Secret technique - Path of Exile Highlights #486 - onemanaleft, Tatiantel, Cutedog and others

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15 May 202407:35

TLDRIn this episode of 'Secret technique - Path of Exile Highlights #486', the host explores various aspects of the game, including crafting strategies and secret techniques reminiscent of the movie 'Inception'. The player experiences a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, such as finding a valuable chaos jewel and crafting items with desired attributes. The host also discusses the importance of making smart decisions in the game and shares their excitement about the unexpected loot drops. The episode is filled with humor and insights into the game's mechanics, making it engaging for both new and experienced players.


  • 😀 The speaker is playing a game and seems to be discussing in-game items and strategies.
  • 😅 There's a humorous moment when the speaker realizes they have the same item they thought they had sold.
  • 🤔 The speaker mentions 'secret techniques' which might be a metaphor for in-game strategies or tactics.
  • 🔥 The phrase 'all fire' suggests a focus on fire damage in the game's mechanics.
  • 💡 The concept of 'crafting' is highlighted as an important part of the game, allowing for customization.
  • 😎 The speaker compares themselves to Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Inception', indicating they have a plan or strategy in mind.
  • 🤑 There's a discussion about increasing the price of a 'redeem', which could refer to in-game currency or items.
  • 🛡️ The speaker is looking for specific attributes for their character, such as 'high defense' and 'chaos lightning'.
  • 😲 The audience's reaction is sought without the speaker looking, creating an element of suspense.
  • 😱 The speaker expresses surprise and excitement when they achieve something in the game, suggesting a rare or difficult accomplishment.
  • 🎲 The script ends with a discussion about luck in the game, as the speaker receives a series of fortunate in-game events.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the video?

    -The title of the video is 'Secret technique - Path of Exile Highlights #486 - onemanaleft, Tatiantel, Cutedog and others'.

  • What game is being discussed in the video?

    -The game being discussed in the video is Path of Exile.

  • What is the context of the phrase 'I can tank the meteor'?

    -The phrase 'I can tank the meteor' likely refers to the player's ability to withstand or 'tank' a powerful attack or skill in the game, such as a meteor skill.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'noobs four out of every 10 seconds'?

    -This phrase seems to be a humorous or sarcastic comment on the frequency of a certain event or action in the game, possibly indicating that it happens often or is a common occurrence.

  • What is the significance of the '40 chaos Jewel' mentioned in the script?

    -The '40 chaos Jewel' is likely an item in the game Path of Exile. The speaker seems surprised or frustrated to have encountered the same item again, suggesting it may be a common or less desirable drop.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'crafting' in the context of the game?

    -In the context of the game, 'crafting' refers to the process of creating new items or modifying existing ones using various in-game mechanics, often to enhance their properties or abilities.

  • What is the 'Regal' mentioned in the script?

    -The 'Regal' mentioned in the script could be a reference to a specific item, skill, or mechanic within Path of Exile that is associated with powerful effects or abilities.

  • What is the meaning of 'high life prefix' and 'high defense' in the context of the game?

    -In the context of the game, 'high life prefix' and 'high defense' likely refer to attributes or modifiers that increase a character's life or defense stats, making them more resilient in combat.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'I'm not looking now' in relation to the chat reactions?

    -The speaker is indicating that they will not look at the chat reactions while they are revealing or discussing an item or event in the game, suggesting they want the reactions to be genuine and not influenced by their own actions.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'double life prefix' and 'triple rest' in the script?

    -The phrase 'double life prefix' and 'triple rest' likely refers to specific crafting goals or desired attributes for a character or item in the game, emphasizing the importance of life stats and possibly other stats or effects.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the current league in Path of Exile?

    -The speaker compares the current league in Path of Exile to visiting a 'dodgy porn website,' suggesting that they find the experience confusing, overwhelming, or filled with unwanted distractions.

  • What customization options does the speaker mention for D4 in the game?

    -The speaker mentions that D4 has a lot of customization options, indicating that players can choose different paths or strategies, such as going left or right in a given situation.



🎮 Gaming and Crafting Strategies

The speaker discusses their gaming experience, focusing on crafting and grinding in a video game. They mention having secret techniques for crafting items, comparing their strategy to a scene from the movie 'Inception'. The speaker also talks about the unpredictability of item drops and the excitement of getting rare items. They express frustration with the game's economy, comparing it to a 'dodgy porn website' due to the overwhelming number of pop-ups and decisions to make. The paragraph ends with a mention of revisiting past strategies and a hint at future gameplay.


📊 Luck and Customization in D4

In this paragraph, the speaker addresses misconceptions about the game 'D4', arguing that it offers a lot of customization options. They describe a strategic choice between going left or right in the game, emphasizing the importance of making unique decisions to stand out. The speaker also shares their excitement about getting lucky with item drops, specifically mentioning a series of fortunate rolls that significantly improve their character's life and attack damage. The paragraph concludes with a rhetorical question about their luck, suggesting that they are enjoying an unusually fortunate streak in the game.



💡Secret techniques

The term 'secret techniques' refers to undisclosed methods or strategies that are used to achieve a specific goal or outcome. In the context of the video, it seems to be a metaphor for the player's unique approach to the game 'Path of Exile', which may involve special tactics or insider knowledge to gain an advantage. For instance, the player mentions 'secret techniques' in a humorous way, comparing himself to Leonardo DiCaprio's character in 'Inception', who plants an idea in someone's mind.

💡Chaos Jewel

A 'Chaos Jewel' is an item in the game 'Path of Exile' that can be used to add random modifiers to the properties of another item. It is a valuable resource for players looking to enhance their gear. In the script, the player expresses surprise and frustration upon realizing they have the same 40 chaos Jewel, indicating that they were hoping for a different or better outcome.

💡Tank the meteor

To 'tank the meteor' in gaming terminology usually means to withstand or absorb a significant amount of damage from an attack, often one that is particularly powerful or difficult to avoid. In this video, the player suggests they can 'tank the meteor', implying they have a character with high defenses or health, capable of surviving such an attack.


'Grinding' in gaming is the process of repeating a certain action or set of actions to gain experience, items, or currency. It's often a necessary part of gameplay to progress or improve one's character. The player in the video mentions grinding, indicating that they will be spending time repeating certain tasks in the game to achieve their goals.


In many games, 'crafting' is the process of combining items or resources to create new items. It's a core part of gameplay in 'Path of Exile', allowing players to customize their gear. The script mentions crafting as a 'whole thing', suggesting that the player is deeply involved in this aspect of the game and sees it as a significant part of their strategy.


The term 'Regal' in the context of 'Path of Exile' could refer to the 'Regal Orb', an item that can be used to add a new random modifier to an item with one or two existing modifiers. The player's exclamation about the 'Regal' suggests they have used this orb and received a desirable outcome, enhancing their item significantly.

💡High life prefix

In 'Path of Exile', a 'high life prefix' refers to an item modifier that increases the amount of life an item provides. This is important for survivability and is a sought-after attribute for players. The player in the video expresses a desire for a 'high life prefix', indicating they are looking to improve their character's health pool.

💡Energy Shield

Energy Shield in 'Path of Exile' is a defensive mechanic that absorbs a portion of incoming damage before it affects the player's life. It's an alternative to traditional health and can be a key part of a character's defense. The player mentions wanting an item with 'high defense' and 'energy shield', showing their focus on creating a tanky character.

💡Chaos Miracle

The 'Chaos Miracle' is likely a reference to a highly desirable combination of modifiers or a specific powerful item in the game. The player's excitement about a 'Chaos Miracle' suggests they have obtained or are seeking a particularly valuable item that would greatly enhance their gameplay.


In gaming, a 'Gauntlet' can refer to a challenging series of tasks or levels that a player must complete. In 'Path of Exile', it could be a specific area or challenge. The player mentions 'Gauntlet' in the context of doing 'a little bit of magic finding', indicating that they are exploring this area for valuable loot or rewards.

💡Fossil crafting

Fossil crafting is a feature in 'Path of Exile' where players can use specific items called Fossils to modify the properties of their gear. It's a complex and strategic aspect of the game that allows for customization of equipment. The player considers whether 'fossil crafting' would be a better approach than their current strategy, showing that they are weighing different options for character improvement.


Misidentified a 40 chaos Jewel as something else.

Claims to be able to tank the meteor.

Mentions a secret technique for crafting.

Regal crafting results in all fire.

Implying a comparison to Leonardo DiCaprio's character in Inception.

Strategies to increase the price of a redeem.

A surprising encounter with a walkable obstacle.

Desire for high defense and chaos lightning stats.

Audience reaction to a crafted item.

Achievement of crafting a double life and high defense item.

Misfortune in crafting with four useless mods.

Lucky streak of crafting seven life and physical attack damage.

Discussion on the luck involved in crafting.

Comparison of mapping this league to visiting a dodgy porn website.

Customization and complexity in D4.

Strategic advice on going against the crowd in D4.

Excitement over getting seven life followed by six life.

The Brick's upcoming appearance after a series of crafted items.