Chat GPT A.I. Interior Design Prompts to Interactive 3D Rooms

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5 Apr 202305:09

TLDRThis video demonstrates how to rapidly create interactive 3D interior and exterior designs using AI tools like Chat GPT and Skybox. It guides viewers on generating design prompts with Chat GPT, customizing styles in Skybox, and exploring the generated 3D rooms. The process is interactive, allowing users to create and iterate on designs with clients before drafting. The video also covers exterior design generation and introduces Cedreo for more detailed 3D modeling and realistic renderings, offering a comprehensive approach to AI-assisted design.


  • 😀 Use Chat GPT and Sky box to create interactive 3D rooms and exterior designs quickly.
  • 🔗 Sign up for a free Open AI account to access Chat GPT if you don't have one.
  • 📝 Ask Chat GPT for prompts for stable diffusion to generate interior design ideas.
  • 🎨 Copy your preferred prompt and input it into Sky box to select a style and generate a design.
  • ⏱ Wait approximately 20 seconds for Sky box to generate your 3D room design.
  • 🖱️ Interact with the generated room by clicking, holding, and dragging to move around, and using the scroll wheel to zoom.
  • 🔄 Generate multiple rooms using the same prompt to explore different design variations.
  • 💡 Download your initial design before creating a new one to ensure you don't lose your work.
  • 📝 Chat GPT can also provide exterior design prompts, but clarify the request to avoid confusion.
  • 🏢 Sky box can generate exterior views but with a fixed perspective, useful for landscape and building visualization.
  • 🏗️ For a more serious 3D modeling, consider using Cedreo, which offers a free plan and intuitive 2D to 3D modeling features.
  • 🎨 With Cedreo, create realistic interior and exterior renderings and present them to clients.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of using Chat GPT and Sky box in the context of the video?

    -The main purpose is to create interactive 3D rooms and exterior designs quickly using AI tools, allowing designers to generate ideas with clients before starting the traditional design process.

  • How can one get started with Chat GPT as mentioned in the video?

    -To get started with Chat GPT, one needs to visit the Chat GPT website in a browser and log in with an Open AI account. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for free using the link provided in the video description.

  • What does Chat GPT generate for the user in the context of interior design?

    -Chat GPT generates prompts for stable diffusion, which are used to create various styles of interior designs. These prompts can be customized based on the user's specific requirements.

  • What is Sky box from blockade Labs and how is it used in the process?

    -Sky box is an AI tool that takes the prompts generated by Chat GPT and creates 3D room designs. Users paste their prompt into Sky box, select a style, and generate the design.

  • How long does it take for Sky box to generate a 3D room design?

    -It takes approximately 20 seconds for Sky box to generate a 3D room design after the user has pasted the prompt and selected a style.

  • What can users do with the generated 3D room design in Sky box?

    -Users can interact with the generated 3D room design by clicking, holding, and dragging to move around the room. They can also look up and down and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

  • Can users generate multiple rooms with the same prompt in Sky box?

    -Yes, users can click the generate button again to create a new room using the same prompt. Each room will have similar elements but will be a different layout.

  • What should users do if they want to save their first creation in Sky box before generating a new room?

    -Users should download their first creation to save it before generating a new room, ensuring that they don't lose their initial design.

  • How can users get different exterior designs using Chat GPT and Sky box?

    -Users can ask Chat GPT to write exterior prompts based on the original interior prompts. However, they need to ensure the prompts are correctly phrased to avoid confusion and generate accurate exterior views.

  • What issue did the video creator encounter when trying to generate exterior views, and how was it resolved?

    -The issue encountered was that the prompts included the phrase 'Create an exterior view for an interior design', which confused Sky box and resulted in odd, partially inside and outside designs. The problem was resolved by informing Chat GPT about the issue, which then provided corrected prompts.

  • What is Cedreo and how does it differ from Sky box in terms of 3D design capabilities?

    -Cedreo is a 3D building and interior design software that offers a free plan. Unlike Sky box, Cedreo allows users to create an actual 3D model of a building, draw intuitively in 2D for instant 3D visualizations, and create photorealistic renderings for presentations.



🛠️ Utilizing AI Tools for Instant 3D Room and Exterior Designs

The script introduces a method to rapidly create interactive 3D rooms and exterior designs using AI tools. The presenter, an AI-generated character, demonstrates the use of Chat GPT and Skybox to generate designs quickly. The process begins with logging into Chat GPT using an Open AI account and requesting prompts for stable diffusion to generate interior designs. The generated prompts are then used in Skybox to create room designs, which can be manipulated virtually to view from different angles. The script also touches on generating exterior designs, correcting prompt issues with Chat GPT, and the limitations of viewing exteriors in Skybox. Finally, the presenter introduces Cedreo as a more advanced tool for 3D modeling, offering a free plan and features like 2D drawing, 3D visualization, and realistic renderings.



💡Interactive 3D Rooms

Interactive 3D Rooms refer to virtual spaces that can be manipulated and explored in three dimensions. In the context of the video, it's about using AI tools to rapidly create and visualize these spaces, allowing users to engage with the designs in a dynamic way. For example, the script mentions the ability to 'click, hold, and drag to move around the room', showcasing the interactivity.

💡A.I. Tools

A.I. Tools are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence to perform tasks. The video script describes using AI to generate interior and exterior designs quickly. The tools mentioned, like Chat GPT and Skybox, are examples of AI tools that can automate the design process, making it faster and more efficient.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model that can generate human-like text based on prompts. In the video, it is used to create prompts for stable diffusion, which are then used to generate interior designs. The script illustrates this by stating that Chat GPT was asked to 'Write me 5 prompts for stable diffusion' to produce various design styles.


Skybox is an AI tool mentioned in the script that can generate 3D models based on text prompts. It is used in conjunction with prompts from Chat GPT to create 'Interior Views' and exterior designs. The script describes the process of pasting a prompt into Skybox and selecting a style to generate a design.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a term used in the script to refer to a type of AI technology that can generate images from text prompts. It is implied that Skybox uses a modified version of this technology. The video script explains that Chat GPT generates 'stable diffusion prompts' which are then used in Skybox to create designs.

💡Interior Views

Interior Views are visual representations of the inside of a building or room. The script describes choosing 'Interior Views' as a style option in Skybox to generate a 3D room. This term is central to the video's theme of creating and exploring virtual interior spaces.

💡Exterior Designs

Exterior Designs pertain to the visual aspects of the outside of a building or structure. The video discusses using AI to generate exterior views that complement the interior designs. An issue arose when Chat GPT's prompts for exteriors were misunderstood by Skybox, resulting in odd designs that were 'partially inside, and partially outside'.


Cedreo is a 3D building and interior design software mentioned in the video. It offers a free plan and is praised for its intuitive 2D to 3D modeling capabilities. The script highlights Cedreo's features such as 'easy roof drawing' and the ability to create 'photo realistic interior and exterior renderings'.

💡Photorealistic Renderings

Photorealistic Renderings are digital images that closely resemble real-life photographs. The script mentions using Cedreo to create these high-quality images from designs, which can then be presented to clients. This term is key to demonstrating the software's ability to produce lifelike visual outputs.

💡Landscape Design

Landscape Design involves creating and planning outdoor spaces, such as gardens or public parks. The video script mentions that the fixed viewpoint in Skybox's exterior view is 'handy for landscape design', indicating its utility for visualizing and planning outdoor environments.


Introduction to creating interactive 3D rooms and exterior designs using A.I. tools.

Use of Chat GPT and Skybox for instant design generation.

Accessing Chat GPT with an Open AI account.

Generating five prompts for stable diffusion interior designs.

Utilizing Skybox from blockade Labs for design generation.

Customizing styles in Skybox with 'Interior Views'.

Interactive features of the 3D room, including movement and zoom.

Generating multiple rooms with the same prompt for variety.

Saving the initial design before creating a new room.

Customizing prompts for more specific design requirements.

Creating a Retro-inspired design with a specific era's influence.

Incorporating scenery and large windows in the design.

Generating a Cityscape view dining room in a skyscraper.

Exploring exterior designs with Chat GPT and Skybox.

Addressing prompt confusion and Chat GPT's adaptive learning.

Limitations of Skybox in viewing 3D exterior models.

Introducing Cedreo as a 3D building and interior design software.

Features of Cedreo, including 2D to 3D modeling and photorealistic renderings.

Cedreo's usability for quick and simple modeling.

Conclusion and invitation to try the software for free.