FREE Interior Design Software - Which Just Works! Alternative To Sketchup

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23 Feb 202323:15

TLDRIn this video, the presenter introduces Super Bolter, a free online interior design software that operates through a web browser. The software allows users to create an account, select design preferences, and choose from various items to personalize their design. It offers a 3D test to ensure functionality and provides a canvas for designing, with options to add new homes, upload floor plans, and select from popular projects. Users can choose from a range of designs created by real designers and architects, and the platform suggests products, provides a budget, and allows for an online checkout. The software also includes a feature to generate an estimate of the project's cost, making it a comprehensive tool for interior design planning and budgeting.


  • 🌐 **Super Bolter is a free interior design software that runs completely on the browser.**
  • 📝 **To get started, users can create an account on and select design preferences.**
  • 🏠 **The software allows users to upload a floor plan, create a single room, or select from popular projects.**
  • 📐 **Super Bolter has a 3D test to ensure all functionalities are working correctly before starting the design process.**
  • 🎨 **Users can choose from a variety of designs created by real designers and architects, and apply them to their home.**
  • 🛠️ **The platform provides a canvas to view and manipulate the design, with options to pan, rotate, and move objects.**
  • 📏 **A top view and 3D walkthrough view are available for a comprehensive understanding of the space.**
  • 💡 **Saving designs is straightforward with auto-save and snapshot features, allowing users to download reference images.**
  • 🛒 **The rupee icon provides a cost estimate for the selected design, including materials and products from e-commerce sites.**
  • 🛋️ **Users can customize individual elements like furniture, finishes, and paint colors to fit their personal taste.**
  • 🚪 **The software also allows for easy removal and replacement of items to facilitate brainstorming and design changes.**
  • 💰 **Super Bolter generates a detailed estimate and allows users to check out and purchase items directly from the platform.**

Q & A

  • What is the name of the free Interior Design software discussed in the video?

    -The name of the free Interior Design software discussed in the video is Super Bolter.

  • How can one access Super Bolter software?

    -To access Super Bolter, one needs to go to and click on the get started button to create an account.

  • What is the purpose of the initial design preference selection in Super Bolter?

    -The initial design preference selection in Super Bolter helps the software to understand the user's taste and mood, and to suggest designs that the user may enjoy.

  • Can Super Bolter work on different types of devices or does it require a specific one?

    -Super Bolter works completely on the browser, so it can be accessed on any device with a web browser, including Chrome, which the user in the video uses.

  • How does Super Bolter help in speeding up the interior design process for ongoing projects?

    -Super Bolter has scraped and imported floor plans of many ongoing projects, allowing users to quickly start their interior design without having to create a floor plan from scratch.

  • What features does Super Bolter provide for a user to test the functionality of the software?

    -Super Bolter provides a simple 3D test where users can check if they can see the entire room with furniture, rotate the room, paint the wall, and move furniture like the sofa set.

  • How does Super Bolter assist users in visualizing their home design in different views?

    -Super Bolter allows users to switch between different views such as the canvas view, top view, 3D walkthrough view, and 3D view to visualize their home design from various perspectives.

  • What is the significance of the 'rupee icon' in Super Bolter and how does it function?

    -The 'rupee icon' in Super Bolter is significant as it shows one of the software's most powerful features. It generates an estimate of the cost for the materials and products used in the design, providing a budget overview for the project.

  • How does Super Bolter facilitate the selection and application of different designs and products?

    -Super Bolter provides a range of designs and products categorized by room type. Users can select specific designs or products, customize them, and apply them directly to their home's floor plan.

  • What kind of support does Super Bolter offer for users to execute their interior design projects?

    -Super Bolter offers support by connecting users to relevant project guys, allowing them to place orders for the products and materials needed to execute their interior design projects.

  • How does Super Bolter enable users to make changes and brainstorm different design options?

    -Super Bolter allows users to easily apply different design templates, replace products, and make adjustments to finishes and colors. This flexibility makes brainstorming different design options quick and straightforward.



🌐 Introduction to Super Bolter Interior Design Software

The speaker introduces Super Bolter, a free online interior design software accessible via The software allows users to create an account and set up their profiles, including preferences and tastes in design. It also offers a 3D testing feature to ensure functionality and compatibility with the user's browser. The main interface includes a canvas for design visualization, a product section with various design options and execution bundles, and a tutorial section for guidance on using the software's features.


🛠️ Exploring Super Bolter's Design and Product Features

This paragraph delves into the detailed features of Super Bolter's design interface. Users can select specific rooms to design, switch between top view and 3D walkthrough views, and hide or show walls for different perspectives. The software also includes a snapshot feature for saving design layouts, and a rupee icon that hints at a significant feature to be discussed later. The speaker also explains how to navigate through template designs, customize products, and access actual products from e-commerce websites, emphasizing the practicality of applying these designs to the user's home.


🛋️ Designing a Master Bedroom with Super Bolter

The speaker demonstrates the process of designing a master bedroom using Super Bolter. They select a theme that matches their personality, apply the design, and customize elements such as the TV unit, finishes, and upholstery. The software allows for easy replacement and adjustment of products within the design, including deleting unwanted items and trying different paint colors in 3D. The speaker also discusses adding wall lights and mirrors, and emphasizes the ease and speed with which a room can be designed using Super Bolter.


🍳 Designing a Kitchen and Navigating Through the Space

Moving on to the kitchen design, the speaker highlights the challenges of kitchen design and uses Super Bolter to apply a pre-designed kitchen layout. They adjust the placement of the kitchen within the home's floor plan and use the 3D walkthrough feature to get a sense of the space. The speaker also discusses the ability to make changes to the design in real-time, such as painting walls with different colors directly in the walkthrough mode, showcasing the software's flexibility and user-friendliness.


💰 Cost Estimation and Project Execution with Super Bolter

The speaker discusses Super Bolter's cost estimation feature, which provides a detailed breakdown of the materials and products used in the design, along with their costs. This feature allows users to get a realistic estimate of their interior design project's expenses. The software also connects users with relevant service providers for project execution. The speaker appreciates the software's ability to facilitate brainstorming and design experimentation without the need for installation, and encourages viewers to try the software, which is currently free to use.



💡Interior Design Software

Interior Design Software refers to computer programs that assist users in planning and designing the layout and appearance of interior spaces. In the video, the main theme revolves around a specific software called 'Super Bolter', which is highlighted as a free alternative to Sketchup. The software allows users to create designs for their homes, choose various products, and visualize the outcome in 3D.

💡Super Bolter

Super Bolter is the name of the free Interior Design software discussed in the video. It is a web-based application that operates within a browser, allowing users to design their homes without the need for downloading or installing any software. The script mentions that it offers features such as 3D visualization, product selection, and cost estimation.

💡3D Visualization

3D Visualization is a technique used to create a virtual representation of a three-dimensional space. In the context of the video, Super Bolter uses 3D visualization to allow users to see their interior design projects in a realistic 3D environment. This helps users to better understand the spatial relationships and aesthetics of their designs.

💡Web-based Application

A web-based application is a software application that is hosted on a remote server and accessed over the internet through a web browser. The video script describes Super Bolter as a web-based application, meaning it can be used directly in the browser without the need for installation, providing convenience and accessibility to users.

💡Design Templates

Design Templates are pre-designed layouts or arrangements that can be used as a starting point for creating a new design. In the video, Super Bolter offers various design templates for different rooms, which can be applied to the user's project to quickly establish a design theme and layout.

💡Product Selection

Product Selection refers to the process of choosing specific items or elements to include in a design. The script mentions that Super Bolter allows users to select from a range of products such as wallpapers, paints, and furniture, which can be incorporated into their designs to create a personalized space.

💡Cost Estimation

Cost Estimation is the process of calculating the approximate cost of a project or design before its execution. The video highlights Super Bolter's ability to provide cost estimations for the designs created by the users. This feature helps users to understand the financial implications of their design choices and plan their budgets accordingly.

💡E-commerce Integration

E-commerce Integration involves linking a software platform with online retail services to facilitate the purchase of products directly through the platform. The video script explains that Super Bolter integrates with e-commerce websites, allowing users to select and buy actual products that are featured in their designs.

💡Walkthrough Mode

Walkthrough Mode is a feature in design software that allows users to navigate through a 3D model as if they were walking through the space. In the context of the video, Super Bolter's Walkthrough Mode enables users to experience their designs from a first-person perspective, giving them a sense of how the space will feel in reality.


Customization refers to the process of modifying or adapting a product, design, or service to meet specific needs or preferences. The video script describes how Super Bolter enables users to customize various elements of their designs, such as changing the size, color, and materials of furniture and other design elements.

💡Cloud-based Application

A cloud-based application is a software application that runs on a remote server and stores data in the cloud, rather than on the user's local device. The script mentions that Super Bolter is a cloud-based application, which implies that users can access their designs from any device with an internet connection and that their work is automatically saved and backed up.


Super Bolter is a free Interior Design software that runs completely on the browser.

To access Super Bolter, visit and create an account.

Super Bolter asks for user's taste and mood to customize the design experience.

Users can select items of interest to further personalize their design preferences.

Super Bolter allows users to upload a floor plan or choose from popular projects.

The software includes a 3D test to ensure all functionalities are working correctly.

Users can zoom in and out, and rotate the 3D view of their home design.

Super Bolter provides a canvas where users can manipulate and view their design.

The software offers a wide range of products and designs created by real designers and architects.

Users can apply different designs to various rooms in their home.

Super Bolter allows customization of individual elements like TVs and wardrobes.

Users can easily replace and customize products within the design.

The software includes a feature to save designs and take snapshots for reference.

Super Bolter provides an estimate feature that calculates the cost of the design.

The estimate includes details of the products used and their quantities.

Users can check out and purchase products directly from the software.

Super Bolter enables users to quickly brainstorm and change designs with ease.

The software is currently free to use and does not require any application installation.

Super Bolter offers a unique combination of design tools, 3D walkthrough, and cost estimation.