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2 Apr 202303:10

TLDRVectorizer.AI is an exciting new tool currently in beta that offers a free service to convert JPG and PNG images into editable vector SVG format. Ideal for users who have generated text-based images, such as logos, and require vector files for their designs. The tool excels at converting flat vector images and performs well even with complex designs, though it may struggle with 3D illustrations or images with significant gradients and noise. The video demonstrates the tool's effectiveness by uploading and processing various images, showcasing the high-quality vector outputs. The presenter encourages viewers to try Vectorizer.AI, highlighting its speed and ease of use.


  • 🌟 Vectorizer.AI is a free tool currently in beta that converts images into vector SVG format.
  • 🎨 It is particularly useful for converting text-to-image generated designs, like logos.
  • 🚫 It's not intended for converting real-life images into vectors.
  • 📈 The tool is effective for flat design images and may not work as well with 3D illustrations or images with gradients.
  • 🔍 The conversion process is fast and doesn't require a long wait time.
  • 🎄 A demonstration of converting a Christmas tree image shows that the tool can generate sharp and detailed vectors.
  • 📚 The tool is capable of handling images from various sources, such as iStock and Envato.
  • 🔍 Even with images that have noise or gradients, the tool can produce good results, though some details may be lost.
  • 💻 The tool is user-friendly and straightforward to use, as demonstrated by the video.
  • 📈 The output quality is generally high, with the tool doing a great job at converting images into vector formats.
  • 🔔 The video encourages viewers to subscribe and hit the bell icon for updates.

Q & A

  • What is the primary function of Vectorizer.AI?

    -Vectorizer.AI is a tool that converts JPG and PNG images into an editable vector SVG format.

  • Is Vectorizer.AI currently free to use?

    -Yes, Vectorizer.AI is currently free to use as it is in beta.

  • What kind of images is Vectorizer.AI not suited for?

    -Vectorizer.AI is not well-suited for converting 3D illustrations or images with a lot of gradients and noise.

  • How does Vectorizer.AI handle real-life images?

    -Vectorizer.AI can convert real-life images, but it is primarily designed for text-to-image generation tools and flat vector images.

  • What is the benefit of using SVG format for images?

    -SVG format is editable, allowing users to make changes to the vector graphics easily.

  • How does the user know if Vectorizer.AI has successfully converted an image?

    -The user can check the output by looking at the sharpness and detail of the converted image, such as lines and colors.

  • What is the process of using Vectorizer.AI?

    -The user uploads their image, and the tool processes it, converting it into a vector format.

  • How long does it take for Vectorizer.AI to process an image?

    -Vectorizer.AI is fast, and users do not have to wait a long time for the conversion process to be completed.

  • Can Vectorizer.AI convert images with a lot of noise?

    -Vectorizer.AI can convert images with noise, but the noise might be reduced or removed during the conversion process.

  • What kind of images does Vectorizer.AI do a particularly good job with?

    -Vectorizer.AI does a particularly good job with flat vector images that use flat design principles.

  • What is the recommended action for users interested in Vectorizer.AI?

    -Users are encouraged to check out Vectorizer.AI and start using it for their image conversion needs.

  • What are the future plans for Vectorizer.AI mentioned in the transcript?

    -The transcript does not mention specific future plans for Vectorizer.AI, but it encourages users to use the tool while it is still in beta and free.



🎨 Introduction to

The speaker is excited about the tool, which is currently free during its beta phase. This tool specializes in converting JPG and PNG images into editable vector SVG format. It is particularly useful for those who have used text-to-image generation tools to create logos or designs and now require vector files for further editing. The speaker does not demonstrate the usage process, as it is straightforward, but instead focuses on showcasing the output quality of the tool. They mention that while the tool does not convert real-life images into vectors, it is excellent for converting text-to-image generated designs. The demonstration includes uploading an image and showing how well the tool processes it into a vector format.




Vectorizer.AI is a free AI tool currently in beta that specializes in converting raster image formats like JPEG and PNG into vector SVG format. This is particularly useful for graphic designers and artists who need to work with scalable and editable graphics. In the video, the speaker is excited to discuss this tool and its capabilities.

💡Image to Vector Conversion

The process of converting raster images into vector format is known as image to vector conversion. Vector images are advantageous because they can be scaled to any size without loss of quality, making them ideal for logos, illustrations, and designs that need to be displayed at various sizes. The video demonstrates how Vectorizer.AI performs this conversion.


SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, which is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. In the context of the video, SVG is the desired output format from Vectorizer.AI, allowing for the editing and scalability of images.

💡Text to Image Generation

Text to image generation refers to the process of creating images based on textual descriptions or prompts. This is often used in logo creation and design where specific ideas are translated into visual form. The video mentions that Vectorizer.AI is useful for those who have generated designs through such tools and need vector files for their creations.

💡Flat Design

Flat design is a minimalist design approach that emphasizes the use of simple shapes, a solid color palette, and the absence of drop shadows, gradients, or textures. The video highlights that Vectorizer.AI is particularly effective with flat design images, which typically consist of clean lines and solid colors that convert well into vector format.

💡3D Illustrations

3D illustrations are images that provide the illusion of three-dimensional depth, often using techniques like shading, gradients, and perspective. The video script notes that Vectorizer.AI may not perform as well with 3D illustrations due to their complexity and the use of gradients and textures.


Gradients are smooth transitions between two or more colors that are often used in design to add depth and visual interest. The video discusses that gradients can complicate the conversion process, as they may not translate well into the clean lines of vector graphics.


In the context of digital images, noise refers to random variation of brightness or color information in the image data that is not wanted. The video mentions that noise can interfere with the conversion process, potentially leading to a loss of detail or clarity in the vector output.

💡Icon Subscription

An icon subscription is a service where users pay a recurring fee to access a library of icons for use in their designs. The speaker in the video mentions having an icon subscription, indicating that they have access to a wide range of icons without needing to convert images to vectors for this purpose.


Evanto is an online marketplace for buying and selling digital products such as graphics, web themes, and stock photos. In the video, the speaker takes a screenshot from Evanto to demonstrate the conversion process using Vectorizer.AI.


Iconscious is another online platform, similar to Evanto, where designers can find and purchase digital assets like graphics and templates. The video script mentions using an image from Iconscious to showcase the capabilities of Vectorizer.AI.


Vectorizer.AI is a free AI tool currently in beta that converts images to vector format.

The tool is particularly useful for converting JPG and PNG images into editable SVG format.

SVG format is preferred for its editability, making it ideal for graphic design work.

Vectorizer.AI is not designed to convert real-life images into vectors but rather for text-to-image generated content.

It's a valuable tool for generating vector files from logo designs based on prompts.

The tool is user-friendly and straightforward to use, as demonstrated in the video.

The output from Vectorizer.AI is of high quality, as shown by the sharp and clean conversion of a Christmas tree image.

Vectorizer.AI is particularly effective at converting flat vector images with flat design.

The tool may not perform as well with 3D illustrations or images with complex gradients.

Despite some noise in the original image, the tool still generates impressive results.

Vectorizer.AI is fast, with minimal waiting time for processing images.

The tool's performance is demonstrated with various images, including a screenshot and an icon subscription image.

The conversion process retains the integrity of the original image's design and details.

Vectorizer.AI is recommended for users looking to convert images into vector format for design purposes.

The video provides a clear demonstration of the tool's capabilities and output quality.

The tool's effectiveness is evident even in challenging cases with noise and gradients.

Vectorizer.AI is a practical application for designers needing vector files for their work.

The video encourages viewers to subscribe for more content and provides a call to action to try the tool.