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24 Dec 202011:30

TLDRIn this video, the host shares their excitement about finally completing the build of their dream studio, which has been a long journey that started in the middle of the year. The project faced numerous delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but today marks a significant milestone. The host and their assistant, Leonard, work tirelessly to finish the last pieces, including the table and the front wall. They discuss the materials used, such as a shiny cover for the table that might be replaced in the future. The host expresses gratitude for Leonard's help and reflects on the challenges of building a studio without prior experience, especially while maintaining a busy schedule with music production and daily video content. Despite the pandemic restrictions that have halted public access and in-person courses, the host feels a sense of accomplishment and pride in their new studio. They also address the volume of music submissions they receive and the difficulty of providing feedback on every track. The video concludes with a contest announcement and a request for viewers to suggest a new name for the studio, as 'A studio' no longer seems to suffice for the impressive space they've created.


  • 🎉 **Dream Studio Completed**: The creator has finished building their dream studio after a longer-than-expected timeline due to COVID-19 delays.
  • 🛠️ **DIY Studio Build**: The studio was constructed by the creator themselves, despite not being trained in the field, which added to the complexity of the project.
  • 🔄 **Ongoing Work**: There are still minor details to be completed, such as cutting out speakers and adding final touches to the table coloring.
  • 🎶 **Music Production Continues**: Despite the construction, the creator has kept up with music production, mastering, and daily video content creation.
  • 🤝 **Collaboration with Leonard**: Leonard has been instrumental in helping to finish the studio, contributing significantly to its completion.
  • 🚪 **New Studio, New Name**: The creator is considering renaming the new studio to better reflect its upgraded status and is open to suggestions from viewers.
  • 🎁 **Christmas Break**: Leonard is leaving for Christmas, which is the last day before the holiday break begins.
  • 📅 **Post-Holiday Plans**: The final touches on the studio, such as adding bass traps and special absorbers, are planned to be completed after the holiday break.
  • 🏆 **Contest Update**: The creator addressed concerns about not listening to all submitted songs in a recent contest, explaining the limitations of time and the volume of submissions.
  • 🏆 **Winners Announced**: Winners of the 'worst Christmas song' contest were announced, with prizes given to the top three entries.
  • ⏳ **Time Management**: The creator expressed the difficulty of balancing listening to hundreds of tracks for feedback with other work commitments.

Q & A

  • What was the original timeline for completing the studio build?

    -The studio build was initially planned to take two to three months.

  • What factors contributed to the delay in the studio construction?

    -The construction was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused many hiccups and setbacks.

  • What are the main parts of the studio that were still unfinished at the beginning of the transcript?

    -The main parts that were still not done were the table and the front wall.

  • What material was used for the front wall, and what is its intended purpose?

    -A shiny material was used for the front wall, which was acquired cheaply and may be replaced in the future depending on the creator's feelings about it.

  • How does the shiny material on the front wall affect the lighting in the studio?

    -The shiny material reflects the lights in a way that looks amazing, without fully reflecting, thus providing the right amount of reflection.

  • What was Leonard's role during the studio build process?

    -Leonard helped with tasks such as closing off gaps, painting parts of the desk, and was instrumental in the completion of the studio.

  • What was the final piece of the studio build that needed to be put together?

    -The final piece was the cover of the table, which was painted and needed to dry before being put in place.

  • What additional tasks were mentioned for the following day?

    -The final tasks mentioned for the following day included coloring on the table and potentially assembling the last pieces of the puzzle.

  • What special absorbers were mentioned to be placed in the gap between the studio and the actual wall?

    -Special absorbers with a plate that swings to reduce bass frequencies were mentioned to be placed in the gap.

  • What was the speaker's sentiment regarding the current state of the studio and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

    -The speaker expressed sadness that the studio could not be used due to COVID-19 restrictions and that no one could rent the studio or attend courses. However, they were proud of constructing the new studio during this time.

  • What was the speaker's approach to handling the large volume of music submissions and feedback requests?

    -The speaker listened to all submissions briefly within the first 24 hours, focusing on the best ones, and acknowledged the impossibility of listening to every single song due to the volume of submissions and other commitments.

  • What was the contest mentioned in the transcript about, and how were the winners determined?

    -The contest was about creating the worst Christmas song. Winners were selected based on the quality of their submissions, with the first, second, and third place winners receiving different prizes.

  • What was the speaker's request regarding the naming of the new studio?

    -The speaker requested name suggestions for the new studio from the viewers, promising to go through the comments and pick a name that they like to rename the studio.



🎉 Studio Completion Journey

The speaker expresses excitement about the studio's completion, which was a long and challenging process. Initially expected to take two to three months, it was delayed due to unforeseen issues. The main tasks remaining are finishing the table and front wall. The speaker mentions a shiny, possibly temporary, covering for the table and the ongoing painting work. They also discuss cleaning up and the anticipation of completing the last piece of the project. The speaker acknowledges the help of Leonard and reflects on the complexity of building a studio without prior experience, especially while managing other professional commitments.


🏆 Contest Clarifications and Studio Reflection

The speaker addresses concerns about not listening to all submitted songs in a contest, explaining the impracticality of doing so due to the volume of submissions and the need to focus on higher-quality tracks. They also share their pride in the new studio, despite the challenges of not being able to use it fully due to legal restrictions. The speaker reminisces about their humble beginnings in music production and the hard work and sacrifices that led to their current success. They also mention the need for additional work, such as installing bass traps and special absorbers, to further improve the studio's acoustics.


🎁 Winner Announcement and New Studio Naming

The speaker takes a moment to announce the winners of a 'worst Christmas song' contest, congratulating the top three participants. They also express a desire to rename their new studio, which they previously referred to as 'A studio,' to something more fitting of its grandeur. They invite viewers to suggest names for the studio in the comments section and promise to review and select a name they like. The speaker concludes by thanking the audience for their support and looking forward to the next video.



💡Dream Studio

A 'Dream Studio' refers to an ideal or perfect workspace tailored to one's specific needs and desires. In the video, the creator has been working on building their dream studio from scratch, which has been a long and challenging process. It represents the culmination of their vision and hard work, and is a central theme of the video.

💡Studio Build

The 'Studio Build' is the process of constructing or setting up a recording or production studio. It involves various tasks such as assembling furniture, installing equipment, and ensuring the space is acoustically treated. In the context of the video, the studio build has been a significant project that has taken longer than expected due to unforeseen challenges.


In the video, 'Covet' is likely used as a colloquial term referring to the unforeseen circumstances or disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has caused delays and 'hiccups' in the studio build process, highlighting the impact of the pandemic on personal projects and plans.

💡Finish Line

The term 'Finish Line' is a metaphor for the final stage of a task or race before completion. In the video, the creator is striving to reach the finish line of their studio build, indicating that they are in the final stages of completion and are eager to finalize the project.


In the context of a studio, a 'Table' typically refers to a work surface or desk where equipment is placed and work is conducted. The table is a key component in the studio and its completion is a significant milestone in the studio build process discussed in the video.

💡Front Wall

The 'Front Wall' in a studio setting is the wall at the front of the room that often serves as a visual focal point and may also play a role in acoustics. In the video, finishing the front wall is part of the final stages of the studio build, contributing to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space.


Absorbers are materials or objects used in a studio to reduce unwanted noise and echoes by absorbing sound waves. They are crucial for achieving good sound quality. In the video, special absorbers are mentioned that will be placed to improve the acoustics of the studio, particularly for controlling low-frequency sounds.

💡Bass Traps

Bass Traps are specifically designed to tackle low-frequency sounds that are difficult to absorb with regular acoustic treatments. They are an important part of a studio's acoustic design. The video discusses plans to build additional bass traps into the corners of the studio to enhance the sound quality.


In the context of the video, 'Coloring' refers to the process of applying a color finish to parts of the studio, such as the desk. This is part of the aesthetic enhancement of the studio and is mentioned as a step in the final stages of the build process.

💡Master Mix

A 'Master Mix' is the final version of a song or piece of music after it has been fully mixed and equalized. It is ready for distribution or release. In the video, the creator mentions their work in mastering mixes for other people, which is one of the many tasks they have been balancing alongside building the studio.


A 'Vlog' is a video blog where individuals document their personal experiences, thoughts, or events through video. In the video, the creator has been vlogging the process of building their dream studio, sharing their journey and challenges with their audience.


Today marks the completion of the dream studio build, which was initially planned to take a few months but ended up taking much longer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the delays, the studio is finally finished, with only minor details remaining to be addressed.

Leonard has been instrumental in the completion of the studio build, with his help being crucial to the process.

The front wall of the studio is being smoothed out and prepared to receive a shiny, possibly temporary, cover that was acquired at a low cost.

The studio's table is a significant part of the project, and Leonard has been working on coloring it.

The newly installed cover on the table adds a reflective yet not overly shiny element, enhancing the lighting effects within the studio.

Cleaning up the studio is part of the final stages of the build, with a focus on making the space ready for use.

The studio build has been a massive undertaking, with over three tons of materials, speakers, equipment, and tables added to the room.

Despite the challenges, the individual behind the studio build has remained committed, even when faced with the temptation to give up.

The studio build has been a significant project, requiring a lot of hard work and dedication, especially without formal training in construction.

The final piece of the studio puzzle, the table coloring, will be completed the following day, after the paint has had time to dry.

Leonard is allowed to leave for the Christmas holiday, marking the end of a productive collaboration.

The studio's ceiling is fully done, and the only remaining task is the final coloring and reassembly of the table.

Additional improvements to the studio include the installation of special absorbers to control low-end frequencies and enhance the sound quality.

The speaker setup requires precision cutting, a task that will be performed once the builder is well-rested and fully focused.

The studio build has been a success, turning a small, initial space into an 'epic' new studio that the builder is proud of.

The builder expresses gratitude for the viewers' support and shares a contest update, acknowledging the difficulty of listening to all submitted tracks due to the high volume.

Winners of the 'worst Christmas song' contest are announced, with prizes awarded to the top three entries.

The builder is seeking name suggestions from the audience for the newly completed studio, recognizing that 'A Studio' no longer seems fitting.

The builder reflects on the journey of building the studio from scratch and the sacrifices made along the way, emphasizing the hard work and dedication involved.