I Built My Dream Studio

Johnny Harris
7 Mar 201909:49

TLDRThe video takes the viewer through the transformation of a space into a dream studio and office. It begins with the chaos of renovation, filled with trips to Home Depot and numerous shipments. The process involves tackling electrical issues, choosing acoustically suitable rugs, and even a surprise encounter with potential asbestos tiles. The narrator shares personal anecdotes, such as a visit to a rug warehouse and a meal at a neighbor's restaurant. The finished space is a blend of functionality and comfort, with a focus on natural textures and personal touches, like a Pendleton blanket from Oregon and a cherished walnut butcher block. The studio features a flexible ceiling track system, a kitchen with a coffee setup, an audio table for voiceovers, and a well-organized gear wall. The office area boasts a sit-stand desk from Fully and a personal gallery wall. The video emphasizes the investment in creativity and workflow efficiency, and the narrator clarifies that all products mentioned were independently chosen and not sponsored, ensuring authenticity in their evaluation.


  • 🛠️ The dream studio was built with many trips to Home Depot and a lot of effort.
  • 🔨 Initially, the space was chaotic with a pile of cabinets, appliances, and drywall.
  • 💡 Despite the chaos, the vision for the perfect office and studio was clear and eventually came together.
  • 💰 Unexpected costs, like electrical problems and professional fees, added to the project's expenses.
  • 🌍 The studio features a mix of textures and items from various places, including Oregon and Mexico, adding personal significance.
  • 🛋️ Article, an online furniture company, provided a couch, stools, and a table, contributing to the space's unified texture.
  • 🎥 The studio is equipped with a hanging track system for versatile gear mounting, including microphones and cameras.
  • 🪵 A large Walnut butcher block from a woodworking shop in Illinois serves as the kitchen's centerpiece.
  • ☕ The kitchen is functional and includes a coffee setup from Fellow and coffee from Irving Farms, New York City.
  • 🎤 An audio table with always-ready USB mics is available for recording voiceovers or podcasts.
  • 🖼️ Framed photos from Frame Bridge personalize the space and bring memories into the studio.
  • 🗃️ Organization is key, with pegboards for gear storage and a charging station that keeps equipment tidy and accessible.

Q & A

  • What was the initial state of the space before it was transformed into a dream studio?

    -The initial state of the space was chaotic, with a giant pile of cabinets, appliances, drywall, and other materials stacked in the middle of the front room.

  • How did the speaker describe the process of building the studio?

    -The speaker described the process as involving many trips to Home Depot, dealing with electrical problems, and a significant investment of time and money.

  • What role did Iz play in the transformation of the space?

    -Iz was responsible for the interior design vision, collecting a set of textures and designs that felt natural and made a statement.

  • What type of flooring was installed in the studio?

    -Hardwood flooring was installed in the studio.

  • How did the speaker address the issue of potential asbestos tiles?

    -The speaker scanned the internet for the right tile and returned to Home Depot to replace the suspected asbestos tiles.

  • What was the purpose of the track and hanging arm on the ceiling?

    -The track and hanging arm on the ceiling allowed for the mounting of various equipment such as microphones, lights, and a top-down camera, with the flexibility to slide back and forth along the front room.

  • What was the speaker's pride and joy in the kitchen area?

    -The speaker's pride and joy was a giant slab of Walnut butcher block from a woodworking shop in Illinois, which they spent a lot of time refining.

  • What type of desk setup does the office area feature?

    -The office area features sit-stand desks from Fully, which are solid and come with a variety of accessories like laptop and monitor arms, magnetic hooks, and file cabinets.

  • How did the speaker organize their gear and accessories?

    -The speaker used pegboards, which they spray-painted black, to organize and display their gear and accessories on the wall.

  • What is the significance of the framed photos around the space?

    -The framed photos, provided by Frame Bridge, add a personal touch to the space, turning memories into art that is displayed throughout the studio.

  • How does the speaker feel about the final result of the studio?

    -The speaker is excited about the studio, believing it to be a space that spurs creativity and provides room for making more content with minimal friction.

  • What was the speaker's policy regarding the products mentioned in the video?

    -The speaker clarified that all items mentioned were ones they actually use, and no brands influenced their commentary. For items bought personally, they provided an Amazon link to support Izzy's channel without any kickbacks.



🛠️ Transforming Chaos into a Creative Studio

The narrative details the journey of transforming a chaotic, cluttered space into a perfect office and studio. The speaker describes the initial state of the space, overwhelmed with construction materials and appliances, creating doubt about the project's completion. However, through persistent trips to Home Depot and various shipments, the space gradually begins to take shape. Key features like hardwood floors, electrical fixes, and acoustic-enhancing rugs from an Afghan warehouse start to define the space. The process includes personal touches, such as meals from the rug seller's restaurant, and family involvement, despite challenges like potential asbestos exposure. The transformation concludes with the space not only becoming functional but also aesthetically pleasing, incorporating personal elements like a Pendleton blanket from Oregon and furniture that contributes to a unified, comfortable texture.


🏢 Building a Functional and Personalized Office Space

This paragraph transitions to the office area, emphasizing the aesthetic and functional upgrades achieved through various partnerships and purchases. Framed photos from Frame Bridge enhance the space, making it gratifying to see personal memories displayed. The speaker praises Fully, a company providing ergonomic sit-stand desks and chairs that significantly improve the work experience. The workspace is personalized with maps and photos, adding character and inspiration. The gear storage is organized with painted pegboards, creating an efficient system for accessing equipment. The studio setup also includes a dedicated audio table and a functional kitchen, highlighting a thoughtful design that supports creativity and productivity. The commitment to authenticity is stressed, noting that while some items were provided for free, no editorial control was exerted by the sponsors, ensuring an honest representation of their utility in the space.



💡Home Depot

Home Depot is a well-known home improvement retail store that provides a wide range of building materials, tools, and garden products. In the context of the video, the speaker frequently visits Home Depot to purchase necessary tools and materials for remodeling their dream studio. It symbolizes the practical and hands-on aspect of the project.


Cabinets are built-in or freestanding pieces of furniture with doors and shelves, typically used for storage. In the video, the space initially becomes chaotic with a pile of cabinets, appliances, and other items, indicating the initial stages of the studio's transformation.


Acoustics refers to the properties of a space that determine how sound is transmitted and received within it. The speaker mentions the importance of choosing rugs that can dampen the acoustics of the room to achieve good audio quality, which is crucial for a studio space.


An electrician is a tradesperson who works with electrical systems and equipment. The script mentions unexpected electrical problems that arise during the renovation, leading to higher costs for hiring an electrician. This underscores the technical challenges faced during the studio build.

💡Butcher Block

A butcher block is a thick piece of wood used traditionally for cutting food, but it can also serve as a kitchen countertop or table. The speaker expresses pride in a large walnut butcher block that they worked hard to prepare and finish, highlighting their personal investment in the studio's kitchen area.


Voiceovers are recorded spoken words that are played over a video or other visual media. The video mentions an audio table with microphones set up for recording voiceovers or podcasts, indicating the multifunctional use of the studio space.


Pegboards are panels with regularly spaced holes that are used to hang and organize tools and other items. The speaker uses pegboards to organize and display their gear and accessories, demonstrating a creative solution for clutter-free storage in the studio.

💡Sit Stand Desks

Sit stand desks, also known as height-adjustable desks, allow users to switch between sitting and standing positions while working. The speaker praises the sit stand desks from Fully for their solid construction and the positive impact they've had on their workday experience.


Textures in this context refer to the different materials and patterns that contribute to the aesthetic and tactile feel of the studio. The speaker and their partner, Iz, carefully select a variety of textures and designs for the studio to create a natural, artful, and comfortable environment.

💡Gear Storage

Gear storage refers to the way in which equipment and accessories are organized and kept. The video discusses the development of a system for storing cameras and other gear on the walls using pegboards, which helps to declutter the studio space.


Seamless, in the context of photography or videography, refers to a type of backdrop that is free of visible seams or patterns, often used to create a uniform background. The speaker mentions pulling down seamless backdrops for different colors, which is a common practice in studio setups.


Affiliates in the context of online marketing refers to a person or group that earns a commission for promoting or selling a product. The speaker clarifies that while some items were sent for free, they do not receive kickbacks for promoting them, and any Amazon purchases made through their links support their channel.


The dream studio was built with numerous trips to Home Depot for tools and materials.

The space initially turned chaotic with a pile of cabinets, appliances, and drywall.

Building began with more shipments and the installation of hardwood floors.

Unexpected electrical problems led to higher costs.

The studio started to take shape, resembling a desirable working and creative space.

A rug warehouse visit was necessary to select rugs for acoustics and flooring.

The owner of a neighboring restaurant generously hosted the studio owner.

Concerns about asbestos tiles led to further research and purchases.

The studio evolved from a simple space to a detailed, personalized area after many trips and efforts.

The studio was designed to feel like a lived-in space rather than a sterile studio.

Iz contributed a significant interior design vision, focusing on natural yet statement-making textures and designs.

The studio incorporates meaningful textures like a Pendleton blanket from Oregon and a pillow from Mexico.

Article, an online furniture company, provided a couch, stools, and a table for the studio.

Afghan rugs were used to add a layer of texture to the space.

The studio features a ceiling track system for flexible mounting of gear like microphones and cameras.

A walnut butcher block from a woodworking shop in Illinois serves as a pride and joy in the kitchen area.

The kitchen is functional and designed for filming, with a special coffee setup from Fellow and coffee from Irving Farms.

An audio table with always-ready USB mics is available for voiceovers or podcasts.

Frame Bridge provided framed photos that add a personal touch to the space.

Fully furnished the office area with sit-stand desks and chairs that promote movement throughout the day.

The office wall is dedicated to maps, a favorite element, including an old map from an elementary school on eBay.

Pegboards from Home Depot were used to organize and display gear and accessories.

A permanent charging station was established in a closet, providing a dedicated place for equipment.

Iz's desk and wall are adorned with plants and knick-knacks from travels, adding a personal and creative vibe.

The studio is a significant investment that transforms the way the creators work and fosters creativity.

The creators clarify that while some items were provided for free, all are genuinely used and no brand influenced their opinions.