Midjourney V6 UPDATES! - Comic Books & Compare with DALL-E 3

Snowball AI
25 Dec 202311:01

TLDRMidjourney V6 introduces significant updates, enhancing its ability to understand prompts and introducing text drawing capabilities. The new version excels in creating realistic images, surpassing DALL-E 3 in this aspect. Features include improved prompt accuracy, longer prompts, better coherence, and an improved 'remix' function for greater image control. Users can now instruct Midjourney to draw text within quotes for a monospaced font effect. With the addition of improved upscaling and a new 'describe' feature, Midjourney V6 pushes the boundaries of AI-generated images. The video also compares Midjourney V6 with DALL-E 3, showcasing the strengths of each in various image prompts, and hints at an upcoming tutorial on creating comic books with the new version.


  • 🚀 Midjourney V6 has been released with improved capabilities for understanding prompts and text drawing abilities.
  • 📦 An example of V6's text drawing feature is creating an image with three cardboard boxes labeled with their contents.
  • 🖌️ Users can now include text within quotations in the prompt to have Midjourney draw the text in various styles.
  • 🔍 Midjourney V6 produces more realistic images compared to DALL-E 3, which is exciting for future article image generation.
  • 📝 New features include more accurate prompt following, longer prompts, improved coherence, and model knowledge.
  • 🎨 The improved prompting and remix feature gives users more control over their images, enhancing creativity.
  • 📈 The text drawing ability is in its Alpha version, with anticipation for future improvements.
  • 📸 For text drawing, it's recommended to use the raw style or lower stylized values for better results.
  • 🔍 Improved upscalers increase image resolution by 2x, with options for subtle and creative upscaling.
  • 🌟 Midjourney V6 requires a relearning of how to prompt, with a focus on being explicit and avoiding vague descriptors.
  • 🎨 Midjourney's version 6 update is significantly faster and offers more detailed and accurate image generation.
  • 📚 The video transcript also mentions upcoming content on creating comic books using Midjourney V6 and Photoshop.

Q & A

  • What is the main improvement in Midjourney V6 compared to its previous versions?

    -Midjourney V6 has improved at understanding prompts and has introduced a text drawing ability, making it better at generating images based on detailed descriptions.

  • How does Midjourney V6 handle text in images?

    -Midjourney V6 can draw text by including the text within quotations in the prompt. It has shown the capability to render text in various styles and contexts within images.

  • What are some of the new features and improvements in Midjourney V6?

    -New features include more accurate prompt following, longer prompts for more detailed descriptions, improved coherence and model knowledge, improved prompting and remix for better control over images, and text drawing ability.

  • How does Midjourney V6 compare to DALL-E 3 in terms of generating realistic images?

    -According to the transcript, Midjourney V6 is better than DALL-E 3 when it comes to generating realistic images.

  • What is the recommended style or setting for better text drawing results in Midjourney V6?

    -For better text drawing results, it is recommended to use the raw style or lower stylized values in Midjourney V6.

  • What is the process to upscale the resolution of images generated by Midjourney V6?

    -To upscale the resolution by 2x, users can click on the upscaling buttons after the first set of generations, where they will find two new options: subtle and creative.

  • How does Midjourney V6 differ from previous versions in terms of prompting?

    -Prompting with Midjourney V6 is significantly different and more sensitive to the details in the prompt. Users are advised to avoid generic terms and be explicit about what they want for better results.

  • What is the 'describe' feature in Midjourney, and how is it useful?

    -The 'describe' feature in Midjourney is used to get consistent results of a style by reverse-engineering what the model sees in an image. It helps in generating images with a specific style.

  • How does the new update to Midjourney V6 affect the speed of image generation?

    -The new update to Midjourney V6 has made the image generation process almost three times faster, showcasing the rapid development of AI models.

  • What are some of the challenges mentioned in the script for testing Midjourney V6's capabilities?

    -Some of the challenges include creating an image of a person standing with their arms up upside down, an upside-down volcano, and a closed umbrella leaning against a tree.

  • How does the speaker plan to utilize Midjourney V6 for comic books?

    -The speaker is working on a project to share with the audience about creating comic books using Midjourney V6 and Photoshop, indicating a future tutorial or guide.

  • What is the main difference between how Midjourney V6 and DALL-E 3 handle prompts?

    -Midjourney V6 takes the prompt as entered and processes it directly, while DALL-E 3 rewrites the prompt in the background before processing it, which might make DALL-E 3 more beginner-friendly.

  • How does the speaker compare the image generation of Midjourney V6 and DALL-E 3 for a futuristic cityscape?

    -The speaker finds that Midjourney V6 provides a more realistic view with more variations, whereas DALL-E 3 produces fewer images per prompt but with a distinct style.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on which AI model is better for generating images of an alien marketplace?

    -The speaker believes that Midjourney V6 is the clear winner for generating images of an alien marketplace, as it provides a more immersive and detailed view.

  • How does the speaker evaluate the images generated by Midjourney V6 and DALL-E 3 for a prompt about a magical forest with talking animals?

    -The speaker finds that DALL-E 3 did better in this case, as it made the animals seem more engaged in conversation, despite Midjourney V6 providing good image quality.

  • What does the speaker suggest for users who want to learn more about creating comic books with Midjourney V6?

    -The speaker is creating a small group to go in-depth on how to create comic books using Midjourney V6 and Photoshop, and encourages users to subscribe and share their thoughts.



🚀 Introduction to M Journey Version 6

The video script introduces M Journey version 6, highlighting its improved capabilities in understanding prompts and its new text drawing feature. The narrator expresses excitement about the software's advancements, particularly its ability to generate more realistic images compared to its predecessor, Dolly 3. Examples of text drawing prompts from the community are shared, demonstrating M Journey's text rendering capabilities. The script also mentions other new features such as more accurate prompt following, improved coherence, and model knowledge, as well as an improved prompting and remix function. The text drawing ability is emphasized, with recommendations on how to use it effectively. Additionally, the script discusses new upscaling features and other launch features, and hints at an upcoming video on utilizing the describe feature for consistent style results.


🎨 Comparing M Journey Version 6 with Dolly 3

This section of the script presents a comparative analysis between M Journey version 6 and Dolly 3, an AI image generator within Chad GPT. The narrator shares a series of image prompts and the resulting images generated by both AI models. The comparison showcases the differences in image quality, realism, and adherence to prompts. M Journey is praised for its realistic and detailed outputs, particularly in prompts involving futuristic cityscapes, steampunk airships, landscapes with floating islands, and an alien marketplace. However, Dolly 3 is noted for its ability to follow prompts more closely in certain scenarios, such as generating images of a magical forest with talking animals. The script also discusses the process of selecting the M Journey model in Discord and the advantages of each model for different user levels.


📚 Advanced Prompting Techniques and Future Plans

The final paragraph focuses on advanced prompting techniques for M Journey version 6 and the narrator's future plans. It emphasizes the importance of writing detailed and clear prompts to achieve the best results from the AI. The narrator also shares their experiences with generating photorealistic images and compares the outcomes with Dolly 3. The script mentions an upcoming tutorial on creating comic books using M Journey and Photoshop, inviting viewers to subscribe and share their thoughts. The narrator concludes by thanking viewers for watching and hints at more content to come in future videos.



💡Midjourney V6

Midjourney V6 refers to the sixth version of an AI image generation tool called Midjourney. This tool is designed to create images based on textual prompts provided by users. In the video, the host is excited about the new features and improvements in version 6, which include better prompt understanding and text drawing capabilities. For instance, the script mentions that Midjourney V6 can now draw text within images, such as 'book review' in a monospaced font, showcasing its advanced capabilities.

💡Text Drawing Ability

The text drawing ability is a feature of Midjourney V6 that allows the AI to incorporate text into the generated images. Users can specify the text they want to appear in the image by placing it within quotations in their prompts. This feature is highlighted in the script as a significant update, with examples provided by the community, such as 'a computer nerd is looking at a computer screen with the words "book review" showing in a monospaced font'.

💡Realistic Images

Realistic images are a key focus of the video, as the host compares the quality and detail of images generated by Midjourney V6 with those produced by DALL-E 3. The script mentions that Midjourney V6 is 'better than DALL-E 3 when it comes to realistic images,' indicating that the new version has improved its ability to create lifelike visuals. This is demonstrated through various examples, such as a detailed prompt leading to an image of a woman with accurate details as specified.

💡Prompt Following

Prompt following is the ability of an AI to accurately interpret and generate images based on the textual descriptions provided by users. The script emphasizes that Midjourney V6 has improved in this area, with 'more accurate prompt following' and the ability to handle 'longer prompts.' This allows for more detailed descriptions, leading to images that are more closely aligned with the user's intentions.

💡Coherence and Model Knowledge

Coherence and model knowledge refer to the AI's ability to maintain a logical and consistent output based on its training data. The script mentions that Midjourney V6 has 'improved coherence and model knowledge,' meaning it has been trained on more data and is better at understanding and fulfilling user requests. This results in images that are not only more accurate but also more contextually relevant.


Remix is a feature that allows users to have more control over the generated images by remixing elements of previous images. The script describes the 'improved prompting and remix' as an interesting new feature, suggesting that with Midjourney V6, users can now have greater influence over the final output, leading to more customized and desired results.


Upscaling in the context of image generation refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image. The script mentions 'improved upscalers that increase your resolution by 2x,' indicating that Midjourney V6 has enhanced its upscaling capabilities. This allows users to generate higher quality images with more detail, as demonstrated by the 'subtle and creative' upscaling options.

💡Describe Feature

The describe feature is a tool that helps users achieve consistent results in terms of style by analyzing what the AI sees in an image. The script mentions that Midjourney will release a new version of this feature, which the host uses frequently. It suggests that this feature can be very useful for reverse-engineering the AI's interpretation of images to achieve specific styles.

💡Comic Books

Comic books are a form of visual storytelling that combines images and text. The script mentions that there have been many requests and questions regarding comic book and comic style prompts for Midjourney. The host is excited to announce that they are working on a project related to creating comic books using Midjourney V6, indicating the tool's potential for diverse creative applications.

💡Depth of Field

Depth of field is a photographic term that refers to the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that are in acceptably sharp focus. The script includes an example where the focus is explained to be on a DSLR camera, with the background having a beautiful depth of field. This showcases Midjourney V6's ability to understand and apply complex photographic concepts in its image generation.


Photorealism is the quality of an image appearing extremely realistic, as if it were a photograph. The script frequently refers to the photorealistic capabilities of Midjourney V6, especially in close-up images, where the details in skin, eyes, and lighting are highly realistic. This highlights the tool's advancement in creating images that closely mimic real-life visuals.


Midjourney V6 has been released with improved capabilities.

It has better prompt understanding and introduces text drawing ability.

Users can create images with detailed descriptions, like cardboard boxes with specific contents.

Text can be included in prompts by placing it within quotations.

Midjourney V6 outperforms DALL-E 3 in generating realistic images.

New features include more accurate prompt following and longer prompts.

The model has improved coherence and knowledge due to additional training data.

Improved prompting and remix offer more control over image generation.

Text drawing in Midjourney V6 is in its Alpha version with potential for future improvements.

For text drawing, use the raw style or lower stylized values for better results.

Upscaling feature increases image resolution by 2x with new subtle and creative options.

Many features were supported at launch, despite it being an Alpha version.

A new version of the describe feature is expected to provide consistent style results.

Prompting with version six requires relearning due to its sensitivity to detailed prompts.

Detailed and clear prompts prevent misinterpretations and yield better results.

An example long prompt demonstrates the detailed image generation capabilities of Midjourney V6.

A new update to Midjourney V6 promises almost three times faster performance.

The speaker is working on a project related to comic books and comic style prompts for Midjourney.

Three challenges are presented to test the capabilities of Midjourney V6 for detailed prompts.

A comparison between Midjourney V6 and DALL-E 3 across various prompts shows differences in style and detail.

Midjourney V6 is better for photorealistic images and close-ups, while DALL-E 3 is beginner-friendly.

The speaker announces the creation of a group to explore creating comic books using Midjourney V6 and Photoshop.