[PoE] This guy pulled an average of 120%+ Adorned - Stream Highlights #841

26 Apr 202411:36

TLDRIn this Path of Exile (PoE) stream highlight, a player takes a thrilling gamble with a 48 Divine Currency investment on Gilded Scarabs, hoping to adorn his gear with powerful jewels. The jewels' journey is as complex as the gamble itself, passing through various hands before landing with the lucky player. The gamble pays off as he scores high-value jewels, including two with 50 Divine each. The excitement continues with more gambles, showcasing the highs and lows of the game. The player's luck holds, averaging an impressive 120% return on his investment, making for an exhilarating watch.


  • 🎲 The player initiated the first Gumble of the league, investing 48 Divine Orbs into it.
  • 🔄 The jewels went through a series of transactions from various players, guild stash, and back to the player before being used in the Gumble.
  • 🤑 The player managed to double his money back and earned an additional 50 to 70 Divine Orbs from the Gumble.
  • 💎 The Gumble resulted in high-value jewels such as Intuitive Leap, Storm Shroud, Ancestral, and Lion's Eye.
  • 🚫 There were no Cheap Jewels (CB) on Naturals listed, but the player received two high-value jewels.
  • 🛑 The player purchased a full stack of nothing, which is a risky strategy in the game.
  • 🛍️ The player also bought double corrupted items, which have both penetration and silence immunity.
  • 🧪 The player experimented with different combinations of jewels, resulting in a variety of outcomes, some being more successful than others.
  • 🏆 The player achieved an average of 120%+ Adorned, which is considered a significant win in the game.
  • 🎉 The player's success in the Gumble was celebrated by the community, highlighting the excitement of such events.

Q & A

  • What is the significance of the jewels in the video?

    -The jewels in the video are significant because they are part of a complex trading process involving multiple players and the guild stash, eventually leading to a successful gamble that results in high-value items.

  • How many Divine Orbs were spent on the first gamble of the league?

    -A total of 48 Divine Orbs were spent on the first gamble of the league.

  • What is the outcome of the first gamble in terms of profit?

    -The first gamble resulted in a significant profit, with the player doubling his money and then some, as indicated by the acquisition of high-value jewels such as the Storm Shroud and Lion Eyes.

  • What are the names of the jewels obtained from the first gamble?

    -The jewels obtained from the first gamble include the Storm Shroud, Intuitive Leap, and Lion Eyes.

  • What is the value of the Storm Shroud jewel mentioned in the script?

    -The Storm Shroud jewel is valued at 45 Divine Orbs.

  • What was the player's strategy for the gamble involving the Apothecary's cards?

    -The player's strategy involved deleting rows of cards one by one and then attempting to create a mage blood or risk failure.

  • What is the significance of the term 'gumba' in the context of the video?

    -In the context of the video, 'gumba' refers to a high-risk, high-reward gamble in the game, where players use valuable items with the hope of obtaining even more valuable ones.

  • What is the outcome of the gamble involving the breach rings?

    -The outcome of the breach rings gamble is positive, with the player obtaining valuable prefixes and suffixes on the rings, which are then sold for a profit.

  • How many Divine Orbs did the player spend on the gamble with the double corrupted items?

    -The player spent 56 Divine Orbs on the gamble with the double corrupted items.

  • What is the final average value of the jewels obtained by the player?

    -The final average value of the jewels obtained by the player is around 120 Divine Orbs, indicating a successful and profitable gamble.



🔮 Gumba's Divine Gamble and Jewel Transactions

The speaker narrates a complex series of transactions involving jewels that started from a group, moved to a guild stash, and then through various inventories including Bazooka's and Lily's, before ending up with a character named Indeed. The jewels were sold to a player who then allowed the speaker to gamble with them live on stream. The gamble resulted in a 48 Divine Gumba, which is a significant investment for the league's first Gumba. The outcome was highly profitable, with the player receiving high-value jewels including Intuitive Leap, Storm Shroud, Ancestral, and Lion Eyes, which are estimated to be worth 50 Divines each. The speaker also mentions the player's successful gamble on a fully corrupted item, which surprisingly did not result in a loss.


🧪 Daily Apothecary and Yenzo's Gumba

The script continues with the speaker discussing their daily tasks, including managing an Apothecary and assisting a character named Yenzo with a Gumba involving breach rings. The speaker decides to turn in the rings all at once to avoid downtime and then identify them together. The results include various prefix and suffix combinations with different effects such as covering enemies in Ash, providing lightning resistance, intimidating enemies on block, and others. The speaker evaluates the value of these items, mentioning that some have triple breach prefixes and double Chula mods, which are considered valuable. The speaker also discusses the strategy of gambling with cards, mentioning a 'mirror' and the potential high returns, but also the risks involved.


🎰 Zam's Successful Gumba and High-Value Rolls

In the final paragraph, the speaker recalls a previous interaction with a character named Zam, who had a successful Gumba resulting in high-value items. The speaker details the outcomes of Zam's rolls, which include a series of high numbers like 129 and 150, indicating a profitable gamble. The speaker expresses excitement and surprise at the consistent high values obtained, suggesting that Zam has a knack for successful gambling. The paragraph ends with the speaker acknowledging the impressive results of Zam's Gumba.




Adorned refers to items in the game that have been enhanced with special properties or effects. In the context of the video, it likely refers to a type of item or jewel with specific attributes that are highly desirable. The script mentions an 'average of 120%+ Adorned,' indicating that the items in question have been significantly improved beyond their base state.

💡Guild Stash

A Guild Stash is a shared storage area in a game where members of a guild can deposit and access items collectively. In the script, it is mentioned as a place where jewels are stored before being transferred to other players or used in gameplay, signifying a communal resource for the guild members.


In the context of the game, Divine is likely a type of in-game currency or a valuable resource. The script mentions '48 Divine gumba,' which suggests that a significant amount of this resource was spent on a particular activity or item, highlighting its value within the game's economy.


Gumba is a term that might be specific to the game being discussed or a community-specific slang. It could refer to a particular game mechanic, event, or transaction. The script indicates that it involves spending resources and potentially receiving valuable items in return, as it mentions 'the first gumba of the league' and the expenditure of Divine currency.

💡CB Jewels

CB Jewels likely stands for 'Chaos-Breach Jewels,' which could be a type of jewel in the game that provides benefits related to Chaos damage or Breach effects. The mention of 'they're all CB Jewels' in the script suggests that these are a common or sought-after type of jewel among players.

💡Intuitive Leap

Intuitive Leap is mentioned as a specific jewel in the script. It might refer to a unique item that provides a particular benefit or enhancement to a character. The fact that it is highlighted in the transcript suggests that it is a notable or valuable find within the game.

💡Storm Shroud

Storm Shroud is another specific item mentioned in the script. It seems to be a valuable jewel or item that is priced at '45' in the game's economy, indicating its worth. The context suggests that it is a desirable item for players to obtain.

💡Lion Eyes

Lion Eyes is likely a type of jewel or item that provides certain benefits to a player's character. It is mentioned in the context of its value, with the script suggesting that it is relatively cheaper compared to other items, which gives an insight into the game's economy and item hierarchy.


Corrupted in gaming terminology often refers to items that have been affected or altered in some way, usually negatively. However, in the context of this game, it might also imply a special or unique property. The script mentions 'double corrupted,' which could mean the item has two such unique properties, adding to its complexity and value.

💡Max Life

Max Life likely refers to the maximum amount of health a character can have in the game. In the script, it is mentioned in conjunction with other game mechanics, such as 'Max life converted to ES,' which suggests a trade-off or conversion between health and energy shield, a defensive mechanic in the game.

💡Chaos Damage

Chaos Damage is a type of damage in the game that can be particularly potent. The script mentions 'gain C damage as chaos,' which implies that there is a conversion or enhancement of damage dealt to the character's attacks, making them more powerful.

💡Global Defenses

Global Defenses likely refers to a broad enhancement to a character's defensive capabilities. The script mentions 'global defenses with T2 life,' which suggests an improvement to the character's overall defense, possibly including health and other defensive attributes.


Jewels went through a complex exchange process involving multiple players and the guild stash.

A 48 Divine gumba was spent on the first gumba of the league, resulting in a significant outcome.

The player allowed the streamer to click for him, trusting the process and hoping for a profitable outcome.

Intuitive Leap jewels were obtained, which are all Chaos Boost (CB) jewels.

Storm Shroud jewels were also acquired, with a value of 45 Divine each.

The player managed to double his investment and then some, with a significant profit.

Double corrupted investment with pen and silence immunity, and MIM for 56 Divine.

A Big amulet with five maximum resistances but lacking speed mods was obtained.

The player instructed for a 'full or nothing' approach, resulting in a very defensive amulet.

Gripping males gumba with unique and powerful modifiers was attempted.

A triple breach prefix amulet with interesting stats was obtained.

The player opted to fracture a hybrid life amulet for potential high value.

A mirror Watchers eye with crit multi and Aran search was almost obtained, but missed by a small margin.

The player achieved an average of 120%+ Adorned, exceeding the standard 100%.

The player, known as Zam, remembered from the last league, achieved high values on his rolls.

The player consistently hit values above 100, with the lowest being 84.

A significant and gratifying result was achieved, with an average roll exceeding expectations.