the AI to generate a video. The script details how to turn an idea into a prompt for Invideo AI to create a video, including specifying the type of video, its length, topic, and any additional instructions for customization.

💡Background Music

Background Music is the audio track that plays behind the main content of a video. The script mentions the importance of selecting appropriate background music to set the tone and atmosphere of the video, such as making it 'dark and mysterious' for a space-themed video.

💡Space Travel

Space Travel is the theme of the example video created in the script. It refers to the exploration and movement of humans and machines through outer space. The script uses this theme to demonstrate how Invideo AI can generate content on a specific topic, crafting a narrative around the progress of space exploration since 1957.


Subtitles are textual representations of the audio content in a video, typically used for accessibility or for viewers who prefer to read rather than listen. The script shows how Invideo AI can add subtitles to a video based on the script, enhancing the video's accessibility and viewer engagement.


Invideo AI allows creating entire videos with just one prompt, including voice cloning, script generation, and video editing.

Videos created with Invideo AI can generate significant ad revenue and can be combined with affiliate marketing.

Invideo AI's 2.0 version introduces voice cloning and language changing capabilities.

The tutorial showcases an AI-generated video about space exploration, demonstrating the capabilities of Invideo AI.

To clone your voice in Invideo AI, you need to submit a 30-second recording following specific instructions.

Voice samples should be natural, with pauses between sentences, and recorded using high-quality equipment.

Invideo AI's beta features, including version 2.0, can be enabled through the settings menu.

Turning your ideas into prompts with Invideo AI allows for the generation of entire videos.

Selecting a niche, such as future space technology, can lead to successful video content creation.

Crafting a prompt includes specifying the video type, length, topic, and any additional instructions.

Invideo AI can generate a script, find background music, and even include voiceovers in the desired language.

The workflow feature in Invideo AI assists with prompt writing for specific video types.

Editing capabilities in Invideo AI allow for script adjustments, media replacement, and other enhancements.

Voiceovers can be changed into different languages, expanding the potential audience for the videos.

Invideo AI offers an app for mobile devices, enabling video creation and editing on the go.

A premium plan for Invideo AI removes watermarks and branding, and provides higher export resolution.

The tutorial concludes with a demonstration of how to add subtitles to videos using Invideo AI.