Runway Gen-3 Video AI - In depth Test and Review

Olivio Sarikas
4 Jul 202418:36

TLDRThis in-depth review explores the capabilities and limitations of Runway Gen-3 Video AI, an alpha version currently available to paid customers. The model excels in creating visually stunning landscapes, drone flights, and time-lapse videos, though it struggles with complex human movements. The review highlights the model's impressive consistency and detail in close-up face animations and text effects, yet notes the need for more settings and the potential for user-generated variations. The pricing structure is discussed, with an emphasis on the value for creatives seeking to harness this powerful video AI tool.


  • 😀 The video reviews the Gen 3 model from Runway, an AI video generation tool currently in its alpha version.
  • 🔍 The reviewer has extensively tested the Gen 3 model and compares it with the previous model, Sora, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.
  • 🎨 The Gen 3 model excels in creating detailed and consistent landscape videos, especially for drone flights and time-lapse scenes.
  • 🔥 The model is particularly good at rendering fire and smoke effects, although there can be inconsistencies in the movement of smoke.
  • 👎 The model struggles with complex human body movements, such as fast limb movements, which can result in unrealistic animations.
  • 🎼 It can perform lip sync but may require fine-tuning of the prompt for optimal results.
  • 🎬 The model has the potential for creating cinematic scenes with a dreamlike quality, despite some morphing and consistency issues.
  • 💃 The animation of human figures, such as dancing or playing musical instruments, can be surprisingly good but may have anatomical inaccuracies.
  • 🌆 The model is adept at creating close-up videos of faces with detailed and consistent features, giving a realistic video effect.
  • 💡 Text effects in the videos are impressively consistent and can create visually appealing outcomes with short phrases.
  • 💰 The pricing for the model's use is on the higher side, with an unlimited plan available for a premium, which may be justified given the computational expense.

Q & A

  • What is the current status of Runway Gen-3 Video AI?

    -Runway Gen-3 Video AI is currently in its alpha version and is only accessible to paid customers.

  • What are some limitations of the Runway Gen-3 model compared to the Gen-2 model?

    -The Gen-3 model has fewer settings available, such as a fixed resolution of 720p, limited options for prompt length, and fewer customization settings compared to Gen-2.

  • What is one feature that Runway Gen-3 does exceptionally well according to the review?

    -Runway Gen-3 excels at creating timelapse videos, especially with landscapes and slow-moving scenes.

  • What is one area where Runway Gen-3 struggles based on the testing?

    -Runway Gen-3 struggles with complex human motion, particularly when the arms and legs are moving quickly.

  • What is a unique feature that Runway Gen-3 can perform?

    -Runway Gen-3 can perform lip sync, as demonstrated in the video where it mimics speech with a character's mouth movements.

  • What kind of scenes does the reviewer find impressive with Runway Gen-3?

    -The reviewer finds drone flight scenes, especially those going through caves or tunnels with different locations, to be impressive.

  • What is the reviewer's opinion on the consistency of elements in the videos created by Runway Gen-3?

    -The reviewer appreciates the consistency of elements in the videos, noting that objects and scenes maintain their integrity even as the camera moves.

  • What pricing plans are available for Runway Gen-3 users?

    -There is a standard plan with 625 credits per month and a pro version with 2250 credits per month. There is also an unlimited plan for $76 per month.

  • What is the reviewer's final verdict on Runway Gen-3's capabilities?

    -The reviewer finds that Runway Gen-3 can create beautiful videos, especially for landscapes and drone flying scenes, but is not as good with complex human motion.

  • What potential does the reviewer see in Runway Gen-3 for content creators?

    -The reviewer sees huge potential and opportunity for content creators, as evidenced by the success of the Sora music video creator, and suggests that with the right plan, the pricing for unlimited video generation is good.



🚀 Introduction to Runway Gen 3 Alpha Testing

The script introduces the Runway Gen 3 model, an AI video generation tool currently in its alpha version available to paid customers. The narrator has conducted extensive testing and will showcase the model's capabilities and limitations. The alpha version's interface is basic, offering prompt entry, length settings, and preset saving but lacking advanced settings found in the full version. The full version, available for the CH 2 model, offers more customization options like resolution, seed, interpolation, and camera control. The narrator will demonstrate the alpha version's performance through various examples, including lip-sync capabilities.


🎨 Exploring Runway Gen 3's Video Creation Capabilities

This paragraph delves into the Gen 3 model's proficiency in creating specific types of videos. It excels in landscape shots, time-lapse videos, and drone flight animations, providing a high level of detail and consistency. However, it struggles with complex human movements, such as in the spaghetti-eating animation, where the model fails to accurately depict the action. Despite this, the model shows promise in creating dreamlike and artistic scenes, such as the Harry Potter-inspired tent scene and close-up face animations, maintaining a cinematic quality and consistency in elements and character details.


🔥 Runway Gen 3's Performance in Cinematic and Dynamic Scenes

The script discusses the model's ability to create dramatic and dynamic scenes, such as apocalyptic tsunami waves and roller coaster rides. While the model can produce visually stunning and cinematic results, it sometimes struggles with the physical accuracy of elements like water and smoke. The dreamlike quality of the videos is highlighted as a feature, despite the presence of morphing and inconsistencies. The model also shows strength in animating fire and smoke, and it has a surprising aptitude for text effects, creating consistent and visually appealing results with short text strings.


💰 Pricing and Final Verdict on Runway Gen 3 Alpha

The final paragraph addresses the pricing structure of the Runway Gen 3 model, noting that the standard version offers 625 credits per month, which may be insufficient for users looking to create multiple 10-second videos. An unlimited plan is available at a higher price point. The narrator acknowledges the model's potential for creating beautiful videos, especially in landscape and drone flight scenarios, but also its current limitations with complex human motion. They express their personal hesitation to pay for the service due to the frequency of mistakes and uncertainty about the practical applications of AI-generated videos. However, they recognize the potential for users with a clear vision to leverage the model's capabilities, as demonstrated by the creator of the internationally famous Sora music video.



💡Runway Gen-3

Runway Gen-3 refers to the third generation of the Runway video AI model. It is a significant upgrade from its predecessors and is currently in the alpha testing phase. The video's theme revolves around testing and showcasing the capabilities and limitations of this new model, highlighting its potential for creating realistic and detailed video content.

💡Alpha version

The term 'Alpha version' denotes an early developmental stage of a product, in this case, the Runway Gen-3 video AI. It implies that the model is not yet fully polished and is being tested for bugs and usability. The script discusses the limited features available in the alpha version compared to the full version of the previous model, Runway CH 2.


In the context of AI models, a 'prompt' is a text input given by the user to guide the AI in generating content. The script mentions that the user can enter a prompt to instruct the Runway Gen-3 model on what kind of video to create, which is central to the video's demonstration of the model's capabilities.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels in a video, which determines its clarity and detail. The script notes that the Runway Gen-3 alpha version only supports 720p resolution, indicating a limitation in the output quality compared to what might be achievable with the full model.

💡Custom presets

Custom presets are user-defined settings that can be saved for reuse in software applications. In the script, it is mentioned that users can save their preferred settings as custom presets in the Runway Gen-3 model, although the number of settings available in the alpha version is limited.

💡Lip sync

Lip sync is the process of matching an actor's mouth movements to the corresponding audio, creating the illusion of speech. The script highlights a feature of the Runway Gen-3 model that allows for lip-syncing, demonstrating the model's advanced capabilities in creating realistic video content.


A timelapse is a video technique that accelerates time, showing events that occur over a long period in a short video. The script praises the Runway Gen-3 model for its exceptional ability to create timelapse videos, particularly with slow-moving and abstract landscapes.

💡Drone flight

Drone flight refers to the movement of a camera or viewpoint as if it were mounted on a drone, providing aerial perspectives. The script describes several examples where the Runway Gen-3 model excels at creating drone flight scenes, showcasing its ability to render realistic and cinematic aerial views.

💡Body movement

Body movement in the context of video AI refers to the realistic animation of human or character movements. The script points out that the Runway Gen-3 model has some difficulties with complex human motion, particularly when limbs move quickly, which is a key area for improvement.


Cinematic describes qualities of a video that resemble those of a movie, such as high production values, dramatic lighting, and engaging visuals. The script frequently uses the term to describe the high-quality and visually appealing outcomes that the Runway Gen-3 model can produce, especially in landscape and drone flight scenes.

💡Dreamlike quality

Dreamlike quality refers to an otherworldly or surreal aspect of the video that gives it a unique and fantastical feel. The script mentions that despite some imperfections, the videos generated by the Runway Gen-3 model have a dreamlike quality that adds to their appeal and transports the viewer to a different dimension.

💡Text effects

Text effects are visual styles applied to text in videos, such as neon lights or magical animations. The script notes that the Runway Gen-3 model does an excellent job with text effects, creating consistent and visually appealing outcomes even with short phrases or words.


In the context of the Runway Gen-3 model, 'credits' likely refer to a form of in-app currency or limit on the number of videos or renders a user can create within a subscription period. The script discusses the different subscription plans and the number of credits they offer, which affects how much a user can utilize the model.


Runway Gen-3 is an alpha version video AI with limited settings compared to its predecessor, Gen-2.

Gen-3 offers basic settings such as prompt length, seat type, and watermark removal, but lacks advanced options.

The Gen-2 model includes a variety of settings like resolution, seed, interpolation, and camera control.

Gen-3 excels in creating time-lapse videos with abstract and slow-moving subjects.

Lip-sync feature in Gen-3 produces impressively realistic video sequences.

Gen-3 struggles with complex animations like eating spaghetti, showing some anatomical inaccuracies.

Drone flight animations through caves or tunnels are executed with remarkable consistency and realism.

Gen-3 is adept at landscape shots, often indistinguishable from actual videos.

The model's handling of fire and smoke in scenes like volcanic eruptions is visually stunning.

Body movement animations can be problematic, with examples of unrealistic morphing.

Gen-3 is surprisingly good at animating musical instruments, despite occasional inconsistencies.

The model demonstrates a dreamlike quality in its videos, which some viewers may find appealing.

Text effects in Gen-3 are consistent and can create visually striking outcomes.

Pricing for Gen-3's standard version may be limiting for users looking to create multiple 10-second videos.

An unlimited plan is available at a higher price point, catering to users who require extensive video generation.

The potential for creative applications of Gen-3 is significant, as evidenced by the success of the Sora music video.

Gen-3's early alpha version shows promise but requires further development to reduce errors and improve functionality.

The reviewer suggests that Gen-3's pricing is justified given the processing power required for its capabilities.