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29 Jan 202406:59

TLDRSteve AI is a unique platform that allows users to create personalized animated videos. The process begins with inputting a text prompt, which is then used to generate AI videos. The user can select from a variety of styles and scenes, ensuring that each video is distinctive. The platform also offers customization options, such as choosing an AI voiceover and selecting the video's aspect ratio. The video demonstrates how to edit a PLR eBook using AI tools like Chat GPT Plus for content editing and DALL-E 2 for creating a cover image. The result is a video that is not only unique but also engaging, with the potential to stand out in a crowded online space. The video concludes with a special offer for a 20% discount using the promo code PC FORMULA, encouraging viewers to explore the capabilities of Steve AI for themselves.


  • 🎬 Steve AI allows users to create unique animated videos tailored to their needs.
  • 📝 The process involves using a text-to-gen AI video feature, enabling customization through prompts.
  • 🚀 Users can select the type of video, such as training and education, and the number of scenes, up to 10 per video.
  • ⚙️ The AI generates content quickly, as demonstrated by the short time it took to create 10 scenes.
  • 🗣️ Option to add an AI voiceover, with different voice options like Joel, to the video.
  • 🎨 Choice of video style, including horizontal, square for platforms like Instagram, or vertical for video shorts.
  • 🎮 Selection of various visual themes and styles, such as gaming, cartoons, geometric shapes, or clay model figures.
  • 🕹️ Each video created is completely unique, even if the same prompt is used, due to the AI's generative capabilities.
  • 🌟 The uniqueness of each video is reinforced by the different styles and images generated each time the process is repeated.
  • 🔄 The script demonstrates the step-by-step process of editing a PLR eBook using AI tools like Chat GPT Plus for content and DALL-E 2 for cover design.
  • 🎉 A 20% discount is offered for Steve AI, using the promo code PC FORMULA in uppercase.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of Steve AI?

    -Steve AI is designed to create unique animated videos tailored specifically for each user, ensuring that no one else has a video exactly like theirs.

  • How does the text-to-gen AI video feature work in Steve AI?

    -Users can input a prompt into the system, and Steve AI will generate a video based on that prompt. The user can specify the category, such as education or training, and the system will create up to 10 scenes for the video.

  • What is the limit on the number of videos Steve AI can create per month?

    -The script mentions a limit of 25 videos that can be created per month using Steve AI.

  • How long does it typically take for Steve AI to generate a video?

    -According to the transcript, it only took a few seconds for Steve AI to generate a video with 10 scenes.

  • What customization options are available for the voice in the generated videos?

    -Users can choose to add an AI voice to their video. The script mentions the option to use a voice named 'Joel' as an alternative to 'Matthew'.

  • What are the different styles that can be chosen for the video?

    -Steve AI offers a variety of styles for the videos, including gaming, cartoons, geometric shapes, portraits, clay model figures, and a 1990s game model style like Super Mario.

  • How does Steve AI ensure that each video is unique?

    -Steve AI generates new images and scenes for each video, even if the same prompt is used. This means that even if the same prompt is inputted, the resulting video will likely have a different look and images each time.

  • What is the promo code mentioned for a discount on Steve AI?

    -The promo code for a 20% discount on Steve AI is 'PC FORMULA', which should be used in uppercase.

  • How can users get a discount on Steve AI services?

    -To get a discount on Steve AI services, users need to use the promo code 'PC FORMULA', which is provided in the video description.

  • What is the benefit of using Steve AI for video creation?

    -The benefit of using Steve AI is that it allows users to create completely unique and personalized videos that stand out from others, which can be particularly useful for content creators and marketers.

  • How does the video script demonstrate the uniqueness of Steve AI's video creation process?

    -The video script demonstrates the uniqueness by showing the process of creating two videos with the same prompt but resulting in different styles, scenes, and images, emphasizing the individuality of each video produced by Steve AI.



🎬 Creating Unique Videos with Steve AI

This paragraph introduces the concept of creating unique videos using Steve AI's text-to-gen AI video feature. The speaker emphasizes the desire to avoid producing generic content and instead create something tailored for the audience. The process involves using a prompt to generate a video about editing a PLR eBook with AI tools, selecting a category, and customizing the video with scenes, AI voice, and style. The result is a unique video that can be recreated with different styles, such as the Super Mario 1 style, to maintain uniqueness each time.


📚 Editing PLR eBooks with AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

The second paragraph demonstrates the practical application of AI tools for editing PLR eBooks. It outlines a six-step process that includes familiarizing oneself with the eBook's content, using AI tools like Chat GPT Plus to reorganize chapters and improve text clarity, reviewing the content, and using DOLL E2 to design a cover image. The paragraph also highlights the uniqueness of the video created in the first part, showcasing different scenes and styles to emphasize the potential for creating distinct content with each use of the AI tool.



💡Steve AI

Steve AI is an artificial intelligence platform that is mentioned in the video as a tool for creating unique animated videos. It is used to generate videos from text prompts, allowing users to customize and create personalized content. In the video, it is showcased as a way to avoid creating generic videos and instead produce something that stands out and is tailored to the individual's needs.

💡Text to gen AI videos

This term refers to the technology used by Steve AI that enables the creation of videos from textual prompts provided by the user. It is a form of artificial intelligence that interprets the text and generates corresponding video content. In the context of the video, it is the core feature that allows for the customization and uniqueness of the videos produced.

💡Unique video

A unique video, as discussed in the video, is a video that is distinct and not similar to others. The video emphasizes the importance of creating content that stands out from the crowd. Steve AI is presented as a solution to achieve this by generating videos that are tailored to the user's specific prompt, ensuring that each video is one-of-a-kind.


In the context of the video, a prompt is a text input that the user provides to Steve AI in order to generate a video. The prompt contains the theme or topic that the user wants the video to be about. For example, the script mentions a prompt about 'how to edit a PLR eBook using AI tools like chat GPT plus to edit and rearrange the content.'

💡AI voice

An AI voice refers to the synthesized voice generated by artificial intelligence that can be added to the video for narration or dialogue. In the video, the narrator chooses an AI voice named 'Joel' to accompany the visuals, enhancing the overall presentation and making it more engaging.


Scenes in the video script refer to the individual segments or parts of the video that are created by Steve AI. Each scene represents a different part of the story or message that the video is conveying. The script mentions the creation of up to 10 scenes, which are generated based on the user's prompt and chosen style.


Styles in the context of the video are the different visual themes or designs that can be applied to the video scenes. The platform offers various styles such as 'gaming,' 'cartoons,' 'geometric shapes,' and 'clay model figures.' The choice of style affects the overall look and feel of the video, allowing users to match the visuals to their content or branding.

💡Super Mario

Super Mario is mentioned in the video as an example of one of the styles that can be chosen for the video's visuals. It refers to the iconic video game character and the art style associated with the game. Choosing this style would result in a video with visuals reminiscent of the Super Mario video game series, adding a nostalgic or playful element to the content.

💡PLR eBook

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and a PLR eBook is a pre-written eBook that is sold with certain rights to rebrand and resell it as one's own. In the video, the process of editing a PLR eBook using AI tools is discussed. This involves using AI to generate ideas, rewrite and improve the text, and create a new cover image to make the eBook unique and tailored to the user's needs.

💡Chat GPT plus

Chat GPT plus is an AI tool mentioned in the video that can be used for generating ideas, rewriting, and improving text. It is part of the process of editing a PLR eBook, where the tool helps in reorganizing chapters and enhancing the clarity and coherence of the content.

💡Doll E2

Doll E2 is another AI tool referenced in the video, which is used for designing cover images. It is suggested for creating an eye-catching and relevant cover for the eBook, which is an important aspect of making the eBook stand out and appeal to potential readers.


Steve AI offers the ability to create unique animated videos tailored specifically for you.

Utilize text-to-gen AI videos to create personalized content.

Steve AI allows you to create up to 25 videos per month.

Creating a video involves entering a prompt and selecting a category.

The video creation process is quick, taking only a few seconds to generate 10 scenes.

You can add an AI voice to your video for a more engaging presentation.

Choose from various video styles such as horizontal, square, or vertical.

Select from a wide range of video styles including gaming, cartoons, geometric shapes, portraits, and clay models.

Steve AI generates completely unique videos, ensuring no one else has similar content.

The video content is dynamic, with each generation producing different looks and images.

Demonstration of creating a video with a Super Mario 1 style.

Each video creation is unique, even when using the same prompt.

The process of creating a new video with a different style is shown.

Videos are confirmed to be unique and different each time they are created.

A walkthrough of the video creation process from start to finish.

Steve AI provides a 20% discount with the promo code PCFORMULA.

Encouragement for viewers to subscribe, hit the like button, and share the video.