INSANE AI Upscaler from Leonardo AI (Magnific AI Alternative!)

Wade McMaster - Creator Impact
29 Jan 202413:29

TLDRThe transcript discusses the capabilities of Lenado AI's universal image upscaler, which enhances and adds details to images using AI technology. The video demonstrates the process of upscaling various images, including AI art, photographs, and personal artwork, and the impact of adjusting the creativity strength. The results show significant improvements in detail, especially with mid-range creativity settings. The script also explores the use of prompts for better results and the potential of combining upscaled images in Photoshop for further enhancement.


  • 🚀 The introduction of a universal image upscaler by lenado AI allows users to enhance any image, including AI art, photographs, and personal artwork, by adding details through AI.
  • 🎨 The AI upscaler can increase the resolution of images up to two times, producing impressive results despite the current limitation.
  • 💡 The user can adjust the 'creativity strength' of the upscaler to control the level of detail added to the image, with options ranging from zero to full.
  • 🖼️ The script demonstrates the before-and-after effects of upscaling an image, showing how details are improved and the overall image quality is enhanced.
  • 📸 The AI upscaler can handle complex images, such as a photo mashup of a Megatron figure with added fire and lighting effects, and still deliver quality results.
  • 🔍 The importance of finding the right balance in creativity strength is emphasized, as too high a setting can lead to undesirable effects, while too low may not add enough detail.
  • 💻 The use of prompts with the upscaler can guide the AI in interpreting the image correctly, resulting in more accurate and relevant enhancements.
  • 🤖 The example of upscaling a face image illustrates how the AI can render hair, skin, and other facial features with greater clarity and detail.
  • 🌐 The script suggests combining the AI upscaler with Photoshop for further refinement of the upscaled images, allowing for the creation of high-quality, detailed artwork.
  • 🔗 A link to lenado AI is provided for those interested in exploring the platform and its image upscaler capabilities.
  • 📈 The comparison of the AI upscaler with traditional methods, such as Photoshop's native resizer, shows the advantages of using AI for image enhancement and upscaling.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of the universal image upscaler mentioned in the transcript?

    -The main feature of the universal image upscaler is the ability to upload any image, whether it's AI-generated, a photograph, or personal artwork, and upscale it using an AI upscaler that adds detail to the image.

  • What is the maximum upscaling factor available with the AI upscaler discussed in the transcript?

    -At the moment, the AI upscaler can only go up to two times the original size.

  • How does the AI upscaler add detail to the images?

    -The AI upscaler adds detail to the images by enhancing existing features and, in some cases, interpreting and adding elements that fit the context of the image, based on the creativity strength setting.

  • What is the significance of the 'creativity strength' setting in the AI upscaler?

    -The 'creativity strength' setting determines the degree to which the AI upscaler adds or interprets details in the image. Higher settings can result in more significant changes and detail addition, while lower settings may simply sharpen and maintain the integrity of the original image.

  • What is the role of the 'prompt' feature in the AI upscaler?

    -The 'prompt' feature allows users to provide additional information about the image being upscaled, helping the AI to interpret and upscale the image more accurately by understanding the context or content of the image.

  • How does the AI upscaler perform with different types of images?

    -The AI upscaler can handle various types of images, including AI art, photographs, and personal artwork. However, the results may vary depending on the complexity and content of the image, with some images producing better results than others at different creativity strength settings.

  • What is the advantage of using the AI upscaler over traditional image resizing methods?

    -The AI upscaler's advantage is its ability to add detail and enhance the image quality while upscaling, rather than just stretching the original pixels, which can result in a loss of quality or appearance of pixelation.

  • How can the AI upscaler be used in conjunction with Photoshop?

    -The AI upscaler can be used in conjunction with Photoshop by first upscaling the image with the AI tool and then importing the result into Photoshop for further refinements, such as adjusting details, masking areas, or combining layers for a more polished final result.

  • What are the potential applications of the AI upscaler?

    -Potential applications of the AI upscaler include improving the quality of AI-generated art, enhancing personal photographs, preparing images for print, and creating more detailed versions of existing artwork or images for various purposes.

  • How does the AI upscaler compare to other upscaling tools like Magni?

    -While both the AI upscaler and Magni can create and add significant detail to images, the AI upscaler is noted for being more cost-effective and offering a similar level of detail enhancement, making it a highly recommended alternative.

  • What is the recommended approach for achieving the best results with the AI upscaler?

    -The recommended approach is to experiment with different creativity strength settings and, when necessary, use prompts to provide additional context to the AI. Additionally, combining the upscaled results with tools like Photoshop can lead to even more refined and impressive outcomes.



🖼️ Introducing Universal Image Upscaler with leonado AI

The paragraph introduces the new universal image upscaler feature in leonado AI, which allows users to upload and upscale any image, be it AI-generated, a photograph, or personal artwork. The AI upscaler not only increases the image size but also enhances the details within the image. The speaker demonstrates the process using an AI art image created with mid Journey and explains the capability to upscale up to two times, showcasing the impressive results. The user interface walkthrough includes accessing the Universal upscaler feature and the option to adjust the creativity strength and upscale ratio. The speaker also mentions the potential of using the upscaled images in various applications and compares the results at different creativity levels.


🎨 Enhancing Image Details with AI Upscaling

This paragraph delves into the process of enhancing image details using the AI upscaler. The speaker discusses the impact of adjusting the creativity strength on the upscaled image, noting how it can make the image appear more beaten up or detailed. The speaker also experiments with an old Photoshop artwork of a Megatron figure, showcasing how the AI upscaler can add details and improve the overall image quality. The discussion includes the effects of using different creativity levels, from zero to full, and how these settings can lead to varying results, including some unexpected and interesting outcomes. The speaker also talks about the importance of finding the right balance when upscaling images to achieve the desired result.


📸 Testing Various Images with the AI Image Upscaler

The speaker continues to explore the capabilities of the AI image upscaler by testing it with various images, including a personal photo and AI-generated art. The paragraph highlights the importance of setting the correct creativity level for different types of images, such as faces and scenery, which are considered safer bets for upscaling. The speaker demonstrates the upscaling process for a low-resolution face image, showing how the details in the beard and hair are enhanced at different creativity levels. The speaker also discusses the potential of combining the upscaled images with Photoshop for further improvement and the possibility of upscaling images further for print purposes. The paragraph concludes with a comparison of the AI upscaler with other upscaling tools and a recommendation for viewers to experiment with the feature.



💡AI upscaler

The AI upscaler is an artificial intelligence-based tool that enhances the resolution of images without losing quality. In the context of the video, it is used to increase the detail and clarity of various types of images, including AI art, photographs, and user-generated artwork. The AI upscaler is showcased as a powerful tool that can significantly improve the visual appeal and detail of images, as demonstrated by the various examples provided in the script.

💡Image resolution

Image resolution refers to the number of pixels that make up the dimensions of an image. A higher resolution means more pixels and, typically, more detail. In the video, the AI upscaler is used to increase the resolution of images, going from low to high resolutions, which results in more detailed and clearer images. The script provides examples of how the AI upscaler can take an 800x800 pixel image and upscale it to 1600x1600 or even 3200x3200, significantly improving the image quality.

💡Detail enhancement

Detail enhancement is the process of improving the clarity and visibility of details within an image. The AI upscaler is described as adding detail to images, making them look more realistic and lifelike. For instance, the script mentions how the upscaler can render individual lines of skin and hair, making the image appear more vivid and sharp. This enhancement is particularly notable in the upscaling of faces and AI art, where the addition of detail can make a significant difference in the overall quality and appeal of the image.

💡Creativity strength

Creativity strength in the context of the AI upscaler refers to the level of artistic intervention applied by the AI to the image. It is a parameter that users can adjust to control the degree to which the AI adds or alters details in the image. The video script describes how varying the creativity strength can lead to different results, from subtle sharpening to more dramatic and artistic changes, such as adding elements like grass or faces that may not have been in the original image.

💡Mid Journey images

Mid Journey images are a specific type of AI-generated artwork mentioned in the video. They are created using a platform called 'Journey,' which is likely an AI-based art generation tool. The AI upscaler can be used to enhance these images, adding more detail and improving their quality. The script suggests that the AI upscaler can work well with such images, allowing users to get excellent results when upscaling their Mid Journey creations.

💡Photoshop artwork

Photoshop artwork refers to images that have been created or manipulated using Adobe Photoshop, a popular software for editing and enhancing digital images. In the video, the speaker mentions an example of their own Photoshop artwork, which involves a Megatron figure with added fire and lighting effects. The AI upscaler can be applied to such artwork to increase its resolution and enhance its details, as demonstrated when the speaker upscales their old Photoshop creation.


Upscaling is the process of increasing the size of an image while maintaining or improving its quality. In the video, upscaling is a central theme as the AI upscaler is used to enlarge images to higher resolutions. The script provides examples of upscaling different types of images, from AI art to photographs, and discusses the impact of upscaling on the image's details and overall appearance. The AI upscaler is shown to be capable of upscaling images up to two times their original size, with the potential for further enhancement through additional processing in Photoshop.

💡Token usage

Token usage in the context of the AI upscaler refers to the virtual currency or points required to use the service. The script mentions that upscaling images with certain settings can consume tokens, indicating that there is a cost associated with using the AI upscaler. The speaker decides to use their tokens to upscale an image by two times, illustrating the practical application of tokens within the platform.

💡Image prompt

An image prompt is a description or instruction given to the AI upscaler to guide the upscaling process. In the video, the speaker provides an example of using an image prompt to inform the AI upscaler that they are working with an image of a giant transformer robot, Megatron. This helps the AI to better interpret and enhance the image according to the content, resulting in a more accurate and desirable upscaling outcome.

💡Photoshop comparison

Photoshop comparison in the video refers to the process of comparing the original image with the upscaled versions using Adobe Photoshop. The speaker uses Photoshop to visually assess the improvements made by the AI upscaler and to demonstrate the differences between the upscaled images and the original. This comparison helps to illustrate the effectiveness of the AI upscaler in enhancing image details and resolution.

💡Topaz Gigapixel

Topaz Gigapixel is a software program mentioned in the video that is used for further upscaling and enhancing images. While not directly used in the video's demonstrations, it is suggested as a potential tool for further image enhancement after using the AI upscaler. The speaker implies that the level of detail achieved through the AI upscaler could allow for additional upscaling with Topaz Gigapixel without losing quality, making it suitable for high-resolution printing or further digital enhancement.


Lenado AI's universal image upscaler allows users to enhance any image, including AI art, photographs, and personal artwork.

The AI upscaler adds detail to images, producing impressive results when upscaling AI art created with mid-journey.

Currently, the upscaler can magnify images up to two times, with plans to expand this capability in the future.

The user can adjust the creativity strength and upscale images with varying levels of detail, from zero to full.

An example is given where a non-AI, Photoshop-created image of a Megatron figure is upscaled, demonstrating the tool's versatility.

The upscaler's performance is evaluated by comparing upscaled images at different creativity strengths and magnification levels.

The importance of finding the optimal creativity strength for each image is emphasized to achieve the best results.

The use of prompts to guide the upscaler's interpretation of the image is introduced as a technique to improve results.

A demonstration shows how combining the AI upscaler with Photoshop can lead to further enhancement and customization of the upscaled images.

The AI upscaler's potential for improving AI art and face images is discussed, with examples showing the increased detail and clarity.

The comparison of the AI upscaler with traditional Photoshop resizing techniques highlights the advantages of the former.

The AI upscaler's ability to handle challenging images, like the Megatron figure, is showcased, illustrating its adaptability.

The video provides a practical guide on how to use the AI upscaler effectively, including tips on creativity levels and prompts.

The AI upscaler's potential applications in print media are mentioned, emphasizing its utility in producing high-quality, detailed images.

The video concludes with a recommendation to explore the AI upscaler and its capabilities, providing a link for further exploration.