[PoE 3.24] BUILD SHOWCASE - Cold Conversion MF Ice Shot Deadeye

14 May 202443:15

TLDRIn this video showcase, the creator presents their final iteration of a unique Path of Exile build, a 99% Fizz to cold conversion magic find hybrid ice shot deadeye. The video explains the choice of ice shot over lightning arrow and tornado shot, detailing the build's strategy for high-tier mapping with a focus on a challenging tier 17 Sanctuary map. The creator discusses gear choices, including a mirror-tier quiver and a powerful chest piece, and outlines the gem setups that contribute to the build's high damage and survivability. The showcase highlights the build's performance in a high-investment mapping scenario, emphasizing its ability to freeze enemies and deal significant damage while maintaining a high magic find.


  • 🏹 The video showcases a unique build focused on Ice Shot Deadeye with 99% Fizz to cold conversion for magic find (MF).
  • 📊 The presenter chose Ice Shot over Lightning Arrow due to higher conversion rate and the ability to freeze enemies, providing a strong defensive layer.
  • 💎 The build utilizes a highly effective gear setup, including a mirrored tier quiver and a Frostferno quiver with beneficial corruptions.
  • 🗺️ The mapping strategy is designed for high-tier maps with challenging content, such as a tier 17 Sanctuary map with multiple shaper influences.
  • 🧊 The Yoke of Suffering unique item is crucial for the build, providing shock effects and enhancing damage output.
  • 🔮 The Nimus Ring is highlighted for its synergy with the build, offering shotgunning capabilities and increased damage with return projectiles.
  • 🛡️ Defensive layers include evasion cap, instant leech, and a combination of life and resistances for survivability in endgame maps.
  • 💍 The build features a combination of jewels and passives that enhance damage, projectile speed, and provide utility such as phasing and power charge on crit.
  • 🔮 The presenter experimented with different strategies, including a failed attempt to incorporate the Battle Mage's War Cry, demonstrating a willingness to innovate.
  • 📉 Despite high investment and a strong build, the presenter acknowledges that there are more efficient strategies for certain types of content, such as meat sack farming.
  • 🎉 The video concludes with a demonstration of the build's capabilities in a challenging map, showing off its damage potential and survivability.

Q & A

  • Why did the player choose Ice Shot over Lightning Arrow for their build?

    -The player chose Ice Shot because it converts 60% of physical damage to cold, compared to Lightning Arrow's 50% conversion to lightning. Additionally, the Yoke of Suffering item provides shock utility, reducing the advantage of Lightning Arrow's shock capabilities. Ice Shot also has the ability to freeze enemies, which is a strong defensive layer in the game.

  • What is the player's strategy for mapping in the video?

    -The player's strategy involves using a super juiced tier 17 Sanctuary map with quadruple shaper, all flames, and a focus on clearing the map efficiently while maintaining buffs like Head Hunter Buffs for increased damage and survivability.

  • Why did the player decide not to use Tornado Shot in their build?

    -The player decided not to use Tornado Shot because it was heavily nerfed in the current league, leading to many complaints from other players who tested it. The player also found that Nimus Ring, combined with Ice Shot, provided similar shotgunning capabilities without the need for Tornado Shot.

  • What is the significance of the Nimus Ring in the player's build?

    -The Nimus Ring is significant because it allows the return projectiles from Ice Shot to have shotgunning capabilities, especially when standing in the hit box of an enemy. This is particularly potent against high health targets like map bosses or meat sacks.

  • What are the player's gear choices and why were they chosen?

    -The player's gear choices include a mirrored tier Fullsight Bow for its high physical damage and enchant, a quiver with double corruption for extra arrows and Fizz gained, a chest with Supreme Ostentation for damage reduction and elemental damage increase, and other items chosen for their defensive and offensive capabilities. These choices were made to maximize damage output, survivability, and utility in high-tier content.

  • How does the player feel about the performance of the build in the mapping showcase?

    -The player is satisfied with the build's performance in the mapping showcase, noting that it deals a lot of damage, freezes enemies effectively, and handles the challenging map content well. However, they also acknowledge the difficulty of fully clearing the map without dying due to the map's increased difficulty from the Eater of Worlds altars.

  • What are the player's thoughts on the loot from the mapping showcase?

    -The player is disappointed with the loot from the mapping showcase, considering the high investment in the map. They mention a lack of valuable divination cards dropping, despite the high quantity of monsters killed and the build's strong performance.

  • Why did the player choose to use a specific combination of gloves and helmet?

    -The player chose the specific combination of gloves and helmet because it allowed for a significant increase in rage generation, which is beneficial for the build due to the use of the Berserk skill. This combination also provided additional Soler buffs, enhancing the build's rage uptime.

  • What is the player's opinion on the Yoke of Suffering item?

    -The player is excited about the Yoke of Suffering item and its recent buff. They mention that it allows for a 99% conversion rather than 100%, which, combined with other benefits from the item, contributes to the build's effectiveness.

  • How does the player feel about the current state of Tornado Shot in the game?

    -The player decided not to test Tornado Shot personally, but they took the word of other players who reported a negative experience due to significant nerfs. They acknowledge that Tornado Shot was strong before but is not currently a preferred choice for their build.

  • What is the player's strategy for dealing with the final ritual in the mapping showcase?

    -The player acknowledges that the final ritual is challenging due to its impact on recovery, but they also note the use of the Berserk skill and the strong defense and offense it provides. They express confidence in their ability to survive the ritual if Berserk is active.

  • What are the player's thoughts on the build's performance in high pack size maps?

    -The player is pleased with the build's performance in high pack size maps, noting that it can handle the increased difficulty and enemy density. They mention the importance of rushing the boss to spawn player-side options for the remaining altars, which is a key strategy for their build.



🏹 Introduction to the Fizz to Cold Conversion Build

The speaker introduces their final showcase video on a unique build, a 99% Fizz to cold conversion magic find hybrid ice shot dead eye. They explain their choice of ice shot over lightning arrow and tornado shot, discussing the nerfs to tornado shot and the advantages of ice shot with the Nimus ring. The video promises a mapping showcase on a tier 17 sanctuary map, gear choice explanations, and a path of building overview.


🗺️ Mapping Showcase on Tier 17 Sanctuary Map

The speaker provides a mapping showcase on a high-tier sanctuary map with a focus on the build's performance. They discuss their atlas setup, which includes forcing Alva onto each map for additional challenges and rewards. The showcase highlights the build's ability to handle high pack sizes and difficult modifiers, though the speaker admits to finding the strategy challenging and less enjoyable than other builds they've used.


🛡️ Defensive Strategy and Build Performance

The speaker talks about the build's defensive capabilities, focusing on the use of Head Hunter Buffs and the importance of maintaining buffs for survivability. They discuss the build's performance in clearing maps and surviving difficult encounters, noting the challenges of dealing with large packs of enemies and the impact of the Eater of Worlds altars on the map's difficulty.


🏹 Gear Choices and Their Significance

The speaker delves into the gear choices for the build, starting with a special Frostferno bow with a unique mirror tier enchant. They discuss the importance of the bow's attributes and how it contributes to the build's overall damage output. The quiver is highlighted for its double corruption with beneficial mods, emphasizing the strategic crafting process and the resulting effectiveness.


💠 Jewels and Passives Overview

The speaker provides an overview of the jewels and passives used in the build, discussing the importance of certain jewels like the Nimus ring and the impact of passive skills on the build's performance. They explain the choices made in the passive tree, focusing on damage, survivability, and utility, and how these choices synergize with the build's strategy.


💎 Gem Setup and Defensive Layers

The speaker details the gem setup for the build, emphasizing the importance of the damage links and support gems. They discuss the defensive layers of the build, including the use of Immortal Call and Berserk, and how these contribute to the build's tankiness. The speaker also mentions their interest in experimenting with different gem combinations for potential improvements.


🎯 Passive Tree and Jewel Configuration

The speaker discusses the passive tree setup, focusing on the choices that enhance the build's damage, survivability, and utility. They highlight the use of jewels to meet specific build requirements, such as the one passive Voices requirement for certain jewel configurations. The speaker also shares their reasoning behind certain passive and jewel choices, and how they contribute to the build's overall effectiveness.


📊 Path of Building and Final Thoughts

The speaker wraps up the video with a look at the Path of Building calculations, showcasing the build's damage output and survivability stats. They reflect on the build's performance, acknowledging some theoretical crafting points that didn't work out as expected. The speaker expresses satisfaction with the build, despite some minor regrets, and hints at future strategies and builds for upcoming leagues.



💡Cold Conversion

Cold Conversion refers to the process of changing physical damage to cold damage in the game mechanics. In the video, the player has chosen to focus on a build that converts 99% of physical damage to cold, which is significant for the effectiveness of certain skills and the overall damage output of the character.

💡Magic Find

Magic Find is a property in the game that increases the chance of finding rare items when monsters are defeated. The video showcases a build designed with a hybrid focus on both dealing damage and having a high Magic Find percentage, which is essential for loot-driven gameplay.

💡Ice Shot Deadeye

Ice Shot Deadeye is a specific character build in the game, which utilizes the Ice Shot skill in conjunction with the Deadeye ascendancy class. This build is optimized for dealing cold damage and is highlighted in the video as a strategic choice for mapping and boss fights.

💡Tornado Shot

Tornado Shot is a skill in the game that was mentioned as an alternative to Ice Shot. It was discussed how Tornado Shot was nerfed in the current league, leading the player to choose Ice Shot instead. The decision is part of the strategic discussion on which skills are most effective in the current game meta.

💡Yoke of Suffering

Yoke of Suffering is a unique jewel in the game that provides various bonuses, including the ability to shock enemies. The player discusses how the buffs from Yoke of Suffering influenced the decision to favor Ice Shot over other skills, due to its synergy with the shock effect.

💡Nim's Ring

Nim's Ring is a piece of equipment that allows for 'shotgunning' effects, where projectiles return after hitting an enemy. The player found this ring particularly potent for their build, as it enhances the effectiveness of the Ice Shot skill against high-health targets.

💡Path of Building

Path of Building is a third-party tool used to plan and optimize character builds in the game. The player mentions using Path of Building to plan out their gear choices, gems, jewels, and passive skill tree, which is a common practice among players to maximize their character's potential.

💡Head Hunter Buffs

Head Hunter Buffs are temporary enhancements that players can acquire in the game to increase their character's power. The video discusses how these buffs were utilized in the boss room to increase the build's effectiveness in combat.

💡Eater of Worlds Altars

Eater of Worlds Altars are in-game objects that, when interacted with, spawn additional powerful enemies. The player mentions these altars as part of the strategy for increasing the difficulty and rewards of the map, which is a high-level gameplay mechanic.

💡Mirror Tier Gear

Mirror Tier Gear refers to extremely rare and powerful items that have been 'mirrored' or duplicated, which is a rare occurrence in the game. The player discusses obtaining a unique and powerful bow that is no longer obtainable, highlighting the significance of such gear in high-end gameplay.

💡Meat Sack Strategy

Meat Sack Strategy is a gameplay approach where players defeat large, powerful enemies known as 'Meat Sacks' for high rewards. The player mentions that while their build is powerful, it still struggles with this specific strategy, indicating the challenge and optimization required for different types of content in the game.


Introduction of a 99% Fizz to cold conversion magic find hybrid ice shot deadeye build.

Reasoning behind choosing Ice Shot over Lightning Arrow and Tornado Shot.

Tornado Shot's league nerfs making it less viable.

The potential of Nimus Ring for shotgunning capacities.

Yoke of Suffering's buff and its impact on the build.

The advantage of Ice Shot's 60% physical to cold conversion over Lightning Arrow's 50%.

How Yoke of Suffering grants shock, affecting the choice between Lightning Arrow and Ice Shot.

Ice Shot's higher damage coefficient and freezing capability.

The build's mapping showcase on a tier 17 Sanctuary map.

Gear choices and their significance to the build.

The use of a mirror tier quiver and its benefits for Ice Shot.

The Supreme Ostentation chest piece and its unique attributes.

The importance of the Nimus Ring in conjunction with the build's strategy.

In-depth explanation of the build's gem links and their synergies.

Jewel choices and their impact on the build's performance.

Passive skill tree and how it complements the build's mechanics.

Path of Building calculations and the build's damage output.

Reflection on the build's performance and future plans for the next league.