How to Add Subtitles to Davinci Resolve 17 (Automatic Subtitles)

Happy Scribe
30 Jun 202103:06

TLDRIn this tutorial, Margherita from Happy Scribe demonstrates how to add subtitles to videos in DaVinci Resolve 17. She explains the manual process of creating subtitles and then introduces an automated method using Happy Scribe. After editing the project, users can export the video and upload it to Happy Scribe for automatic subtitle generation. Users can then review, correct, and customize the subtitles before downloading them as an SRT file or embedding them directly into the video. This method saves time and ensures accuracy, making it ideal for lengthy videos.


  • 🎬 To add subtitles in Davinci Resolve 17, first enable the subtitle track and then create captions.
  • 🔍 After creating the subtitle, you can adjust its timing on the timeline to match the video's dialogue.
  • ⌛ Manually typing captions can be time-consuming; consider using an automated method for lengthy videos.
  • 🌐 For automatic subtitling, export your video and use an online service like Happy Scribe.
  • 📝 Ensure your video's audio quality is good for accurate transcription by the service.
  • 🖥 Upload your video file to the chosen subtitling service and select the spoken language.
  • 🤖 Choose between machine-generated or human-made subtitling for different levels of accuracy.
  • ⏳ Wait for the processing to complete, which should only take a few minutes depending on the video length.
  • 👀 Review the automatically generated subtitles for any minor mistakes.
  • 🎨 Customize the appearance of your subtitles, including font style, color, and positioning.
  • 📏 Adjust subtitle settings such as line length, character limit per line, and gap between subtitles.
  • 📁 Download your finalized subtitles, choosing between embedding them in the video or as a separate SRT file.
  • 📌 Note that downloading as an SRT file will not include your customization edits, only the text.

Q & A

  • What is the first step to add subtitles to a video in Davinci Resolve 17?

    -The first step is to open your project in the edit section, right-click on one of your video tracks, and then select 'add subtitle'.

  • Why might nothing happen when you first try to add a subtitle in Davinci Resolve?

    -Nothing happens initially because you need to ensure that the subtitle track is enabled. You do this by clicking on 'ST1' and then going to the 'Inspector' in the top right corner.

  • How do you start creating subtitles for your video in Davinci Resolve?

    -You start creating subtitles by clicking on 'Create Caption' and then adjusting it on the timeline where you want the subtitle to come in. After that, you can play back your video and start typing the subtitles.

  • What is an easier way to subtitle lengthy videos in Davinci Resolve?

    -An easier way is to finish editing your entire project without subtitles, then export it. After exporting, you can use an online service like Happy Scribe to automatically generate subtitles for your video.

  • How can you ensure good quality subtitles using Happy Scribe?

    -To ensure good quality subtitles, make sure that your video's audio is of good quality before uploading it to Happy Scribe. This will help achieve the best possible outcome for your subtitles.

  • What are the options for generating subtitles on Happy Scribe?

    -On Happy Scribe, you can choose between machine-generated subtitles for a quicker process or opt for human-made subtitles for a more accurate service.

  • How long should the processing of subtitles on Happy Scribe take?

    -The processing time on Happy Scribe depends on the length of the video, but it should only take a couple of minutes.

  • What can you do to customize the appearance of your subtitles on Happy Scribe?

    -On Happy Scribe, you can customize the subtitles by changing the outline, color of the fonts, and the position of the subtitles. You can also set subtitle limits such as the maximum number of lines, maximum characters per line, and the maximum gap between subtitles.

  • What are the two download options for your subtitled file on Happy Scribe?

    -You can choose to have your subtitles embedded in the video or downloaded as a separate SRT file.

  • Why might someone choose to download subtitles as a separate SRT file?

    -Someone might choose to download subtitles as a separate SRT file if they want to upload their own closed captions on platforms like YouTube, where the customization edits are not necessary, and only the text content is required.

  • How can viewers provide feedback or ask questions about the process shown in the video?

    -Viewers can provide feedback or ask questions by leaving a comment on the video and subscribing for more helpful content.

  • What should one do if they find the video on adding subtitles useful?

    -If a viewer finds the video useful, they should give it a thumbs up to show their appreciation.



🎬 Adding Subtitles in DaVinci Resolve

Margherita from Happy Scribe introduces a tutorial on adding subtitles to videos in DaVinci Resolve. She explains that after opening a project in the edit section, one should right-click on a video track and select 'add subtitle'. However, nothing happens immediately, and the subtitle track must be enabled by clicking on 'ST1' and going to 'Inspector' in the top right corner. New options appear under 'caption' where subtitles can be created. Margherita demonstrates how to create a caption and start typing along with the video playback. She acknowledges that manually typing captions is inefficient and hints at an easier method for longer videos.

🌐 Automating Subtitles with Happy Scribe

The tutorial continues with Margherita suggesting an automated method for adding subtitles, especially useful for lengthy videos. She advises finishing the video editing without subtitles and exporting it normally. Afterward, users should visit, sign up or log in, and upload the video file for subtitling. Margherita emphasizes the importance of good audio quality for accurate subtitles and guides users through the process of selecting the language and choosing between machine-generated or human-made subtitle services. Once the file is uploaded and processed, users can review, correct, and customize the subtitles on Happy Scribe's platform, adjusting appearance and limits such as line and character counts. Finally, users can download the subtitles either embedded or as a separate SRT file, with the latter option not saving customizations but only the text.



💡Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is a professional video editing software used for color correction, visual effects, and audio post-production. In the context of the video, it is the primary tool where subtitles are being added to enhance the accessibility and understanding of the video content for a broader audience.


Subtitles are textual representations of either the dialogue or commentary in a video, often used to translate or transcribe the audio for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, or for those who speak a different language. In the video script, subtitles are being added to a project in Davinci Resolve to make the content more inclusive.

💡Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is an online platform that provides automated transcription and translation services for video content. The video demonstrates how to use Happy Scribe to automatically generate subtitles for a video, which can save time and effort compared to manually typing them out.


This term refers to the process where a computer algorithm automatically creates content, such as subtitles, based on the audio input. In the video, machine-generated subtitles are mentioned as a quick method for adding subtitles, although they may not be as accurate as human-generated ones.


Human-made subtitles are those created by a person who manually transcribes and translates the audio content. This method is often more accurate and nuanced than machine-generated subtitles, as it accounts for context and language subtleties. The video suggests this option for higher accuracy in subtitles.


In the context of Davinci Resolve, the Inspector is a panel that allows users to adjust various settings and parameters for the selected elements in the timeline. The video script mentions using the Inspector to enable and customize the subtitle track.


A caption in video terminology is a specific type of subtitle that includes dialogue, sound effects, and other audio information. The video script instructs on creating captions in Davinci Resolve, which are then used to display text on the video for various purposes, including accessibility.


Customization refers to the process of modifying or personalizing a product or service to better suit the user's preferences or needs. In the video, customization is mentioned in relation to the appearance of subtitles, allowing users to choose font color, outline, and positioning to enhance readability and visual appeal.

💡SRT file

An SRT file is a SubRip subtitle file format that contains the subtitle text and timing information. It is a widely supported format for video subtitles. The video script discusses downloading subtitles as an SRT file for use in platforms like YouTube.


YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view videos. The video script suggests that one might choose to download subtitles as an SRT file for the purpose of uploading them to YouTube to provide closed captioning for their video content.


Accessibility in the context of video production refers to making content available to as many people as possible, including those with disabilities. Adding subtitles to a video increases its accessibility by providing a text alternative for those who cannot hear the audio.


Margherita from Happy Scribe demonstrates how to add subtitles to Davinci Resolve 17.

Subtitles are added in the edit section by right-clicking on a video track and selecting 'add subtitle'.

Subtitle track must be enabled to start adding subtitles.

Subtitles are created under the 'caption' section in the 'Inspector'.

Timing for subtitles is adjusted on the timeline to match video playback.

Manually typing captions can be time-consuming and inefficient.

An easier way to subtitle videos is available, especially for lengthy content.

Complete video editing without subtitles and then export the project.

Visit to get started with automatic subtitle generation.

Create an account on Happy Scribe for uploading and managing subtitles.

Upload the video file for subtitle generation, ensuring good audio quality for accurate results.

Select the spoken language and choose between machine-generated or human-made subtitle services.

Processing time for subtitles is usually a couple of minutes, depending on video length.

Review and correct any minor mistakes in the automatically generated subtitles.

Customize subtitle appearance, including outline, font color, and position.

Adjust subtitle limits such as line number, characters per line, and gap between subtitles.

Download the subtitled file with customizations or as a separate SRT file for platforms like YouTube.

Happy Scribe allows for automatic subtitle addition, saving time and effort in the video editing process.

The video provides a step-by-step guide for adding subtitles to videos using Davinci Resolve 17 and Happy Scribe.