Invideo AI - Full Tutorial 2024: Best AI Video Generator

Kevin Stratvert
13 May 202412:54

TLDRThis tutorial showcases how to use AI to create videos in any language with Invideo AI, a powerful video generator. Users start by inputting a prompt describing their desired video, and the AI generates a script, selects stock footage, and even offers voiceover in various languages. The video can be published in minutes, and additional features like voice cloning and language customization are available. The platform offers a free version with watermarks and a premium plan for more professional results, making video creation accessible and efficient.


  • 🎯 Use AI to generate videos in any language with just an idea and a prompt.
  • 📝 AI creates a script, finds stock footage, and generates a voiceover in multiple languages.
  • 🗣️ Your voice can be cloned for a unique voiceover, available with a paid plan.
  • 🌐 Start by setting up a free account on the provided website and enable Beta Mode for additional features.
  • 🔧 Specify details like video platform, orientation, music type, and voiceover language for better results.
  • 🔄 Generate a video and refine it by editing the prompt or using AI commands for adjustments.
  • 🎥 With a premium plan, access to high-quality stock footage and voice cloning without watermarks.
  • 👉 Use the AI's editing suggestions or manually adjust media, script, and subtitles to customize the video.
  • 🌐 The video can be translated into different languages even after it's been generated.
  • 📱 An iOS app is available with the same capabilities for video generation on-the-go.
  • 💰 Premium plans start at $20 per month, offering additional features like voice cloning and stock footage licensing.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of the AI video generator mentioned in the video?

    -The primary purpose of the AI video generator is to create videos in any language based on a user's prompt. It generates a script, finds matching stock footage, and even produces a voiceover using the user's voice or a selected language.

  • How does the AI generate a script for the video?

    -The AI generates a script by using the prompt provided by the user, which describes the video they want to make. The more detailed and specific the prompt, the better the AI can tailor the script to the user's needs.

  • What is the role of 'Beta Mode' in the AI video generation process?

    -'Beta Mode' unlocks additional functionality for the AI video generator, such as the ability to create videos in different languages and access to more advanced features.

  • How can users ensure they get the best results from the AI video generator?

    -Users can ensure the best results by providing detailed and specific prompts, including information about the video's purpose, format, music preferences, voiceover style, and desired length.

  • What is the process for cloning one's voice for the voiceover in the video?

    -To clone one's voice, users need to record their voice for at least 30 seconds, following the provided instructions, and then upload the recording. This feature requires a paid plan.

  • Can users modify the generated video after it has been created?

    -Yes, users can modify the generated video by providing additional commands to the AI or by manually editing the media and text used throughout the video.

  • How does the AI handle language changes for existing videos?

    -The AI allows users to change the language of an existing video by typing a command to change the language, and it will update the script, subtitles, and voiceover accordingly.

  • What are the benefits of using a premium plan with the AI video generator?

    -A premium plan removes watermarks, allows for voice cloning, provides a license to use high-quality stock footage commercially, and offers additional video generation credits.

  • How can users access the AI video generator's more advanced editing features?

    -Users can access more advanced editing features by exporting the project to a timeline, which opens a more traditional video editor with controls for individual properties and additional assets.

  • What is the starting price for a premium plan that offers additional features and benefits?

    -The starting price for a premium plan is $20 per month, which includes features such as no watermarks, voice cloning, and stock footage licensing.

  • Is there an iOS app available for the AI video generator with the same capabilities?

    -Yes, there is an iOS app available that offers all the same capabilities as the web-based AI video generator.



🎥 AI-Powered Video Generation

This paragraph introduces the concept of using AI to create videos in any language. It starts with the basic requirement of having a video idea and then typing a prompt for the AI to generate a script, find stock footage, and even produce a voiceover in various languages using the user's own voice. The video demonstrates a partnership with 'invideo' to showcase the process, which includes setting up a free account, enabling Beta Mode for additional features, and using detailed prompts to guide the AI in creating a specific type of video. The paragraph also touches on the option to clone one's voice for a unique voiceover and provides a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the video creation process.


🚀 Customizing and Editing AI-Generated Videos

The second paragraph delves into the customization and editing process of AI-generated videos. It explains how the AI compiles the script and stock footage, and how a premium plan allows for commercial use of the footage with a license. The paragraph details the steps to refine the video, such as changing subtitles to highlight each word as it's spoken and adjusting the background music volume. It also covers the ability to change the video's language even after it has been generated, demonstrating this by converting an English video into German. The paragraph further discusses manual editing options, including replacing media, searching for stock footage, and editing the script, concluding with the option to export the project to a traditional video editor for more control.


📲 Exporting and Sharing AI-Created Videos

The final paragraph focuses on the final steps of exporting and sharing the AI-created videos. It outlines the process of exporting the video, which includes choosing between a free account with watermarks and branding or a premium plan that starts at $20 per month, offering no watermarks and access to high-quality stock footage. The paragraph also mentions the ability to preview the video before downloading it to one's PC and the option to share or upload the video to various social platforms. Additionally, it highlights the availability of an iOS app with the same capabilities and provides a promotional code for new users to get more video generation credits in their first month. The paragraph concludes with an invitation to subscribe for more content like this.



💡AI Video Generator

An AI Video Generator is a software tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to create videos. In the context of the video, it refers to the Invideo AI platform, which can generate a script, find matching stock footage, and produce a voiceover based on user prompts. This technology is pivotal to the video's theme, showcasing how AI can simplify the video creation process.


A prompt in this video script refers to a textual description provided by the user to guide the AI in generating a specific type of video. It is crucial as it sets the foundation for the AI's understanding of what the user wants to create, influencing the script, footage, and voiceover produced.

💡Stock Footage

Stock footage is pre-recorded video material that can be used by video creators. In the video, the AI finds matching stock footage based on the user's prompt, which is essential for visual representation in the final video product. It exemplifies how AI can automate the search for relevant visual content.


Voiceover is the spoken narration in a video, often used to explain or add context to the visuals. The script mentions that the AI can generate a voiceover using the user's voice, which can be in various languages. This feature is highlighted as a way to personalize the video and make it accessible in different linguistic markets.

💡Beta Mode

Beta Mode in the video refers to a testing phase for new features on the Invideo AI platform. Enabling it unlocks additional functionality, such as language options and advanced video generation capabilities. It is a key step in the process as it allows users to access the latest features of the AI video generator.

💡Model V2

Model V2 is a newer version of the AI model used by Invideo AI, mentioned in the script as offering enhanced capabilities over its predecessor, Model V1. It is part of the video's narrative on technological advancement, demonstrating the continuous improvement in AI's ability to generate videos.


Workflows in the video are predefined steps or templates that guide users through the video creation process. They cater to different video types, such as YouTube explainers, and help users write effective prompts. Workflows are presented as a user-friendly feature to assist in the video generation process.

💡Voice Cloning

Voice cloning is a feature that allows the AI to replicate the user's voice for the video's voiceover. It is mentioned as a unique selling point of the platform, offering a personalized touch to the video. The script explains that this feature requires a paid plan, indicating a tiered service model.


Regenerating in the context of the video means recreating the video with the AI after the initial generation. It is an option provided if the user is not satisfied with the initial outcome, allowing for adjustments and improvements. This term is used to illustrate the flexibility of the AI video generation process.


Exporting in the video refers to the final step of saving or rendering the completed video for distribution. The script mentions an option to export the project to a timeline, which is a more traditional video editing interface. This term is key to understanding the finalization and distribution of the AI-generated video.

💡Premium Plan

A premium plan is a subscription service offered by Invideo AI that provides additional features beyond the free account. These include the removal of watermarks, access to voice cloning, and licensing for high-quality stock footage. The script promotes the premium plan as a cost-effective solution for professional video creators.


AI can generate videos in any language based on a prompt provided by the user.

The AI generates a script, finds matching stock footage, and generates a voiceover using the user's voice.

The user's voice can be in any supported language, including German, as demonstrated in the video.

A free account is required to start using the AI video generator.

Beta Mode unlocks additional functionality for the AI video generator.

Users can switch between different AI models to enhance video generation.

Detailed and specific prompts improve the quality of the AI-generated video.

Workflows and plugins are available to assist in prompt creation and video editing.

Voice cloning is a feature that allows the AI to use the user's unique voice for the video.

Voice cloning requires a paid plan and follows specific recording instructions.

The AI can generate a video in any specified language, even changing the language of an existing video.

Users can manually edit the media, text, and script of the AI-generated video.

The AI video generator includes an option to export the project to a timeline for more advanced editing.

A premium plan starting at $20 per month offers additional features like voice cloning and stock footage licensing.

The generated video can be exported and shared on various social platforms.

An iOS app with the same capabilities as the AI video generator is available.

A discount code is provided for new users to get more video generation credits in their first month.