Trying 9 "AI" Tech Products

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14 Jan 202415:34

TLDRThe script discusses the integration of AI into various consumer products in 2024, highlighting innovations such as AI-enabled monitors for gaming, a bike with Chat GPT integration, and a humanoid robot for entertainment. It also touches on the debate over AI's role in gaming fairness and the potential for AI to enhance user experiences in products like e-bikes and grills, while mentioning AI's limitations in certain applications like the AI mattress.


  • 🤖 2024 is marked by the integration of AI into everyday objects, with a focus on practical applications.
  • 🖥️ AI-enabled monitors, like MSI's, are controversial in gaming for providing opponent detection in games like League of Legends.
  • 🚴‍♂️ The TGSD from TESS GIFT is an AI voice mouse with features like voice-to-text input and voice translation.
  • 🚴‍♂️ Urtopia Fusion is a dual-motor, dual-battery e-bike with Chat GPT integration and an open API for service integration.
  • 🍳 AI-powered grills, like the Perfecta Grill, optimize cooking by balancing numerous variables for the best results.
  • 🛌 DeRucci's T11 AI mattress uses sensors and algorithms to adjust air cushions for optimal sleep comfort.
  • 📱 AI voice recorders, such as Plaud Note, offer recording, transcription, and indexing features for various uses.
  • 🐶 Chat GPT-enabled robot dogs from Unitree cater to both industrial and entertainment purposes, with models like the Go2 series.
  • 🍹 The bartending robot, Adam, uses an NVIDIA-powered camera module for customer interaction and can make a variety of drinks.
  • 🎧 Wicked Cushions provide cooling gel-enhanced replacements for headphone cushions to keep ears sweat-free during gaming.
  • 📱 CES showcases a blend of innovative AI applications alongside products that would have been considered IoT or 5G in previous years.

Q & A

  • What is a notable trend in AI applications for the year 2024?

    -In 2024, there is a trend towards integrating AI with various objects and devices, such as AI-enabled monitors for gaming, AI-integrated bikes, and AI-powered grills.

  • How does MSI's AI-enabled monitor work in the context of gaming?

    -MSI's AI-enabled monitor uses a neural processor to detect enemy heroes in games like League of Legends by watching the mini-map, and displays indicators on the screen without needing to interact with the game files or operating system.

  • What controversy has arisen from the use of AI in gaming, specifically with AI-enabled monitors?

    -The controversy lies in whether the use of AI-enabled monitors to detect opponents and provide an advantage in games like League of Legends is considered cheating, as it unlevels the playing field.

  • What features does the TGSD AI voice mouse from TESS GIFT offer?

    -The TGSD AI voice mouse offers voice-to-text input, voice translation, and text-to-text translation features, allowing users to communicate and translate without needing a keyboard.

  • What is unique about the Urtopia Fusion e-bike's integration of Chat GPT?

    -The Urtopia Fusion e-bike has cellular connectivity and an open API, allowing it to integrate with various services, including Chat GPT, for hands-free operation and navigation assistance.

  • How does the Perfecta Grill from Seer Grills use AI to enhance the cooking experience?

    -The Perfecta Grill uses AI to optimize the cooking process by adjusting the burners' temperature and distance from the food based on various factors, aiming to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

  • What are the capabilities of the DeRucci T11 AI mattress in terms of sleep comfort?

    -The DeRucci T11 AI mattress is equipped with sensors that monitor heart rate, breathing, wakefulness, and pressure on the mattress, using this data to algorithmically adjust air cushions for the most comfortable sleep experience.

  • What is the purpose of the virtual companion Coco, and where might it be used?

    -Coco is designed to detect emotional states and hazardous situations, and engage in natural conversation. It is intended for use in elder care facilities and for teaching children with learning disabilities.

  • What are the features and capabilities of the Plaud Note voice recorder from Plaud AI?

    -The Plaud Note voice recorder records lectures, phone conversations, or meetings, synchronizes recordings to a phone, transcribes them, and creates an index of main topics, offering up to 30 hours of recording and 16 days of standby time.

  • How do the robot dogs from Unitree differ in terms of their target markets and functionalities?

    -Unitree's robot dogs range from industrial applications to entertainment and education. They feature facial recognition, can follow instructions, play music, take photos, and are programmable for various actions, with models designed for different speed and battery life requirements.

  • What are the capabilities of the bartending robot Adam, and how does it interact with customers?

    -Adam can bartend, make drinks, and even identify and converse with customers using an NVIDIA-powered camera module and a large language model. It can make complex drinks and operate efficiently without distractions.



🤖 AI Integration in Everyday Devices

The paragraph discusses the trend of integrating AI into various consumer products in 2024. It highlights AI-enabled monitors that detect enemies in video games, AI-enhanced bicycles with Chat GPT integration, and the use of AI in promotional materials for tech conferences. The focus is on the increasing presence of AI in everyday objects and its potential impact on gaming and other industries.


🚴‍♂️ AI in Fitness and Health

This section delves into the application of AI in fitness and health, particularly in e-bikes and coaching software. It discusses the Urtopia Fusion e-bike with dual motors and processors, and its integration with Chat GPT for hands-free operation and route suggestions. The paragraph also mentions AI coaching software that could monitor a user's restfulness and adjust workout intensity accordingly.


🍳 AI in Culinary and Home Appliances

The paragraph covers AI-powered grills and mattresses, highlighting the Perfecta Grill's ability to optimize cooking through temperature and distance control, and the DeRucci T11 AI mattress that adjusts to a user's body movements for improved sleep. It also touches on the limitations of AI in providing personalized feedback and adjustments in certain products.


🐶 AI in Entertainment and Companionship

This section explores AI's role in entertainment and companionship through products like the Chat GPT-enabled robot dog from Unitree, which can recognize faces, follow instructions, and take photos. It also mentions the Plaud Note voice recorder and the bartending robot, Adam, which uses an NVIDIA-powered camera module for customer interaction and can perform complex tasks like making drinks.

🎧 AI and Comfort in Personal Accessories

The final paragraph focuses on the application of AI in personal accessories, specifically in improving the comfort of headphone cushions with Wicked Cushions. It emphasizes the product's cooling gel technology, high-quality materials, and customer satisfaction backed by a warranty, encouraging viewers to try the product for enhanced comfort during gaming or other activities.



💡AI applications

AI applications refer to the practical use of artificial intelligence technologies in various fields to improve efficiency, automate processes, or enhance user experiences. In the video, this concept is central as it discusses the integration of AI in everyday objects, such as monitors, bikes, and even grills, showcasing the breadth of AI's impact on different industries.

💡AI Life

AI Life is mentioned as a company that produces humanoid robots for entertainment purposes. It represents the trend of integrating AI with physical forms to create interactive and engaging experiences for users. The company's products demonstrate the fusion of technology and entertainment, aiming to provide not just functionality but also a novel form of companionship or amusement.

💡AI voice mouse

An AI voice mouse is a computer mouse equipped with advanced AI capabilities, such as voice-to-text input and voice translation. This device exemplifies the trend of incorporating AI into common peripherals to enhance user interaction and accessibility. It removes the need for traditional typing and can support multilingual communication, making it a powerful tool for gamers and professionals alike.


An e-bike, or electric bicycle, is a bicycle that is powered by an electric motor, offering assistance to the rider. In the context of the video, the e-bike is showcased as an example of how AI can enhance traditional transportation by integrating smart features like Chat GPT, dual motors, and cellular connectivity. This integration pushes the boundaries of what an e-bike can do, making it not just a means of transport but also a smart, connected device.

💡AI-powered grill

An AI-powered grill is a cooking appliance that uses artificial intelligence to optimize the cooking process, adjusting for various factors such as temperature, food type, and user preferences. This technology aims to make cooking more efficient and consistent by automating the process and learning from user feedback.

💡AI mattress

An AI mattress is a bed that incorporates sensors and algorithms to adjust its firmness and support based on the sleeper's movements and preferences. It represents the intersection of AI with personal comfort and health, aiming to provide an optimized sleeping experience by monitoring and responding to the user's physical needs.

💡AI integration

AI integration refers to the process of embedding artificial intelligence into products, services, or systems to enhance their capabilities or create new functionalities. In the video, AI integration is a recurring theme, with numerous examples of how AI is being fused with everyday objects to create 'smart' devices that are more interactive, efficient, or convenient.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI-based conversational agent that can understand and generate human-like text based on input. It is used in various applications to provide natural language processing and enable interaction with users. In the context of the video, Chat GPT is integrated into products like e-bikes and robot dogs, allowing them to engage with users through conversation and perform tasks based on voice commands.

💡AI ethics

AI ethics involves the examination of the moral implications of AI systems, including fairness, privacy, and the impact on human behavior. The video touches on this topic when discussing the controversy around AI-enabled monitors in gaming, raising questions about whether certain AI applications might unlevel the playing field or be considered cheating.

💡AI in gaming

AI in gaming refers to the use of artificial intelligence to enhance or alter the gaming experience, either by improving gameplay mechanics, creating more realistic NPCs (non-player characters), or providing additional features like opponent detection. The video discusses the growing trend of integrating AI into gaming peripherals and software, and the potential ethical considerations this brings.

💡AI translation

AI translation involves the use of machine learning algorithms to automatically convert text or speech from one language to another. This technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, allowing for more accurate and contextually relevant translations. In the video, AI translation is featured as a key functionality of the AI voice mouse, facilitating communication across language barriers.


2024 is the year of integrating AI with physical objects, with a wide range of AI-enabled products emerging.

AI-enabled monitors can now identify and indicate the location of enemies in games like League of Legends.

An AI-enabled bike with integrated Chat GPT provides interactive features such as voice assistance while cycling.

AI-generated promotional materials are becoming common, indicating the industry's widespread adoption of AI.

MSI's AI-enabled monitor has sparked debate in the gaming community for its ability to detect opponents, raising questions about fair play.

The TGSD from TESS GIFT is an AI voice mouse with features like voice-to-text input and voice translation.

The Urtopia Fusion e-bike integrates Chat GPT, cellular connectivity, and an open API for various services, offering a range of 200 km and weighing just 20 kg.

The Seer Grills' AI-powered grill optimizes cooking by adjusting to various factors like temperature, food type, and user preferences.

DeRucci's T11 AI mattress uses sensors to monitor and adjust to the sleeper's movements for optimal comfort, priced at $9,000.

AI Life's Zoe and Coco are virtual companions designed for entertainment and elder care facilities, with capabilities like emotion detection and natural conversation.

Plaud AI's voice recorder offers recording, transcription, and topic indexing features, with a special mode for phone call recording on iPhones.

Unitree's robot dogs combine machine vision and Chat GPT capabilities for applications in entertainment, education, and industrial settings.

The bartending robot, Adam, uses an NVIDIA-powered camera module for customer interaction and can perform complex tasks like making drinks.

AI integration in various products is blurring the lines between traditional technology categories like IoT and 5G.

Wicked Cushions offer cooling gel-infused ear cushions to prevent overheating during gaming.

The video content creator reflects on the mix of innovation and existing technologies at the tech showcase.