[PoE] Build overview - Strength stacking Deadeye wander - Build - Stream Highlights #847

14 May 202411:23

TLDRIn this character overview video, the player discusses their experience with a Strength stacking Deadeye Wander Ranger build in Path of Exile. The build is a fast-paced mapper with the potential for bossing when invested in properly. It features chain kills, cluster jewels for strength and life, and a focus on single-target barrage. The player shares their passive skill tree, gear choices, and cluster jewel configurations. They also discuss the build's survivability, damage potential, and the possibility for further upgrades. The video concludes with a demonstration of the build's effectiveness in combat and a summary of the player's kills and deaths.


  • 🏹 This character is a Strength stacking Ranger that focuses on attack-based gameplay.
  • 🎯 The build aims for speed and efficiency in mapping, with the potential to handle bosses if invested in properly.
  • 🗺️ The character is primarily a mapper rather than a buser, but can clear bosses and Uber bosses with sufficient currency spent on gear.
  • 💪 The passive skill tree focuses on strength nodes, with three cluster jewels enhancing strength, life, and attributes.
  • 🔄 Two 'Split personalities' keystones are used to further enhance strength and life nodes.
  • 🛡️ The build utilizes 'Emperor's Mastery', 'Emperor's Might', and 'Forbidden Flesh' with 'Nature's Reprisal' for wither stacking.
  • 🎯 'Champion of the Cause' and 'Inertia' are used for strength stacking, while 'Deadeye', 'Tailwind', 'Ricochet', and 'Endless Munitions' enhance projectile mechanics.
  • 🗡️ 'Iron Will' is used to convert strength bonus damage to spell damage, further boosted by 'Battlemage's Cry' with 'Call to Arms' support.
  • 🛡️ The gear includes unique items like 'Oro's Weaver' and 'Alberon's Warpath' which convert all damage to chaos, and 'Iron Fortress' for tankiness.
  • 💼 The amulet focuses on attribute and strength mods, while rings and gloves are optimized for damage and attack speed.
  • 🥤 Flasks are chosen for survivability and damage, with 'Mage Blood' and 'Diamond' flasks enhancing movement and attack speed.

Q & A

  • What type of character is being discussed in the video?

    -The video discusses a strength stacking Ranger character that is focused on mapping rather than bossing.

  • Why did the character creator choose the Deadeye angle for this build?

    -The Deadeye angle was chosen to achieve a faster playstyle compared to previous builds.

  • What is the primary role of this character in the game?

    -The primary role of this character is a mapper with the capability to do buses if enough currency is spent on it.

  • How does the character's passive skill tree look like?

    -The passive skill tree starts from the Ranger node and extends towards strength nodes, with three cluster jewels focusing on strength, life, and attributes.

  • What are the key jewels used in the character's passive skill tree?

    -Key jewels used include increased effect of strength, life, attributes, and two split personalities with strength and life.

  • What is the significance of the 'Iron Will' node in the build?

    -Iron Will provides a strength bonus damage that applies to all spell damage, increasing melee physical damage which also benefits spell damage.

  • How does the character utilize 'Battle Mage's Cry' support?

    -The character uses 'Battle Mage's Cry' with 'Call to Arm' support to constantly trigger increased damage for both spell and attack damage.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Thread of Hope' jewel in the build?

    -The 'Thread of Hope' jewel is used to grab Iron Will and other valuable nodes, enhancing the character's strength and overall damage output.

  • Can you explain the importance of the 'Defiance Banner' and 'Vitality' flasks in the build?

    -'Defiance Banner' and 'Vitality' flasks are used to increase the character's strength and survivability during gameplay.

  • What is the main source of damage for this build?

    -The main source of damage is chaos damage, with the use of 'Original Sin' and 'Alberon's Warpath' to convert all damage to chaos.

  • How does the character deal with enemy resistances?

    -The character uses 'Original Sin' to set enemy resistances to zero, which can be further penetrated with additional chaos penetration on the wand.

  • What are some potential upgrades for the character's gear?

    -Potential upgrades include corrupting jewels, recrafting gloves for better gem levels, improving the amulet, and double corrupting other items for better stats.



🏰 Strength Stacking Ranger Overview

This paragraph introduces a character overview video focusing on a Strength stacking Ranger, an attack-based character that excels in mapping rather than bossing. The character utilizes Deadeye as a sub-aspect to enhance speed. The build is detailed, emphasizing the importance of strength for damage and the use of Battlemage's Cry with Call to Arms support for consistent damage boosts. The passive skill tree progression is outlined, highlighting the focus on strength and life nodes, as well as the use of cluster jewels for further enhancement. The gear includes a crafted wand with chaos penetration and strength stacking mods, a helmet with critical strike chances, and a chest piece with strength and damage reduction from critical strikes. The character is described as having high survivability and the potential for significant upgrades through currency investment.


🛡️ Gear and Flask Details for the Strength Stacking Ranger

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of the character's gear, including the crafted wand with Original Sin and Replicalberon War Path builds, which deal only chaos damage. It discusses the importance of chaos penetration on the wand and how it synergizes with the character's setup. The helmet is crafted for critical strike multiplier and life, while the chest piece provides strength and damage reduction from critical strikes. The shield is a Red Banner for war cry effectiveness, and the amulet offers attribute and strength bonuses. Rings and gloves are chosen for their strength and damage modifiers, with gloves also enhancing the character's single-target capabilities. Flasks are selected for survivability, including a diamond flask for armor and movement speed, and a silver flask for movement speed and critical strike chance. The character's Pantheon choices and survivability are briefly mentioned, emphasizing the build's potential for long-term improvement.


📊 Character Performance and Gameplay Footage

The final paragraph discusses the character's performance statistics, including the number of deaths and kills, indicating a favorable kill-to-death ratio. It also touches on the character's gameplay experience, suggesting that it's enjoyable and effective for testing strategies. The speaker shares a snapshot of the build and mentions the potential for further upgrades, such as corrupting jewels, recrafting gear, and improving flasks. The paragraph concludes with a teaser of gameplay footage, showcasing the character's combat capabilities and the speaker's enthusiasm for the build.



💡Strength stacking

Strength stacking refers to the strategy of accumulating strength points to enhance character attributes and damage output in the game. In the video, the player focuses on creating a strength-based Deadeye Wanderer character, which is a Ranger subclass that benefits from high strength for increased melee damage. The script mentions getting 'a lot of strength pathing to three cluster jewels' and 'strength life ores,' indicating the importance of strength in this build.


The Deadeye is a notable ascendancy class for the Ranger character in the game, known for its focus on critical strikes and accuracy. The video script describes the character as a 'strength stacking Ranger' with a 'deadeye angle,' suggesting that the build combines the high damage potential of the Deadeye with strength-based scaling for even greater combat effectiveness.


In the context of the game, a mapper is a character build designed to efficiently traverse and complete maps, which are instances that players explore for rewards. The script states that the character is 'a mapper,' meaning it is optimized for map clearing rather than boss fighting or other specialized tasks.


A busser in gaming terminology is a character build that is optimized for running high-tier maps quickly and efficiently. The script clarifies that while the character can do buses if enough currency is spent on it, it is not primarily designed as a 'buser,' indicating that it is not the main focus of this build.

💡Cluster Jewels

Cluster Jewels are a type of item in the game that can provide various bonuses and passive skills. The script mentions 'three cluster Jewels' and 'increased effect strength life,' which implies that these jewels are used to enhance the character's strength and life stats, contributing to the strength stacking strategy.

💡Split personalities

Split personalities refer to a specific type of passive skill tree node in the game that provides bonuses to both strength and life. The script mentions 'two split personalities with strength and life,' which suggests that these nodes are chosen to maximize both survivability and damage potential.

💡Iron Will

Iron Will is a notable passive skill in the game that grants increased strength and bonus damage. The script explains that 'strength bonus damage applies to all spell damage as well,' which means that the Iron Will node is crucial for boosting both physical and spell damage output for the character.

💡Battle Mage's Cry

Battle Mage's Cry is a support gem in the game that provides various bonuses when used with other skills. The script describes using 'Battle Mage's Cry with call to arm support automated,' which means the character constantly benefits from the increased damage and other effects provided by this combination.


Warcry is an ascendancy skill for the Marauder class that grants various bonuses based on the number of nearby enemies. The script mentions 'red L Banner war cry' and 'infinite power,' indicating that the character uses a specific strategy to maximize the benefits of Warcry, including damage and effectiveness.

💡Onor's Weaver

Onor's Weaver is a unique wand in the game known for its high damage potential. The script describes crafting 'the one and only Onor's Weaver' for a significant amount of in-game currency, emphasizing its importance in the character's gear setup for dealing high chaos damage.

💡Original Sin

Original Sin is a unique body armor in the game that converts all elemental damage to chaos damage. The script explains that 'Original Sin sets all resistances to zero' and, when combined with other items like 'Sanctified' boots, it allows the character to deal only chaos damage, which is a key aspect of the build's damage scaling.


Introduction to a strength stacking Ranger character build.

Character is a mapper with potential for bus clearing if invested in.

Achievements include completing all challenges and taking down Uber bosses.

Explanation of the passive skill tree and its focus on strength and life nodes.

Use of cluster jewels for increased effect of strength, life, and attributes.

In-depth look at the Timeless Jewel setup for strength, leech, and war cry buff effects.

The importance of strength stacking for Iron Will and its impact on spell and attack damage.

Utilization of Battle Mages Cry with Call to Arm support for constant damage boosts.

Gear overview including a crafted Onor's Weaver wand.

Discussion on the Original Sin and Replica Alberon War Path build mechanics.

Importance of chaos penetration on the wand despite having Original Sin.

Crafted helmet with crit multi and other beneficial mods.

Iron Fortress chest piece for strength and damage reduction from crits.

Red Banner amulet for war cry buffing and strength stacking.

Boots with strength stacking and aura effectiveness for better damage output.

Flask choices for survivability and damage enhancement.

Pantheon choices for additional survivability and utility.

Character's KD ratio and overall performance in mapping and boss fights.

Final thoughts on the build's potential for further upgrades and improvements.

Random footage showcasing the build in action.