i bought a random website for $4000 on flippa

leonardo the iii
18 May 202406:42

TLDRThe speaker shares their experience of purchasing a niche astrology and spirituality blog site for $4,000 on Flippa, a marketplace for buying and selling websites. Despite not knowing the niche, they justified the buy based on the site's steady $120 monthly income and the average market price being three times the yearly profit. They emphasize the importance of due diligence, especially for beginners, and suggest starting with low-cost, low-risk sites to learn the ropes. The speaker also discusses the potential of building a passive income through blogs by hiring affordable writers and tech personnel, and highlights the benefits of this business model compared to e-commerce sites which require more management and upfront investment.


  • 💰 The narrator purchased a website for $4,000 on Flippa, a marketplace for buying and selling websites.
  • 🌟 The website is a blog in the astrology and spirituality niche, an area the narrator is unfamiliar with.
  • 📈 The site was already generating an average of $120 per month for the past 8 months, which influenced the purchase.
  • 💼 The average selling price for similar sites is typically three times the yearly profit, making the $4,000 price reasonable.
  • 📚 The narrator took courses on how to buy and manage websites, investing in education before making the purchase.
  • 🚀 The advice given in the courses was to start with a site under $1,000 to minimize risk, but the narrator chose a more expensive option.
  • 🔍 The narrator thoroughly investigated the website before buying, emphasizing the importance of due diligence.
  • 🤖 There's a risk of AI-generated content on blog sites, so it's crucial to check the quality and originality of the articles.
  • 📝 The main asset of a blog site is its articles, so their quality is paramount when considering a purchase.
  • 👥 The course teaches how to renovate and grow a portfolio of websites, suggesting the potential for passive income.
  • 💼 Hiring writers and tech people from platforms like Upwork or from countries with lower costs can reduce operational expenses.
  • 📈 Websites can be bought at various price points, from as low as $500 to millions, offering a range of passive income opportunities.
  • 🛠 For beginners, it's recommended to start small and learn the ropes before investing in larger, more profitable sites.
  • 📝 Writing articles personally before hiring others can provide insight into what makes a good article and how to instruct writers effectively.
  • 🛑 The narrator is excited about the potential of this new business venture, highlighting the lower risk and simplicity of blog sites compared to e-commerce.

Q & A

  • What is Flippa and how did the speaker find the website they purchased?

    -Flippa is a brokerage platform for buying and selling websites. The speaker found the website they purchased on Flippa and decided to buy it because it was already generating a small income and was within the average selling price range for similar sites.

  • What was the niche of the website the speaker bought?

    -The website the speaker bought is in the astrology and spirituality niche, focusing on zodiac signs and related content.

  • How much was the website making before the speaker purchased it?

    -Before the speaker purchased the website, it was making an average of about $120 a month.

  • What is the average selling price for a website making $100 a month?

    -According to the speaker, the average selling price for a website making $100 a month is around $3,600.

  • What advice does the speaker give about buying a website on Flippa for the first time?

    -The speaker advises to start with a low-risk purchase, preferably something under $1,000, especially for those who are new to buying websites and to thoroughly investigate the website before buying.

  • How much did the speaker spend on courses to learn about buying websites?

    -The speaker spent a total of $2,700 on courses to learn about buying websites, with $2,300 for one course and $400 for another.

  • What is the speaker's strategy for evaluating the quality of content on a blog-type website?

    -The speaker suggests using a paid tool to check if the content is AI-generated and also recommends reading through the articles to ensure they are well-written, as the main value of a blog-type site lies in its articles.

  • What is the speaker's approach to building up a portfolio of websites?

    -The speaker plans to renovate and build up the websites they buy, focusing on making the income passive by hiring writers and tech people from platforms like Upwork or from countries where labor is cheaper.

  • What are the benefits of buying a blog-type site according to the speaker?

    -The benefits of buying a blog-type site include lower risk, simplicity, and the ability to plan content in advance. It also has less overhead and expenses compared to e-commerce sites.

  • Why is the speaker interested in buying websites as a business venture?

    -The speaker is interested in buying websites because it offers a potentially passive income stream. They can buy into a business with minimal upfront costs and scale up their passive income by purchasing more sites or larger ones.

  • What are some of the risks associated with buying an e-commerce site compared to a blog-type site?

    -E-commerce sites come with more risks due to the need to manage inventory, constant operational issues, and higher upfront costs. Blog-type sites, on the other hand, are simpler, have lower overhead, and are less risky.



💼 Investing in a Niche Blog Site

The speaker discusses their recent purchase of a niche blog site focused on astrology and spirituality for $4,000 through a brokerage platform called Flipper. The site had been generating an average of $120 per month for the past eight months. The price paid is slightly above the average market rate, which is typically three times the yearly profit. The speaker emphasizes the importance of due diligence when buying such sites, especially for beginners, and mentions taking courses to educate themselves on the process. They also highlight the potential for passive income through hiring affordable writers and tech personnel from platforms like Upwork or from countries with lower labor costs. The speaker is optimistic about this venture as a new business opportunity.


📈 The Potential of Passive Income from Websites

In the second paragraph, the speaker explores the concept of earning passive income through the purchase of websites, particularly emphasizing the potential of buying a site for a substantial amount that generates significant monthly income. They mention that sites can sell for millions of dollars and that the average selling price is about three times the yearly profit. The speaker advises learning the ropes before investing in larger sites to avoid mistakes. They also compare the simplicity and lower risk of blog sites to the complexities and higher risks associated with e-commerce sites, which involve inventory management and other overheads. The speaker is intrigued by the passive income model and is considering expanding their portfolio with more such investments.




Flippa is an online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell websites. It serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to trade online businesses, including blogs and e-commerce sites. In the video, the speaker mentions purchasing a website through Flippa, highlighting its role as a starting point for their venture into online business ownership.


A niche refers to a specialized segment of the market that caters to a specific, well-defined customer base with particular needs or interests. The script mentions that the purchased website is in the 'astrology and spirituality' niche, indicating a focus on content related to zodiac signs and related topics.

💡Blog Type Site

A blog type site is a web platform primarily consisting of written articles or posts that are regularly added to and updated by the site owner or contributors. The video discusses the acquisition of a blog type site, emphasizing the importance of article quality and content in attracting and maintaining an audience.

💡AI Content

AI content refers to material generated by artificial intelligence systems, often used to quickly produce a large volume of text for websites. The speaker warns against sites filled with AI-generated content, as it may lack the quality and originality that attracts readers and can negatively impact the site's reputation and search engine rankings.

💡Yearly Profit

Yearly profit is the net income generated by a business over the course of a year, after all expenses have been deducted from the revenue. It is a key financial metric used to evaluate a business's performance. In the context of the video, the speaker uses the website's yearly profit to justify the purchase price and its potential return on investment.


Risk in the context of the video refers to the potential for loss or negative outcomes when investing in an online business. The speaker advises starting with low-risk investments, such as purchasing a site for less than $1,000, to learn the ropes without significant financial exposure.


Upwork is an online platform that connects freelancers with employers who need various services, including writing, editing, and technical work. The speaker mentions Upwork as a resource for hiring affordable talent, such as writers and editors, to contribute to the blog site and reduce the workload for the site owner.

💡Passive Income

Passive income is money earned with little to no effort by the recipient after an initial setup phase. It is often generated through investments, royalties, or automated online businesses. The video discusses the appeal of creating passive income streams through the ownership and management of online businesses, particularly blog sites.


A portfolio in this context refers to a collection of assets or, in the video's case, a group of online businesses or websites that an individual owns and manages. The speaker talks about building a portfolio of websites as a strategy to increase income and diversify their online business ventures.

💡E-commerce Site

An e-commerce site is a type of online business that facilitates the buying and selling of goods or services directly through the internet. The video contrasts e-commerce sites with blog type sites, noting that the latter are less complex and risky, with lower overhead costs.

💡Content Planning

Content planning involves strategizing and scheduling the creation and publication of content on a website to engage and attract an audience. The speaker mentions planning content in advance and uploading articles over time as a way to maintain a consistent flow of fresh material on the blog site.


Purchased a website for $4,000 on Flippa, a brokerage for buying and selling websites.

The website is a blog type site in the astrology and spirituality niche.

The website was already generating an average of $120 a month for the past 8 months.

Paid $4,000 for a site that typically sells for three times the yearly profit.

Invested in courses to learn about buying and renovating websites.

Spent $2,300 on a thorough course and $400 on another for similar teachings.

Courses recommend buying a first site under $11,000, but the narrator bought one for $4,000.

Investigated the website thoroughly before purchasing.

Importance of checking for AI-generated content on blog sites.

Use paid tools to check for AI content and manually read articles for quality.

The course teaches how to build a portfolio of websites for passive income.

Hiring writers and tech people from platforms like Upwork and in countries like Pakistan or the Philippines.

Hiring writers for as low as $2 for a thousand-word article.

Recommendation to write own articles first to understand the process before hiring.

Excitement about the potential of buying websites for passive income.

Potential to buy into a business with passive income through Flippa.

Sites on Flippa range from $500 to multiple millions of dollars.

Blogs are considered lower risk and simpler compared to e-commerce sites.

E-commerce sites involve more overhead and are more complicated.