What If AI Could Create UI in Real-Time ? | Devika AI Software Engineer

9 Mar 202405:14

TLDRThe video discusses the development of a live preview feature for an AI-based web development startup. The creator shares their process of implementing the feature, which includes a browser-like interface with a resizable divider. They describe their strategy for refining the AI's output, emphasizing the importance of providing feedback to guide the AI towards the desired result. The video concludes with a demonstration of the live preview in action, showcasing a simple web element and its corresponding counter, highlighting that the feature is still in beta.


  • 🚀 The AI startup is implementing a live preview feature based on user requests.
  • 🎨 The design being replicated has a browser-like feel with a resizable divider.
  • 📸 A screenshot of the desired design was taken for reference.
  • 🛠️ The existing app.jsx code was used as a base to add new components.
  • 🔄 The UI development involved color adjustments and CSS tweaks.
  • 💬 Positive feedback was given on the initial code provided by the AI.
  • 🖋️ Modifications were requested: dark theme for header and subheader, white border for input box, and a close button functionality.
  • 🔧 The code preview component was updated with the requested changes.
  • 🌐 A placeholder UI was added inside the live preview browser, and backend code was implemented to render AI-compiled responses.
  • 🧪 The live preview feature is in beta and may not work with all code yet.
  • 📺 The video encourages viewers to try the AI platform, subscribe for updates, and join the Discord server for discussions.

Q & A

  • What feature was the AI startup's audience requesting?

    -The audience was requesting a live preview feature for the AI startup's platform.

  • How does the AI-based tool GPT Rush work?

    -GPT Rush is an AI-based tool that allows users to upload a design screenshot and then builds their websites based on that design.

  • What is the significance of the design screenshot mentioned in the script?

    -The design screenshot serves as a reference for the AI to replicate when building the website, ensuring that the final product matches the user's vision.

  • What is the purpose of the divider being implemented in the design?

    -The divider allows users to resize the screen, creating a browser-like feel similar to a real web browser.

  • What changes were made to the initial UI provided by the AI?

    -The header and subheader were changed to have a dark theme, the input box was given a white border, and a functionality was added to the close button to collapse the code preview.

  • What is the backend code responsible for in the live preview feature?

    -The backend code is responsible for passing the response from the AI, compiling it, and rendering it in the live preview browser.

  • What was the first test of the live preview feature?

    -The first test involved a simple design with a blue button in the center and a counter below it.

  • What is the current status of the live preview feature?

    -The live preview feature is still in a beta stage and may not work for all code yet.

  • How can users engage more with the startup and its updates?

    -Users can subscribe to the startup's YouTube channel for updates, and join their Discord server for further discussion.

  • What platform is mentioned as an AI vision-powered platform for building websites?

    -The platform mentioned is GPT Rush, which allows users to build their dream websites in minutes.

  • What is the main strategy used for prompt engineering in the script?

    -The main strategy is to start with an appreciation note if the provided code is going in the desired direction, and if not, to start with a negative tone to indicate the need for changes.



🚀 Implementing Live Preview Feature

The paragraph discusses the decision to implement a live preview feature for an AI startup, following numerous requests. The design is browser-like and includes a resizable divider. The AI tool, GPT Rush, allows users to upload a design screenshot and build websites. The video aims to replicate the design using the app's existing code and make several modifications, including changing the header and subheader to dark theme, adding a white border to the input box, and implementing a close button functionality. The live preview feature is tested with a simple blue button and a counter, showing that it works, albeit in a beta stage.


🤝 Joining the Community for Updates

The second paragraph invites viewers to join the startup's community for more updates and discussions. It encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel and provides a link to a Discord server in the video description for further engagement.



💡live preview feature

The live preview feature refers to a real-time visual representation of changes made to a design or code within a software or platform. In the context of the video, it is a new functionality being added to the AI startup's tool, allowing users to instantly see the results of their edits as they work on building their websites. This feature enhances the user experience by providing immediate feedback and reducing the time taken to see the outcomes of their efforts.

💡AI startup

An AI startup is a newly established company that focuses on developing and utilizing artificial intelligence technologies to offer innovative products or services. In the video, the AI startup is the creator of the AI-based tool that enables users to build websites by uploading design screenshots. The startup is working on enhancing its platform by adding a live preview feature to improve the user experience and streamline the website creation process.

💡code editor

A code editor is a software application that provides facilities to write and manipulate source code for software programs in a more efficient and convenient way. Code editors typically offer features like syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, and code suggestions to aid developers in writing and debugging code. In the video, the code editor is referenced as the place where the design for the live preview feature was replicated, indicating that it has a user interface similar to a web browser.


A divider in the context of user interfaces is an element that separates different sections of content or functionality within an application or a webpage. Dividers can be visual elements like lines, shapes, or spaces that help organize the layout and make it easier for users to navigate and understand the structure. In the video, the divider is mentioned as a feature that allows users to resize the screen, indicating a level of customization and interactivity in the design.

💡UI (User Interface)

User Interface (UI) refers to the space where interactions between users and a computer system occur, encompassing the design, layout, and functionality of the system's screen. A well-designed UI ensures that the system is user-friendly, efficient, and enjoyable to use. In the video, the UI is a critical aspect of the live preview feature, as it needs to be visually appealing and functional to provide a seamless experience for users building their websites.

💡CSS tweaking

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) tweaking involves making adjustments to the styling and layout of a web page or application using CSS code. This process can include changing colors, fonts, spacing, and other visual elements to improve the aesthetics and usability of the interface. In the context of the video, CSS tweaking is necessary to fine-tune the appearance of the live preview feature to match the desired design and provide a polished look and feel.

💡prompt engineering strategy

Prompt engineering strategy refers to the approach taken when formulating requests or instructions for an AI system, with the goal of eliciting the most accurate and desired responses. This strategy involves carefully crafting the language and structure of prompts to guide the AI's output in a specific direction. In the video, the prompt engineering strategy is used to communicate with the AI-based tool to build the website and refine the live preview feature based on feedback.

💡header and subheader

In web design, the header and subheader are textual elements that serve as titles and subtitles for sections of a webpage, helping to organize content and guide the user's reading experience. The header is typically the main title, while subheaders break down the content into smaller, more manageable sections. In the video, the header and subheader are part of the UI that the developers want to modify to have a dark theme, indicating a design choice for the visual appearance of the live preview feature.

💡input box

An input box is a user interface element that allows users to enter data, typically text, into a software application or a website. It is a fundamental component of forms and other interactive elements where user input is required. In the context of the video, the input box is part of the live preview feature's UI, and the developers want to modify it to have a white border, which would make it more visually distinct and easier for users to locate and use.

💡close button functionality

The close button functionality refers to the action performed when a user interacts with a close button in a user interface. This functionality typically involves closing a window, a dialog box, or collapsing a section of the interface. In the video, the developers are adding this functionality to the close button in the live preview feature, allowing users to collapse the code preview section of the interface, enhancing the user experience by providing more control over the layout.

💡backend code

Backend code refers to the server-side programming that runs on a web server and manages the logic, data storage, and retrieval for a web application or service. This code is not typically seen by the end-user but is essential for the functioning of the frontend, or the part of the application that users interact with directly. In the video, the backend code is mentioned as a necessary component to pass the response from the AI, compile it, and render it in the live preview browser, indicating its role in the data flow and functionality of the website building tool.


AI startup introduces live preview feature.

Users requested a live preview for their AI-based tool.

The design is browser-like with a resizable divider.

A screenshot of the desired design is used for reference.

GPT Rush is an AI tool for building websites from design screenshots.

The UI development begins with copying existing app code.

The code preview component is integrated into the app.

Initial UI results are promising and require minor CSS tweaks.

Appreciation note is sent if the code is heading in the desired direction.

Modifications requested include a dark theme for header and subheader.

Input box gets a white border to contrast with the dark theme.

Functionality is added to collapse the code preview with a close button.

The modified code is implemented and the UI looks amazing.

A placeholder UI is added inside the live preview browser.

Backend code is added to compile and render AI responses in the live preview.

Testing the live preview feature with a simple blue button and counter.

The live preview is in beta and may not work for all code.

GP is an AI vision platform for quick website creation.

The channel provides startup updates and a Discord server for discussion.