Steve AI Quickly Creates Animated Videos For YouTube

Product Creation Formula
26 Nov 202213:15

TLDRIn this informative video, Henry from Product Creation Formula guides viewers on how to create animated videos for YouTube using Steve AI. He dispels the myth that AI-voiced videos will be demonetized, citing YouTube's managing director's assurance that such content is not subject to demonetization. Henry demonstrates the process of converting an article into an animated video script, discusses pricing options, and shows how to customize the video with different characters, expressions, and actions. He also advises on strategies to extend video length and enhance viewer engagement. The video concludes with a recommendation to opt for a higher-tier subscription to remove watermarks for a professional finish and potential monetization.


  • 🚀 **Steve AI** is a tool that can quickly create animated videos for platforms like YouTube.
  • 📈 If you're interested in creating products or earning money online, subscribing and engaging with the content can be beneficial.
  • 🔊 Contrary to some beliefs, using artificial intelligence voices on YouTube will not lead to demonetization.
  • 🌐 YouTube recognizes the value of AI voices in making content accessible to a global audience with varying language proficiency.
  • 📝 The process involves taking an article, like one on anger management, and converting it into a script for an animated video.
  • 💰 There are different pricing tiers for Steve AI, with higher tiers offering more features like higher resolution videos and no watermarks.
  • 🎬 The animation and voiceover process is straightforward; you can choose from various voice accents and character expressions to fit the content.
  • ✂️ For longer videos, you can create multiple shorter videos and edit them together using a video editor.
  • 👥 The tool offers a variety of character actions and expressions to convey emotions effectively in the animation.
  • 🔄 Customizing character actions and scene transitions can help to create a more engaging and fluid video narrative.
  • 📹 High-quality videos without watermarks are recommended for a better viewer experience and potential monetization on YouTube.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to demonstrate how to use Steve AI to quickly create animated videos for YouTube.

  • Is there a concern that using artificial intelligence voices on YouTube will lead to demonetization?

    -No, the managing director of YouTube has stated that videos with artificial intelligence voices are not demonetized.

  • What is the reason YouTube does not demonetize videos with AI voices?

    -YouTube understands that people from different countries with varying English proficiency can create clear and concise content using AI voices.

  • What is the article's title used as a script for the demonstration video?

    -The article's title used is 'Anger Management Tips to Use in Stressful Situations'.

  • What is the pricing for Steve AI as mentioned in the video?

    -The pricing mentioned in the video is $300 and 39 for Steve AI through a discount on appsumo.

  • What features does the Pro version of Steve AI offer?

    -The Pro version of Steve AI allows for the removal of watermarks, creation of 40 videos per month, 2K resolution, and 20 voice accents in English.

  • How can you extend the length of the video created with Steve AI?

    -You can create two videos and use a video editor to combine them, effectively doubling the length of the video.

  • What is the recommended approach to reduce transition time between scenes in the video?

    -It is recommended to reduce the transition time by adjusting the timing settings in Steve AI to avoid long gaps between scenes.

  • How does Steve AI handle character expressions in the animation?

    -Steve AI allows characters to have many different expressions, which can be adjusted to match the emotions described in the script, such as anger or sadness.

  • What is the suggestion for using Steve AI videos on YouTube?

    -The suggestion is to get the higher level plan without watermarks to enhance the viewer's experience and potentially allow for monetization.



🎬 Introduction to AI Video Creation for YouTube

Henry from Product Creation Formula introduces the concept of using AI to create animated videos for YouTube. He dispels the myth that AI-voiced videos will be demonetized, citing statements from the managing director of YouTube. Henry explains that AI voices are beneficial for non-native English speakers to create clear and concise content. He then guides viewers on how to use State AI, mentioning a discounted offer on Appsumo and detailing the features of different subscription tiers, emphasizing the Pro version for its ability to remove watermarks and offer higher resolution and more voice accents.


📽️ Script to Animation Video Process

The video script outlines the process of turning a script into an animated video using State AI. Henry demonstrates how to upload a script, choose a voiceover (in this case, the female voice 'Joanna'), and customize the animation. He discusses the importance of character expressions in conveying emotions, such as anger, and how to adjust the timing between scenes for a smoother video. The video also covers how to extend video length by combining multiple videos and the option to choose different characters and their actions to fit the narrative. Henry provides tips on reducing transition times and ensuring that the video's content is engaging and emotionally resonant.


🚀 Finalizing the Video and YouTube Strategy

Henry concludes the video by discussing the final touches to the animated video, such as changing character actions and frame types to improve synchronization and viewer experience. He emphasizes the importance of talking through problems and emotions, as depicted in the video's content. The video also suggests strategies for using these AI-generated videos on YouTube, recommending a higher subscription tier to avoid watermarks that might detract from the viewer's experience or affect monetization. Henry encourages viewers to subscribe to his channel for more content and thanks them for watching before ending the video.



💡Animated Videos

Animated videos are a form of digital media where images are manipulated to appear as if they are moving. In the context of the video, they refer to the creation of video content using artificial intelligence and computer animation, which is the main topic of discussion. The script mentions using AI to quickly create these videos for platforms like YouTube.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view videos. It is mentioned in the script as the intended platform for the animated videos created using Steve AI. The video discusses the potential for monetization on YouTube and the importance of creating clear, concise content that can be understood by a global audience.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the video script, AI is central to the process of creating animated videos quickly and efficiently. It is used to generate scripts, voiceovers, and animations for the videos.

💡Product Creation

Product creation is the process of designing, developing, and bringing a new product to the market. In the script, Henry from 'Product Creation Formula' discusses tips and tricks for creating products quickly and easily, which is related to the use of AI in video production.


Monetization refers to the process of generating revenue from a digital asset, in this case, YouTube videos. The script addresses concerns about the monetization of AI-generated content on YouTube, clarifying that such content is not demonetized and can be a source of income if done correctly.


A voiceover is a production technique where a voice is recorded and added to a video, typically to narrate or provide additional information. In the context of the video, voiceover is used to bring the text of the script to life using AI-generated voices, enhancing the animated video with speech.

💡Script to Animation Video

Script to animation video refers to the process of converting a written script into an animated video format. The script describes how to use Steve AI to automate this process, from generating the script to creating the animation and adding voiceover, which is a key feature of the platform.

💡Anger Management

Anger management is the practice of coping with anger in a non-destructive manner. In the script, an article about anger management tips is used as an example of the type of content that can be turned into an animated video. This topic is relevant as it can be demonstrated effectively through animated characters expressing emotions.

💡Stressful Situations

Stressful situations are circumstances that cause mental, emotional, or physical strain. The script uses the context of anger management in stressful situations to demonstrate how the animated video can convey complex emotional states, such as anger, through the use of AI-generated characters and expressions.

💡Video Editor

A video editor is software or a person responsible for the post-production phase of video creation, where raw footage is selected, assembled, and edited to create a coherent final product. The script mentions using a video editor to combine multiple AI-generated videos to extend their length and improve the final output.


A watermark is a logo or symbol embedded in a video or image to indicate copyright or ownership. The script discusses the importance of removing the Steve AI watermark for a more professional look, especially for videos intended for monetization on platforms like YouTube.


Steve AI can quickly create animated videos for YouTube, addressing concerns about demonetization due to AI voices.

YouTube's managing director confirms that videos with AI voices are not demonetized.

AI voices can help content creators from different countries with varying English proficiency to produce clear content.

The process involves converting an article into a script for an animated video using Steve AI.

Pricing tiers for Steve AI are available, with the Pro version offering features like no watermarks and higher resolution videos.

Steve AI provides an auto-generated script feature, but manual input is also an option for more control.

The software allows for customization of voiceover, with a choice of male or female voices and accents.

Users can adjust the number of frames and video length by creating multiple videos and combining them.

Steve AI offers a variety of character expressions and actions to match the content of the video.

The platform enables users to edit transitions, character actions, and frame types for a more personalized video.

Steve AI's character animations reflect emotions accurately, enhancing the storytelling of the video content.

The video editing process includes the ability to adjust timing between scenes for a smoother viewing experience.

Steve AI's interface allows for easy removal and replacement of scenes or actions within the video.

The software provides options to choose from different frame types to ensure text and visuals align properly.

Steve AI can help content creators produce videos on a daily basis, potentially leading to monetization on YouTube.

It is suggested to opt for the higher tier subscription to avoid watermarks for a better viewer experience and monetization potential.

The video demonstrates how to use Steve AI to create an animated video on anger management tips.

The final video can be uploaded to YouTube, with the potential for daily uploads to increase viewership and engagement.