Invideo AI Tutorial: Best AI Video Generator in 2024

Youri van Hofwegen
31 May 202410:34

TLDRInvideo AI makes video creation effortless, allowing users to transform text into polished videos complete with script, voiceover, and subtitles. The platform's advanced features include voice cloning and multilingual translation, enhancing personalization and accessibility. This tutorial demonstrates how to generate, edit, and even monetize AI videos on YouTube, showcasing Invideo AI's potential for content creators seeking efficiency and versatility.


  • 😀 Invideo AI allows you to create videos from text prompts with script, voice over, video footage, and subtitles.
  • 🎙️ You can clone your own voice for use in AI-generated videos, offering a personalized touch.
  • 🌐 The platform supports translation into multiple languages, even if you don't speak them, expanding your content reach.
  • 📹 To get started, you need an account on Invideo AI, with a free plan available for beginners.
  • 🔧 Before generating videos, you must enable beta features for advanced capabilities like voice cloning.
  • 📝 The video creation process involves specifying the content, audience, look and feel, and platform to tailor the output.
  • 🔄 After video generation, you can manually edit scripts, media clips, and other elements for customization.
  • 🗣️ Voice cloning involves submitting a 30-second audio file with a specific sentence for permission to clone.
  • 🌍 The video can be translated into various languages, including Spanish, German, Japanese, and more.
  • 📈 The AI video generator is particularly effective for informational content, such as travel guides and educational videos.
  • 💰 Monetization on platforms like YouTube is possible with these AI-generated videos, as they meet the platform's requirements.

Q & A

  • What is Invideo AI and what can it do?

    -Invideo AI is a video generation platform that can turn text prompts into ready-to-publish videos with script, voiceover, video footage, and subtitles. It also allows users to clone their own voice and translate videos into any language.

  • How can I clone my voice in Invideo AI?

    -To clone your voice in Invideo AI, you need to go to the 'Voices' section under plugins, click on 'Add Voice', and submit a 30-second audio file containing a specific sentence granting permission for cloning your voice.

  • What are the steps to generate a video with Invideo AI?

    -First, you need to tell Invideo AI what you want to create, ensuring you have selected the latest model version. After that, click 'Generate Video', and it will analyze your prompt. You will then be asked about your target audience, the look and feel of the video, and the platform. Once these are set, the video will be generated.

  • Can I manually edit the script or media clips in Invideo AI?

    -Yes, you can manually edit parts of the script or media clips by clicking on 'Edit'. You can search for better fitting clips or adjust the script and music as needed.

  • How does Invideo AI handle translations for different languages?

    -Invideo AI can translate the video script into various languages, and you can apply your cloned voice in those languages, even if you don't speak them.

  • What are some examples of content formats that Invideo AI works well with?

    -Invideo AI works well with information-based videos, such as travel guides, history facts, and videos about animals.

  • Can I monetize videos generated with Invideo AI on YouTube?

    -Yes, you can monetize videos generated with Invideo AI on YouTube, as they meet the platform's monetization requirements.

  • What is the significance of being able to clone one's own voice for video generation?

    -Cloning your own voice allows for a more personalized touch in videos and avoids the issue of multiple channels using the same voiceover, which could lead to a lack of originality.

  • How does Invideo AI's AI video generator differ from traditional video creation?

    -Invideo AI's AI video generator automates the process of creating videos, requiring no technical skills or manual clip searching, making it faster and more accessible for users.

  • What are some limitations of Invideo AI's video generation capabilities?

    -Invideo AI may not fully replace traditional video creation for certain formats like POV vlogs, where the personal experience and interaction are significant components of the content.

  • Can Invideo AI generate videos in languages that the user does not speak?

    -Yes, Invideo AI can generate videos in languages that the user does not speak, as long as the user has cloned their voice and the AI can translate the script accordingly.



🎥 AI Video Generation and Voice Cloning

This paragraph introduces the capabilities of AI in video creation, emphasizing the ease of transforming text prompts into fully-fledged videos complete with script, voiceover, and subtitles. It also highlights the advanced feature of cloning one's own voice for use in videos and the ability to translate videos into any language, even those not spoken by the user. The script discusses the process of making an AI-generated video with the user's cloned voice in English and then translating it into Spanish, showcasing the broad language options available. The paragraph ends with an introduction to the potential uses and questions about the quality and monetization of such videos on YouTube.


🌐 Language Translation and Video Editing in AI

The second paragraph delves into the process of generating and customizing AI videos, starting with signing up for an account on the AI video platform and enabling beta features. It outlines the steps to create a video, including specifying the content, selecting the model version, and providing audience and style preferences. The paragraph also explains how to clone one's voice and apply it to the video, as well as how to manually edit the script and media clips. The discussion then shifts to the new feature of translating videos into different languages, mentioning the variety of languages supported and the potential for reaching a global audience. The paragraph concludes with a mention of a comprehensive tutorial for further guidance and a teaser about the viability and quality of AI-generated videos for monetization.


📈 Monetization and Future of AI-Generated Content

The final paragraph focuses on the practical aspects of using AI-generated videos, particularly the monetization potential on platforms like YouTube. It addresses the evolution of the AI video platform, noting the previous limitations in voiceover options and the solution of voice cloning. The paragraph provides reassurance that AI-generated videos meet YouTube's monetization criteria and discusses the growing trend of AI content, citing examples of successful channels that utilize AI. It concludes by encouraging viewers to try out the AI video platform with a free plan and consider a paid plan for more advanced features, including voice cloning, and directs them to a tutorial for further information.



💡Invideo AI

Invideo AI is an artificial intelligence-based video generation platform that allows users to create videos from text prompts. It integrates various elements such as script, voiceover, video footage, and subtitles. In the context of the video, Invideo AI is presented as a powerful tool that can significantly enhance video production capabilities, especially with features like voice cloning and language translation.

💡AI Video Generator

An AI Video Generator is a software that uses artificial intelligence to create videos automatically. It can analyze text prompts and generate corresponding video content with voiceovers and visuals. In the video script, the AI Video Generator is the core subject, demonstrating its ability to produce videos with customized voiceovers and multilingual capabilities.

💡Voice Cloning

Voice Cloning refers to the process of replicating a person's voice using AI technology. In the video, the feature allows users to create a clone of their own voice, which can then be used in AI-generated videos. This is showcased as a unique and innovative aspect of Invideo AI, enabling personalized voiceovers even in languages the user may not speak.

💡Language Translation

Language Translation in the context of the video refers to the ability of the AI to translate the video's content into different languages. This feature is highlighted as a significant advantage, as it broadens the reach of the generated videos to a global audience, even if the creator does not speak the target language.


A script in video production is the written text that serves as the blueprint for the video's dialogue and action. In the video, the script is generated by Invideo AI based on user prompts, and it can be customized or edited as needed. The script is central to the video's narrative and is used to guide the AI in creating the content.

💡Voice Over

Voice Over is the technique of recording a voice separately from the actual filming and then adding it to the video during post-production. In the context of the video, the AI can generate a voice over using the user's cloned voice or a default one, making the video production process more accessible and efficient.


Subtitles are textual representations of the audio content in a video, typically used for translation or to provide additional information. In the video script, subtitles are mentioned as one of the features provided by Invideo AI, enhancing the accessibility of the generated videos for a wider audience.


Monetization in the context of YouTube refers to the process of earning revenue from the content uploaded to the platform. The video discusses the potential for monetizing AI-generated videos on YouTube, emphasizing that these videos meet the platform's requirements for monetization and can be a source of income.

💡Beta Features

Beta Features are new functionalities of a software that are in the testing phase before being officially released. In the video, the user is instructed to enable beta features in Invideo AI to access advanced capabilities like voice cloning and language translation, which are essential for the video's demonstration.

💡Travel Enthusiast

A Travel Enthusiast is someone who has a keen interest in traveling and exploring new places. In the video, the AI is prompted to create content tailored for a travel enthusiast audience, indicating one of the many audience types that can be targeted using Invideo AI's customization options.


In the context of video production, a platform refers to the medium or service where the video will be published, such as YouTube. The video script mentions selecting the platform during the video generation process, which helps Invideo AI tailor the content to suit the specific platform's audience and requirements.


Invideo AI allows you to turn any text prompt into a ready-to-publish video with script, voiceover, video footage, and subtitles.

You can now clone your own voice for use in AI-generated videos, enhancing personalization.

Videos can be translated into any language, even if you don't speak it, broadening your audience reach.

The video was made with the presenter's cloned voice in English and then translated to Spanish, showcasing the translation feature.

Invideo AI offers the possibility to generate videos in multiple languages, including German, Japanese, French, and more.

To get started with video generation, you need an account on Invideo AI, with a free plan available.

Beta features in Invideo AI must be enabled to clone voices and translate videos to other languages.

The video generation process begins by telling Invideo AI what you want to create, with options to customize the model version.

Invideo AI asks for audience, look and feel, and platform preferences to tailor the video generation.

The video generation process may take a few minutes depending on the complexity of the prompt given.

Once generated, videos can be edited manually or by giving Invideo AI new text prompts to adjust the content.

You can clone your voice by submitting a file of at least 30 seconds of audio and following on-screen instructions.

After cloning your voice, you can select it for use in your videos, giving a personal touch to the AI-generated content.

Invideo AI makes it easy for anyone to edit videos, even without prior experience, by allowing manual edits or text prompts for changes.

AI-generated videos can be monetized on YouTube, meeting the platform's requirements for monetization.

The quality of AI-generated videos is solid, especially considering the speed of production and lack of need for technical skills.

While AI video generators are not a full replacement for human-made videos, they work well for information-based content like travel guides and history facts.

Translating content into different languages can unlock a massive income stream in other parts of the world, as demonstrated by Mr Beast's channel strategy.

Invideo AI's new features, like voice cloning and language translation, make it a powerful tool for content creators looking to expand their reach.