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16 May 202408:26

TLDRThis video showcases the new features of the Photoshop beta update, which includes an improved 'Remove Background' tool and a 'Generate Background' option. The presenter demonstrates how to install the beta and use it to create AI-generated backgrounds like snowy mountains and sand dunes of Giza. They also explore the 'Adjustment Brush' for localized photo adjustments. The video highlights the convenience of these features directly within Photoshop, without the need for external software like Midjourney.


  • 💻 Install Photoshop Beta through the Creative Cloud's Apps Beta section.
  • 🖼️ Open the image you want to edit in Photoshop Beta by using the 'Open Photoshop Beta' option.
  • 🌄 Use the 'Remove Background' feature to automatically remove the background of an image.
  • 🎨 Generate a new background with the 'Generate Background' option, like 'Snowy Mountains'.
  • 🔍 Explore different options provided by the property panel for customizing the generated background.
  • 🔥 Utilize the new 'Firefly' AI feature to create a background that might be better than the default options.
  • 📐 Adjust the image size using 'Image Size' before generating a new background to match your desired dimensions.
  • 🏞️ Generate a new image with the 'Generate Image' option, similar to using Mid Journey software.
  • 📷 Test the AI-generated image without a reference image first, then try with a reference image for better results.
  • 👕 Experiment with changing elements of the image, like the jacket, using the 'Generate' feature with a reference image.
  • 🛠️ Use the new 'Adjustment Brush' to selectively apply effects, like photo filters, to specific parts of the image.

Q & A

  • How can I install the Photoshop beta update?

    -To install the Photoshop beta update, go to your Creative Cloud, navigate to 'Apps', then 'Beta', and click on 'Install' for Photoshop beta.

  • What is the new option introduced in Photoshop beta for removing the background of an image?

    -The new option introduced in Photoshop beta for removing the background is called 'Remove Background', which also includes a feature to 'Generate Background'.

  • Can you provide an example of how to use the 'Generate Background' feature in Photoshop beta?

    -To use the 'Generate Background' feature, after clicking 'Remove Background', select 'Generate Background' and choose a theme like 'Snowy Mountains', then click 'Generate' to create a new background.

  • What is the Firefly AI feature in Photoshop beta?

    -Firefly is an AI-generated software included in Photoshop beta that allows users to create backgrounds or images using AI, similar to the functionality of mid Journey.

  • How can I create a new image with a specific size and generate an AI background in Photoshop beta?

    -Go to 'Image' > 'Image Size' to set the dimensions, then 'File' > 'New' > 'Photo' and enter the desired size. Use the 'Generate Image' option to create an AI background like 'Snowy Mountains'.

  • What is the process of using a reference image with the 'Generate Image' feature in Photoshop beta?

    -After selecting 'Generate Image', you can choose to add a reference image by searching for one on Google or another source. This reference image helps the AI to create a background that matches your request more closely.

  • Can you customize the generated AI background with Photoshop beta?

    -Yes, you can customize the generated AI background by dragging and dropping it into place while holding the shift key, and then adjusting the size and position as needed.

  • What is the 'Adjustment Brush' feature in the Photoshop beta update?

    -The 'Adjustment Brush' feature allows you to make selections and apply effects to specific objects within an image, such as making a face warmer or darker using a photo filter.

  • How can I use the 'Adjustment Brush' to change only a specific part of the image?

    -Select the 'Adjustment Brush', choose 'Apply to Object', and then select the object you want to adjust, like your face. You can then apply effects like a photo filter, which will only affect the selected area.

  • Is there a way to remove unwanted objects from an image using Photoshop beta?

    -Yes, you can select unwanted objects and use the 'Generate' option to remove them, similar to how you would change the background or jacket color.

  • What is the shortcut for flattening all layers into one in Photoshop beta?

    -The shortcut to flatten all layers into one in Photoshop beta is Command + Option + Shift + E.



🎨 Photoshop Beta Magic: Background Removal and AI-Generated Scenery

The speaker demonstrates how to install and use Photoshop Beta, highlighting its new features. They guide the audience through the process of removing a background and generating a new one, such as 'Snowy Mountains', using the software's AI capabilities. The video showcases different options provided by the property panel and introduces the 'Firefly' AI tool for generating backgrounds. The speaker also explains how to create a new file with a specified size and generate an image using AI with or without a reference image, comparing the results to find the most realistic option. They also attempt to change the background to 'Sand Dunes Giza' and discuss the limitations and potential of the AI in generating realistic images.


🛠 Photoshop Beta Features: AI-Driven Image Adjustments and Editing

In this segment, the speaker explores additional features of Photoshop Beta, focusing on the adjustment brush and its ability to apply effects to specific objects within an image. They demonstrate how to select parts of an image, such as a face, and apply a photo filter to change its warmth or darkness, adjusting the effect to match the overall composition. The speaker also discusses the challenges of using AI to change clothing items, such as a jacket, and the need for clear instructions for better results. They conclude by showing how to use the AI to remove unwanted objects, like a tripod, and introduce a new feature for adjusting images directly within Photoshop without the need for external software.



💡Photoshop beta

Photoshop beta refers to a pre-release version of Adobe Photoshop, which is a widely used image editing software. In the video, the author demonstrates how to install and use the beta version to take advantage of new features. The term is central to the video's theme as it showcases the capabilities of this latest update.

💡Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is Adobe's subscription service that provides access to a collection of software for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services. In the script, it is mentioned as the platform where users can access and install the Photoshop beta.

💡Remove Background

Remove Background is a feature in Photoshop that allows users to automatically detect and remove the background of an image, isolating the subject. The video script describes an improved version of this feature in the beta update, enabling more precise background removal.

💡Generate Background

Generate Background is a new option introduced in the Photoshop beta, which enables users to create a new background for their images. The script illustrates how to use this feature to generate backgrounds like 'Snowy Mountains', enhancing the image's context or theme.


Firefly, as mentioned in the video, is an AI-generated software included in Photoshop. It allows for the creation of backgrounds and images using AI, which is demonstrated in the script as a way to generate a 'Snowy Mountains' background more effectively.

💡Image Size

Image Size is a term used in Photoshop to refer to the dimensions of an image. In the script, the author adjusts the image size to 33 by 18 inches before creating a new file, which is a crucial step when preparing to generate a new background.

💡Generate Image

Generate Image is a feature in the Photoshop beta that allows users to create new images based on specified parameters or descriptions. The script describes using this feature to generate an 'art photo' of 'Snowy Mountains' without a reference image.

💡Reference Image

A reference image is a sample or example image used to guide the AI in generating a new image or background. In the video, the author uses a reference image of a snowy mountain to influence the AI's output, resulting in a more realistic background.

💡Adjustment Brush

The Adjustment Brush is a tool in Photoshop used for making localized adjustments to an image, such as color, exposure, and contrast. The video script introduces a new feature in the beta version where the brush can be applied to specific objects within an image, like the face, for more precise editing.

💡Photo Filter

A Photo Filter in Photoshop is used to apply a color or tonal effect to an image or a selected area. In the script, the author uses a photo filter to adjust the warmth of the face in the image, aiming to match the overall color tone of the generated background.


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a key component in the new features of the Photoshop beta. The script demonstrates how AI is used to generate backgrounds, create images, and even attempt to change clothing items like jackets. AI is central to the video's exploration of the beta's capabilities.


Installation of Photoshop beta through Creative Cloud apps beta.

Opening Photoshop beta with a new logo interface.

Using Photoshop beta for image editing from Lightroom.

New option to remove background with improved features.

Generate background feature with various options.

Example of generating a 'Snowy Mountains' background.

Introduction to the new Firefly AI software in Photoshop.

Using AI to generate a better background than the default.

Creating a new image with custom size and generating an image with AI.

Comparison with mid Journey software for AI-generated images.

Demonstration of generating an AI image without a reference image.

Using a reference image to improve AI-generated snowy mountain background.

Editing the background to create a 'Sand Dunes Giza' scene.

Experimenting with different AI-generated background options.

Using the adjustment brush for selective photo adjustments.

Adjusting facial features using the adjustment brush.

AI's attempt to change the jacket color with mixed results.

Using AI to remove unwanted objects like a tripod from the image.

New feature in Photoshop beta - the adjustment brush for object-specific adjustments.

Upcoming photography composition video teased.