(NEW) Motion Avatar + (Update) Url to Ads

30 May 202452:50

TLDRIn this webinar, the hosts introduce exciting updates on the 'Motion Avatar' feature and URL to ads enhancements on the Hayen platform. They demonstrate the AI's capability to translate speeches, such as the Argentine president's, into English with lifelike avatars. They also showcase McDonald's using AI for personalized messages in native languages. Viewers learn how to create motion avatars with tips for recording and discuss potential use cases, including advertising and personalized content creation. The webinar concludes with a Q&A session and offering free credits for participants to try the platform.


  • 😀 The webinar introduces a new upgrade called Motion Avatar and updates to the URL to Ads product.
  • 🌟 David, a marketing expert with over a decade of experience, joins the webinar to present new tools and share insights.
  • 🎉 An audience from various locations including Germany, China, Canada, US, and the Netherlands is acknowledged, highlighting the global reach.
  • 📹 A customer successfully translated an entire speech from Spanish to English using haen, showcasing the platform's capabilities.
  • 🍦 McDonald's is using AI to create personalized messages in native languages for their new Grandma McFlurry campaign, demonstrating AI's emotional engagement.
  • 🎬 haen's Motion Avatar allows users to create a digital twin that can speak multiple languages, enhancing storytelling and business communication.
  • 🎥 Tips for recording a training video for Motion Avatar are provided, emphasizing good lighting, background, and clear speech.
  • 🔍 The webinar discusses the potential of Motion Avatar for various use cases, including business, enterprise, and personal projects.
  • 📝 The URL to Ads tool is presented as a way to generate videos for marketing purposes, pulling media and information from provided URLs.
  • 📈 The tool's updates include new templates, customizable music, and the ability to use personal avatars for a more personalized marketing approach.
  • 💡 Ideas are collected for improving the platform, such as a more detailed editor for finer control over video creation and community showcases.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the webinar?

    -The main topic of the webinar is the launch of the new Motion Avatar feature and updates to the URL to Ads product at Haen.

  • Who are the hosts of the webinar?

    -The hosts of the webinar are Nick and his colleague David.

  • What is the Motion Avatar feature?

    -The Motion Avatar feature allows users to create a digital twin of themselves that can move and gesture, enhancing the realism and engagement of AI-generated videos.

  • How can users create their Motion Avatar?

    -Users can create their Motion Avatar by recording a 2-minute video of themselves talking and uploading it to Haen. The AI then generates the avatar based on this video.

  • What are some tips for recording a video for the Motion Avatar?

    -Some tips include using good lighting, ensuring a clean background, maintaining eye contact with the camera, avoiding moving shadows, and keeping gestures below the chest level.

  • What is the URL to Ads product?

    -The URL to Ads product allows users to generate ad videos automatically by inputting a URL. The AI pulls relevant media and information from the URL to create customized advertisements.

  • Can the Motion Avatar speak multiple languages?

    -Yes, the Motion Avatar can speak multiple languages. Users can input scripts in various languages, and the AI will generate the avatar speaking those languages with the user's voice.

  • What is an example use case for the Motion Avatar mentioned in the webinar?

    -One example use case is a user recording a message in English, which is then translated and delivered in Hindi for their grandmother, demonstrating the avatar's ability to communicate across languages.

  • What kind of feedback does Haen encourage from users?

    -Haen encourages users to provide feedback on what is working, what is not, and suggestions for improvements to enhance the user experience and functionality of their products.

  • What additional tools and integrations does Haen offer?

    -Haen offers integrations with tools like Canva and Adobe Express, allowing users to create and edit videos within these platforms using Haen's AI-powered features.



📢 Introduction to Webinar with Big Announcements

The speaker welcomes everyone to the Thursday webinar, introduces their colleague David, and expresses excitement about the big updates and secret topics to be discussed. The webinar will cover the launch of Motion Avatar, updates for the URL to ads product, and aims to greet a global audience. David introduces himself, sharing his extensive experience in startup marketing, and both hosts emphasize the value and excitement of the upcoming content, including a special offer of five free credits for attendees.


🌍 Showcasing User and Brand Examples

David shares examples of how users and brands are leveraging their products. He highlights a user who translated a Spanish speech by the president of Argentina into English using their technology. Additionally, he showcases McDonald's new AI-driven marketing campaign for their Grandma McFlurry, which allows users to create personalized video messages for their grandmothers in their native languages. David demonstrates how he used the tool to send a video to his Hindi-speaking grandmother, emphasizing the emotional and personal connection enabled by the AI technology.


🤖 Introduction to Motion Avatar and Its Creation

The hosts transition to discussing the new Motion Avatar feature, explaining how users can create dynamic avatars using a two-minute input video. They provide detailed instructions for recording a training video, including tips on lighting, background, and maintaining a consistent position. The importance of avoiding directional gestures and ensuring good audio quality is emphasized. The hosts also share their enthusiasm for the potential applications of Motion Avatar in various professional settings, showcasing its versatility and the enhanced user experience it offers.


🎥 Demonstrating Motion Avatar Creation and Tips

A demonstration of the Motion Avatar creation process is shown, highlighting key aspects such as using good lighting, keeping the face centered, and maintaining a steady pace. The hosts discuss the flexibility of the tool, allowing for different recording environments and the use of professional equipment for higher quality. They mention ongoing developments to support backgrounds and more complex scenarios. Pro tips include imagining delivering a product update to an audience and ensuring clear pauses between sentences. The session aims to provide users with the best practices for creating effective Motion Avatars.


🚀 Using Motion Avatars for Ads and Content Creation

David explains how Motion Avatars can be used in the URL to ads feature, allowing for dynamic ad content creation. He demonstrates the process using a Notion URL, showing how the tool pulls product information and media to generate ad scripts. Users can customize the script, choose avatars, and add personal touches to create engaging ads. The ability to create multiple variants for A/B testing and the inclusion of high-quality avatars in diverse settings are highlighted. The goal is to help users create personalized, effective ads that resonate with their target audience.


🔗 Exploring URL to Ads and User Customization

David showcases the URL to ads tool, emphasizing its versatility in handling both e-commerce and non-e-commerce URLs. Users can drag and drop media to prioritize content and select target demographics for their ads. The tool offers multiple script options tailored to different audiences, and users can further edit these scripts. The integration of personal avatars enhances the customization, making ads more relatable and effective. David demonstrates how users can create ads in various languages and accents, catering to a global market.


💡 Customizing and Enhancing Ad Creation

David and the host discuss potential improvements and features for the URL to ads tool, such as more control over media placement and editing capabilities. They brainstorm ideas like associating specific media with parts of the script during the creation process. The hosts emphasize their commitment to continuously enhancing the user experience based on community feedback. They aim to make the tool so intuitive and effective that users can rely on it for most of their ad creation needs, reducing the need for extensive post-editing.


🎬 Previewing Templates and Finalizing Ads

David previews various templates available for creating ads, showcasing the diversity in styles, settings, and avatars. He explains the final steps of the ad creation process, including selecting templates, customizing music, and ensuring high-quality output. The hosts reiterate the importance of using engaging and dynamic avatars, especially the Motion Avatars, to enhance the impact of ads. They also mention future plans for more templates and scenarios to cover a wider range of user needs.


📹 Examples of High-Quality Avatar Ads

David plays a completed ad video, demonstrating the seamless integration of Motion Avatars, media, and script. The example highlights the effectiveness of the tool in creating professional, engaging advertisements. The hosts emphasize the value of using personal avatars to maintain a unique and consistent brand presence. They also address user requests for more control over the editing process, assuring that improvements and new features are continually being developed.


📈 Additional Features and Future Developments

The hosts briefly touch on additional features and integrations, such as personal videos with placeholders for dynamic content, partnerships with Canva and Adobe Express, and future capabilities for streaming avatars. They reiterate the importance of user feedback in shaping product development and encourage users to share their experiences and suggestions. The session concludes with an invitation to next week's webinar for a deeper dive into Haan's features and roadmap.


🎉 Closing and Special Offers

The hosts wrap up the webinar by announcing a special offer of five free credits for attendees. They provide instructions on how to claim the credits, emphasizing the need to create an account first. They also share a link to the McDonald's campaign for users to try out the personalized video feature. The hosts express gratitude for the community's engagement and feedback, looking forward to future webinars and continued collaboration. The session ends with well wishes and an invitation to explore the new features on the platform.



💡Motion Avatar

Motion Avatar is a new feature launched by Haen that allows users to create dynamic avatars that can move and gesture. This feature enhances user engagement by making avatars more interactive and lifelike, which is demonstrated through the presentation in the webinar.

💡URL to Ads

URL to Ads is another product discussed in the webinar. It enables users to generate advertisements from URLs, allowing businesses to create marketing content efficiently. The tool pulls product information from the provided URL to create ad scripts and visuals.

💡AI Translation

AI Translation refers to the technology used by Haen to translate and dub videos into different languages. In the webinar, this technology was showcased by translating a speech from Spanish to English, maintaining the speaker's voice and gestures.

💡User-generated content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) involves content created by users of a product or service. In the webinar, it is highlighted how the motion avatars and URL to ads features can be used to create engaging UGC, enhancing personal connection and authenticity in marketing campaigns.

💡11 Labs

11 Labs is a partner of Haen mentioned in the webinar. They provide advanced voice cloning technology that can be integrated with Haen's avatars, allowing for multilingual voice synthesis. Users can customize and train voices for their avatars via 11 Labs.

💡Personalized Videos

Personalized Videos are highlighted as a powerful tool for marketing and communication. Haen allows users to create personalized video messages that can include specific details like the recipient's name, enhancing engagement and effectiveness.

💡API Integration

API Integration is mentioned in the context of using 11 Labs' voice cloning technology. By integrating 11 Labs' API, users can enhance their Haen avatars with customized, high-quality voice synthesis, expanding the possibilities for personalized and multilingual video content.

💡Community Feedback

Community Feedback is crucial for the development of Haen's features. The webinar emphasizes the importance of user feedback in improving and evolving Haen's products, demonstrating a commitment to user-centered design and continuous improvement.

💡Product Updates

Product Updates refer to the ongoing enhancements and new features added to Haen. The webinar showcases several recent updates, including the launch of the motion avatar and improvements to the URL to ads tool, reflecting the company's dedication to innovation.

💡Avatar Customization

Avatar Customization is a key feature of Haen, allowing users to create and modify avatars to suit their needs. The webinar discusses how users can create avatars with specific gestures and movements, as well as customize their appearance and voice for various applications.


Introduction to the new Motion Avatar upgrade and URL to Ads updates.

Greeting viewers from around the world, including Germany, China, Canada, US, Florida, Miami, LA, San Francisco, New York, and Amsterdam.

Introduction of David, who has been working in startup marketing for over a decade.

Announcement that everyone attending the webinar will receive five free credits to try out the Motion Avatar.

Demonstration of a customer using haen to translate a speech from Spanish to English, maintaining the speaker's voice and gestures.

Introduction of McDonald's new campaign using AI to create personalized messages in different languages.

Example of a video translated from English to Hindi using AI, allowing personal messages to be shared across language barriers.

Instructions on creating a Motion Avatar using a two-minute input video.

Tips for recording the best quality Motion Avatar, including camera setup, background, lighting, and gestures.

Explanation of how Motion Avatars can be used for various scenarios, including walking, sitting, and moving environments.

Demonstration of using Motion Avatar in the URL to Ads tool for creating marketing content.

Overview of how URL to Ads can generate videos from product URLs, including customization options.

Examples of different templates and avatars available for creating marketing videos.

Discussion on potential improvements and future features, including more control over media and script alignment.

Encouragement for the community to provide feedback and share creative use cases for further development.