13 May 202415:37

TLDRThe video transcript revolves around the visit of KIM JONGKOOK to the house of his friend, SONDONGPYO, who is characterized as a spendthrift. The conversation is filled with humor and light-hearted banter as they discuss Dongpyo's lifestyle and habits. The friends tease Dongpyo about his excessive use of wet wipes and his long shower durations, which they find amusing and a bit excessive. The video also touches on the topic of financial responsibility, with concerns expressed about Dongpyo's future spending if his income becomes more stable. Despite the playful jabs, there is an underlying message about the importance of saving and being mindful of one's spending habits. The summary ends with a visit to Dongpyo's tidy house, which surprises the visitors with its cleanliness and organization, contrasting with the earlier depiction of Dongpyo's spendthrift behavior.


  • 😯 Jongkook visits Dongpyo's house and experiences his lifestyle, which is quite different from his own.
  • 🧼 Dongpyo has a habit of using a lot of wet wipes, which makes Jongkook uncomfortable and questions his intentions.
  • 🚿 Jongkook takes unusually long showers, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, which surprises the others.
  • 🍗 They reminisce about a delicious meal they had before, which was braised truffle chicken.
  • 🧹 Dongpyo is meticulous about cleanliness, wiping tables before and after eating, which sparks a humorous debate.
  • 🌸 The group discusses going to see the cherry blossoms and the logistics of transportation, highlighting their different perspectives on spending.
  • 🚗 There's a humorous moment where they consider the cost of renting a car versus taking a taxi, showing their frugality.
  • 💸 Concerns are raised about Dongpyo's spending habits and the potential impact on his future, emphasizing the importance of financial planning.
  • 🏡 Upon visiting Dongpyo's house, they find it extremely tidy, which is unexpected for an 'idol dorm'.
  • 😅 Dongpyo's spending is seen as excessive by some, leading to playful teasing and a discussion about the nature of 'spendthrift' behavior.
  • 📝 There's a mock-serious agreement signed by Dongpyo, indicating the group's concern for his spending and a humorous take on the situation.

Q & A

  • What was the reason for Jongkook's discomfort with the wet wipes?

    -Jongkook was unhappy because the wet wipes dried up, and he suspected it might have been done intentionally to make him uncomfortable.

  • Why does Dongpyo take so long in the shower?

    -Dongpyo spends about 30 minutes to 1 hour in the shower because he exfoliates dead skin, washes his face, and removes makeup with an oil remover.

  • Why did the group consider going to see the cherry blossoms?

    -They were inspired by Jongkook's recent visit to Gangneung with his mom where they saw the cherry blossoms in bloom.

  • What was the controversy regarding Dongpyo buying breakfast?

    -There was a debate about whether Dongpyo's act of buying breakfast was a strategic move to encourage other members to buy food in the future.

  • What is Dongpyo's concern about his spending habits?

    -Dongpyo is worried about his future because his current spending habits might be excessive and could lead to financial difficulties later on.

  • What does Im Woo Il suggest Dongpyo should do to secure his future?

    -Im Woo Il suggests that Dongpyo should learn technical skills to have a backup plan in case his current career doesn't work out.

  • Why did Jongkook and the others visit Dongpyo's house?

    -Jongkook and the others visited Dongpyo's house out of concern for his lifestyle and to better understand his situation.

  • What was the group's reaction to Dongpyo's house being very tidy?

    -The group was surprised and commended Dongpyo for the cleanliness of his house, questioning if it's normal for an idol dorm to be so clean.

  • Why did the group discuss the use of power strips in Dongpyo's house?

    -They discussed the power strips because leaving them on when not in use is considered a waste of electricity.

  • What is Dongpyo's plan if his career as a freelancer doesn't work out?

    -Dongpyo is preparing to become a fitness trainer as a fallback option if his current career path doesn't succeed.

  • What did the members find unusual about Dongpyo's laundry habits?

    -The members found it unusual that Dongpyo has a separate washing machine and dryer and doesn't leave his clothes in the laundry for an extended period to avoid food smells.



🚿 Shower Habits and Humor

The dialogue reveals a humorous and somewhat incredulous discussion among friends about one's lengthy shower habits, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, primarily for routines like exfoliating and washing face. There's playful banter about the possibility of the Water Resources Corporation checking on prolonged water use. The conversation shifts to a spontaneous outing, discussing the costs and logistics of renting a car versus taking public transport. The scene is lively, with jokes about their living habits and an overall light-hearted tone.


🍜 Food and Friendship

This segment focuses on a casual meal shared among friends, touching on themes of frugality and generosity. Dongpyo is praised for managing breakfast expenses cleverly, sparking a discussion about financial habits and the potential future implications of such spending habits. They explore the nuances of personal spending, emphasizing the impact of habitual generosity on relationships and personal finance. The conversation also delves into personal grooming preferences before transitioning to a picnic scenario where they decide against buying redundant items like mats.


🏠 Visit to Dongpyo's Home

The conversation takes place during a visit to Dongpyo’s home, focusing on their observations about the cleanliness and organization of the living space, which is unexpectedly tidy for an idol dorm. They humorously discuss habits like leaving clothes in the laundry and the practice of not washing shirts often. The scene also includes a legal waiver reading, hinting at past humorous or extreme incidents during filming, with a joke about the risks of physical and mental damage from nagging, adding a playful undertone to the seriousness of the document.


✍️ Autographs and Fame

The final paragraph briefly touches on the concept of celebrity and personal signatures. Dongpyo discusses the difference between his personal signature and the one he uses for fans, highlighting the distinct personas maintained by public figures. The tone is light and playful, reflecting on the quirks of celebrity life.




A spendthrift is a person who spends money in an extravagant and imprudent manner, often living beyond their means. In the video, Dongpyo is referred to as a spendthrift, highlighting his lavish lifestyle and the concern his friends have about his financial habits.

💡Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a type of pre-moistened disposable cleaning wipe often used for personal hygiene or cleaning surfaces. In the script, the mention of wet wipes drying up points to a humorous situation where they were used excessively or ran out unexpectedly, causing discomfort.

💡Braised Truffle Chicken

Braised truffle chicken is a dish that involves cooking chicken with truffle, a type of fungus known for its strong, rich flavor, often considered a delicacy. It is mentioned in the script as a food they enjoyed previously, indicating a preference for high-quality and luxurious meals.

💡Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are the flowers of cherry trees, celebrated for their beauty and brief blooming period. The script mentions a visit to see cherry blossoms, symbolizing a leisurely and culturally rich activity that the characters partake in.

💡Rental Car

A rental car is a vehicle that is hired for a temporary period. The discussion about renting a car versus taking a taxi in the script reflects on the characters' differing opinions on convenience and cost-effectiveness.


Exfoliating is a skincare process that involves removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to reveal a smoother and more radiant complexion. The script mentions one character spending a significant amount of time in the shower, including exfoliating, which is part of their personal care routine.

💡Cooling Sprays

Cooling sprays are personal care products that provide a refreshing sensation and are often used to mask body odor with a pleasant scent. In the script, the use of cooling sprays is discussed as a masculine attribute, indicating the character's concern with personal grooming and presentation.


A mat is a flat piece of material used for various purposes such as sitting, lying down, or cleaning. The script mentions the purchase and borrowing of mats, which becomes a point of contention regarding unnecessary spending and wastefulness.


Tteokbokki is a popular Korean dish made from chewy rice cakes in a spicy sauce. It is mentioned in the script as a delicious food item that the characters are looking forward to eating, reflecting their shared enjoyment of Korean cuisine.


Being frugal means being careful with money and resources, avoiding waste and unnecessary spending. The script discusses the concept of frugality in contrast to Dongpyo's spendthrift behavior, highlighting a theme of financial responsibility.

💡Fitness Trainer

A fitness trainer is a professional who instructs and guides individuals in physical exercises aimed at improving health and fitness. One character mentions the possibility of becoming a fitness trainer as a backup plan, indicating a consideration for future career paths and financial stability.


Jongkook visits Dongpyo's house and discovers his spendthrift habits.

Dongpyo's use of wet wipes dries up, leading to a discussion on intentional discomfort.

The group debates the necessity of cleaning the table before eating.

Dongpyo's long shower routine, taking 30 minutes to 1 hour, is revealed.

Concerns are raised about Dongpyo's water usage and potential calls from the Water Resources Corporation.

Jongkook's personal hygiene routine includes using cooling sprays for a masculine vibe.

The group discusses the wastefulness of buying items they already own, like mats.

Dongpyo's house is surprisingly clean and tidy, contrary to his spendthrift label.

Dongpyo's laundry habits are questioned, including how he dries his clothes.

The group is surprised by Dongpyo's admission of never washing his shirts.

Dongpyo is encouraged to learn technical skills for financial stability.

The members express worry about Dongpyo's future spending habits.

Dongpyo's house is filled with an unusual number of umbrellas, causing confusion.

Jongkook and the group discuss the importance of saving and financial planning.

Dongpyo signs an agreement to accept the group's nagging about his spending.

The group humorously debates the terms of the agreement, including physical and mental damage.

Dongpyo's house is shown to be energy efficient, with a focus on turning off power strips.

The group ends with a light-hearted discussion on Dongpyo's lifestyle and the day's events.