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28 Feb 2024120:39

TLDRPeppa Pig and her friends engage in various activities at playgroup, including making a tropical hamper to raise money for a good cause and selling raffle tickets. They also participate in drawing their families, going to a roller disco, playing with parachutes, and taking care of Madame Gazelle's pet guinea pigs. The adventures continue with a trip to the Little Cars Play Centre, learning about weather, and playing golf with Grandpa Pig. Peppa also experiences a trampoline park outing, a sailing adventure with Grandpa Pig, and a camping trip that turns into a seaside holiday. The summary concludes with a day at the park where Peppa learns to skateboard with the help of her father and friends.


  • 📦 Peppa and her friends are making a Tropical Hamper to raise money for a good cause by selling raffle tickets.
  • 🍍 The children contribute various tropical fruits for the hamper and eagerly participate in the raffle event.
  • 🏆 Madame Gazelle, the teacher, unexpectedly wins the hamper in a humorous turn of events.
  • 🎨 The playgroup activities include drawing families and engaging in imaginative play, fostering creativity and social skills.
  • 🎶 Music and movement are central to the playgroup experience, with songs and games that involve the whole group.
  • 🚗 At the Little Cars Play Centre, the children learn about responsibility and rules while having fun with miniature vehicles.
  • 🚨 Playful role-playing includes a visit from Police Officer Panda and Police Officer Squirrel, emphasizing the importance of play safety.
  • 🌳 In the Woodland Club, Mr. Wolf teaches the children how to build a shelter using materials found in the woods.
  • 🐷 Peppa's family shows care and attention to pets by looking after guinea pigs, highlighting the importance of kindness towards animals.
  • 🤸‍♀️ Physical activities such as hoop spinning and trampolining are presented as fun ways to exercise and stay healthy.
  • 🎤 The narrative includes imaginative play and humor, with characters learning new skills and celebrating achievements together.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of raising money in the playgroup?

    -The purpose of raising money in the playgroup is for a good cause. They plan to fill a hamper with lovely things to eat and sell raffle tickets for it.

  • What type of fruit does Madame Gazelle suggest for the Tropical Hamper?

    -Madame Gazelle suggests bringing tropical fruit for the Tropical Hamper, such as pineapple, coconut, and bananas.

  • How does Daddy Pig end up winning the lucky hamper?

    -Daddy Pig does not initially win the hamper. However, Madame Gazelle realizes she forgot to buy a ticket for herself and adds one more ticket, which turns out to be the winning ticket with Daddy Pig's name on it.

  • What activity do the children engage in after bringing tropical fruit for the hamper?

    -After bringing tropical fruit for the hamper, the children engage in making decorations for the hamper, such as palm trees, parrots, fish, and a pirate flag.

  • What does Madame Gazelle teach the children about looking after themselves in the wild?

    -Madame Gazelle teaches the children how to build a shelter using sticks and leaves found in the woods to keep themselves warm and dry when it starts to rain and they are far from home.

  • Why does George need to use a potty?

    -George is too little to use the toilet like Peppa, so he is in the process of potty training and needs to use a potty for his bathroom needs.

  • What is the game that Peppa and her friends play with the rainbow parachute at playgroup?

    -They play a game where they imagine the parachute is a sea and a toy boat is sailing on it. They also pretend it's a flying saucer and spin it, and finally, they use it as a cooking pot with Ping-Pong balls as corn that pops.

  • What is the name of the guinea pigs that Peppa agrees to look after for Madame Gazelle?

    -The names of the guinea pigs are Ginger and Brian.

  • How does Peppa feel about looking after the guinea pigs?

    -Peppa loves looking after the guinea pigs and finds it easy and enjoyable.

  • What is the activity that Peppa and her friends do at the roller disco?

    -They roller-skate and dance to music, with Madame Gazelle showing them how to skate with flashing roller-skates.

  • What does George call out when he needs to use the potty?

    -George calls out the magic word 'potty' when he needs to use the potty.

  • What is the name of the place where Peppa and her friends play with hoops?

    -The place where they play with hoops is at their playgroup, under the supervision of Madame Gazelle.



🎉 Playgroup Fundraiser

Peppa and her friends are at playgroup, participating in a fundraising activity organized by Madame Gazelle. The children plan to fill a hamper with tropical fruits to create a 'Tropical Hamper', which will be raffled off. Parents will purchase tickets, and the lucky winner will get the hamper filled with delicious treats. The children enthusiastically agree to bring fruits from home to contribute to the hamper.


🎨 Creative Family Portraits

The children at playgroup engage in a creative session where they draw their families. Each child, including Suzy Sheep, Mandy Mouse, and others, describes their family members and their unique traits or jobs, like Suzy's mom who loves to push her on the swing, and Mandy's parents who enjoy playing in the park. The activity showcases the diverse family dynamics and careers, enhancing the children's understanding and appreciation of their families.


🎵 Playful Song and Roller Disco

Peppa and her friends enjoy a roller disco under Madame Gazelle's supervision. They skate and play to children’s songs, with a shift to a more grown-up song as requested by the older children, Simon Squirrel and Belinda Bear. The kids struggle to skate to the faster music, but Madame Gazelle impresses them with her skilled disco roller-skating, turning the event into an exhilarating experience for everyone.


🌦️ Weather Adventures at Playgroup

At playgroup, the children learn about different weather types using a homemade weather station. They experience sun, wind, and rain, and enjoy playing under a big umbrella during a rain shower. The lesson turns more exciting when it unexpectedly snows, providing the children with a complete and fun-filled meteorological experience, concluding with their appreciation of all weather types.


🐹 Caring for Guinea Pigs

Peppa takes on the responsibility of caring for Madame Gazelle’s guinea pigs, Ginger and Brian, while she is on holiday. She learns about their care routines, including feeding, brushing, and ensuring they aren’t lonely. Peppa and her family adapt well to having the guinea pigs at home, ensuring they're well-cared for and content.


🤹 Playgroup Fun and Games

Peppa and her friends engage in various activities at the playgroup, such as playing with hoops, learning to spin them, and playing shop. Each activity provides them with laughter and joy, promoting physical exercise, creativity, and social skills among the children. They enjoy buying and selling items in their pretend shop, using buttons as pretend money.


⛳ Adventures in Golf with Grandpa Pig

Grandpa Pig introduces Peppa and George to golf, teaching them how to hit a golf ball into a hole. Despite some initial misses, they all enjoy the game, particularly when Grandpa Pig astonishingly scores a hole-in-one for the first time in his life, making it a memorable day for everyone.


🕷️ Creepy Crawly Safari Excursion

Madame Gazelle takes Peppa and her classmates on a Creepy Crawly Safari, exploring various insects in their natural habitats. They encounter different insects like ladybirds, millipedes, and grasshoppers, learning about their characteristics and environments. The adventure is thrilling yet educational, highlighting the importance of insects in nature.


🌳 Gardening and Camping Adventures

Peppa and George spend a day with Granny and Grandpa Pig, where they explore gardening and propose a camping adventure. They help in the garden, learn about various plants, and later set up a camp in the garden, blending play with learning about nature and outdoor activities.



💡Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets are a form of gambling where participants buy a ticket or tickets for a chance to win a prize. In the script, the children and their parents are encouraged to buy raffle tickets to win a tropical hamper filled with fruit. The tickets are a means to raise money for a good cause, as indicated by Madame Gazelle.


A hamper is a large basket used for carrying or storing items, often used as a gift container. In the context of the video, a hamper is filled with tropical fruits to create a 'Tropical Hamper' which becomes the prize for the raffle. It is a central object around which the fundraising activity revolves.

💡Tropical Fruit

Tropical fruit refers to fruit that is grown in tropical regions and is often associated with exotic flavors. In the script, the children and parents are asked to contribute tropical fruits for the hamper, which includes items like pineapples, coconuts, and bananas. These fruits symbolize the theme of the raffle and are used to make the hamper more appealing for the raffle participants.


A playgroup is a setting where children, often pre-school age, come together to play and learn in a supervised environment. In the video, Peppa and her friends are at a playgroup where they engage in activities like making a lucky hamper and drawing their families. The playgroup serves as a social and educational setting for the children.


Drawing is a form of visual art where one uses pencils, charcoal, or other instruments to make images on paper or other surfaces. In the script, the children are encouraged to draw pictures of their families, which allows them to express their creativity and share personal stories about their loved ones.

💡Roller Disco

A roller disco is an event or venue where participants wear roller skates and skate around to disco music. In the script, Peppa and her friends are going to a roller disco, which is depicted as a fun and lively activity where they can enjoy music and physical activity together.

💡Pet Shop

A pet shop is a type of retail business that sells various kinds of small animals and pets, as well as pet supplies like food and toys. In the script, Peppa goes to the pet shop to buy hay for Madame Gazelle's guinea pigs, which are part of the responsibilities of looking after the pets.

💡Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are small furry rodents often kept as pets. They are mentioned in the script as Madame Gazelle's pets, Ginger and Brian, who need to be looked after by Peppa while Madame Gazelle is on holiday. The care of guinea pigs includes feeding, brushing, and providing companionship to prevent them from getting lonely.

💡Weather Station

A weather station is a location where weather conditions are observed and reported. In the context of the video, Madame Gazelle creates a simple weather station for educational purposes to teach the children about different types of weather, including sun, wind, and rain, using handmade tools to demonstrate each condition.

💡Potty Training

Potty training is the process of teaching a child to use the toilet instead of a diaper. In the script, George is in the process of potty training, which is depicted as a normal and essential part of growing up. The use of the 'magic word' 'potty' is a technique to help George remember to use the toilet.


A trampoline is a device used for leaping into the air by jumping on it. It consists of a strong fabric stretched over a steel frame. In the script, the children visit a trampoline park where they are instructed on how to bounce safely. The trampoline activities are a source of fun and excitement for the characters.


Peppa and her friends are at playgroup and learn about a hamper used for fundraising.

The children decide to create a Tropical Hamper filled with fruit.

Madame Gazelle organizes a raffle to raise money for the playgroup.

Parents are encouraged to buy raffle tickets for a chance to win the hamper.

Peppa and her family contribute to the hamper with a coconut and pineapple slices.

The children make decorations for the hamper, including a palm tree and a pirate flag.

Madame Gazelle wins the raffle for the Tropical Hamper.

The playgroup activity shifts to drawing families, with each child depicting their own.

Peppa's family is illustrated with her, Mummy, Daddy, and George, along with their musical interests.

The children share their drawings, showcasing the diversity of their families.

Peppa and her friends go to a roller disco, where they enjoy skating and music.

Madame Gazelle demonstrates her impressive disco roller-skating skills.

The children play with a rainbow parachute, creating various games like the sea and flying saucer.

Goldie the fish is celebrated with an undersea-themed birthday party.

Peppa and her friends dress up in costumes for the undersea party and participate in a treasure hunt.

At the Little Cars Play Centre, the children learn about road safety and responsible driving.

Peppa and her friends build a shelter in the woods during a Woodland Club meeting, learning survival skills.

The playgroup learns about weather, using a homemade weather station to demonstrate different conditions.

Peppa agrees to look after Madame Gazelle's guinea pigs, Ginger and Brian, and learns about their care.