I Left My "Dream" Studio For Good.

25 Feb 202414:20

TLDRIn this video, the producer narrates his journey of building a dream studio in London, only to leave it behind for a new chapter. He shares his experiences of working in a major city, the benefits of spontaneous creativity, and the challenges of striving for success in the music industry. Despite the advantages of being in a music hub, he felt stagnant and decided to relocate to Bangkok, Thailand, to seek new inspiration and opportunities. The video reflects on the importance of the internet for producers, the power of networking, and the idea that success in music production is not solely dependent on being in a big city.


  • 🎧 The speaker moved to London to be in the heart of the music industry and built a dream studio there.
  • 🏙️ Despite the success, the speaker decided to leave the studio due to the sale of the building and the need for a new chapter.
  • 🚀 The speaker was inspired by other producers and aimed to create a space where artists could freely collaborate.
  • 📦 After being forced to move, the speaker found a new, energetic studio space that led to a period of high productivity.
  • 🔄 The speaker moved back to central London at the invitation of the old landlord, but later felt stagnant and questioned the necessity of being in a major city.
  • 🤔 Contemplating a move away from London, the speaker considered whether success in music production is tied to being in a major city.
  • 🌐 The internet's power to connect and facilitate collaborations, even from remote locations, was highlighted as a key factor in the music industry.
  • 🎵 The speaker's biggest placement came from a loop sent out online, suggesting that physical location might be less critical than online presence.
  • 🎼 Working with professional musicians in a major city like London allowed the speaker to grow and learn from talented individuals.
  • 🎉 The speaker's experiences in London led to a deeper understanding of song production and artist collaboration.
  • 🌟 The decision to leave the studio and London for a new, unexpected location signifies a shift towards a different approach to music production.

Q & A

  • Why did the producer decide to leave his dream studio in London?

    -The producer decided to leave his dream studio in London because he felt he was stagnating as a producer and wanted to start a new chapter in a different location.

  • What was the turning point that made the producer consider leaving London?

    -The turning point was a conversation with his mother, who suggested the idea of leaving the country and living somewhere else to find new inspiration.

  • How did the producer's experience with his old landlord lead to a change in his studio location?

    -The old landlord called the producer and offered him a new building next door in Soho, which made the producer nostalgic and eager to return to central London.

  • What was the producer's realization about the necessity of being in a major city to succeed as a music producer?

    -The producer realized that being in a major city is not always essential for success. He was inspired by other producers who achieved success from non-music hubs and understood that the internet can be a powerful tool for connecting and collaborating.

  • What was the significance of the producer's major placement coming from a loop he sent out?

    -The significance was that it demonstrated the power of the internet and the potential for success without being in a major music hub. It also led him to consider that he might have been more productive focusing on creating and sharing loops.

  • How did the producer's approach to making music change after moving to his new studio?

    -The producer started to focus more on spontaneous creativity, working with professional musicians, and producing songs rather than just making beats. This led to a significant improvement in his skills and understanding of music production.

  • What was the producer's strategy for maintaining connections and opportunities in the music industry while not being in a major city?

    -The producer leveraged the internet to make connections with people around the world, which allowed him to collaborate and find opportunities even when he was not physically present in a major music hub.

  • Why did the producer choose Bangkok, Thailand as his new location?

    -The producer chose Bangkok because he had lived there before and had a strong emotional connection to the city. He was inspired by the vibrant and chaotic energy of Bangkok, which he believed would fuel his creativity.

  • What was the producer's advice for aspiring music producers who are not based in major cities?

    -The producer's advice was to utilize the internet to connect with the global music community, create a lot of content, and be open to new experiences and collaborations to grow and succeed in the industry.

  • How did the producer's experiences in London shape his views on the importance of location in music production?

    -His experiences in London taught him that while being in a major city can provide access to a wealth of talent and opportunities, it's not the only path to success. He learned that creativity and productivity can also flourish away from the noise and competition of a major city.

  • What was the producer's biggest takeaway from his time in London?

    -The biggest takeaway was the realization that success in music production is not solely dependent on location. It's about the connections made, the quality of work produced, and the ability to adapt and change when necessary to continue growing as an artist.



🎧 Journey of a Music Producer: From Home Studio to London

The first paragraph narrates the story of a music producer's career progression. Starting from making beats in a spare room, the producer was inspired by Kenny Beats to create a welcoming studio space in London. Despite facing an eviction due to the sale of the building, the producer managed to find another studio in a less central but more vibrant area of London. The narrative highlights the importance of having a personal studio space for attracting artists and the challenges faced in maintaining a creative environment amidst the hustle of a big city.


🤔 Reflections on Major Cities and Music Industry Success

The second paragraph delves into the question of whether being in a major city is a prerequisite for success in the music industry. It discusses the value of networking and spontaneous collaborations that can occur in such environments. The producer shares personal experiences, including a memorable session with a flute player and the realization that the internet can be a powerful tool for connecting with other artists and producers. The narrative also touches on the disappointments and patience required in the music industry, and the revelation that success can be achieved from anywhere, as evidenced by a producer in Denver, Colorado.


🌏 Relocating and the Search for Creative Growth

The third paragraph describes the producer's decision to leave the London studio and move to a new location for a fresh start. It emphasizes the need for change when feeling stagnant and the potential benefits of stepping away from the noise of a major city to find one's unique creative voice. The producer shares his current living situation in Bangkok, Thailand, and the new opportunities it presents. The summary acknowledges that success in music production is not tied to a specific location and that the internet can be a powerful tool for making connections worldwide.



💡Dream Studio

A 'Dream Studio' refers to an idealized workspace that a music producer or artist envisions and creates to facilitate their creative process. In the video, the creator talks about leaving his dream studio in London, which he had built to be a hub for artists and music production. It symbolizes the end of a chapter in his career and the beginning of a new journey.

💡Hit Songs

Hit songs are popular and commercially successful music tracks that achieve significant recognition and high sales or streaming numbers. The video mentions that the typical path to success for producers involves making hit songs, which can lead to opportunities in major music hubs like Los Angeles or London.

💡Music Producer

A music producer is a professional who works with artists to supervise the recording, mixing, and production of their music. In the context of the video, the speaker is a music producer who has experienced the ups and downs of the industry, including the creation and loss of his dream studio, and the pursuit of making hit songs.

💡Spontaneous Creativity

Spontaneous creativity refers to the act of creating art or music without prior planning or structure, often leading to unique and innovative results. The video highlights how being in a big city studio allowed for spontaneous sessions that resulted in great music, such as when a friend dropped by for an unplanned session.


Stagnation in the context of the video refers to a period where the music producer felt his career and skills were not progressing or developing as he would have liked. Despite working hard, he felt stuck and unfulfilled, leading him to consider a significant change in his environment and approach.


Networking is the process of building and maintaining professional relationships that can lead to opportunities and collaborations. The video discusses the importance of networking in the music industry, especially in a big city, where chance encounters can lead to significant career advancements.

💡Major Placement

A 'major placement' in music refers to a song produced by an artist or producer being featured on a prominent album, in a popular movie, or used in a high-profile advertisement. The video mentions the struggle and patience required to achieve a major placement, which is a significant milestone in a producer's career.


The internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that provides a platform for communication, collaboration, and distribution of music. The video emphasizes the power of the internet in allowing music producers to succeed without being based in a major city, as it enables them to connect with artists and industry professionals worldwide.

💡Creative Genius

Creative genius refers to an individual's exceptional creative abilities or a unique creative idea that stands out. The video suggests that to find one's creative genius and differentiate oneself in the music industry, one might need to step away from the noise and competition of major cities to a quieter, more inspiring environment.

💡Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is the final destination mentioned in the video where the speaker has chosen to relocate. It symbolizes an unexpected and significant change in the producer's life and career, moving away from the traditional music hubs to a new environment that promises fresh inspiration and opportunities.

💡Music Industry

The music industry consists of the businesses involved in the production, distribution, and sale of music and its related products. The video provides insights into the challenges and dynamics of the music industry, including the importance of connections, the role of location, and the impact of the internet on a producer's success.


The producer made a successful career move by creating a studio where artists felt welcomed to record.

The studio in London was initially a perfect place for the producer's work, but it was sold, forcing him to move.

The producer found a new studio in a less central location but with better quality and a buzzing atmosphere.

Despite the studio's success, the producer felt stagnated and decided to move away from London.

The producer questioned the necessity of being in a major city to succeed in the music industry.

The producer's mother suggested the idea of leaving the country to find new inspiration.

The producer's biggest placement came from a loop he sent out, demonstrating the power of the internet in the music industry.

Meeting and collaborating with talented musicians in a major city can significantly enhance a producer's work.

The producer emphasizes the importance of the internet in connecting with the global music community, regardless of location.

The producer's new location in Bangkok, Thailand, offers a fresh start and new opportunities.

The producer's experience in London taught him the value of spontaneous studio sessions and the creative energy they can produce.

The producer's journey from making beats in his spare room to building a dream studio in London demonstrates a significant career progression.

The producer's move to a new studio space in London was influenced by his role model, Kenny Beats, and his approach to creating a welcoming space for artists.

The producer's decision to leave his London studio was influenced by a conversation with a successful producer based in Colorado, highlighting the potential of remote work in the music industry.

The producer's experience in London led to a realization that sometimes being away from the noise of a major city can be beneficial for creativity.

The producer's time in London provided him with valuable experience and connections, which he will carry forward in his career.

The producer's move to Bangkok signifies a new chapter in his career, where he hopes to explore new opportunities and experiences.