Write Emails Faster with Gmail + Gemini AI 🪄

16 May 202404:12

TLDRDiscover how Gemini AI can revolutionize your email writing experience within Gmail. By selecting 'Help me Write,' users can input a prompt and receive AI-generated drafts, offering options to refine the tone or length. This tool ensures personalized and professional communication, streamlining the process of crafting emails to clients and simplifying email management with SaneBox's AI technology, which prioritizes messages and organizes inboxes efficiently.


  • 🪄 Gmail integrates with Gemini AI to assist in writing emails, offering a tool within the email interface.
  • 📬 Users can access the 'Help me Write' feature by navigating to the bottom right of the Gmail compose window.
  • 💡 The AI generates email content based on a single-line prompt provided by the user.
  • 🚫 The AI does not automatically insert the generated text; it waits for the user's command to do so.
  • 🔄 Users have the option to recreate or refine the generated content, with choices such as making it more formal, elaborating, or shortening the text.
  • ✍️ Before inserting the AI-generated content, users can edit or adjust it to fit their needs.
  • 🔄 Changing the prompt will start a new AI generation process, unrelated to the previous one.
  • 📝 It's important to double-check the final email for accuracy, including personalization and the removal of placeholder text.
  • 🛠️ SaneBox is recommended for email management, using AI to prioritize messages and clean up the inbox.
  • 🕰 SaneBox saves time by learning user behavior to organize emails and reduce spam.
  • 🌐 SaneBox is compatible with any email provider and can be accessed through a special link provided in the video description.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of Gmail's integration with Gemini AI for writing emails?

    -The main feature is the 'Help me Write' option, which allows users to input a prompt and receive an AI-generated draft for their email directly within Gmail.

  • How can users access the AI writing assistant in Gmail?

    -Users can access the AI writing assistant by scrolling down to the bottom right of the send button in Gmail and selecting the 'Help me Write' icon.

  • What is the maximum number of characters for the prompt in the AI writing assistant?

    -The script does not specify the exact maximum number of characters, but it suggests that a single line with minimal detail can be used to generate a worthwhile draft.

  • Can the AI-generated content be directly inserted into the email without any user interaction?

    -No, the AI-generated content is not directly inserted into the email. Users must first review the content and select a button to insert it manually.

  • What options are available to refine the AI-generated email content?

    -Users can refine the content by making it more formal, elaborating further, or shortening the content through the refine dropdown options.

  • What happens when the user changes the prompt in the AI writing assistant?

    -Changing the prompt generates a new AI response based on the new prompt, and it does not retain any information from the previous prompt.

  • How can users ensure that the AI-generated content fits their needs?

    -Users can review, refine, and recreate the content as needed until they are satisfied with the draft before inserting it into the email.

  • What is the purpose of the 'X' button in the AI-generated content preview?

    -The 'X' button allows users to close or remove the AI-generated content preview, giving them the option to start over with a new prompt if desired.

  • How does the AI writing assistant handle multiple versions of prompts?

    -The AI writing assistant treats each prompt as a fresh start, generating a new response for each unique prompt without carrying over information from previous ones.

  • What is SaneBox and how does it relate to the AI writing assistant in Gmail?

    -SaneBox is an AI technology that prioritizes essential messages, cleans up inboxes, and organizes emails. It is mentioned in the script as a recommendation for managing emails more efficiently, but it is not directly related to the AI writing assistant in Gmail.

  • How can users get started with SaneBox to enhance their email management?

    -Users can get started with SaneBox by visiting samebox.com/simplivity or clicking the link provided in the video description.



📧 Utilizing AI in Gmail for Email Drafting

This paragraph introduces the use of AI within Gmail for drafting emails, specifically for Google Gemini users. It guides the user to access the 'Help me Write' feature located at the bottom right of the send button. The feature allows inputting a prompt for the AI to generate an email draft. The user can then refine the draft by making it more formal, elaborating, or shortening it. The paragraph also explains the process of inserting the AI-generated content into the email and emphasizes the importance of checking the content before sending.




Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. In the context of the video, it is the platform where the AI feature is integrated, allowing users to draft emails more efficiently. The script mentions using Gmail's interface to access the AI-powered 'Help me Write' feature, demonstrating its utility in composing emails.

💡Gemini AI

Gemini AI refers to an artificial intelligence service that assists users in writing emails within Gmail. The video script highlights how Gemini AI can generate email content based on user prompts, making the email composition process faster and more streamlined.


AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is the simulation of human intelligence in machines. In the video, AI is used to generate email drafts based on user input, showcasing its application in enhancing productivity and efficiency in communication.

💡Help me Write

This is a feature within Gmail that, when selected, allows users to input a prompt for the AI to generate an email draft. The script describes how this feature is accessed and how it can be used to create emails based on specific user needs.


In the context of the video, a prompt is a brief input given by the user to guide the AI in generating an email draft. The script provides an example of a prompt for writing an email to a potential client about payment terms.


The 'Create' option is what the user selects after inputting a prompt to generate the email draft. The script explains that once the AI processes the prompt, it creates a draft that the user can then review and insert into their email.


The 'Refine' option allows users to adjust the tone or content of the generated email draft. The script mentions three refinement options: making the email more formal, elaborating, or shortening the content, which provides flexibility in tailoring the email to the user's requirements.


SaneBox is an email management service that uses AI to prioritize messages and clean up inboxes. The video script promotes SaneBox as a tool that can save time by organizing emails and reducing spam, highlighting its benefits in managing email more effectively.

💡Essential Messages

In the video, 'essential messages' refers to important emails that SaneBox prioritizes, ensuring that users focus on critical communications. The script suggests that SaneBox's AI technology helps in identifying and sorting these messages to save the user time.


An inbox is the part of an email account where incoming messages are stored. The script discusses how SaneBox can clean up the inbox by organizing emails and removing spam, making it easier for users to manage their email communications.

💡Boilerplate Information

Boilerplate information refers to standard text that is used repeatedly in documents, such as email signatures. The script advises users to check for unnecessary boilerplate information in the AI-generated drafts before sending emails to ensure clarity and professionalism.


Gmail users can utilize Gemini AI to write emails faster.

AI assistance is accessed by clicking 'Help me Write' in Gmail.

Users can input a prompt for the AI to generate email content.

The AI generates a single line prompt for email creation.

AI does not directly input the content into the email but provides suggestions.

Content suggestions are presented with options to refine or recreate.

Users can adjust the tone of the email to be more formal, elaborate, or shorten.

Changing the prompt requires starting fresh with a new line.

AI-generated content must be manually inserted into the email.

SaneBox is recommended for AI-assisted email management.

SaneBox prioritizes essential messages and learns from user behavior.

SaneBox cleans up inboxes, removes spam, and organizes emails.

SaneBox works with any email provider.

A special link is provided for users to start using SaneBox.

Gemini AI and SaneBox can save users hours of email management time each week.

Ensure to double-check AI-generated content before sending emails.