NEW FREE Ai VIDEO Generator - How I use it tutorial / Haiper Ai

21 Mar 202413:01

TLDRIn this tutorial, the creator explores the capabilities of a free AI video generation tool called Haiper AI. They demonstrate how to use the tool to generate a movie trailer for a fictional film, showcasing the process from concept to final product. The creator highlights the tool's features, such as text-to-video generation and image integration, and discusses the quality differences between standard and HD models. They also share their experience with creating several short video clips, enhancing them with editing and music to create a compelling narrative. The tutorial concludes with the creator's excitement about the potential of AI in video generation and their anticipation for future developments in the field.


  • 🎬 The video introduces a free AI video generation tool called 'Haiper Ai' for creating movie trailers and other video content.
  • 🚀 The tool 'Haiper Ai' is new and currently offers its services for free, with potential plans for paid services in the future.
  • 👀 The 'Haiper Ai' platform features an 'Explore' page where users can view creations by other users and see the prompts and seeds used.
  • 🔍 Users can filter and find inspiration from successful video generations or learn from unsuccessful ones.
  • 📝 The 'Creations' page serves as a personal feed for all future creations made by the user.
  • 📚 Additional information about video generation capabilities, such as resolution and length, is provided on the 'Get Started' page.
  • 🛠 Users can customize their video generation by choosing text, image inputs, HD quality, style, seed, motion level, and duration.
  • 🔄 The generation process involves a queue wait time and actual generation time, which can vary based on user load.
  • 🎨 The script highlights the significant difference in quality between the standard and HD models, with HD providing superior results.
  • 📸 The creator demonstrates how to use images in conjunction with prompts to generate more personalized and detailed video outputs.
  • 🤖 The video showcases the potential of 'Haiper Ai' by creating a series of fantastical video shots with the help of 'Chad GPT' for ideas.
  • 🎞️ Post-generation, the creator uses video editing software like Premiere Pro to enhance and compile the AI-generated clips into a coherent video.
  • 🎵 The final video projects often include added music and voiceovers to create a polished and professional outcome.
  • 👨‍💻 Despite some imperfections in the AI-generated content, the creator is impressed with the overall quality and potential of 'Haiper Ai'.
  • 🔮 The video concludes with excitement for the future development and capabilities of AI in video generation.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the video?

    -The purpose of the video is to showcase how the presenter used a free AI video generation tool called Haiper AI to create a movie trailer for a fictional movie and to demonstrate the capabilities of the tool.

  • What is the name of the AI video generation tool mentioned in the video?

    -The AI video generation tool mentioned in the video is called Haiper AI.

  • How can one try Haiper AI for free?

    -To try Haiper AI for free, one needs to create an account using Google or Discord, which will then take them to the Haiper explore page.

  • What features does the Haiper AI tool offer?

    -Haiper AI offers features such as text-to-video generation, image-based video generation, stylization options like old film, watercolor, and cyberpunk, and the ability to create videos up to 4 seconds long in non-HD or 2 seconds long in HD.

  • How long does it take to generate a video using Haiper AI?

    -The time it takes to generate a video using Haiper AI includes a queue time, which for the presenter took 1 minute and 32 seconds, and the actual generation time for a 2-second clip was about 1 minute.

  • What is the difference between using the regular model and the HD model in Haiper AI?

    -The regular model in Haiper AI allows for videos up to 4 seconds long but in 720p quality, while the HD model allows for videos only up to 2 seconds long but in higher quality, which significantly improves the visual outcome.

  • How does the presenter enhance the generated videos?

    -The presenter enhances the generated videos by adding effects such as scaling up, sharpening, and color correction in Premiere Pro, as well as adding music and editing to create a cohesive narrative.

  • What role did Chad GPT play in creating the video content?

    -Chad GPT was used to generate ideas for shots and storyboards for the video content, providing a list of 10 shots and a cinematic epic voiceover for the trailer.

  • How did the presenter create the final movie trailer?

    -The presenter created the final movie trailer by using Chad GPT for shot ideas and voiceover, generating the shots in Haiper AI with an 8K cinematic movie vibrant and sci-fi style, and then editing the footage and adding music in Premiere Pro.

  • What is the significance of the 'Arcane' style used in the video?

    -The 'Arcane' style was added to maintain a consistent visual style throughout the story generated by Haiper AI, giving it a cohesive and thematic appearance.

  • What challenges did the presenter face while using Haiper AI?

    -The presenter faced challenges such as initial disappointment with the quality of the generated videos, which improved significantly when using the HD model. There were also instances of weird faces and images that did not work as expected.

  • What resources did the presenter use to add music to the videos?

    -The presenter used a free resource called Creator mix to find a song for the video, which was added after some volume adjustments.

  • How does the presenter feel about the outcome of using Haiper AI?

    -The presenter is extremely impressed and excited about the outcome, stating that most of the generated shots look amazing and that the tool's capabilities are an insane improvement from before.



🎬 Introduction to AI Video Generation Tool

The speaker introduces a free AI video generation tool called 'hyper' or 'haper', which they found effective for creating video trailers. They show a sample trailer and discuss the tool's features, including the ability to create videos by text prompts or images, and the option to choose between standard and HD quality. The tool's interface and user experience are explored, including the queue system for video generation and the customization options available, such as stylization themes like 'old film', 'watercolor', and 'cyberpunk'. The speaker also mentions the potential for future updates and paid plans.


🌟 Exploring Hyper's Video Generation Capabilities

The speaker dives deeper into the capabilities of the 'hyper' tool, showcasing the 'explore' and 'creations' pages where users can view and save other creators' work. They discuss the process of generating videos, including the selection of seeds, motion levels, and duration. The speaker experiments with different prompts and settings, highlighting the improved quality of HD model videos over the standard ones. They also demonstrate how to incorporate images into video generation, sharing examples of various successful video generations, such as a realistic flame, a dragon in motion, and an anime girl in a sunflower field.


🎥 Creating a Storyboard with AI Assistance

The speaker describes their process of creating a storyboard for a fantastical movie reel using AI. They utilize 'Chad GPT' to generate ideas for shots and then apply these ideas within the 'hyper' tool, adding an 'Arcane' style for consistency. After generating the shots, the speaker scales up the videos, applies sharpening, and performs color correction in Premiere Pro. They showcase the final results, which include portals, crystals, and stars, and emphasize the fun and creativity involved in the process.

🚀 Crafting a Sci-Fi Movie Teaser Trailer

The speaker shares their experience in creating a 10-second cinematic teaser trailer for a hypothetical sci-fi movie. They use 'Chad GPT' to get textual visual descriptions for each shot and an epic voiceover script. The speaker then inputs these descriptions into the 'hyper' tool, using specific styles to maintain consistency. After generating the video clips, they edit them in Premiere Pro, add audio, and select music from a free source called 'Creator mix'. The final product is a trailer that showcases the capabilities of AI in creating realistic and engaging video content.



💡AI video generation tool

An AI video generation tool refers to software that utilizes artificial intelligence to create videos automatically based on user input. In the video, the creator discusses using a specific AI tool called 'Haiper Ai' to generate movie trailers and other video content. The tool is highlighted for its ability to produce high-quality videos that can be customized with different styles and prompts.

💡Movie trailer

A movie trailer is a short preview or commercial advertisement for a film that is often shown in cinemas before a feature film is screened. In the context of the video, the creator uses the AI video generation tool to make a trailer for a fictional movie, demonstrating the capabilities of the tool in producing compelling and professional-looking video content.

💡Uncharted corner of the universe

This phrase is used metaphorically in the video's script to describe a setting or scenario that is mysterious and unknown. It is part of the promotional dialogue for the fictional movie trailer, suggesting that the movie involves exploration or discovery in a new and unexplored territory, adding an element of intrigue and adventure.


Humanity refers to the human race or the collective nature of people. In the script, it is used in the context of a challenge or threat that requires all of humanity to unite in order to survive or overcome it. This suggests a theme of unity and cooperation in the face of adversity, which is a common narrative device in many films.

💡Vision to hyper reality

This phrase appears to be a slogan or tagline for the 'Haiper Ai' tool, indicating that it can transform the user's vision or ideas into a hyper-realistic video format. It emphasizes the tool's capability to bring creative concepts to life with a high degree of realism and detail.


In the context of AI and content creation, a prompt is a text input or instruction given to the AI system to guide the type of content it generates. The video script mentions using prompts with the 'Haiper Ai' tool to specify the style, theme, or elements of the video content being created.

💡HD model

The HD model refers to a high-definition version of the AI video generation tool's capabilities. The script contrasts the results of using the HD model with the standard model, noting that the HD model produces higher quality and more detailed video outputs, albeit with shorter duration limits.


Repaint, as mentioned in the script, is a feature that is suggested to be part of the 'Haiper Ai' tool's capabilities in the future. It implies the ability to modify or enhance existing video content, although the exact functionality is not detailed in the video.


In the context of the video, a seed likely refers to a unique identifier or starting point used by the AI tool to generate a specific video output. It is mentioned as a way to reference and recreate particular video generations, which can be useful for creators who want to revisit or study specific outputs.

💡Chad GPT

Chad GPT appears to be a nickname or alternate name for the AI tool used to generate the video content. It is mentioned in the context of creating a storyline and storyboard for the video, suggesting that the tool can provide creative input and ideas for video production.

💡Cinematic teaser trailer

A cinematic teaser trailer is a short promotional video that gives audiences a glimpse of an upcoming film, often focusing on generating excitement and intrigue. In the video script, the creator uses Chad GPT to generate ideas for a 10-second sci-fi movie trailer, emphasizing the creative and time-saving potential of AI tools in video production.


Introduction of a free AI video generation tool called Hyper Ai.

Demonstration of a movie trailer created with Hyper Ai.

Hyper Ai's current free status with potential future pricing plans.

Exploration of the Hyper explore page featuring creations by other users.

Explanation of video generation process without HD and with HD options.

Description of additional features like animating with images and video repainting.

Instructions on how to create a video generation with text or image input.

Customization options for stylization like old film, watercolor, and cyberpunk.

Details on the generation process including queue times and clip duration.

Comparison of generation quality between regular and HD models.

Examples of image uploads and their corresponding video generations.

Use of Chad GPT for creating a storyline and storyboard for a movie reel.

Process of scaling up and enhancing video quality in Premiere Pro.

Creation of different themed videos using Hyper Ai and Chad GPT.

Final project of creating a 10-second cinematic teaser trailer for a sci-fi movie.

Inclusion of voiceover and music to complete the movie trailer.

Reflection on the impressive results and potential of AI-generated video content.

Enthusiasm for the future of AI video generation and its capabilities.