Fliki AI: I Tested "Forever FREE" Text to Video AI Tool! (AI Video Tool Faceless YouTube Channel)

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8 Feb 202407:09

TLDRFliki AI is a 'Forever FREE' text-to-video AI tool that enhances video creation. Users can sign up and create videos in various languages, starting with an idea or material like a PowerPoint file. The platform offers customization options, including video length, style, and voice selection. Fliki AI's free plan allows for up to 5 minutes of audio and watermarked video content monthly. For advanced features, there are paid plans like Standard at $21/month and Premium at $66/month, offering extended audio/video content, voice options, and advanced capabilities like voice cloning. Fliki AI aims to empower content creators with AI, making video production simple and efficient.


  • 😀 Fliki AI is a 'Forever FREE' text to video AI tool designed to enhance video creation.
  • 🔗 To start, use the provided link in the description to create an account on the Fliki AI website.
  • 📧 After account creation, authenticate your account through the confirmation email sent to your registered email.
  • 💰 Fliki AI stands out by offering a free service with no hidden fees or expiration of trial periods.
  • 📚 The platform supports 16 different languages and dialects of English, with the option to start with an empty file, idea, blog, PowerPoint file, or tweet.
  • 🎥 Users can specify the video length and style, such as default, tutorial, explainer, motivational, informational, or marketing.
  • 🎵 Fliki AI allows users to insert background music and choose from various text-to-speech voices, including customizable voice volume and speed.
  • 👤 The platform includes lifelike AI voices, and users can monetize text-to-speech on YouTube if the audio quality is high.
  • 📹 Fliki AI provides a scene-by-scene breakdown of the video and allows for customization of aspect ratio to fit different platforms like YouTube.
  • 🚀 The platform's cutting-edge algorithms quickly generate a draft of your content vision, making the concept materialize rapidly.
  • 📈 Fliki AI offers different subscription plans, from a free basic plan to premium options with advanced features like voice cloning and API access.
  • 🌟 The tool is designed to maximize productivity and ease of use, enabling content producers to create compelling content efficiently.

Q & A

  • What is Fliki AI and how does it differ from other video making platforms?

    -Fliki AI is a text to video AI tool that offers 'forever free' services to its users. Unlike other platforms that might have restricted access or hidden fees, Fliki AI promises no unexpected costs or expiring trial periods, making it a permanently free option for video creation.

  • How do I get started with Fliki AI?

    -To start using Fliki AI, you need to navigate to their website using the provided link, create an account, and follow the steps in the confirmation email to authenticate your account.

  • What are the different language options available in Fliki AI?

    -Fliki AI offers 16 different languages and dialects of English to choose from, allowing users to create videos in their preferred language.

  • Can I monetize text to speech on YouTube using Fliki AI?

    -Yes, you can monetize text to speech on YouTube with Fliki AI, provided the audio quality is very good, as demonstrated by the lifelike AI voices offered by the platform.

  • How does Fliki AI assist in creating the content for my video?

    -Fliki AI helps by providing a breakdown of your video scene by scene, allowing you to insert background music, choose a text to speech voice, and adjust the volume and speed of the voiceovers.

  • What video aspect ratio does Fliki AI use by default and how can I change it for YouTube?

    -Fliki AI uses a default aspect ratio of 1:1, which is best for platforms like Instagram. For YouTube, you can change it to landscape 16:9 by going to settings and adjusting the aspect ratio dropdown.

  • How does Fliki AI generate a video draft from the provided information?

    -Fliki AI uses cutting-edge algorithms to analyze the information provided and quickly create a draft of your content vision, allowing you to see your concepts materialize rapidly.

  • What are the different subscription plans offered by Fliki AI?

    -Fliki AI offers a free plan, a standard plan at $21 per month (paid yearly), and a premium plan at $66 per month (paid yearly), each with varying features and allowances to suit different user needs.

  • What are the benefits of the free plan on Fliki AI?

    -The free plan allows users to create up to 5 minutes of audio and watermarked video content per month, making it easier to turn written materials into multimedia without any financial commitment.

  • What advanced features does the premium plan on Fliki AI offer?

    -The premium plan includes over 1,800 voices, 950 ultra-realistic voices, a 600-minute allotment for audio and watermark-free video content, the ability to generate videos up to 30 minutes in length, and advanced capabilities like voice cloning and API access.

  • How does Fliki AI aim to help content creators?

    -Fliki AI aims to maximize productivity and ease of use for content creators, providing them with the necessary tools to create compelling content tailored to their specific needs.



🎥 Introduction to Flickly AI Video Creation

This paragraph introduces Flickly AI as a free video-making tool. It guides users to create an account on the Flickly AI website and authenticate it through an email confirmation. The platform promises to remain free, with no hidden fees or trial periods, offering a basic free plan and paid plans for advanced features. The video-making process begins with selecting a new file, choosing a language, and naming the file. Users can input their video idea and preferences, and Flickly AI will generate a scene-by-scene breakdown. It also allows customization of background music and text-to-speech voice options, with the ability to adjust voice volume and speed. The default video aspect ratio is 1:1, but it can be changed to landscape 16:9 for YouTube videos.


📈 Flickly AI Pricing Plans and Content Production Potential

The second paragraph delves into the different pricing plans offered by Flickly AI, starting with the free plan that allows for 5 minutes of audio and watermarked video content per month. The Standard plan, at $21 per month when paid yearly, provides 180 minutes of audio material, access to over 850 voices in 75 languages, and the ability to create 15-minute long, watermark-free videos with premium assets. The Premium plan, at $66 per month paid yearly, caters to power users and businesses, offering over 1800 voices, 600 minutes of audio and video content, and advanced features like voice cloning and API access. The paragraph emphasizes the platform's ability to empower content producers with AI-driven productivity and ease of use, encouraging users to explore AI's potential in content creation and suggesting further resources for maximizing YouTube video revenue.



💡Fliky AI

Fliky AI is the main subject of the video, which is a text-to-video AI tool designed to assist in the video-making process. It is highlighted as a 'forever free' platform that differentiates itself from others by offering unrestricted access without hidden fees or trial periods. The video demonstrates how to use Fliki AI to create content, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and the range of features it provides for video creation.

💡Video making process

The term 'video making process' refers to the steps involved in creating a video, from conception to completion. In the context of the video, it is associated with the capabilities that Fliki AI adds to simplify and enhance this process. The script outlines how users can input ideas and preferences to generate a video, showcasing the tool's ability to streamline content creation.


Authentication in the video script refers to the process of verifying the identity of a user when they create an account on Fliki AI's website. It is a standard procedure to ensure that the account is secure and accessible only to the rightful owner, as mentioned in the step-by-step guide provided in the script.

💡Paid levels of service

The script mentions 'paid levels of service' in contrast to Fliki AI's free offering. While the basic version of Fliki AI is free, there are additional tiers that users can opt into for more advanced features and capabilities. This suggests a business model where the core product is free to attract users, with options to upgrade for enhanced functionality.

💡Text to speech

Text to speech (TTS) is a technology that converts written text into spoken words. In the video, Fliki AI uses TTS to generate voiceovers for the videos, offering a variety of voices and languages. The script highlights the quality of the TTS, noting that it is good enough to be monetized on platforms like YouTube.

💡Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or video. In the script, it is mentioned that Fliki AI's default aspect ratio is 1:1, which is suitable for platforms like Instagram. However, for YouTube videos, which typically use a landscape format, the aspect ratio is adjusted to 16:9 to fit the platform's requirements.


Preview in the context of the video refers to the ability to watch a draft version of the video before finalizing it. The script describes how users can adjust various settings and then preview their work to ensure it meets their expectations before exporting the final video.


Exporting in the video script means generating and downloading the final video after all the editing and customization processes are complete. It is the final step in using Fliki AI to create a video, where the user's content vision is turned into a tangible video file ready for sharing or publishing.

💡Content vision

Content vision refers to the creator's concept or idea for the video they wish to produce. The script describes how Fliki AI helps users turn their content vision into reality by providing the necessary tools and features to create a video that matches their initial idea.

💡Voice cloning

Voice cloning is an advanced feature mentioned in the script that is available in the premium plan of Fliki AI. It allows users to create a synthetic version of a voice, which can be used for video voiceovers. This feature can be particularly useful for businesses or content creators looking to maintain a consistent voice across their media without the need for the original speaker.

💡API access

API, or Application Programming Interface, access is a feature that allows users to integrate Fliki AI's functionalities into their own applications or systems. The script mentions this as an advanced capability available in the premium plan, which can be beneficial for businesses looking to automate and streamline their content creation process.


Fliky AI is a 'Forever FREE' text to video AI tool.

Sign up for Fliki AI using the provided link in the description.

Fliky AI offers unrestricted access with no hidden fees.

Create a new file and select the video option for YouTube content.

Choose from 16 different languages and dialects of English.

Name your file and describe your starting material.

Enter your video idea in the 'idea to video' text box.

Specify the video length and style, such as tutorial or motivational.

Fliky AI provides a scene-by-scene breakdown of your video.

Add background music based on the desired emotion.

Select a text-to-speech voice, like Sarah, Jacob, or Christopher.

Yes, you can monetize text-to-speech on YouTube with high-quality audio.

Adjust the volume and speed of the voiceover using the provided controls.

Change the aspect ratio to landscape 16:9 for YouTube videos.

Preview and adjust your video before exporting.

Fliky AI generates videos quickly using cutting-edge algorithms.

The free plan allows up to 5 minutes of audio and watermarked video content per month.

Upgrade to the Standard or Premium plan for more features and higher quality content.

Fliky AI is designed to maximize productivity and ease of use.

Create compelling content tailored to your specific needs with Fliki AI.